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  1. I doubt he would in the field, surrounded by enemies and in the middle of a war no less. Kevan Lannister was always a man of duty and he does eventually take Tywin's place in the real story, he just doesn't do it right away, because he believed the war was about to end.
  2. Kevan Lannister would have just taken his place. He basically is just as smart as Tywin and commands the same level of respect from the lords of the west. Now if Kevan died as well, things would get really interesting.
  3. I was reading online that a while ago the MCU started making the CGI for their action sequences first and the writers and directors were told to make movies around them. Like Joss Whedon was told, when making the Avengers, to design his movie over aliens attacking NYC, threw a portal in the sky. I honestly think that very much was the case for this film, because many of the action sequences just felt like they belong in a different film. The first two were pretty good, IMO, but after that they just kept getting more over the top and out of control.
  4. Don't forget Jamie. I doubt LS is just going to do nothing to him for several months/years.
  5. Time travel still makes no sense for me in the MCU, especially after watching the Loki show, lol
  6. Yea, for a prequel it wasn't bad, but The Bad Batch remain the least interesting thing about their own show. Still it's nice to once again see characters I liked from The Clone Wars and Rebels.
  7. I mean, I loved the first 30 minutes of Black Widow, but the longer the film went on, the more the movie felt like it was filmed on a green screen; the climax in particular. I don't understand why everything has to be over the top, and the biggest thing ever. Natasha should have had a climax similar to a Born Identity film and not a Guardians of the Galaxy one.
  8. Roberts entire small council, before Ned became hand.
  9. I read that as well. I'm not sure if that's a great idea to be honest.
  10. So Kang is basically our new Thanos, I'm going to assume? Majors did an amazing job with the character, I just hope Marvel doesn't ruin this guy, since he's really cool in the comics; part of me is still pretty angry how screwed up Task Master, recently, lol
  11. Doesn't he believe Dany is destined to save the world from The Others? He's going to Dany, to be her maester and advise her of the threat on The Wall.
  12. Which still to this day makes no sense to me, especially after watching that film.
  13. I feel you're trying to start a straw man argument, since I never once said it wasn't.
  14. Not really, it's a thread about how Cat is always right. It's literally in the title. That in no way limits it simply to her interactions with Robb.
  15. It happens before the RW. Robb is still very much alive when Littlefinger leaves for the Vale.
  16. Your point? I don't ever recall saying Robb wasn't as well, did I? Less bad doesn't make something good and never has.
  17. Did it bother anyone else that we never get an explanation to how
  18. This is such a weird movie for me, because I can actually pin point exactly when I started not liking the direction things were going. I honestly really enjoy the first half hour of the movie.
  19. I honestly don't know how I feel about Cat, the lady just comes off as a little gullible to me. Her chapters do move the plot along though and are always interesting to read.
  20. Yea that confused me as well. It made no sense.
  21. I also wasn’t a fan of some of the CGI in this film
  22. Yea, I was not a fan of any of the comedy in Black Widow. This is a strange Marvel film for me, because I love Natasha, but this movie probably has the worst villains in all of the MCU, IMO. Taskmaster in particular feels beyond wasted and underused.
  23. Twyin has Robb and Balon to worry about as well, who plot have their own armies, that are in much better shape than Stannis is at that point. Simply put, the realm was a mess and Stannis was the weakest one at that point.
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