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  1. Over the weekend, I watched Mike Myers' The Pentaverate. I thought it was a lot of fun.
  2. There's something about this set of contestants. The banter between them and Greg and Alex is a lot more fun. As a result, the episodes are more enjoyable, especially when it comes to the prize tasks.
  3. I’m halfway through the new season of The Wilds. It went to a dark place. It’s good storytelling but it isn’t easy to watch.
  4. This latest episode had the best prize task. All 3 house tasks were a lot of fun. Even though the stage task was slightly weak compared to the rest of the episode, I can’t think of a better episode.
  5. I still remember back in my day. My dad would say, "I can't hear the ball game." Then, I would have to get up off the couch, run to the tv, and turn a knob to make it louder. Also, get off my lawn.
  6. I finally finished A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe by Alex White. It was a bit of a slog. I enjoyed the characters and their interactions and the melding of scifi and fantasy elements within the worldbuilding. But, I had little interest in the heroes’ treasure hunt / quest or the villains that hassled them along the way. Now I have returned to The Legends of the First Empire series by Michael J. Sullivan, reading Age of War (book 3). It’s not necessarily groundbreaking, but it is an interesting read.
  7. I just found out today that the new season had started. The first episode was fun. Sophie Duker is my favorite contestant so far. Can I ask a couple questions about British culture? If you find something "in a skip", where did you find it? Do students commonly study French as a second language?
  8. I watched a documentary movie about Gilbert Gottfried and his family called Gilbert and Aladdin from 1992 (that live-action bullshit can fuck right off). Then, I listened to Chris Hardwick's interview of Gottfried on the Nerdist podcast, which for me is the funniest podcast interview that I have ever heard.
  9. Lately, I have been binge-watching Chuck. I just finished s02e08, which was the end of a 3-parter about someone who got between Chuck and Sarah. It’s not a top tier show, but it is a lot of fun to watch.
  10. Another book in the Rivers of London series, Amongst Our Weapons, will be out on April 12th.
  11. @Crazy Old Guy It's pinyin (without the tone marks). téng ài huī 疼爱晖
  12. I just watched the pilot episode for Halo. I want to like it, but I also don't want it to retread the main themes from Mandalorian and Bad Batch.
  13. Murderbot and ART are two of my favorite literary names.
  14. "Stone Cold" opened the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, and it was one of the best promos I've seen in a couple of years.
  15. Placing Hitchhiker's Guide on the list at #42 is a little too obvious, isn't it?
  16. I don't read a lot of non-fiction, but I have read and liked books by Bill Bryson and Jon Ronson.
  17. I notice that Upload, season 2 just arrived at Amazon. Also, I'm excited for The Wilds, season 2, which is scheduled for May 6.
  18. Well, that's my weekend sorted. Destiny Is All!
  19. Twenty years ago, on March 2nd, Dennis Bergkamp scored his famous goal against Newcastle.
  20. The only specific thing that I remember from my first attempt to binge-watch (besides Duet being a great episode) is that one frustrating Dax episode caused me to stop watching. After reading through imdb, I realized that the offending episode is Meridian, S03E08 (not a season 2 episode like I suspected). That episode has a 5.6 rating, so I'm not alone in my ire.
  21. I didn’t watch any DS9 when it first came out. But, I’ve read good things about it around here. I tried to binge-watch it 4~5 years ago but stopped halfway through S2. A Dax episode bored me to tears, and I never went back. I’m now giving it another try. I just finished S1. The good. Duet, easily best ep of the season, always on a top 10 DS9 episodes list. The antagonistic relationship between Odo and Quark. The beginnings of the friendship between Nog and Jake. Garak. The Jonathan Banks cameo. The dialogues between Kira and the old farmer in Progress. The bad. Not enough Garak. Several lowly rated episodes -- Dramatis Personae, Babel, If Wishes Were Horses. Bajoran religion is given a major focus in the pilot, then it disappears until the season finale, except for one episode where the religion’s leader “dies”. Jadzia Dax and Bashir need better characterization. Too episodic / the longer storyarcs haven’t arrived yet. The theme music makes me feel sleepy.
  22. I don't know the reasons behind the tax changes. My best guess is that someone wanted to end some of the foreigner's tax breaks that the citizens couldn't take advantage of, so that everyone living here is treated more equally. Sorry to hear that. Hope your son is feeling better. Hope you survived your long day.
  23. About six months ago, China said, “We’re changing the tax code. The changes will take effect on March 1, 2022.” My school then got ready for those changes. Two months ago, China said, “Maybe those changes aren’t a good idea. The new effective date is end of 2023.” Today, I was told that my school will start following the new tax code in March anyway. Also, I’m expected to sign a new contract on Monday. I did all the calculations. This early change is going to cause me to pay about 1400 USD more in taxes this year than I’m supposed to.
  24. A French film from last year called Benedetta
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