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  1. hewman

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Benioffly stupid maybe?
  2. hewman

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    That’s not entirely true. I think the dragons were not supposed to pass the wall (Lady Alysanne’s Silverwing wouldn’t fly over it, if I’m not wrong) so probably the WW just have to blow somebody’s horn (I don’t remember who’s) to break the wall. I can live with Dany’s character assassination, but did they have to turn her into this Justin Bieber of dragon warfare?
  3. hewman

    So what was the third "oh shit" moment?

    This had the same effect on me as when Daemon Blackfyre stood up covered in mud and someone cheered “The Brown Dragon!”: I burst out laughing. Now every time I’ll read a Tyrion passage I’ll imagine him playing with the pearl necklace around his neck. Thank you, Sean!
  4. This is more like it. Once you pick the Dothraki as your weapon of choice and bring them to Westeros, your rating would quickly slide from “Dany the Amiable” to “The Scourge of Westeros”. So, as much as she was my second choice for “Realm’s Delight” (after Rhaenyra ended up overdone at the last family barbecue), madness or not, mother of flames or not her choices were more fitted for punishment than the beginning of a promising reign. Even if Drogo had survived, I don’t see him saying “well, wifey, hop on that iron throne I got you and I’ll just fuck off to Essos for some more rampage”. So, no, burninating binge or not there was always little chance of people loving her. Revenge was the most she could get.
  5. True, but even if it were possible, isn’t it weird how history remembers Caesar or Alexander not as disgusting mass murderers, but as great military geniuses and conquerers that shaped our world in spite of the number of people killed (I doubt Caesar really killed one million Gauls as he says, but still). So why is Dany different. Could Lady Fevre be right about the gender being an issue?
  6. hewman

    So what was the third "oh shit" moment?

    Well my opinion doesn’t count since I’m a Targaryenist (And an AcDc fan :))) and therefore subjective, but I still believe she deserved a Jaime for lover instead of that treacherous muhqueenslayer.
  7. hewman

    So what was the third "oh shit" moment?

    Good Lord! Does Ozzy Osbourne know there’s another Prince Of Darkness out there. A younger and more beautiful one on top of everything!
  8. Aye. I once thought it will pass from Aemon to Jon for he liked him and not because he knew Jon was a Targaryen, but for that to happen, Brynden had to know he wouldn’t need the sword were he was going otherwise, as you say, he never would have taken his eye off it. Still, a pity, we could have seen that sword take part in the end game maybe not as the Dark Sister but as the Dark Aunt :))
  9. Has nothing to do with Ice, but does anyone think Dark Sister will re-emerge? I always thought it was somewhere in that cave with the white dragon and it would play a role in Bran’s gang escape from the white walkers, but I guess, as in Blackfyre’s case, “why give a horse to someone who doesn’t ride” applies to Bran as well so maybe we won’t hear of it again.
  10. hewman

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Jon’s real name should be Daerong Targaryen.
  11. hewman

    Who got the most screwed over

    Aemon. He was inches away from touching the dragons, alive after more than a hundred years, from meeting Daeny and from finding out that Jon is a Targaryen. But before any of that could happen, they decided “Neah, fuck ‘im! Let him die. Alone in the world”. He was pretty screwed over and not only by the Ds, but by GRRM too
  12. Which will rob the disgruntled viewers of the pleasure of a “get them, get them, they’re right there! Get! Them!” moment. Hackle and Jeckle wouldn’t even grant them that.
  13. I certainly hope so because otherwise all he did barely deserves a fatherly “roll your eyes at me again and I’ll clout you on the ear so hard they’ll roll back into your head for good” as Dunk would put it.
  14. hewman

    The North is finally independent

    Which is regretable in the least. The Targaryens seemed a bit ahead of their time, encouraging building roads and clean cities, rulling together with their women, reading, passing better laws and so on. This was somewhat the curse of Daeny and Jon too. They tried to end slavery and failed or help the wildlings and get killed for it, but I think you are right: there’s not much room for progress in GRRM’s world. Killing, pillage, rape and distruction seem to be favoured. Maybe I’m just beeing bitter or toxic or whatever it’s called and if so, I apologize.