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  1. Yeah I took major exception to that line. It was a cover-all-bases clean up that tried to make the Palpatine storyline make more sense. Lazy AF
  2. Yeah I think this is what bothers me the most. Yoda went into seclusion after failing to defeat the Emperor and him taking over the entire galaxy. Luke went into hiding because his nephew and him had a bedside misunderstanding one time.
  3. I wouldnt say I am defending them. I am referencing proven great movies against the new Star Wars. There has to be a frame of reference if we are saying tRoS is so bad. The point was that it IS possible to make a high-budget film and a satisfying story. But I dont agree with your assessment that they all feel bloated and just a collection of good scenes. Ill never forget how I felt the first time I watched GotG, that was a baller flick with an amazing cast/script/story/direction/CGI.
  4. All of those movies are around 90%. It’s not really a matter of opinion, they are great.
  5. It is possible to make money in a Big Budget Film and still make a meaningful well thought out story that satisfies fans. Thor Ragnorok accomplished that, as did Days of Future Past, Guardians ot Galaxy 1, Black Panther, Wonder Woman. I will never understand how or why they fucked Star wars up so bad in the ST. They literally had a universe of possibilities for stories and all the money they would ever need.
  6. Lol yeah, Rogue One is the best!!! Certainly got more emotion out of me than any of the others.
  7. Respectable list! mine is A New Hope Rogue One Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi The Mandalorian The Force Awakens Solo The Last Jedi Revenge of the Sith Rise of Skywalker The Phantom Menace Christmas Special Attack of the Clones
  8. You are very fortunate that you don’t remember 3PO in Episode II when him and Padme and Anakin are all trying to escape the giant assembly line and then 3PO gets his head attached to a different droids body. That sequence is just as bad and stupid as Jar-Jar’s entire character and it makes me mad just thinking about it.
  9. I just thought 3PO’s humor was forced. Also I dont need a punchline from him every other line for 15 straight minutes. To me he wasn’t funny because nothing he says is serious, every word out of his mouth should have been followed by [drum drum symbol]. Like we got some serious shit going down, we’re about to erase your memory and none of the other characters cares and 3PO is like ‘This is such a drag’ or whatever other dumbass one-liners. And they spent so much time making a big deal out of getting his memory erased because ‘R2’s back-up files can be faulty so we may not be able to restore you.....???’ wtf was that about? R2 can do anything, he’s a droid who is Force sensitive and has been kicking ass all over the Universe for decades, but he may not be able to back-up 3PO?? Then they get to R2 and he restores 3PO in 2 seconds, to me it was just dumb. 3PO is funny in the Cloud City when he loses his body and Chewie has to carry him around and put him back together, but tRoS did not even come close to that. D-O is completely different, he’s a great little new Droid that is a welcome addition who has a story and a purpose and an arc.
  10. Me and my husband and father all felt exactly this way as well. It was interesting visually and it’s a Star Wars movie. But it fucking sucked and I do not recommend it except that it’s fucking Episode IX so you gotta watch it. why do people on this thread keep saying C3PO’s humor/jokes were funny? He was not funny. He wasn’t funny in Episode II and he wasn’t funny in Episode IX. Can we please stop saying he was funny?!?
  11. My husband and I both called out “Charlie!!” When we saw him. Abrams wanted to make LOST Star Wars and he did, oscillator and all. (LOST only worked once and it’s not ever gonna happen again, directors- even Abrams- should stop trying to make LOST happen again). To the posts talking about Universe-killing additions. I agree but they have all done it now. When MCU brought Gamora back by snatching her out of an alternate timeline it’s the same thing. They make it so that nothing is ever PERMANENT. Which also ensures that they can react to any feedback however they want at any time. Anyone can be brought back, even f’ing Wolverine is back alive in the comics after ‘The Death of Wolverine’ series and ‘Logan’. Which REALLY took a toll on me, but then he’s just back alive like 2 years later so it meant nothing. just ‘be sure to drink your ovaltine’ and know that it’s all about money, content doesnt matter, only money.
  12. Downton Abbey The Movie is soooooo much better than The Rise of Skywalker That’s how I feel. also Merry Christmas
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