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  1. This was apparently at half time. It looks bad for the US but imagine being the Japanese players, having to explain to their manager how they won the ball, in their opponent's half, more than once a minute, but only scored one goal.
  2. Well, not of working class behaviour. You do apparently have a rose-tinted view on the good faith of the people deciding who gets the handouts, because no-one's ever had their benefits stopped for bullshit reasons before.
  3. Shades of Eboue in his rehabilitation, although he's a better player than Eboue even after he turned the fans around I suspect.
  4. I'm ever more glad that my friend from Buratya got out when he did (and, since he's still in danger of having to go home, I'm going to take the opportunity to link to the update of his progress because he still needs help and anything anyone can do, including sharing this on to others, would be much appreciated). As much as it's fun to joke, given what it took for him to leave back in March, if he had to do it now - and anyone trying the same now- would find it much, much harder.
  5. If your comment had been to cancel tourist visas there'd have been a very different discussion. You got a shitstorm for saying this: Since that isn't what's happening here- I'm on holiday now but I'd be very surprised to find out that my Russian co-worker, resident in Germany but very much a Russian, had been shipped off to Moscow in my absence- I'm not really sure how right you've been proven.
  6. The 'doing it during the mourning period doesn't help the cause, should wait' doesn't really hold up when (1) when are the protesters ever going to get the kind of chance for direct confrontation ever again and (2) the heavy-handed response to the protests probably did more to help the anti-Monarchy cause than anything the protesters themselves could do. I understand the argument that they should be given private time to mourn, but my thought is always if they want to mourn privately they should become a private family.
  7. Pure speculation by me, but I suspect Erdogan sees opportunities here to shape events both in Azerbaijan's attacks on Armenia and in what I assume would be trying to cool the clash between Tadjikistan and Kyrgyzstan. They've obviously been trying to increase influence in that region for decades, and this is a good chance for it but they also don't want it to set on fire because Russia's looking the other way.
  8. I'm so glad we have the charismatic and visionary leadership of Liz Truss to get us out of this mess.
  9. Fucking didn't even pretend to hide what he was doing.
  10. It's obviously a risk on their part (although in the way things turned out for them, an unavoidable one), but with the amount of new players I don't think I'll really start worrying about Forest until like November.
  11. Somebody's the new leaed boxing writer over at Bloody Elbow. It's me, I am.
  12. I think the problem is that when they commissioned, made and paid for Sandman they were still adding new subscribers every quarter, but in between all that and it coming out, they've lost them for the first time. I suspect there are some hurried calculations being done behind the scenes and possibly negotiations about what the budget for season 2 would be, before they jump in.
  13. Yeah, I'd hazard a guess that not using the Volume because they felt filming on location was the right choice is a symptom of the general dedication to making a tv show rather than a product, which the other shows have felt like. It's something the Corridor Crew guys and some of their guests have talked about- the Volume is a great tool that has immediately jumped to being overused as a shortcut, which it isn't really coz what essentially happens is a lot of the work that you'd do post-shoot on greenscreen needs to be prepped beforehand for the screens. It's great for some stuff but it means you're locked in on the day of filming or else it looks shit. Anyway, speaking of tv show rather than product, prepare for one of the grimmest reviews of all time.
  14. What an absolutely absurd decision. But even those choosing to stay at Center Parcs don't deserve this.
  15. Sweet We also got announcements for Octopath Traveller 2, and Pikmin 4 (although no trailer for that) which I assume is going to sell a billion copies given how well Nintendo have been doing at getting their franchises onto Switch.
  16. The little furry angel of death is real, dammit!
  17. Chelsea vs Liverpool I understand because of policing in London, and Brighton vs Palace has that funky rivalry going on that might need policing on the Palace end even if it's away (it was also already at risk because of the train strikes but since they're off, that's not it) but what the hell does us vs Leeds have to do with it? Are they worried that the Houses of Lancaster and York will go to war again in this time of succession?
  18. I'm of the belief that the British Museum should be more-or-less empty but I can't really bring myself to care about whether they 'return' the Koh-i-Noor. It wasn't some piece of cultural heritage that was pilfered, what was done with it was exactly what it had been all along, a big shiny diamond being taken by the winner of a war to show off. Maybe if they gave it to the Jagannath Temple in Puri like the Sheikh king who had it at one point wanted but was overruled on his deathbed by his 'advisers', that would be something. But I don't even know if that temple wants it now...
  19. That Juve offside is gonna be the worst var decision of the season. Just didn't notice a guy playing everyone on by a yard coz their replay angle was wrong.
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