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  1. I'm talking about this. Introduced January 2019 and going into effect in March 2020. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/748
  2. Isn't it interesting that the 'Corona Cares Act' (H.R.748) in America was introduced all the way back in the beginning of 2019? Weird considering that it didn't start until the end of 2019.
  3. Slaver's Bay if I remember correctly. I think both Astapor and Mereen. And she repeated Drogo's speech from S1 after she took over the Dothraki in S6 about laying waste to Westeros. And there was Qarth like you mentioned. Those are all I remember in a pinch.
  4. I still say 'Gay of Thrones' did the best nicknames overall. But for people roasting the show, PJ is up there and of course the fandom itself sometimes. Good grief, the nicknames for 'Bran' since S7 can probably fill an entire book.
  5. Then what were they reading at the table read? Jon killing Dany was in the scripts when they did the read through as we have the video evidence for that. If at that point it was hidden from Emilia what Dany would do, then what was the reason given in the script for Jon killing Dany? No reason at all? Wouldn't both Emilia and Kit be asking questions then?
  6. And I don't understand why some people use this as some kind of justification for Bran becoming King. Saving the world is different from ruling the world. A kid can absolutely save the world but should they really be ruling it?
  7. The problem with D&D is that they write from an audience perspective and not a character one. I believe the script even said that Arya and Sansa were contemplating killing each other. But it's similar to the Cersei scene at the dragon pit in the S7 Finale where the script said that Cersei is seriously surprised/angry that Euron took off even though it's later revealed was a ruse. Cersei's reaction wasn't a fake out, the actress according to script was supposed to convey the character feeling that way which makes no sense. In the end with what the show did it seemed Arya was a bad assassin for show and the Arya/Sansa fighting was a ruse to fool LF. Eh, this storyline didn't do it for anyone in the audience. I think we are to assume it happened, they just didn't tell us. The only thing LF (to Roose) and Sansa (to Ramsey) say about the marriage to Tyrion is that it wasn't consummated. Oh yeah the end of S4 was freaky that way. Because we have the kiss which was filmed completely inappropriately which was followed by Sansa coming down the stairs in her Darth Sansa outfit making come hither looks at Petyr.
  8. That wasn't in the show. So you don't recall it correctly. Sorry. Considering that she married Ramsey IMO we are supposed to believe her marriage to Tyrion was annulled. They did both too much and too little. Petyr is pretty much inappropriate with her from their first meeting and we know about the sexual grooming. But both of these were cut out of the show. IMO the only misstep they did was in S4. When he plants a kiss on her, the way it was directed was completely wrong.
  9. Yep. I saw no chemistry between Kit and Emilia. Which was really strange to me because I saw them in one interview together and they had some nice friendship chemistry going on. But nothing of that translated to screen for me. There certainly was no romantic or sexual chemistry that I could see. It would have been fine if at least their off-screen friendship chemistry came through but there was nothing. Now I know that chemistry is something that is very subjective and there are certainly plenty people who see it differently.
  10. Strangely I wasn't surprised when people jumped on that. Because I actually thought they were going that way. Kit and Sophie had chemistry, what kind I don't know but they did. But the major reason why I thought the show would go there was the way they directed the actors. The directorial choices, and some dialogue, is what you use for romantic couples and not for siblings. And that includes the Ned/Cat parallels on the WF balcony with the synchronized turning and the scene when Jon leaves WF. Why make that 'callback' to a romantic couple? The camera zoom on hand holding. The lingering shots of each of them breathing heavily after a passionate argument. The whole 'new dress?' 'do you like it?' 'I like the wolf bit' part. Now I might be wrong (because I don't have a brother) but that's not how brother and sister talk. I was royally confused during S6 and beginning of 7 because of these choices. I didn't want Stark incest but I wondered if that was being set up.
  11. Heck Sophie said during the 2016 Comic Con (I think it was 2016 anyway) that she would kill D&D if they made anything happen with Sansa and Jon after a person from the audience asked if it was possible because Jon likes redheads.
  12. Take. Control. It's really that simple. Once everything starts unraveling all he had to do was make full use of the power bestowed upon him. Didn't Robert make him 'Protector of the Realm'? You don't get much higher in positions than that. That he thought he could just wave a piece of paper around and everyone would honor it (especially the freaking Lannisters), was just bonkers. He should have removed/replaced the entire small council and taken Cersei and her children into custody. He should have assembled men of whose loyalty there was no doubt. Put people in charge of the City Watch and Gold Cloaks whose loyalty he assured. And he should have send his children on their way back home long before he even reached KL, the Trident incident had warning bells ringing so loudly he should have been deaf after.
  13. Why would a Stark be better though? They are all still children and will still be children by the end of the story. Children should not rule, especially over a devastated continent. And of course Westeros needs reforms but having a single ruler on a throne is the same old, same old. Mel? Visions? Really? Yes, we call that surveillance state. A king can't see everything everywhere unless you are asserting that all the Kings have had this power. Limitations on a ruler are necessary. A ruler that can see everything is a frightening concept. Bran doesn't give into his desires? So when he wargs Hodor for shits and giggles, which is a form of rape, that doesn't have anything to do with desire? Imagine if he gets even more powerful, to the point of being able to do that to a healthy human brain. Free will would be nonexistent then. That's frightening. Not really, the older and more experienced ones who are helping him do just as much, if not more. How is this a good ending? The whole story was basically how the American Indians waited a couple thousand years to finally get revenge on the people who exterminated them. Even though the current generations had nothing to do with what happened back then and are innocent. Especially in this saga where GRRM has made it a point about the futility of revenge. Bran is a summer child. Nothing to do with rebuilding, especially since the last book is called Dream of SPRING and not Dream of Summer. Making Winterfell out of snow, now that's a metaphor for rebuilding. A direwolf being named Summer is not. Not to mention that Ned's dream was to re-build/re-settle The Gift and not the entirety of Westeros. Never understood the significance of that. So what if he did? If Euron had been the first chapter, would everyone be arguing he will be King of Westeros at the end of the story just because he was the first POV? This only works if you assume Bran will actually be King. Otherwise it's meaningless.
  14. Bran is not of Jon's bloodline. People always forget that. Their shared bloodline is Stark via Lyanna Stark. The only bloodline of Jon's that would count here is the Targ one and Bran has zero of that in him. Jon can't claim the throne via his Targ bloodline and abdicate to a non-Targ. There are plenty of people with Targ blood left in the books, such as Edric Storm who also happens to be a Baratheon (aka the last legitimate regime). The Starks have no bloodline designs on any throne except the one in the North.
  15. It's not about the other characters, it's about how they (Benioff anyway) add themselves into the story via a character. I think Dragon Demands mentioned in one of his videos via a quote that Tywin was changed (and Jamie gained dyslexia) because Benioff wanted a 'I wish that was my father when growing up' story. So Tywin was a good daddy (and grand daddy to Arya) who would sit with his son and teach him. Because Benioff had problems growing up and apparently didn't get that support. So Tywin became a Benioff wish fulfillment instead of book!Tywin. And you don't think a guy who rewrites a character for that purpose wouldn't also take it out on characters who didn't treat his self-proclaimed self-insert as a god?
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