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  1. Believe me, I was hate watching season 3, towards the end. It was the early days of lock down and I was bored out of my mind, so I figured the show helped kill an hour or so of my time, but man did it make me angry after watching what happened. Heck I use to watch this show and Better Call Saul season 5 back to back and the difference in writing was insane. I just can't bring myself to watch season 4. Maybe one day I'll give it a try, but it would probably take another lock down and nothing else on tv, for me to even consider watching it again.
  2. I thought it was going to be about nothing related to either of them since both hardly know him in ANH. That has since been retconned.
  3. I mean I wasn't expecting Obi-Wan to be about him protecting ten year old Leia, when I first heard about the show, but that's where things took us. All I'm saying is, don't count your chickens before they hatch.
  4. Yea, but half of Boba Fett is Mando season 2.5, which involves a hero protecting a kid, lol Also you're predicting what the Ahsoka show is going to be about, before it even comes out.
  5. Half of Boba Fett was Mando season 3, so it kind of did. The Bad Batch even has one. So Rebels is basically the only exception , unless you count the rest of the cast protecting Ezra, which they did quite a bit.
  6. So is it just me or does nearly every one of these Star Wars tv shows, seem to involve a hero protecting a child?
  7. I think the biggest issue with Dany’s madness is just how sudden it happens. In 6 episodes she goes from being a hero queen who frees slaves, to basically being a Nazi. Not entirely sure who thought that was a good idea, but I hope it wasn’t GRRM.
  8. It should be of note, that I'm enjoying Ms. Marvel quite a bit as well. Mostly watching it because it's set in my home state, and in the city I went to college in, but all that aside, I find these kids to be very enjoyable. I will admit that I find the family life and high school segments much more enjoyable than the action scenes, which I think has already been mentioned by others here. Not gona lie, this might be my favorite out of all the MCU tv shows, because it's not trying to over extend itself.
  9. Yea, that's the big question, where do you go from here, when it comes to Jon's story. He basically goes to live with the wildings beyond The Wall at the end of the show. There's not exactly a lot of exciting stuff happening in that part of the world, now that the wildings are friends and The Others are dead.
  10. Not really Rey saves her self, from the first insistence I mentioned (when she asspulls the Jedi mind trick out of existence, because member buries), which by the way, wasn't a fight. She does need help the second time, I will admit, which is basically the only time she needs help in the entire series. Also no, Rey doesn't lose fights, heck, I don't even think she even sheds blood once in this entire series. Having a difficult time at the start of a fight, doesn't count as losing a fight. Rocky has a hard time fighting Drago at the end of Rocky 4, but still beats him in the end. By your logic though, that still counts as a loss for Rocky, lol
  11. The difference is Luke actually loses fights and gets help from others; heck you can make a drinking game out of how many times someone needs to save him in ANH. All Rey ever does is win, win and win some more. It was like it was a stipulation on Disney's part, that their new lead, wasn't allowed any moments of weakness. The closet we ever get is Ben putting her to sleep with his mind and Snoke hold her in place, with the force.
  12. I love how this show doesn't hold any punches. It's one of the best things on tv, IMO
  13. This show has been such a delight to watch. Man it's nice that Trek is allowed to have fun episodes like this again. The ending was so hearth felt as well. I just hope we get more episodes focused on Hemmer, as we go forward, I sort of love the guy and some of the scenes with him this week, really put a smile on my face.
  14. Ned and Theon is what I'd be interested in as well.
  15. Reva got to Tatooine, quicker than Dany got to the lands beyond The Wall, lol
  16. Not quite sure what you mean by that? I don't recall Vader doing stupid stuff like that in the OT. I'll have to rewatch, for signs of Reva being hurt, but the fact that she could find a ship, fly a ship and do detective work, shortly after getting stabbed, still hurts my brain. I suppose it's at least better than Arya running around a city and jumping off buildings, right after getting stabbed 3 times.............but not by much.
  17. I saw the film with two friends and one of them didn't see Wanda vision. He was indeed a little confused. On a different front, I sort of wish Benedict Cumberbatch, could use his natural voice while playing Strange. He's improved his American accent a lot, but it still sounds a little off to me. To be honest I think it was better when he was a supporting character, since he has fewer lines, like in Infinity War, but when he's the main character and constantly talking, it just comes off as strange................no pun intended, lol
  18. So how did Reva get to Tatooine so quickly and did the final episode just ignore the fact that she was stabbed, shortly beforehand? Also why couldn't Vader have gone off and fought Ben on his own, while his Star Destroyer perused the rebels? The final fight between Ben and Vader was great, but the following logic gaps, really hurt my brain.
  19. Ohh dear, I wonder if this will be more Star Trek Picard and less Dexter New Blood. By that I mean, it will be a vanity project, by the person who's basically staring in the show.
  20. I'm so getting Dexter New Blood vibes from this show. I'm honestly shocked Jon Snow is a popular enough character to get his own show. He's pretty interesting in the books, but I felt like he was reduced to saying only two lines in the final season, while Arya stole his big moment.............because it subverted our expectations, lol
  21. I just don't think Robert was an all around good father. He seemed happy enough on the surface, but under all of those smiles and laughter the guy is clearly suffering from depression.
  22. I get the feeling GRRM doesn't like using The Others in his story. He seems to be going out of his way to use them as little as possible in his story. It's not been two books since we last saw them and we didn't exactly see them much before that either.
  23. Does this show simply exist to fill in plot holes. We get why Ben calls Anakin "Darth" in ANH, we get why Ben lied to Luke, Vader tells Ben "you didn't kill Anakin, I did", we get why Leia named her son "Ben". I'm sure I missed a few.
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