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  1. Add to that Quentyn's death. Drinkwater in Dance already had a garbled recollection of events claiming Dany had "laughed at" Quent's proposal, when she did no such thing. Only Barristan or perhaps Arch Yronwood can provide Dorne with a true account of what happened in Slaver's Bay, I would not trust Drink to not come up with a falsified version to hide his role in going along with the stupid dragon taming attempt. In the sample chapters of Wind Arianne is already speculating if Dany could have instigated Viserys' death (and Arianne seems sour her bethrotal to Vis did not come to fruition, or that that bethrotal was the reason her father refused other good matches)- so there is very clear build-up to a conflict between Arianne and Dany. Add to that the mention of Teora Toland's dreams (told to Arianne) about another Dance of Dragons, and it seems quite reasonable to assume it will be fAegon + Arianne in conflict with Dany. There has to be a point to why Arianne emerged as another POV late in the series. This does not have to preclude other major characters having issues with Dany as well of course, but this one has the most build-up so far.
  2. She could have called off the airstrike at the last minute too .... ah, no, I didn't say that, no, no, back to ranting: D&D write S7 and 8 Writer who wasn't complete crap at the start of the series: Right. That's season 6 done. I heard you guys want to wrap it in 2 more. Jon's KitN with the Vale tagging along, Dany's got a massive army, and the Reach and Dorne. Cersei's just blown up a lot of nobility, can't see her lasting long with a handful of Lannister soldiers left, now that it looks like the Freys are gone. How does it play out from here? I'm guessing the NK overruns the 7K? D1: huh? We don't want the NK messing stuff up man, this is Game of Thrones, man. W: Ok, so Jon takes out the NK? Dany helps him? D2: Yeah, kinda, but they need to convince Cersei. W: wtf for? Dany can probably take out Cersei before breakfast. The Starks not going to interfere with that either. D2: Hey, asshole, what do you mean Cersei gets taken out? You trying to ruin the show? W: errr.... ok, I guess Cersei's got Euron's navy. Oh, ok, Euron's got magic right? Does he get control of Dany's dragons? D1: Even better, he gets Yara. W: errr, ok. So? D2: Man even, even better he gets that Dornish babe too. W: err, ok, but the Dornish army's not going to be on ships right? So someone takes over? D2: The viewers don't care about the Dornish army, they never seen no Dornish army, they only care about those babes, if Euron gets them, he's the big bad. W: Ah, and the Tyrells and Dany's huge army and 3 dragons? D1: Man, just find a way for her to mess it up. W: Ok, I'll think of something, how bad you want it messed up? Does she keep the Dothraki and Unsullied on her island then - sounds like you're saying Euron controls the seas. D2: Man, you really are dumb. Those guys are ethnics. They have to have some scenes. And Dany has to win a battle with her dragon and her foreigners, preferably the horse guys. She has to look foreign and have her dragon shot down as foreshadowing. W: woooaaaa, what happens to the dragon ? D1: He's fine. The boss said foreshadowing, what's the matter, can't you listen? W: And she wins the battle? Why not take KL? D2: Man, just figure something out. She needs to go north of the wall and lose a dragon there so the NK gets through the wall. That's what they want to see - a Zombie dragon! D1: And a zombie polar bear! W: Ah, so she and Jon are a thing then, eh? Oh, but Bran would probably know about Jon's parentage then. Will he see her as family then? D2: Bit of everything, she has to go mad in the end and Jon has to kill her. W: ....... D1: George W: Ok, then make her mad sooner, no? We have two seasons. D2: No, no, everybody wants to see Dragons Vs Zombies. And you can't have the Dany fans getting worked up before S8 starts. She's going to be totally awesome in S7, saving Jon's ass and falling in love with him, and helping to save the North. W: So the Dragons burn the NK? D1: No, that would be too easy. He's fireproof, but we want Arya to stab him. W: ..... D2: Yeah that's one big battle in S8 and in the next one Dany takes it to Cersei. W: So two Mad Queens duking it out? D2: Who's the second? W: err Dany? D2: I know that asshole, who's the other mad one? W: Cersei obviously. D2: Hey, you want me to fire you? Who tf said Cersei is mad? W: Ok, whatever. So Dany fighting with her armies and two dragons and no Westerosi? D1: One dragon. Euron shoots the other. W: Shoots? Why not use a dragon horn .... D2: Hey, shut up, ok? We want that dragon dead and gone. We want her to turn mad. W: ok, but where did Jon come from? D1: He's there too. W: If he knows she's mad, why is he fighting for her. D1: No one's sure if she is mad or not, until she torches everyone in KL. W: Oh wow, I guess she had to do that to get to Cersei's soldiers ..... D2: No, Cersei's soldiers are already dead and the rest are surrendering. W: Then, why? D1: We told you, she's mad. D2: And then she gives a Nazi speech. W: (totally resigned at this point) Right. Then Jon kills her. D1: See, you're starting to get it. W: whatever. D1: And Bran becomes King. Write that in as well. W: I don't suppose you want Bron to be Warden of the South, Lord Paramount of the Reach and Master of coin, eh? Ha, ha, ha .... D2: That would have been a great idea, but I thought of it first. D1: You did? D2: I did, so put that in as well and it's a wrap.
  3. But Winter is coming, my Lord! The snows will last through the Long Night and so their duct tape with it.
  4. Phew, the Night King narrowly missed out then with his resistance to Dragonflame (in direct form that is, use it to shape steel and that's different)
  5. I'm genuinely curious if there are a lot of Unsullied out there still being vocal (after all this time) in support of the dumpster fire? Yeah, we see a few types on the forum interrupting and hijacking moan threads, I just assumed they must be from HBO's social media team or just extremely happy about certain character outcomes that they had predicted, but other than that did anyone actually enjoy the show so much they're still actively picking fights with us dissers? Thought the type of 'casual fans' who might have actually liked the shit fare would have moved on to the next thing whatever it is.
  6. LOL. I forgot Sophie, she is under the influence as well. Anyway, they're kids (), will be interesting to see more experienced professionals air their views over time. It will be anyone with directing, writing and (co-)producing credits that will be most eager to distance themselves from this streaming pile of dung I guess.
  7. Kit alone so far gives the impression of Theoden who has been Grima Wormtongued. Hopefully everyone else coming out in the open cures him of that. Unless he is still being blackmailed over Longclaw
  8. I took that to give us information that Targaryens are susceptible to diseases after all and as explanation why Aemon married a Baratheon rather than a younger sister. Jaeherys' ambivalent reaction to Alysanne's insistence that Daenerys is the heir since she is older when Jaeherys started referring to Aemon as his heir is another interesting set up to the conditions that created the Dance and Jaeherys' views around male primogeniture, while seeking to avoid direct confrontation with Alysanne at the time. Beyond that I'm not sure ... are we supposed to worry 'present day' Dany could have the pale mare? Serms like an unnecessary complication with so much story to go. Maybe it is as you say foreshadowing that Dany faces the Others - but maybe with a more successful outcome. While there are really no good reasons why Targs have to make a come back, should fAegon rule for a while Dany fails to gain the throne, that does seem a sad fate for Targ women. Not unknown in the real world - how many Roman empresses did we have ? - it does seem surprising given how Visenya and Rhaenys were almost co-rulers with Aegon and later Alysanne with Jaeherys until the Great Council ruling completely changed the dynamic.
  9. Yes, in the books it looks like she's arriving at a conscious decision to live up to the words of her house. In the show, oh, you know what, let's just leave that .... In the books a change in direction is clearly signalled. She tried to plant trees, make compromises, locked up her dragons and see where that got her: Narrowly survived an assassination attempt, her husband (whom she married to keep the peace) calling for the Dragon to be slain and now she's wandering around in the wilderness. Well, now she's riding a Dragon and there will be fire and blood! Seems like a logical enough progression.
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