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  1. The trailer visually was very stunning, but it showed very little about the plot. And, yes, I will watch the series.
  2. Last year, I found the Bobiverse series. It was a lot of fun. Today, I got to wondering if there will be a book 5. Evidently, there will be. The author's website has this bit of news: "I’ve signed a new book deal with Audible, for 2 Bobiverse and 2 non-Bobiverse books." Personally, I'm really excited about this news. Even though book 4 wasn't as good as the orginal trilogy, it did a lot to set up the civil war that was mentioned in its back cover description.
  3. I recently noticed that The 4400 is being rebooted on the CW starting on Mon., Oct. 25th. The original series had its flaws, but it's still one of my favorite shows. I really hope they have a character similar to Jordan Collier. His antagonistic role was the highlight of the show.
  4. I'm in the office today but don't have to teach any lessons. The students have field trips. Also, tomorrow is the start of Golden Week, public holiday from Oct. 1st ~ 10th.
  5. I just finished The Scavenger Door by Suzanne Palmer. It was slightly disappointing in that it wasn’t as good as the first 2 books in the trilogy. Before that I was fully immersed in The Saxon Tales, so now I’m reading The Flame Bearer, book 10 in that series.
  6. It's a bit of a shocker to see them atop their group. I only first heard of them 2 weeks ago. It seems that their owner is trying to become the next oligarch.
  7. A few years ago, I got my daughter a book called Rad American Women A-Z. Also, I'm currently watching the new season (#6) of Nailed It!, a cooking competition program. In episode 4, the first round's theme is barrier-breaking Black women -- Wilma Rudolph, C.J. Walker, and Shirley Chisholm.
  8. That's very honorable of him. I stand corrected.
  9. Surely, Rooney will offer to give back some of his wages, right?
  10. What the fuck did I just watch? Did Beard have a fever dream or did I? Also, how did their record jump to 21-6-16? So, 3 matches left and maybe a promotion playoff.
  11. Tuesday, Sept. 21st is a Chinese holiday called (in English) Mid-Autumn Day. This gives me a 4-day weekend. Traditionally, one is supposed to eat mooncakes. If you have a Chinese grocery store nearby, please go there and try a couple.
  12. I recently found a tv series from New Zealand called Celebrity Treasure Island. If Survivor was more like CTI, which emphasizes the challenges and minimizes the "social game" of building a strong alliance within one's team, then I would start watching it again. Survivor used to be one of my favorite shows. I started hating it when they asked Colton to return for a second season and he quit for a second time.
  13. I was a little surprised by that as well. Yet, after thinking about it for a bit, there are no specific rules about the size of a boxing ring or the outfield fences of a pro baseball field.
  14. My daughter, 13 y/o, got her 2nd vaccination yesterday.
  15. Very sad news. It's been too long since I watched The Wire. It's time to do a rewatch.
  16. @Plessiez I agree with you in that Taskmaster NZ S2 is one of the best. Even though it has my new favorite challenge, the one where the caravan was turned into an escape room, I personally think TM UK S9 (with David Baddiel, Ed Gamble, Jo Brand, Katy Wix, and Rose Matafeo) is the best. Also, I will try a couple episodes of Jonathan Creek. I want to like Alan Davies, but his sense of humor just isn't for me. ETA: Thinking about the best season also got me thinking about the worst season, which is clearly TM USA (only one season was made, thankfully). The Taskmaster, Reggie Watts, was too nice and didn't have any chemistry with the assistant, Alex Horne. Also, most of the challenges were borrowed from the UK series, so the solutions felt somewhat unorginal as well.
  17. At work recently I was given new headphones to use with my laptop. I was surprised to see that they still have a divide cord, one part for audio and one part for the microphone. Yet, laptops no longer have dual inputs. Plugging just the audio cord into a laptop allows the entire headset to function. So why does the divided cord system still exist if the microphone part is always just daggling off to the side and in the way?
  18. Wow, that sounds intense. I too am a teacher, and when I was in college, I was a camp counsellor during the summers. I was never in your exact situation, but I know that "quite stressful" is an understatement. Also, an educator has to wear many hats. Teacher is obviously the main job, but improviser is a close second. I have a colleague who wants every scheduling detail planned out months in advance. Also, that person is incapable of making improvised adjustments if there are last minute schedule changes or if the students react unexpectedly to their lesson plans. This causes a lot of problems within our department.
  19. Yeah, I wish I could do that. I'm just too nervous that my frustration will take over, and those soundalikes will turn into the actual curse words.
  20. Ok Also, since my words have to be classroom appropriate, my cursing is limited to "Gosh darn it!"
  21. The family went to the theater to watch Free Guy last night. We all enjoyed it a lot, especially all of the fun little cameo appearances.
  22. Probably not. Episodes 3 & 4 seem to be filler episodes. Ep 5 setup some personal conflict among the coaching staff, but it will probably be resolved quickly. The players' salaries were mentioned briefly. But, Rebecca no longer seems to care about the business aspects of the club.
  23. I was anxiously awaiting for a book to be published in the near future. However, while scanning some reviews, I noticed that it ends in a cliffhanger. Now, I'm thinking that I would rather wait another year or two after the sequel is also published. The name of the book is:
  24. Just finished Warriors of the Storm, book 9 of Cornwell's Saxon Tales. It was just as fun, exciting, and fast paced as the tv series. Book 10, The Flame Bearer, is now at the top of my TBR pile. However, I am 20% into The Scavenger Door by Suzanne Palmer.
  25. He's here. He's there. He's every fucking where. Roy Kent! Roy Kent!
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