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  1. This is more like it. Once you pick the Dothraki as your weapon of choice and bring them to Westeros, your rating would quickly slide from “Dany the Amiable” to “The Scourge of Westeros”. So, as much as she was my second choice for “Realm’s Delight” (after Rhaenyra ended up overdone at the last family barbecue), madness or not, mother of flames or not her choices were more fitted for punishment than the beginning of a promising reign. Even if Drogo had survived, I don’t see him saying “well, wifey, hop on that iron throne I got you and I’ll just fuck off to Essos for some more rampage”. So, no, burninating binge or not there was always little chance of people loving her. Revenge was the most she could get.
  2. True, but even if it were possible, isn’t it weird how history remembers Caesar or Alexander not as disgusting mass murderers, but as great military geniuses and conquerers that shaped our world in spite of the number of people killed (I doubt Caesar really killed one million Gauls as he says, but still). So why is Dany different. Could Lady Fevre be right about the gender being an issue?
  3. Aemon. He was inches away from touching the dragons, alive after more than a hundred years, from meeting Daeny and from finding out that Jon is a Targaryen. But before any of that could happen, they decided “Neah, fuck ‘im! Let him die. Alone in the world”. He was pretty screwed over and not only by the Ds, but by GRRM too
  4. Which will rob the disgruntled viewers of the pleasure of a “get them, get them, they’re right there! Get! Them!” moment. Hackle and Jeckle wouldn’t even grant them that.
  5. I certainly hope so because otherwise all he did barely deserves a fatherly “roll your eyes at me again and I’ll clout you on the ear so hard they’ll roll back into your head for good” as Dunk would put it.
  6. Is there nothing amiss with a demigod of the old religion beeing king over a population that consists mostly of believers in The Seven? To me it looks a bit like electing Mohammed king of Israel or Juda.
  7. Well, I think little Benioff and Weiss voodoo dolls would sell pretty well. I’d buy some to poke them with the pointy end of a needle now and then. Even drakarys the hell outta them after one or two pints...
  8. Tallyho then! I could take a wild guess who warged into the one saying “you’ll always be muh queen” just before sinking his fangs into Benioff’s arse.
  9. Come to think of it, that Bronn chap is the only one in the entire non nihilistic show that dodged being maimed, raped or killed.
  10. True. Apologies! They have murdered her brother’s children, her father...well whatever, she has no reason to love them. I’m exaggerating a bit ( well, a lot) but Daeny’s actions in the end were a bit like this moment she is carried on the freed slaves arms and the next she’s “wait a minute, they’ve taken the IT away from my family: Drakarys the hell out of these slaves!”
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