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    Football - To Russia with Löw

    If anything it's even more than that, Bale probably is as talented as Ronaldo but isn't nearly as good, and Ronaldo's attitude comes into that. In which there is, yes, a narcissism, but it also brings with it an unrivalled dedication to bettering himself. Bit like Roy Keane. The thing people always ignore when making this point though is that, yes, Ronaldo wants it to be about him and throws sulks when it's not, but he'll never look to push himself into the center of everything when it's not benificial to the team (unless he thinks the game is won, of course, then he goes wild with the potshots and things). If he doesn't get the ball when he wanted it he'll piss and moan and then make the same run again the next time the situation develops. What you kind of have to bear in mind is that Ronaldo might be a huge narcissistic child but I've honestly never even heard so much as a hint of a bad word about him from teammates current or previous. No-one who works with him seems to have a problem with his ego. And by many accounts he's also privately a very generous bloke. Generally a weird figure but not a bad one.
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    Football - To Russia with Löw

    He tried to blackmail Mathieu Valbuena over a sex tape. He's rightly exiled.
  3. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    It's not really unfortunate given that Ramos clearly did that on purpose. He's easily my most hated player in football, every game he tries to cripple someone.
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    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Good, Bad and Ugly

    Universal are making one. Antoine Fuqua was meant to do it, then he left and the Coen Brothers were writing it, now he's possibly back and it's being rewritten again by his choice of writer, or something. Anyway, it's much-delayed but on the way. I binged the whole thing during the week and am now waiting impatiently for the finale. Really enjoyed it so far.
  5. polishgenius

    MMA & Boxing 19: Cody Garbrandt's Dance Party

    Naoya Inoue, my friends.
  6. polishgenius

    All things Star Wars

    On the Holiday Special. Is it though, Guardian? Is it really?
  7. polishgenius

    Trailer Thread V

    I had high hopes of the Mowgli film but despite it looking like it does take on some parts of the books that the Disney films don't, the look of the animals as they talk is horrendous. That Winding Refn tv show looks fucking trippy. But pretty as hell.
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    Football - To Russia with Löw

    He might not be sold immediately but for 50mil Fred isn't coming in as a squad player, and Jose's not going to drop Matic. Herrera's the one who's going to lose out and there's only so many times he's going to take forcing his way into the first team only to be shoved back down the order by a new manager and/or signing before he goes 'fuck it' and asks to leave.
  9. polishgenius

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    I found it pretty funny that he thought it was a good idea to name his supposed instrument for maintaining the truth of the press fucking Pravda.
  10. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Whoever picks up Ander Herrera's getting a real bargain.
  11. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Why the hell have they sacked Sarri?
  12. polishgenius

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Good, Bad and Ugly

    I watched the first episode of Killing Eve. It's pretty great to be honest with you.
  13. polishgenius

    The Answer is (allegedly) Sex Robots

    I really don't get why it's so hard for some people to understand that it's not not having sex these guys are angry about, it's about the women they want to have sex with not wanting to have sex with them.
  14. polishgenius

    The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

    Does this bear any resemblance to the system in Long Price Quartet, or is it entirely different/a more traditional kind of summoning? Anyway, this sounds interesting so I'll have to give it a go at some point.
  15. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    I've never heard that it was Lopez who cheated. Everything I've ever read said it was Wanda and Icardi who were cheating together which is how come they got married immediately after the breakup, coz they were already planning it.
  16. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Wait, what?
  17. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    He probably should but in fairness Belgium aren't that short of midfield options that not taking someone who is potentially a disruptive presence leaves a gaping hole in their squad. Presumably the first choice is gonna be Witsel, Dembele and KDB up the middle? With Fellaini and Tielemans offering good backup.
  18. polishgenius

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Because of the Paradox sale this weekend I finally caved and bought EUIV (also Stellaris, but that'll come later). Basic thing for now, no expansions except one that came rolled in it, but yeah. Anyway, maaaaaaaaates this is a lot to take in. After a couple of false starts as the Ottomans (I know that shouldn't be possible, but despite all logic and every guide saying it's a good idea to take Albania and Constantinople asap, as soon as I tried, about four other nations pitched in and took a bunch of provinces on the other side of the empire to my armies), I decided to try somewhere with a few less moving parts just to get the hang of what button does what and what things I need to be keeping an eye on. So now I'm Tunis, trying to maintain what seems like a fairly precarious position of power in North Africa.
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    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Can you have him back please.
  20. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

  21. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Apart from anything else why would he bother deliberately fouling him there? De Gea wouldn't have a better chance from the penalty than he did saving any shot Hazard took from there, and he'd still be on the hook for a red if the ref did deem it on purpose. You do that outside of the box, not in that position. He just fucked up earlier and was straining to make up his mistake.
  22. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Coz it wasn't a deliberate foul.
  23. polishgenius

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Fixed that for you.
  24. polishgenius

    Laurel or Yanny?

    Weird, the volume drops off for me at 7kHz but then briefly comes back up a little at about 10 and 13. With the volume way up I can hear it up to 18. By far the loudest for me is between 5 and six kHz. Can barely stand that even with a low volume.
  25. polishgenius

    Football: CLeaning up

    No international team is fully stacked in every position. Argentina might have better forwards but their midfield options can't touch yours. Brazil's is a little stronger but still not as good as yours. That's how international football is.