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  1. Actually, now that you mention it, I think it was, kinda. Didn’t strike me then but there was a black flag with the three headed red dragon hanging on the wall I think.
  2. Every time the unsullied slammed their spears into the ground I expected to hear someone sing “auf der heide blüht ein kleines blümelein...”. No, not subtle at all. Well as long as it made sense creatively.
  3. Exactly! They could replace the wolf on the Stark banner with the mugs of D&D, Sandkings style.
  4. Careful with the eye rolling. I’ve seen a guy do that and he scared the crap out of a bunch of crows. Poor things almost got ingested into Viserion’s engines.
  5. hewman

    Two Questions about this Episode

    I suppose he could approve the Norexit with a nod but in the case of the Iron Isles vs Bran he had to overrule the Dany’s decision: “enough with this independence crap, you’re back in the kingdom!”. He could have kept only the Northern Iron Island for the crown let the rest go feral. Of course, I’m being spiteful ‘cause I can’t stand the little weirbonsai.
  6. Was there any explanation for the body parts spirals made by the WW? I didn’t quite get their body art. Was it just spare parts for the army of the dead?
  7. I’m beginning to suspect that finding out about the book made Dany snap and rase KL.
  8. Martin said he would like asoiaf to have seven volumes because there’s a certain elegance to it - seven gods, seven kingdoms - he would like to retain. D&D ended up with 6 kingdoms. It’s not really important except to show that while some struggle to attain beauty, even if they possibly fail ultimately, others have something good and chop off a limb of it just for, well I can’t think of a reason.
  9. Like a sequel to Pet Sematary? I think she already tried that with Drogo and, well, it didn’t go well...
  10. One episode I’m away and they call Bran Your Grace! Pfff! Has anyone watched him dancing? As for the episode itself, Mel Brooks could not have done a better job.
  11. hewman

    Prediction for finale

    I’m sure it won’t end like this, but in reality it would be very possible that Dany sits on the throne hated, but feared. Her forefathers have ruled for 5000 years by fear. I’m sure they didn’t convince the lockstep legions of Ghis to yield with a appealing political platform.
  12. hewman

    Prediction for finale

    Well ex nihilo nihil would be a fitting description for the end. It was a bad season. Until now, the only sequence I really liked was Drogon moving from behind Dany, into the light, at Varys’ execution, like there’s always something ominous and dark in the back of our minds coming forward at times to do horrible things.
  13. Thank you both no_one... and Gendelsdottir for mentioning the article and for the link to it!
  14. I wonder what will George have to say about this remake thing (I’m sure it would be “fuck them!” but I mean a more media usable opinion): suport the Ds or throw them under the bus?
  15. hewman

    Unpopular opinion

    You certainly aren’t.