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  1. I have been asking myself that since the character of Spike on Buffy. Didn't understand then, don't understand now. But people seem to love these kinds of male characters.
  2. None of them because otherwise I would have to live in Westeros. No thank you.
  3. Hey, I was only trying to make Aerys not sound like a completely reprehensible, irredeemable lunatic.
  4. You forgot the best part that comes after the cackling. Raping his wife.
  5. I still have all my bet on younger Cersei as the younger, more beautiful Queen.
  6. Really not that hard to understand why a large portion of the viewers side with Team Black rather than Green. And the show is not helping matters in some regards. However I would blame the viewing audience more than the show. You have Rhaenyra's Arya to Alicent's Sansa and we all know who the audience favors and the different standards applied to them. Viserys' Ned only cares about his Arya and doesn't give a damn about Sansa which gives people the impression that Arya is right. Team Green has a Tywin/LF mix with Otto and a LF with Larys, both of whom are basically villains. Team Black has their own Spike (Buffy reference), by the first episode no one was stanning Daemon but by episode 3 everyone was in love (Spike effect has set in). The guy could literally rape or try to rape Rhaenyra and it wouldn't matter. Criston Cole was pretty and cool while on Rhaenyra's side, now he's just a little petty bitch while on Alicent's. And of course, Rheanyra is the rightful heir according to the king. On top of that, Alicent's children are all pieces of shit (except Heleana) while Rhaenyra's are model citizens. Because of the time skips, we don't see why it ended up that way. Why you have a caring mother who gives her children a worthy education on one side and one who seems to have royally screwed up her kids and given them no royal education (except for fight training and Aemond seems to have taught himself everything 'kingly'). Team Green also wants to put the worst of the children, Aegon, on the throne. Viewers are not gonna get behind Joffrey 2.0. The only one on Team Green people will get behind is Aemond and that's because he's another Spike. Of course these are surface readings of the situation mixed with modern standards and thinking. And while the show tries every now and then to remind people that this isn't our modern times, it doesn't matter to most viewers. It doesn't matter to people that the show has actually shown that Rhaenyra wouldn't make a good queen. It also doesn't help that the show turns a lot of events into 'accidents' rather than characters making choices, thereby stripping their agency away and making it easier to forgive those events. And the writers are pussies who are afraid to piss off a fringe minority who might scream 'you can't kill gay characters' (as a result it whitewashes certain characters). They are tiptoeing around a lot of modern 'sensitive' subjects. And hearing them talk about their show is confusing to say the least. Guess time will tell with what happens in the show. At the end of the day, the character archetypes on Team Black appeal to people (general audience) more than the ones on Team Green. Which gives Team Black a lot of leeway and none to Team Green. And Rhaenyra is the rightful heir (according to Viserys) and Team Green are usurpers. No one is going to remember that Rhaenys could have prevented the entire war (and Lucerys' death) with a simple 'dracarys', considering they already forgot about it by the next episode. All the people she killed when she burst out would at least then have been an 'acceptable' loss that prevented a war where thousands would die. But nope, they died for nothing, not that anyone making the show, in the show or most of the audience care.
  7. Poor Targ fanboy. He is aware he is currently involved in a project that is all about the oh so great 'Aryens' destroying themselves? Love how Dany is treated like an infant by the fandom. She isn't the one who burned a million of people to death. People made her do it, she has no free will the poor thing. Just agree that bad writing reigned supreme for every freaking character and the story made no sense whatsoever.
  8. 1. The White Walkers have never been a threat on the show unless you happened to be beyond the Wall. They have been walking around in circles (literally) until Team Stupid gave them the means to punch a hole in the Wall. Having dragons was exactly why there was a hole in the Wall to begin with. And between the hole in the Wall and a million dead in KL, ungratefulness seems appropriate to me. 2. It's a legitimate concern because it leaves uncertainty for when Bran dies. So far titles have been passed down in the family, that's how their system worked. Nothing stupid about bringing that concern up. 3. There wasn't a single smart person on this show for the last few Seasons. Quite frankly I don't care what D&D have to say, 'death of the author' is what I go by. And why would anyone take anything that Arya 'I know a killer when I see one' Stark thinks about anything, especially someone else's IQ?
  9. 1) Dany's team (including Jon) is at fault for the Wall coming down. Without their stupidity things would have been much easier (cause there is still a Wall) and the body count a lot lower. I would be hella pissed too. Nothing beats the 'beyond the wall' mission in terms of stupidity. 2) Why is it stupid to say Bran can't have children? It's the way it worked in their world. 3) Why didn't Tyrion, Arya, Sam or Bran himself point it out? There is enough stupid to go around. 4) How does this make Sansa stupid? That's firmly on the malfunctioning Branbot.
  10. I always assumed she didn't bother because he never listened to her anyway. Besides, it should have come down to Davos/Tyrion to get these two shackled to each other while still on Dragonstone. She is alive and has a crown at the end. Which is more than you can say for Dany whose stupidity got her dead. Since when does it matter in this show or even the books whether you are smart or not when it concerns titles? If intelligence was the barometer for a crown, in the show no character ever should have had it. Maybe battle it out for the Crown of Stupidity but that's it.
  11. I'd argue that the woman problem wasn't just in the trailers but also blatant from the very first Season. The patriarchy only seemed to exist for the more feminine characters (aka non physical fighters), most prominently for Sansa, Cersei and Catelyn. Sansa and Cat were especially butchered from the very beginning. But then in come the Tyrell women and Talisa who fall on the feminine side but it's like patriarchy is nonexistent where they are concerned, especially Olenna. It was also only the women who fall on the feminine side who were raped or threatened with it. For people who valued good storytelling and character writing those Seasons were abysmal. For those who valued brain dead entertainment spectacle, those were their fave Seasons. The show was getting more popular every Season but really only had one big spectacle in it (Blackwater and maybe battle for the Wall end of S4). The show didn't get big until Hardhome, their first really major spectacle. And from then on more and more focus was given to spectacle.
  12. The show kinda forgot the multitude of cousins Margaery mentioned to Sansa in S3.
  13. The show didn't adapt The Witcher books (that's why you can't compare the show and books). The show took the names of places and characters and made their own (read craptastic) story out of it. In S1 they at least took some book material here and there but that's gone by S2. And S2 was already a lot less popular than S1, despite what the Netflix 'numbers' have you believe.
  14. D&D wanting to be done became clear by S4, especially when you take it back to the very beginning. They have said over and over, what they wanted to get to was the Red Wedding. That was their stated goal since their interviews in S1. So as soon as that event came to pass (end of S3), they started complaining about time and stress and wanting to end the show. It seems like they just wanted to get to this shocking event to enter the halls of history for 'most shocking events on screen'. Of course the obvious and best solution to this problem, for both HBO and D&D, would have been for D&D to resign as showrunners and hand the show over to someone else.
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