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  1. It could be another way to stretch out the timeline a bit though. Honestly, a lot more time should have passed by now when you consider how big Westeros is supposed to be.
  2. It occurred to me that Maegor’s mother must have also died by the time of the Great Council since she was the daughter of Maekar’s older brother, and therefore would have had her claim put forth, much like Vaella did. Poor kid. Well, I wouldn’t say they humiliated Olenna, since she took the credit in ASOS for ending the engagement, and didn’t seem shy about saying so ;-) I’m guessing Maegor will have some role to play in the DnE stories, otherwise why even include him? Not to mention that we’re deliberately never told what became of him.
  3. It occurred to me that Maegor’s mother must have also died by the time of the Great Council since she was the daughter of Maekar’s older brother, and therefore would have had her claim put forth, much like Vaella did. Poor kid. Well, I wouldn’t say they humiliated Olenna, since she took the credit in ASOS for ending the engagement, and didn’t seem shy about saying so ;-) I’m guessing Maegor will have some role to play in the DnE stories, otherwise why even include him? Not to mention that we’re deliberately never told what became of him.
  4. Ooh good point about Lynesse. I had remembered Alerie but forgot about her. It could also be that Maegor had a daughter who married a Hightower (maybe even a cousin marriage). I think this could also explain why the Reach was left out of the Southron Ambitions scheme.
  5. One of the big mysteries of ASOIAF is what became of Aerion Brightflame's infant son, Maegor, who should have been next in-line for the throne, but was passed over in favor of Aegon V. We know nothing about him, save that he likely died in Summerhall with the rest of his family. In 237 AC, Egg and his wife, Betha, made betrothals between four of their five children with members of houses Baratheon, Tyrell, Tully, and Redwyne. All of these betrothals were broken when his children defied him, straining the Targaryens' relationship with the other houses and forcing Egg to send his youngest daughter, Rhaelle, off to Storm's End to marry a Baratheon. Another mystery in ASOIAF is why exactly the Reach remained loyal to Aerys during Robert's Rebellion, even as the rest of the realm (save Dorne) turned against him. Dorne was bound to the Targaryens through marriage, but as far as we know, the Reach was not, despite Egg's best efforts. Unless. . . Rhaelle was still very young in 237, implying that Egg and Betha thought she was too young to be betrothed just yet. Maegor was likely younger than Rhaelle, and would have only been about five at this time. As both the king and Maegor's uncle--and with Aerion having died when Maegor was just a baby--it would have been within Egg's power to arrange a marriage for his nephew. It's safe to say that none of the Tyrells or Redwynes married into the Targaryen family, but what about the other Reach houses? Mace Tyrell's wife is a Hightower, a house that intermarried with the Targaryens at least twice beforehand. Egg could have tried to mend some of the damage caused by his children by betrothing his last eligible relative that we know of--his nephew, Maegor--to one of the noble Reach families. Even if Maegor was dead by the time of Robert's Rebellion, his children and grandchildren would likely still be alive. TL;DR - Aerion's son, Maegor, may have wed a noblewoman from the Reach, creating an alliance that lasted until Robert's Rebellion.
  6. ASOS: AFFC: Paxter Redwyne was in favor of the Greyjoy alliance, but the Lannisters refused. Now the Ironborn are raiding his land and sinking his ships instead. Methinks Lord Redwyne is going to be looking for some payback once a certain Aegon reaches King's Landing.
  7. A lot of fans do take it literally, sadly. I always wondered if the reason they pronounced Arya like Ah-ya on the show was because they didn’t want people to think it was a reference to Aryan. . .
  8. “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword” is a nice sentiment, but it also precludes anyone who isn’t an able-bodied male from assuming leadership. Even ninja-assassin Arya never learned how to swing a longsword. Margaery consummated her marriage with Renly. Plenty of gay men are able to have sex with women without issue, there’s no reason to suspect that Renly was an exception. Ditching the five-year gap was a very bad decision (this one seems to be becoming more popular).
  9. Yeah, I think that they’ll get toppled along with the Lannisters by Aegon, then ally themselves with Dany to try to reclaim whatever they lost. Even if Margaery outlives Tommen, I think she’ll be far too radioactive by that point for Mace to try to swindle yet another marriage out of the new king. This is also why I think the Tyrell political acumen is a little overblown by the fans. Kevan actually has to explain to Mace that Margaery will lose her crown if Tommen is declared a bastard. And both she and Olenna are dumb enough to make veiled allusions to the incest in front of Cersei (and while in the presence of other people). Apparently owning Cersei is more important than keeping their heads.
  10. I think LF vastly overestimates his own genius and Sansa’s guilelessness. And to be honest, his whole plot has succeeded mainly due to luck. For instance, Tyrion DEFINITELY should have thrown him in the black cells in ACOK. Even the plan to start a war that somehow increases his own power is insanely convoluted. It’s one of the very few plot holes in this series, in my opinion. LF has an unreasonable amount of luck.
  11. Well, like I mentioned in my comment, we saw how LF got to where he is now: he brought about Jon Arryn’s death while his heir was still a little boy, then he married Lysa, essentially giving him control of the Vale at least until Sweetrobin comes of age. He could do the same thing with Sansa by arranging Harry’s death and contriving some way to make her believe that she needs him (to handle the other lords, protect her son, etc.) so that she’ll consent to marry him. Now he would have effective control of the Riverlands, Vale, AND North, along with a younger, hotter Tully wife. If he manages to marry Sansa to Aegon, he gets the whole realm (plus a council seat in the meantime, possibly even Hand). I just hope we start to see Sansa turn against LF in TWOW, and that it isn’t dragged out longer. One of the few things I liked about season 8 was that there was no Littlefinger.
  12. I feel like it takes away from Sansa’s growth as a character if it turns out that everyone secretly knows who she really is. She’s still under LF’s thumb, but being able to fool other people would show that she’s not still at the mercy of everyone else’s whims. It makes sense that Myranda and her father have figured it out, but I think it would make for a better story if the reveal is a surprise to most of the other Vale families.
  13. If the Tyrells support the Targs, then marrying Margaery to Tommen was the dumbest decision imaginable. They tied their fate to the Lannisters, so when the Lannisters go down, the Tyrells go with them.
  14. There’s so many ways Sansa’s TWOW plot could go, not the least of which considering what Shadrich’s role will be. My personal theory is that LF plans on betrothing Sansa to Aegon and that the Alayne sample chapter is an example of him “training” her to seduce young men (remember, this guy’s a pimp). Even without the Ashford Tourney Theory, there’s no way someone as ambitious and conniving as LF would ever miss out on the opportunity that an unwed Aegon presents. But even if he does really plan on wedding Sansa to Harry, I think the end goal is probably the same: wait until she bears a son, kill her husband, and then marry her himself. That’s basically what he did with Lysa, and he wants Sansa more than he ever wanted her.* Alternatively, maybe Shadrich is able to kidnap Sansa and bring her back to KL only to find Aegon on the throne, and she has to use her charms to survive (although that would be a bit redundant). That said, Sansa doesn’t want to be queen or return to King’s Landing. In this case, I think this might be when she finally breaks free of LF, using her wits to get out of there. Myranda may turn out to be treacherous, but she’s also shrewd and ambitious and seems to genuinely enjoy Sansa’s company. Her family will likely ally with Sansa in order to advance themselves, at the very least. *George has said in the past that LF is torn between wanting Sansa to be his daughter and his wife. He’s also a sociopath who openly boasted of “having the maidenheads” of both Cat and Lysa at court. Seeing Sansa with another man will likely drive him crazy with jealousy, and cause him to do something rash. I doubt George will actually have him rape Sansa, but we might see something close to it. LF did seem to disconnect from reality for a moment when he kissed her in ASOS.
  15. Here's a few pieces I found of characters who you don't usually see in fanart: Lyn Corbray: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/771452611141026421/ Arthur Dayne: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/771452611141407202/ Marya Seaworth: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/771452611143489217/ Danny Flint: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/771452611140767670/ Taena: https://www.deviantart.com/elia-illustration/art/Taena-Merryweather-272687726 Dacey Mormont: https://www.deviantart.com/quickreaver/art/Dacey-179981145 Aerys and Rhaella: https://www.deviantart.com/chillyravenart/art/King-Aerys-II-and-Queen-Rhaella-Targaryen-900347247 Rhaena confronting Rogar: https://www.deviantart.com/chillyravenart/art/Rogar-Wakes-the-Dragon-ft-Rhaena-Targaryen-854092806 This technically isn't a picture of Cersei and Robert, but it looks just like them: https://www.deviantart.com/dalisacg/art/Authority-831109554
  16. I liked Brienne’s AFFC chapters, but I don’t know if there was really much of an arc there. Most of what Brienne experienced were things she already had knowledge of—smallfolk suffering, broken men, etc. The only real “breakthrough” she comes to is that she needs to find Sansa because she can’t bear to let Jaime down. Which then begs the question of whether Brienne has her own story to tell, or if she is a supporting actor in Jaime’s story, the way I’d argue that Barristan and Sam still are for Dany and Jon.
  17. What’s the real story with D&D and Lucasfilm? I know they gave some official excuse about having too many projects or something like that, but has anyone here done any sleuthing about what really went down? The obvious answer is “Season 8 sucked” but I mean more if they were worried about negative publicity, the quality of the movies, etc.
  18. Of all the POV characters, Brienne is the one whose future I’m most unsure of. She essentially did nothing on the show for the last four seasons, and last we saw her in the books, she was caught in the middle of one of Lady Stoneheart’s plots. Will Brienne survive TWOW?
  19. I'll post some character images intermittently. Here are a few I found of Ashara: https://twoiafart.tumblr.com/image/166160910917 https://www.deviantart.com/luciferys/art/Lady-Ashara-725789601 https://i.pinimg.com/originals/63/75/f7/6375f7ea38113f49fb8aa96dd5182b3a.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/564x/79/1f/e9/791fe906daacb5414eb9d40b3a3ac00c.jpg (This is a piece by an artist called Selenada that someone added purple eyes to to look like Ashara)
  20. You may be right about that. Jaime won't be siding with any other kings while Tommem and Myrcella are still alive, and Aegon is already well on his way to becoming king without him. Not to mention that there's no way Jaime would get out of a meeting with Aegon alive--he killed the last Targaryen king and fathered the bastards that now sit the Iron Throne. Both JonCon and the Martells are going to want him executed if he's captured.
  21. Criston hated Laenor because he was the “sissy” that Rhaenyra married instead of himself, a “real man.” Bear in mind that Criston also immediately allied himself with Alicent, who was rumored to have seduced the married King Viserys when she was no older than Rhaenyra in order to advance her house, which is pretty cynical. But that didn’t seem to bother him. From the perspective of the current Westerosi, Criston Cole supported the rightful king, since Aegon II is remembered as the monarch from this era and Rhaenyra the pretender. That is the good Jaime was speaking of. The bad was him revolting out of disdain for the woman who spurned him. Arys Oakheart said as much a few chapters earlier.
  22. Here's some by Magali Villeneuve too: Viserys II and Larra Rogare with baby Aegon: https://i.redd.it/ayr5aj72ztg31.jpg Robb: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFzWO3tWYAEw2Tk.jpg Rhaenyra: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/images/thumb/0/0c/Young_rhaenyra_targaryen.jpg/350px-Young_rhaenyra_targaryen.jpg Cersei and Sansa: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a3/f3/ea/a3f3ea0b3954a6e4f797aeb1e4564251.jpg Also my avatar is a picture by her of Alys Harroway.
  23. Where was Tyrion prior to AGOT? Did he live at court, or was he living at Casterly Rock?
  24. @FictionIsntReal If Criston turned against Rhaenyra because he thought she was a trollop, then it should have happened the first time she tried to seduce him (in Mushroom’s account, she tried seducing him when she was younger, and he still remained devoted to her afterwards). Plus this is a guy who slit an old man’s throat at a council meeting without warning. He clearly didn’t have an ironclad sense of honor, at least not to the point where he’d be horrified by the prospect of premarital sex.
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