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  1. His life expectancy would be short for the simple reason that he's a Lannister. For someone who is supposedly smart, he's really not (neither is Tywin). As soon as the North knows he set foot into their lands, his life is over. It's just a question of who gets to Tyrion the fastest. The same would be true of any child he had with Sansa. Gotta appreciate the Lannisters for their utter lack of knowledge on how the North runs or feels about anything. It's not hard to get why Tyrion agrees to the match because it's kinda obvious. 1) Beautiful, well mannered girl from a respected family that he would never ever get under normal circumstances. The only way Tyrion would ever get someone like that is if the bride's family is looking to take over (like the Tyrell's do with Margaery) Lannister regime. But normal matches in Westeros, Tyrion would never get a Sansa. 2) Can't have Casterly Rock but the beautiful child does come with huge tracks of land and Tyrion wants something big to what he thinks fits his name and accomplishments.
  2. None of them. They all were in it for their own selfish, narrow minded reasons so I say eff 'em all. I'm on the side of the innocent victims of war only, whether that's the poor conscripted small folk or the small folk that was raided, killed, raped and pillaged. Screw Robb, Stannis, Renly, Joffrey and Balon.
  3. I'm sure it would have given Cat an aneurysm but I'm not so sure about Mordane. First of all the woman would have to be sober first for a proper reaction. But Mordane is the one who drilled all this nonsense into Sansa in the first place so she probably wouldn't melt down. She'd probably pat her on the head and say' good girl'.
  4. I'm not saying it's not a success despite it's issues. But Europe isn't Nextflix's biggest market (4 European countries were in the top 10 in 2019). And it being fantasy is no excuse, it sure wasn't for GoT either. How many times did people use the 'based on medieval Europe' excuse to explain something that happened in the show? Point is, the race swapping of characters was an often discussed topic with The Witcher. HotD won't be able to avoid that just because most people are unfamiliar with the source material. It simply can't be avoided due to the social climate we live in.
  5. They might just want to follow in the steps of the The Witcher which did diversity just for diversity sake. I just couldn't with that show (though it's just one of many reasons). I read most of the stories and played the games so I know what these characters are supposed to look like. But even if I didn't, while the story is fantasy it still takes place in a slavic country and is based on slavic folklore and what not. This might not be an issue for non-Europeans but for me I just can't suspend by disbelief. Fringilla for example comes from a royal family (which they will probably introduce at some point in the show), and a black royal family in a slavic country is something I just can't wrap my head around. I'm all for diversity but please do it where it makes sense for crying out loud. As to most people not knowing anything about the Velaryons, that will change once the show comes out. Plenty of non-asoiaf readers who watched GoT did some looking into the source material even if it was just basics. So once people do that, the looks of Corlys will become a discussion point even for non-readers. It's kind of unavoidable in the social climate we live in.
  6. Are you aware that abuse victims do this all damn day in order to survive or just avoid being abused? They learn to read their abusers moods and triggers. Sansa does this too when she judges Joffrey's mood and adjusts her behavior accordingly. She is even careful sometimes as to how she dresses. This is classic behavior for abuse victims. It doesn't mean you are somehow smart, it just means you are trying to survive with the most minimal damage done to you. She is 11-12 years old when this all goes down, therefore she is 11-12.
  7. Tyrion was responsible himself for being in a situation where he could be humiliated. He knew damn well who chucked Bran out a window and started this whole nonsense. He, like every other Lannister, did everything in his power to keep an illegitimate regime in power. He bared responsibility for their atrocities, up to and including what happened to Sansa. He said before court that Sansa would be set free only to jail her to him for life, despite knowing that this illegitimate regime has no authority to marry Sansa off to anyone. He was happy at the prospect of getting some huge lands and a well mannered, beautiful child bride even though he could have refused. No one forced him to say yes (otherwise he wouldn't have offered another option to Sansa in the form of Lancel). He went along with his family for keeping the upcoming wedding a secret from Sansa. He could have planned something for the ceremony to mitigate their height difference. And he lied to Sansa, making himself out to be as much of a victim as she is. Heck he could have asked her politely to bend down instead of tugging at her dress like a petulant child. There is no 'versus' here at all. There is a victim (Sansa) and a perpetrator (Tyrion).
  8. Intention is intention regardless of the result IMO. Sandor is no different than Tyrion in that regard. Tyrion absolutely intended to rape his 12 year old prisoner child bride. And the reason why he stopped had nothing to do with it being wrong or to do Sansa a solid and being decent to her. Her reaction to the situation is what put Tyrion off and why he stopped. Why shouldn't the same be true of Sandor? You don't lie down in some girl's bed, throw her on the bed and put a knife to her throat if all you wanted was a good bye song. Tyrion had his issues preventing him from going through, why should the same not be true of the Hound as well? Still doesn't change the original intention though.
  9. And whose fault is that? GRRM revisiting the same 300 year period over and over with focus on the same family, that's who. It's much easier to judge the Targs than it is any other Great House on the whole damn planet because GRRM refuses to tell us anything about anyone else. As to the topic, I don't see how Dany is better just by the sheer magnitude of victims. Thousands upon thousands have died already for a rhetoric she doesn't actually believe. And that so many people excuse her mistakes (aka dead human bodies) with 'well she is young and still learning to rule' will never not make sense to me. I'm sorry but how many dead humans are acceptable just so someone can learn something they aren't actually very good at to begin with nor do they seem to progress in said field? At what point is the body pile too big? Or does that not matter?
  10. I'd rather they make 1h 30 min movies about some of the places on the planet that have so far remained unexplored. Not only would it allow for creative freedom due to little known facts about some of those locations but it also allows for HBO to explore different genres. A lot of those places are said to have fantastical elements to it so HBO needn't worry about lack of GCI cashcows (monsters, dragons, basilisks etc) or magic. You can make a horror movie out of something like Stygai. A horror/mystical movie out of Asshai. Or combine the two due to geographical closeness. So many places on the map that we know nothing about.
  11. The most ridiculous thing is that by the end of S7, all timelines converge. S6 is a perfect example of why I don't care about the party line of 1 year=1 Season. Look at the northern story for example. So Sansa has to travel from Bolton Land to Castle Black (quite a distance and more so since it's winter). Stay a week or so there and then go on what should be a couple months worth of northern recruitment tour (they go from Castle Black to Bear Island to The Gift and to Glover and possibly other Houses). Then the battle for Winterfell and then all the Northern Lords have to assemble at WF for the KitN scene. You could say this comes close to about 8 months to 1 year in terms of time passed. But the entire King's Landing story in S6 is only a few days to a week (the Tyrell army clearly teleported to KL). We are explicitly told in early S6 that Cersei's trial is in a few days. Her trial happens in the last episode of S6. Ergo, KL story took place in a week.
  12. Don't care about wikis enough to do that. Since any rando can write there, and most of them prefer their fanon or the party line of a showrunner statement, 9 times out of 10 it's a useless source for anything.
  13. We can easily do the math and it doesn't add up to 17. We can do the timeline just for Sansa. The first 3 Seasons follow the book in terms of ages, just two years added. Sansa is 13 in the Pilot (11 in the books) and 14 (12 in the books) when she marries Tyrion. Since they marry in 3x08 it means S1-3 happened in less than 2 years. Early S4 with the Purple Wedding is only 1-2 weeks at most after her wedding to Tyrion so she is either still 14 or just turned 15 by this point. From S4 on one has to go for each character separately when it comes to timelines and it gets worse with each Season. But Sansa flees the PW on a boat with LF to the Vale. That doesn't take long. Their travel from whatever port they de-boarded to the Eyrie, again not that long. LF marries Lysa as soon as they get there so the whole Lysa/Sansa/LF thing is again a matter of a week or two. Then the aftermath of Lysa's death and that's where Sansa's storyline ends. So between her wedding to Tyrion and the end of S4 I'd say at most 4 months have passed. And that's me being generous. S5 picks up immediately where S4 left off (or so it seems) since the last thing LF mentioned is SR having to start training and that's where we see Sansa next. Then comes the WF plan and the travel there. Since we can't say when Sansa turned 15 specifically, my estimate going by the events in her story makes her mid to late 15 at most by the time she gets raped by Ramsey.
  14. I was more shocked at the 'Arya is 18' nonsense (not to mention HBO tweeting about her age) than anything else. Sansa shouldn't even be 18 at that point, or barely. I've never understood during the outrage of the whole Sansa/Ramsey plot that no one did the math and figured out that she was only 15 when this happened.
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