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  1. I know Brendan Wayne plays the character a lot of the time.
  2. I'm starting to think Pedro Pascal's schedule really was booked, given we now have two episodes that are Mandolight.
  3. Better yet. Can someone tell the New Trek writers that the Romulans had more than one planet; in fact they had an empire that rivaled the Federation. Losing their home world would hurt them for sure, but it wouldn’t make them refugees. It would be the equivalent of the Federation losing Earth.
  4. I’ll believe this show is being made when I finally see it. I’ve been burned too many times already getting my hopes up.
  5. It’s getting to the point where I can spot a troll post from the icons alone.
  6. Dam it man, I think you cracked the code.
  7. https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/star-trek-strange-new-worlds-lower-decks-renewed-season-3-season-5-paramount-premiere-date-1235566885/ Strange New Worlds is returning June 15th, for all those interested. Season 3 of the show is also confirmed.
  8. It's Joffrey we're talking about. There's not a whole lot of people he didn't hate.
  9. My issue with Rian Johnson is how he handles dialogue. There are times in his movies, where it feels like the characters are talking to the audience and not each other. TLJ's biggest example of this is when Luke gives his "You don't need Luke Skywalker" monologue to Rey, though Rose's monologue about love, was pretty bad as well; quite literally as the villains are using a weapon of war and on the verge of killing the heroes in the background.
  10. I imagine in years to come the sequel trilogy will be taught in class as an example of how not to make a trilogy. While The Lord of the Rings being the gold standard. In Star Wars case you have two directors trying very hard to undo each others work.
  11. Truth be told from what little I use of Twitter it still looks the same to me. A hive mind of scum and villains.
  12. Didn’t Kevan help Tywin commit most of his crimes against humanity?
  13. The Last Jedi has one concept that I really liked and it’s a shame wasn’t explored more. Benicio Del Toro’s character brings up a very good point, that the rebels are supporting the war economy as well and therefore Rose and Finn are hypocrites for thinking it’s evil. It’s a shame the rest of the movie ignores this scene, because it’s really good.
  14. Well part of it has to do with the fact that the bar has been set very, VERY low by the first two seasons. Plus if nothing else, you can tell Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes and the rest of the cast have great chemistry together and honestly enjoy working together. You're right, memberberries are bad, but at this point, I'll take them over what came before. If nothing else season 3 feels like Star Trek, while seasons 1 and 2 felt more like the Witcher tv show; where you almost feel like the showrunners are mocking a beloved IP.
  15. Don’t recall ever saying TLJ had any impact on Solo. You’re literally making stuff up again, like you usually do. I was saying why a large number of people don’t like the sequel films and nothing more. Also my “near universally loved” comment only applied to those who read the books, that’s just common sense. I brought up those books as an example of how even when doing something different, you still need to craft a good story.
  16. I never heard that before, nor do I believe it for a second. People weren't annoyed that the sequels were different, they were annoyed because they weren't good. For example the Thrawn trilogy is very different from the OT and is near universally loved. Disney in all their "wisdom" hired a self proclaimed plagiarist, who thought he was the next Spielberg, to write and direct episode VII, a man who only cared about subversion first and story telling second to write/direct episode VIII and than brought that same plagiarist back for episode IX.
  17. Actually I've read the ratings for Mando season 3 are down, by quite a lot. Not sure if it's true mind you, but it's what I've read.
  18. To be fair, he/she wouldn't be a very good defense lawyer, if they said he was guilty, lol
  19. https://deadline.com/2023/03/damon-lindelof-justin-britt-gibson-exit-secret-star-wars-movie-1235306120/amp/ Here’s the article I read. Take it for what you will.
  20. They confirmed the Lindelof film isn’t happening, last week.
  21. True they made less and less each time, but each of those sequels still made a billion dollars. That's still a lot of money. Are they worried that Rise of Skywalker has angered the fandom or something?
  22. It just seems rather crazy is all. All of these scripts being rejected.
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