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  1. I think that (unlike VDB, who gets no game time because his first-team spot is very taken but would get loads if Bruno got injured) there's plenty of cover for Lingard positionally, especially with Elanga now establishing some sort of space for himself, and Lingard has enough goodwill with the upstairs at the club that they probably wouldn't stand in his way, if he's always gonna just say no and sit out the contract otherwise so the 12mil isn't really on the table. It'd be different if it was some massive fee but 12 mil isn't gonna make or break any summer transfer activity for us.
  2. Weird, I wonder why it's HBO Max in the US but has been on Disney+ for weeks (since its initial release) in Europe.
  3. I think it's meant to mean that she's a secret racist who's been masquerading as progressive via (presumably) dry, snappy, self-aware pop-culture. I think the two problems with that are that (1) however annoying she is it's problematic at best to compare a Jewish person to a known anti-semite for the sake of cheap heat, and (2) I've never seen anything she's done but I have problems believing Lena Dunham has ever been self-aware in her life.
  4. They were always gonna struggle in this window. They should go for the loan though, he'll be a big step to keeping them up if they get him.
  5. I think the main thing Ragnick has done here so far is start to figure out how best to use McFred. Like I never thought they were as bad as made out, but in trying to have them be two players doing the same job to try to cover for each other's weaknesses, they played to none of their strengths and just became equally poor at the job that needed to be done in terms of ball progression. Now what's happening is Ragnick has separated their roles, so Fred essentially covers the width of the pitch in the middle third, making himself the available out when we're playing down the wings and occasionally pulling off passes like last night's assist, whereas McTominay covers the length of the pitch down the center, focusing more on his driving runs since he'll never be much of a passer. We can obviously still improve on both but it's a much better use of their abilities. McTominay can wreck things and hustle, and Fred has more time to find a pass and because he's going to both sides now, we're not stuck with a situation where only one fullback has midfield support. Also: the play is being centered through Bruno again and that makes a difference. It is a bad worry that we can only do it for one half at a time, though. Good in the first half against Villa and the second half here, absolutely dreadful in the opposite half of each game.
  6. Most of Lena Dunham's bullshit involves idiocy she's said or tweeted rather than active abuse (there is the moment where she wrote in her book a story that involved her regularly putting her fingers in her baby sibling's vagina when she was like seven or eight, but even there it's like - kid's do stupid shit at that age sometimes out of ignorance, it's the fact that she's grown up still thinking that's a hilarious anecdote that was the real issue), she's certainly not Whedon level of person, but she comes off as pretty horrendous. And looking back, knowing that she told that story while also being aware that by then she'd been responsible for outing said sibling as trans to her parents without their consent seems to be a bit of an issue when you read that Cyrus had problems and still does (or did in 2014 at least) with Dunham using them and their troubles as basically a prop for her own life. And she did defend a potential abuser once, when a Girls writer was accused of rape she dismissed the victim as a liar claiming to know it couldn't possibly be true, but more recently wrote an article in which among other things she admitted that she hadn't known that and was just lying to protect a friend. I mean, if you really want to get a list, there's a lot. Like I say, nothing that stands out as her herself doing anything Whedon level of abuse of power, but enough that I strongly suspect the redemption article is gonna go down just as well coz she seems incapable of not sticking her foot in her mouth.
  7. I feel like if nothing else the explanation doesn't hold water in so far as the infinity stones are supposed to control everything in the universe, and thus why would Thanos snap half of all life when he could just snap the Celestials. I mean, you could just waggle a retcon that they don't work on the Celestials, but so far the only weakness we've seen for the stones is when they were (seemingly) outside of the universe/time stream entirely.
  8. We've attacked so much better when we just pretend Ronaldo isn't there today. It's not even about the pressing, it's what he does and doesn't do when we're on the ball. (lol as I say that he makes a meaningful contribution to the goal)
  9. Telles is such an irritating and boring player. He just delivers the exact same cross every single time, so every team defending just knows exactly what to do when he gets it.
  10. I dunno how they come by this info but a weird bet on that card was flagged by some betting twitter account at the time.
  11. Pretty sure he said at one point that he made them too, first, as creatures to eat all the apex predators on the planets that might threaten sentience, but with a flaw that made them go wild and do that themselves, and then sent the Eternals to correct the mistake. That's why the big Deviant guy was like oh yeah we're both tools.
  12. Potentially Scarlet Witch, depending on how they decide to move with developments from WandaVision, but we also know Fantastic Four are on the way so Doom must be too (I'd assume Doom arrives before Galactus). Plus we've got Secret Invasion coming so there are presumably some villainous Skrulls. That might just be dealt with within that series but it might also set them up as a longer-term foe - especially since the Fantastic Four are on their way.
  13. That is part of the problem isn't it- really, no-one we've seen so far, good or villainous, has the power to fight a Celestial without infinity stones. That isn't off-the-bat a bad thing, Marvel comics has ridiculously over-powered villains all the time, working out how to beat them is a lot of the fun - but it doesn't really feel like there's a plan here (and in any case as Mormont implied and I kinda mentioned earlier, they've dummified/demystified the Celestials anyway). And since they're already setting up at least two or three potential major villains for the next phase or two, plus other probably smaller ones, Arashem's in a queue for attention. I mean fuck, he's probably behind Fin Fang Foom in the line here.
  14. If I recall correctly, or at least at one point, Thanos was an Eternal who somehow showed Deviant genes, hence his being big and purple, rather than him being a deviant outright. But comics. Who knows (Mormont probably). Let's be honest the easiest way to fix it would be to go 'blah blah Arashem was lying' and bring the Eternals more in line with what they are in the comics.
  15. It's funnier to me than it should be that Brighton have apparently spent all game doing lovely passing football dominance but the way they score is by sticking a corner into the mixer. I mean I hope they go on to win and they are still overachieving to a point but there's something that Potter just cannot get quite right there.
  16. I think there's a good chance Rooney doesn't take it now because if he keeps Derby up he's going down in history, if he fails they'll still appreciate him, whereas if he dips now they'll hate him forever.
  17. Yeah and also that story only seems to be there as part of an attempt to blame his inability to control himself on childhood trauma.
  18. There's just so much in it that's both gross and fucking insane. Like at one point he essentially claims he was forced to abuse his power to fuck his stars because when he was five he accidentally let a friend of his drown and that bit has barely even been noticed in the outpouring of scathe on twitter. It's so breathtakingly misjudged.
  19. Joss starts his comeback tour with a... not very convincing interview if I'm honest.
  20. Martinez going back to Everton would be fucking hilarious. Might give Belgium a chance to win the world cup, though.
  21. They just haven't thought it through tbh, just using the link in the comics (where Titanians are an Eternal colony nowadays, but the Eternals aren't created in the same way) without considering the consequences. Think they're going to have to either go with the adult adoption route or handwave that while these Eternals were created, they can have children, some did, created the Titan (or whatever Thanos' homeworld was called in the MCU) civilisation yadda yadda yadda
  22. Yeah this was one thing I just did not understand. From the story to the visuals- I was saying last week how some of the other fantasy MCU films have been able to have a bit more colour and independence of design, but Shang-Chi disappointed me because it didn't. This had even more opportunity than Shang Chi if anything, especially since Thor: Ragnarok already showed you can go full Jack Kirby in live action and get away with it, but it very much went for the dry approach. Not bad, but aiming way too hard for dignified class when pop is needed. On the plus side the depiction of Makkari's powers was very well done speedster stuff and I hope we see more of it. That was one of the parts of the movie with some (in a minor way) very high-quality visual decisions that just made you wish they'd gone all in more. Got across the speed and let us see what she was doing without either slow-mo or too much of that stop-motion effect you often get. (Arashem's arrival was another. Both the visual with the light breaking through the clouds etc, and the sound design there were genuinely excellent and if the film had had more of that kind of spectacle we'd have been on to a great thing, but it didn't).
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