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  1. I can already see the first episode. Jon and the Wildlings pitch some tents after they have marched for a few hours (picking up where GoT left off). They talk about nothing while watching the snow melt a little. They can't go on a hunt because everything beyond the wall is dead, thanks to the undead. So they decide to try their luck ice fishing. The most suspenseful thing that will happen is the ice cracking and someone being in danger of falling into sub-zero freezing water and dying (though it didn't kill Jon so he should let them borrow his plot armor I think). And then they find out that there are no fish. Oh no, all that drama and suspense for nothing. The rest of 'Season 1' will be a race against the clock for them all to reach a coastline so they don't all die of starvation. Since they can't plant anything and there are no animals, they will have to get in touch with nature and see what they scrunch up between where they are and the coast. Thrilling stuff.
  2. Jon Snow spin-off. This snooze fest of a character portrayed by this snooze fest of an actor...yawn. Well I'm sure plenty of girls and gays will tune in because all they care about is 'the pretty'.
  3. Even our oh so modern western armies have problems with 'sexual misconduct'. But that's not going to happen in penal colony made up mostly of criminals, some who have committed absolutely vile things they were send to the Wall for? It's completely unrealistic. Martin has no issue going there with girls/women being raped by boys/men but when it comes to male on male rape he doesn't want to be realistic. At most he winks at it. I call bullshit. Either he goes for realism or he doesn't, he can't pick and chose when to be realistic or not. Even we with modern medicine can't avoid the yearly common cold. There would be things like that, even if these aren't supposed to be regular humans like us. As for the child vs mother death rate, I think a lot of people have side-eyed that. But that just brings us back to GRRM and sciences do not mix.
  4. If I wrote about the contradictions in the writing of Ned I would have to write a novel. Don't have time for that during the week. Might do it on a weekend. But other things that make GRRM a bad writer? The lack of male/male rape in the detail and consistency that we have the constant raping of women/girls. He might do 'wink, wink' hints of a male character 'likes boys' but that's it. The Night's Watch chapters should be filled with mentions of rape. First of all not every castle has a Mole's Town attached to it. Second, most of the guys there are criminals. Where is the rape on the battle field? When your 'blood is up' there won't always be a woman handy. The lack of pandemics or illnesses. This is still a world of poor hygiene, sometimes food shortages or lack of variety and poor medicine. Castles are often so big they might as well be little towns. And then there is King's Landing.
  5. I don't judge Ned as a character. I judge the writing. For someone who has been in a war, has the supposed hang ups and issues that he has (for example children) and been ruling the North for almost half his life (which is as much a political theater as the South as we later find out), his actions and behavior in the story we read make no sense.
  6. IMO from a writing standpoint, Ned as a character makes no sense. I know humans can sometimes be contradictory but how GRRM wrote Ned was too much. At least for me. When you look at the actual background of Ned (war, politics, how he was raised etc.), how he acts in the time the story takes place makes very little sense. Ned (and Cat to some degree also fell victim to bad writing) needed to die so GRRM made it happen. And it was not convincingly done at all IMO.
  7. Well if we are talking world building. I wish GRRM had done his research about certain things or contacted people who would know. The man simply does not do science of any kind, whether that's human biology, chemistry, scale/size etc.. He probably should have avoided writing a patriarchy on steroids where 90% of the male population are pedos. Why exactly do the Boltons or Iron Islands (specifically the Greyjoys) still exist? Why are there not more languages in the 7 Kingdoms? A guy 'hanging out' in the female after sex is not romantic GRRM...it's UTI. Has this man ever even seen a child/teenager? Maybe he should have thought of the basics of his fictional world before he ever wrote anything (best example...Stark household that goes to KL is about 100 but the reality is thousands later on, see Tyrells or Martells)? A woman is not going to have romantic thoughts about her unsupported breasts swinging free and chafing against her vest...they are thinking BRA. There is so much more that can be mentioned.
  8. They would have Arya, of all people, be the one to support this disgusting storyline in universe? Sansa's own sister? Wasn't it bad enough when they used Maisie Williams in S5 interviews to support this storyline? Lets not forget that the only reason she got fired was because she started demanding to get the same things all the other actors got who had equal screentime.
  9. The problem is that there have to be so many sub points in his will, he could never account for every possibility. Lets say Jeyne is pregnant (and really that's the only importance of her in the story if GRRM was truthful about her playing a big part), then that child would be the heir. However that child won't be of use to anyone until over a decade later. So Robb would have to name someone to rule in the child's stead until it comes of age. Then there is the added problem of the possibility of the child being female. Martin has been clear about there never having been a female Stark who ruled in her own right (I'd love to debate the mathematical improbability of that with GRRM but he doesn't do science so whatever). So even if Robb had a child, if that child is female it's useless for the line of succession anyway. Just ask Serena Stark. The will was also made under false assumptions. Sure Robb made it under what he currently knew as the truth but we all know different. And we also know that certain people are aware of the falsehood of said truth. The clansmen know about Bran and Wyman knows about Rickon. Then there is Arya, both real and fake. Jeyne hasn't been outed yet to all the northern Lords as a fake so technically there is already a Stark present. Unlikely though it may be, real Arya could also pop up. And if Sansa reappears then all you need to do is get rid of her illegal marriage (Joffrey was a false king, Tyrion was already married etc.) and you have another Stark. I don't see what it matters what was in the will in regards to Jon. The Lords won't give Jon Winterfell or a crown if it means bypassing legal heirs. If they make that a precedence then there will be hell in the North with bastards coming out of the woods claiming their rightful seat.
  10. Depends on what your definition of 'justification' is. Most killings in this book series have little or no justification as far as I'm concerned. But then I don't have the Planetos mindset. And even if you excuse them with law, rule, oaths, war etc., justification is still lacking because of power imbalance in the system, an individual rulers mindset and so forth. Neither killing was justified. 'I'm training to be an assassin' is an excuse but not a justification for killing the insurance man. When it comes to Daeron, if he was actually guilty of his crime which got him send to the wall, then he literally escaped his prison sentence which should be punished. However the severity of the punishment for that would depend on his original crime (if he was a murderer and ran away from his sentence, killing him could be justified). If I think of it in terms of the world they live in, I still don't think either is justified. Being an assassin is still just an excuse. Unless insurance man killed his clients or had them killed so he won't have to pay. But that wouldn't be Arya's justification since he is her job. Daeron was in Braavos where the Starks have no jurisdiction so Arya's justification that she has to do her duty as a Stark, holds no water. And marriages at sword point are binding even for high nobility. Same crap.
  11. Because it doesn't matter. When it comes to characters people stan (whether that's love or hate stanning), reality and facts don't matter. They read whatever they want into the text and then bend over backwards to defend their opinion as 'facts'. If you apply the same standard to the other characters in the story that people apply to Arya in terms of mental illness, 99% of them are more ill than her.
  12. Really? The first thing that comes to my mind is his hypocrisy in regards to looks. Tyrion hates being judged for his stature/looks/disability. Yet he judges women and their value only by their looks (and social class of course). Only the prettiest women for him while he thinks women of average looks, with disabilities etc. are beneath him and not worth his notice.
  13. Even if these ambitions existed, for which there is NO proof except fanon based on house/character hate...what does it matter to the current events? All the supposed movers and shakers of these supposed ambitions are all dead. Why would that have any effect on how one sees the currently alive characters, some who weren't even born then? If the argument is that if those ambitions are true, it changes anything about a House as a whole, I seriously doubt it. You won't find a House (especially the big ones) without dirt in their history.
  14. I don't understand this part of the fandom. Why do so many think Jaime has a redemption arc? Generally the first step of redemption is admitting, even if it's just to yourself, that you have committed wrong doings or wronged others. Following that, an active desire to make amends to those you have wronged. Or at the very least take action to change as a person to do and be better. None of that applies to Jaime.
  15. Am I going to watch 'The Kardashians of Westeros' just with more dragons, blood, insanity and incest? No thank you. Wake me up when someone decides to give me something new that doesn't take place in the same 300 years of history.
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