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  1. I have defended Dany many times on this forum and I was wrong. If anything it makes the books more interesting as we will have access to her POV and get to know how she thinks and feels as she becomes more of a villain. GRRM has done a great job presenting her as a sympathetic character.
  2. On the true side I would imagine much has been revealed. Shireen will burn. Dany torches the city. Jon kills Dany. Bran becomes King. Drogon melts down the IT. Stannis doesn't win in the end. Littlefinger does not win in the end. Jaime and Cersei die in each other arms. Tyrion is Bran's Hand. The Others are defeated at Winterfell.
  3. The final episode was absolutely wonderful. A beautiful and tragic death for Dany. A great end for Jon. An unexpected King.
  4. Sandsnakes were really, really bad. So bad it's hard to compute their detriment on a score out of ten. Let's see. If the episode overall was a 7, but sandsnakes are a minus 3, I give the episode a 4.
  5. SPOILER WARNING: DUNE!!! For Ned Stark read Duke Leto Atreides -- from the first Dune novel -- his character arc is the same: Hero patriarch of honourable House -- takes family to an unfamiliar place to take on important responsibility -- is betrayed by rival not-so-honourable House Then his son undergoes journey of transformation like the Stark children seem to be doing Dune ends with a revolution leading to a new dictatorship Will the ending of ASoIaF end with the opposite -- a republic-- like the one the ancient romans were always pining for?
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