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  1. No problem, @Whiskeyjack! I would have played in B to make sure it has 10 teams, if no one else wanted to.
  2. Letting you know just in case, I should be able to make any options work except Sept. 6 or 7. And I could possibly make Sept. 6 or 7 work, too, if the draft doesn't start until later?
  3. I should be able to make any options work except Sept. 6 or 7. And I could possibly make Sept. 6 or 7 work, too, if the draft doesn't start until later?
  4. I should be able to make any options work except Sept. 6 or 7. And I could possibly make Sept. 6 or 7 work, too, if the draft doesn't start until later?
  5. I played in A, B, and C last year and would love to again this year. But, if some new blood wants to play in B, that would be fine, too.
  6. Yes, the irony of this turning out to be true would just be too delicious!
  7. Oh yeah! Well...good! I hope none of that old equipment is usable for them.
  8. Absolutely! I have some experience with this as well. Also, my father was an auto mechanic for 40+ years and, at the very least, one picks up some mechanical knowledge by osmosis. Even if everything else with those old, mothballed vehicles is fine, which is likely not the case, the seals/gaskets will be dried out.
  9. Although I'm not Canadian (increasingly...unfortunately, for me) I would like to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day as well! I have always admired your wonderful country (and, of course, even more so these days). I've greatly enjoyed what I've experienced of Canada and I definitely plan to experience more!
  10. I can't point you to the exact right thread, etc. but that sort of analysis of Jaime and Brienne's "beauty and the beast" themes sounds like something @Le Cygne may have done?
  11. Not your fault at all. Don't beat yourself up over it
  12. Wait...you don't consume any liquids, like, at all? I'm kidding I don't think @The Bard of Banefort meant that the drink had to be wine or even alcoholic. But Martin did foreshadow the poison (The Strangler) in the wine in the Maester Cressen prologue, as he says in the EW interview.
  13. Theories are theories, facts are facts. How you present your thoughts, etc. matter. Presenting theories as facts is very disingenuous and insulting to those who read them. And those who do it should definitely be challenged when they do it. As for your theory itself? As I said, it's an interesting, if extremely flimsy, theory for now. Nothing more.
  14. But you are. Prefacing your extremely thin theory with something like "I think", "I believe", etc. goes a long way. And do you mean "a person like me" who doesn't present their extremely thin, unsupported-in-any-way opinions/theories as facts? OK, guilty as charged. First, Loras is a member of the Kings Guard and also a scion of a Lord paramount and, as such, can pretty much do whatever he wants (within reason). Very, very few could even begin to question him on anything. Second, he'd be gone before anyone knew it, if he took any pains to leave at least somewhat secretly. The need to fake his death simply doesn't seem necessary. Third, if Loras really did fake his death to then sneak away for some reason to...die, it does seem very odd to plant the rumor that he was gravely wounded and still not dead rather than simply to plant the rumor that he was, you know, dead. Finally, even if we grant that Martin wanted a "red herring" to throw readers off, why? To what end?
  15. Again, stop presenting your "own head canon" as fact. Also, why does Loras need to fake his death in the first place? Again, what exactly was preventing him from travelling to the HoBaW to die if that was what he wanted?
  16. But it's not a "burnt body" yet, right? The rumor or talk was that Loras was dying of his wounds. But, of course, "dying" is not "dead". So, if that's actually the case...then whomever it is would have to be masquerading as Loras or would have to ultimately perish. Then, if this is actually the case, the question becomes...why? To what end? Also, why would Loras even need to "escape"? From what? What exactly would have prevented Loras from simply travelling to the HoBaW to die, if he so chose? The theory that the dead old woman and dead young man in the HoBaW are Olenna and Loras is extremely thin and based on virtually nothing but supposition on your part.
  17. Ah, fair enough, it's your own head-canon. Somewhat refreshing that you're not doubling down on your supposition being fact and suggesting anyone who doesn't believe the same is blind/stupid. That's far too often the case.
  18. Eh, it's an interesting theory but...nothing more. Please stop presenting it as if it's fact. I can almost go for the young man being Loras and him wanting to die due to his lover Renly dying. But I certainly don't buy the old woman being Olenna. Why would she kill herself to get revenge on Cercei (and when exactly did Cercei destroy the Tyrells?) right after she just proved herself more than capable of taking care of her own machinations when she poisoned that sadistic little shit Joffery to protect her granddaughter? I'm gonna need to see more proof from future books before I believe these two dead people are Loras and Olenna. So, again, interesting theory but nothing more.
  19. I didn't figure out the twist in The Village in the first 30 seconds but I also figured it out early in the movie. The friends I was watching it with at the time were kinda mad at me I've never seen The Happening - sounds like that may be a small blessing?
  20. Dark Sister is actually a longsword But Blackfyre is a bastard (or hand-and-a-half) sword like Longclaw.
  21. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until June 10 to watch it on Netflix. But that's not too much longer
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