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  1. I have to agree. The show seems to be spinning it’s wheels a bit after the Nacho stuff.
  2. I can’t not think of Trainspotting when I hear that song.
  3. So the Habs won the #1OA pick, which I assume will be Shane Wright. And the lottery balls continue to treat the Devils well - with them jumping all the way up to 2nd overall. I’ll take it.
  4. Old is the key word here. And that’s on Lou. He’s the one that brought in guys like Chara, Greene, Parise, and Palmieri. Bringing back his own former players after they were over the hill was another go-to Lou move in NJ. Personally, I think firing Trotz was a terrible decision. He’s one of the best coaches in the league. I wish the Devils would move on from Ruff, and hire Trotz. But he’ll probably end up in Philly now, which would suck.
  5. I see Lou Lamoriello is back to his old ways. He used to fire coaches on a whim in NJ. He fired Claude Julien one year heading into the playoffs while the Devils were in 1st place.
  6. I just finished this, and I actually really dug it. Kind of like Yellowstone with a sci-fi/time travel twist. I am a bit surprised at myself for not seeing… I’ll definitely watch another season if they do one.
  7. Yeah, that’s the best one yet.
  8. They already had me at Florence Pugh, but this looks really intriguing. And very different from Olivia Wilde’s first film she directed (Booksmart).
  9. Yeah, Hector literally had the twins carry him over to Nacho’s dead body just so he could pump some rounds into it. I don’t think pointless revenge is beyond him at all.
  10. I would think the future Hall of Fame pass rusher you guys already have would be a pretty safe jersey to get…
  11. I’d be interested to see why teams were so scared off of him. I know he had a top 30 visit with the Bengals. Was really surprised he kept slipping all the way to the 4th. I know he didn’t test, and isn’t particularly good against the run, but he was seen as a top IDL coming into the draft. Maybe it’s just a case of teams not being as high on him as the draftniks?
  12. Lamar is literally going to be throwing to only TE’s.
  13. Jace, I know you’re mad but please be nice to my boy Pierce.
  14. Linderbaum is a pure center. Along with his lack of size and arm length - that’s one of the reasons he wasn’t more highly valued. I also think he’s far from a sure thing. He has great athleticism, and will be an asset in the run game, but whether or not he can pass block at the NFL level is the big question.
  15. Not yet, but I put it on my watchlist after hearing him talk about it on Hot Ones. And of course he was even great on that.
  16. That’s debatable. The Bengals had their choice between the two, and went with Daxton Hill (a former 5 star recruit) over Cine. Hill is definitely more versatile. He played quite a bit of nickel (over 900 snaps from the slot) along with free safety at Michigan. I know Georgia moved Cine around a bit as well, but not as much as Hill. Hill was also more productive (twice as many TFL, twice as many INT’s, more PD, etc). Both are burners so speed is pretty much a wash, and both have a high RAS, but I do like that Hill is a year younger.
  17. Bit of a reach to replace Collins. That story about his legs is crazy.
  18. Literally who is Rodgers going to throw to?
  19. Cards overpaid for Hollywood. Could have got the better Brown for nearly the same price.
  20. Glad Sauce went to a team I don’t hate.
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