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  1. Trudeau has reneged on his promise to overhaul our voting system. The NDP and Greens are outraged( and I can see why as if they got PR as they were pushing for it would give them more influence on policy matters). The Liberals no doubt wanted a PB and with that not an option will stay with FPtP. I doubt the issue is that big with a majority of voters but it could be for a lot of the NDP votes that went to the Liberals last election.
  2. It probably was much more moderate. This has been building for some time in Canada. Just look at some of the reactions to us taking in Syrian refugees. It was utterly disgusting. Breaks my heart and I fear that this will not be the last time such a thing happens.
  3. The rhetoric among a couple of conservative leadership candidates is eerily familiar to that of Trump and his victory has emboldened bigots and racists. But I'm thinking that this was probably coming eventually. We have a lot of white people up here and immigrants, especially Muslims, are distrusted and feared.
  4. I've got to say I am in total shock. They have two suspects in custody apparently. I don't like to jump to conclusions but I'm thinking it is an attack by anti-immigrant people.
  5. snake

    Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    Just searched the treaty of Ft. Laramie to see what land the US agreed was Sioux territory and it was a large area. They did steal quite a bit of this back over time and the Supreme Court ruled that such was the case with regards to the Black Hills and awarded the Sioux $155.5 million in compensation. The Sioux, those money grabbing devils, refused the cash and instead continue to fight for the return of their stolen lands.
  6. snake

    Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    The problem is white privilege. It is not so much that there is protests and such, there wasn't this type of disdain when the white citizens of Bismark had the pipeline rerouted, the outrage spawns from the fact that it is aboriginal peoples that are doing the protesting. The US, as well as here in Canada, are still so far behind where they need to be in regards to their relationship with native peoples. Anyhow, it's nice to see that the Water Protectors managed to make something of a difference in this case.
  7. snake

    Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    Well, that is unfortunate, which is why I bemoaned the lateness of this decision. If not for the election I think they may well have did this earlier.
  8. snake

    Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    Nice to see the US government living up to their legal responsibilities. Too bad it took so long but kudos to the Water Protectors who faced a lot of state sanctioned violence but remained peaceful and stood their ground. Hopefully they will resolve this before the Trump administration takes over.
  9. snake

    Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    I've been hearing all kinds of horror stories out of Standing Rock. It is getting a nice bit of attention here in Canada especially with our own protests going on over the last couple of months in my own backyard. I truly do fear for those people but all I can do right now is donate some money and voice my support. I doubt the US federal government will do anything to help.
  10. Seems like PM JT is in some hot water over an ill advised foray across the house floor. The opposition parties are milking this for all it's worth but the rhetoric is so over the top that it may well ruin any sympathy they might have garnered over this. If nothing else it has made question period interesting for a little while. lol #elbowgate. Story.
  11. Got friends and family working in Fort Mac. Everyone is safe but will not know the damage until the fire is subdued. Hard times ahead.
  12. My riding is most likely to go Liberal and I like that because that's how I'm voting.  I'm hoping for  a Liberal majority but would be satisfied with a Liberal minority government.    What worries me most is that Harper might get back in.  I have to have faith that Canadians will not let that happen again.
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    Official Testing Thread

    what is this
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    Official Testing Thread