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  1. Who's 'us'? Many of us here are Fast and Furious fans.
  2. Yeah, it seems pretty unquestionable even from just watching the early part (will have to catch up as I have time) that there was some really dodgy dealing going on there, but Kuurvitz's story that he was just a poor innocent anarcho-communist waif helpless to stop the evil capitalist dogs move in from outside and steal his life's work falls apart pretty immediately when you hear how early on in the process that capital got involved and how intrinsic it was to the success Disco Elysium and the studio had.
  3. To be fair like, the alternative is them taking the number of every single person who calls into their system and having it available to the answer machine, so it can play one message for people who never called them before and one for returning customers who might indeed be thrown by a menu change. I don't think I'd prefer that option.
  4. Villa will be taking a look at all three relegated clubs with interest, I'm sure. Given the money they displayed in January, maybe Bournemouth too. Bamford has had a horrendous season, he might leave but I can see him being left to see if he can prove, in the championship, that the injury hasn't wrecked him.
  5. Honestly like, I'm someone who walks on escalators in general (sometimes I don't because moving hurts and I can't be arsed, but I'm not inhibited really and usually would rather just move on up), but unless it's wide enough to stand aside and they haven't, your ire should be directed at the designer of the escalator, not the person not walking. And if the problem is that there isn't a convention to stand on the right and move on the left so you have to weave or hope someone notices you coming, that's just your social convention's fault, innit. I do find the idea of building them single file just bizarre. Like in the whole of Berlin the only one I can think of that is that way (and even then I'm not sure, since I've only used it a couple times and not in years) is one at Friedrichstra├če station that has to fit in a gap between regular staircases as a shortcut between the upstairs platform and the underground platform. As far as I know, the same is true in London- there may be niche cases which have to be single file for space reasons, but every regular escalator at every station is proper width (and obviously the busy central ones have at least two in each direction). Same goes for every single shopping center I can think of in Europe. Just shockingly inconsiderate design not to.
  6. If a pub league team defended like this you'd be fucking furious.
  7. This ground my gears yesterday. Feed the clearly-hungry baby you clout-chasing ghouls.
  8. If I'm the first person getting off the train and there's someone getting on who tries to stand in the middle of the door instead of to the side as it opens, I will make it clear that I'm just gonna step directly forwards. Haven't had anyone not step out of the way yet, to be fair. I don't understand it at all, though- being at the side is way faster to get on. Also if in a crowded area I stand aside to let someone from the opposite direction through, and someone from behind me cuts in front instead, I am absolutely petty enough to catch up to them, overtake, and slow right down in their way. Especially if the person I was letting through was elderly, had a kid/pushchair, or anything of that sort. Like fuck you.
  9. You can get it whenever you want if you stumble upon it or already know where it is, I believe, but you can unlock the quest that directs you to it as soon as you've completed a temple. Go to Lookout Landing and talk to the important people until you get sent on a particular quest which I will hide in spoilers below, though don't worry, it's only the vaguest spoiler.
  10. Both Fuse and Ultrahand are insanely powerful gameplay tools as you start to get to grips with them. Like, ludicrously so.
  11. Speaking as someone who lacks spatial awareness by reasons of dyspraxia and dyslexia, my gears are ground by people who may or may not have it but do nothing to alieviate it. Like, I have to work fucking hard to avoid being in people's way all the time- it infuriates me to see people not even bothering to try. Supermarket aisles are a particular rage-inducer.
  12. I don't think encouraging a snitch culture will fix the problem. It'll just make the ones breaking the rules hide even more. Also this is an insane thing to have to finish the article with. How are you supposed to win this battle with shit like this?
  13. https://theathletic.com/4520698/2023/05/27/football-gambling-dressing-rooms The old topic is getting to its retirement age, so I figured I'd kick us off with the Athletic's report about gambling within football. Paywalled, but well worth reading if you can. This part leapt out at me in reference to the discussion being had in the last topic about whether it's just Toney who was gambling on football.
  14. This, plus even if you are exploring, the game just isn't built around exploration in the same way. It's there, of courrse but in BotW it was the focus, the entire reason for being for the game. It's why there wasn't any real story to speak of, among other things. Here, it's building shit, experimenting with the physics mechanics - plus there's much more story, and way more little sidequests and shit. And since, like briantw said, actually getting around is far simpler now, wandering is not the key mechanic anymore. You can see the change in focus in the way enemies are handled. The game pokes you in certain directions by placing harder enemies on routes intended for later in the game. Although that is also part of the fusing mechanic- a good raid on a den of monsters you're theoretically not prepared for can net you items to fuse up some really good gear, so it needed to adjust the scaling mechanic to allow for that anyway. Going wherever you want is still absolutely on the table, it's just you have to actively plan for that now, a bit more.
  15. I had a brief twitter disagreement with a woman the other week coz she (an American with, as far as I could tell, no actual interest in football as a sport) bet on Dwight McNeil to get two shots on goal, and was kicking off because she said that was subjective and his play for Jason Steele's own goal should have counted as one. You know, the cutback that went backwards to bounce off Steele into the net.
  16. Chelsea being dunked on by their own academy players. Sancho had a good game today. Admittedly, it's hard to read too much into that against a semi-professional outfit, but the more we play acknowledging that he's much more of a playmaker than he is a driving winger/forward, the more success he has. Whether we can viably play that way long-term without exposing other weaknesses, who knows, but it's nice to see.
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