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  1. Suzanna Stormborn

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    Hi!!!!! Yeah that's pretty cool of Tyrion breathing fire.
  2. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    We can discuss it here
  3. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    Neither did Jorah Mormont. Also from Fire and Blood, the Targaryens kept the dragons and the eggs heavily guarded, yet none of the guards or stable hands ever bonded with or rode a dragon.
  4. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    If you're not going to read/comprehend the thread I can't help you.
  5. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    There are no actual facts that Bael listed that prove what you said. Just opinions. Nothing concrete (or even close to it) from the literature.
  6. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    So nothing concrete at all, got it.
  7. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    All the timelines that were laid out about where Aerys and Joanna were in the years before the twins or Tyrions birth.
  8. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    What is the SSM on that one? I was asking for a characters name who rode a dragon who is a non-targ, you said you were aware of them.....
  9. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    But you didnt address any of the facts anyone has said on this thread........
  10. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    Which Non-Targ are you aware of that rode a dragon?
  11. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    I am sure there are some fans who want Tyrion to ride a dragon. Do you know where this comes from? It comes from Tyrion (the character) own desperate want to ride a dragon himself. We see inside the POV of many characters and no one thinks of, talks of or dreams of Dragons more than Tyrion *except* Dany. Tyrion has been dreaming of dragons since he was a child and as recently as ADoD, a Targaryen trait btw. Fans just want him to achieve his own true hearts desire as laid out by the author across all 5 books of ASOIAF. Then came TWoIaF where we learned that low and behold Aerys and Joanna were in the same place at the same time in the year prior to Tyrion being born. On that same note there is no literature in the main or side books that puts Aerys and Joanna in the same location before the Twins birth. It is a total fanfiction theory. As pointed out many times on these threads many characters show known 'Targaryen traits', doesn't mean much except that the Targaryens actually weren't that different from the rest of the characters to begin with. Any person from any family can be crazy, there are examples from every single family in these stories. There are also examples of incest and odd sexual behavior from every family as well, just means that Woody Allen was right In 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex'.
  12. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    Yes this and the fact that Aerys was notably very jealous of the 'golden twins' born to Joanna And Tywin while him and his wife were having child bearing issues.
  13. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    Hi @Jô Maltese Good to see you guys. I was waiting to finish Blood of the Dragon before I got back on. Happy New Year!!!! 2019 = The Year of Winds of Winter (hopefully)
  14. Suzanna Stormborn

    A+J=T v.9

    Hi!!! I completely agree with this Blood of the Dragon reference. That whole paragraph about Alyssa screamed TYRION to me
  15. Suzanna Stormborn

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    They had to leave at least one comic relief for part II.