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  1. Quite a positive new blog post today, mainly back patting for F & B, but he again teases that WOW is not days not weeks but soon, which to my mind means mid next year or around the time next year.
  2. The Dragon has three heads

    The battle of blood

    Haha you know it’s true. WAT IF ROBERT DID X. WAT IF RHAEGAR DID Y. WHO WILL BE KING AT THE END!?(spoilers no one).
  3. I’d say it’s because he never had the middle planned. He was going to ‘skip’ it. And instead he’s had to write it. WOW will happen. And I imagine unless it’s better than GOT-which is unlikely, it will be derided like dance and feast were by some. Id just like to see a resolution from GRRM before the mummers version but sadly that’s never gonna happen.
  4. The Dragon has three heads

    The battle of blood

    Dude has FAR more insight than 90% of posts here tbh. Magic is boring. R+L=J is boring. Lemon gate is a thing. Hatersgonahate.
  5. The Dragon has three heads

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    If the first men-basically our only humans in this era-are not technologically advanced or the Valyrians-Which I think will be included even though canonically they’re a thousand years after the first men-then what’s different about this show than main show except more giants COTF? There will have to be some big AH HA reveals for show only watchers to make this have any real connection to the main show, surely? Which would in turn perhaps spoil the main books? I want to be excited. But I’m so burned after season 5/6/7 I just can’t be.
  6. The Dragon has three heads

    Cogman Developing 5th Prequel Series

    Yeah it basically leaves the RP-which gives a morally ambivilant somewhat 'cool' guy as the lead and his lover come later wife as the queen in the dance. It has potential. I thought of all the possible movie scripts that the RP into TPAQ had the most potential.
  7. The Dragon has three heads

    Cogman Developing 5th Prequel Series

    It's quite obvious that season 5/6/7/8 are going to be/have been a shit show. The writers backed themselves into corners with location problems and script dead ends, dorne and the original script for the BOB being the big ones here. They front loaded the start of season 7 with marginal pacing and then threw it all out the window to get the set pieces they wanted in non sensical movement and forced drama. No one other than a casual watcher can be happy with season 7. Even GRRM has gone silent. Up til season 5 I was willing to give it the benefit of the sour by it's actually just sub par storytelling now. Cogman will need to work hard too pander to the EPs and the 'traditional' casual GOT viewer and honestly it all concerns me it will be more of the same. Winds need to drop soon, it's getting ridiculous.
  8. The Dragon has three heads

    Casterly Rock Why?

    Such disappointment
  9. The Dragon has three heads

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    Hahahahaha dude get with the fucking program, everyone in hollywood knows this season was utter shite. The irony of the Sam montage is real. Even adult swim took a shot at GOT and good fucking on them, someone needs to tell them to get their act together.
  10. The Dragon has three heads

    HBO Exec on Prequels, Final Season

    Show only watchers crying about delays. Lel.
  11. The Dragon has three heads

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Every one of us have been the blackboard in a moment in our lives in this forum or off it. We all, I believe, see the potential for it to be one of the stories of our time. We believe our passion for the saga will drive him onward. I believe in him, his vision. He knows his career will be defined by these books, the tv show(s) will always have come from his work, his worlds. To finish the story(s) is to properly define their perspective places in modern literature and also probably a part in all of our lives, and his. That's pretty amazing. But every now and then we catch ourselves being the blackboard. Such is life.
  12. The Dragon has three heads

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    In Australia when I was a child we had a puppet with a pencil for a nose on tv. His name was Mr squiggle. Mr squiggle took seemingly random doodles and turned them into pictures. There was also a blackboard Mr squiggle drew on. whenever the pencil Nosed puppet took too long the black boa.... "HURRY UUUUUUUUUP" Would interup... HURRRRRRY UPPPPPP ...
  13. The Dragon has three heads

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    That he's talking about anyway haha i think he learned his lesson with adwd in talking about his actual progress or lack there of. Talking about 'done' and talking about 'out' are different though. He is using the term 'out'( which would to my mind at least, insinuate he's moving closer to being done with the actual manuscript which is something to hope for. To be talking about 'Out' it has to be close to being a first draft I think. Given a turn around of 3-6 months for editing, printing etc he may be looking to hand in the book in the first half of the year with the back half set aside for back of house and release. Buy who can say.
  14. The Dragon has three heads

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Good point haha least he got it done!