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  1. The Sleeper

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    I don't believe the betrothal was his idea or that it was done with Doran's knowledge or approval. I am more inclined to think that it was something that Oberon conceived of his own accord and held over Doran's head. As such I think Doran spent more time managing Oberyn rather than working with him.
  2. The Sleeper

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    Joffrey would have the right and justification to execute Ned, except... Joffrey was a minor who should not be making decisions at all, but have a Regent making them for him and as it seems that people have forgotten that was supposed to be Ned, per Robert's will. Which was made under false assumptions, but Cersei took over anyway and Joffrey disregarded the deal she had made. Legality had long since gone out of the window.
  3. The Sleeper

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    No, I don't believe he has a master plan or that he ever did. On the contrary I think the majority of his actions up to a certain point is to keep the reins in Dorne and to keep Dorne out of the war against the efforts of his family. I am more inclined to believe that he says what he says more in an effort to gain compliance.
  4. The Sleeper

    Predictions for Who will Rule Westeros come the end of the series?

    I think the best bet is that they will split. From the current claimants the one with the best odds is Dany, due to her power and pedigree. Aegon might be an alternative if things go a certain way but it seems more likely that their foreign associates and the conflict between them will actually ruin the Targaryen legacy. For any other one to claim the throne there is the added obstacle of being accepted as king by their peers, so it seems less likely. That said it is probable that one or more of the successor states will claim to be the "real" kings of Westeros.
  5. The Sleeper

    Tommen's fate

    Tyrion's chain of office while he was acting hand. The one he strangled Shae with. It is described as a series of interlocking hands.
  6. The Sleeper

    Tommen's fate

    My money is on Tyenne Sand. She is an expert with poisons, has been sent to infiltrate the Faith and Cersei is attended by septas, which would allow her to get inside Maegor's holdfast and close to Tommen. That is means and opportunity. As for motive, I believe that Arianne will marry Aegon and in order to pave the way for her cousin to become gueen, she will murder Tommen and so finally and irrevocably dissolve the Lannister-Tyrell alliance. On a side note the valonqar's hands that will be wrapped around Cersei's throat may refer to the murder weapon rather than the murderer.
  7. The Sleeper

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    The line of succession is right, but the relationship wrong. Stevron was his grandfather, not his brother. Ryman was his father and Edwin his older brother.
  8. The Sleeper

    R+L=J v.165

    Removing a minor from their family's custody makes it an abduction without the need for quotation marks. Comparing one wrong to another does not justify much, particularly when one act is illegal and a potential casus beli. It does however raises the possibility that is not often considered. That is that it wasn't Rhaegar that kidnapped Lyanna, but Lyanna run off on her own and either sought Rhaegar for sanctuary or his help to disappear. Rhaegar in a fit of gallantry made it look like he took her at swordpoint in order to preserve her honor. Or the plan was for Lyanna to simply disappear. It is not inconsistent with what little we know of the characters and it makes for a tale of relatable motives and good intentions going horribly wrong. It would also explained why they vanished to the back ass end of nowhere. The truth however, is that we have the two propaganda heavy official narratives and snippets from other people who they themselves have a second hand perspective. Nothing can be determined and nothing excluded, apart from the fact that this was the onset of a very big clusterfuck.
  9. As mentioned the father decides, but I think the idea of the duel is that the loser is honor-bound to drop his suit. Well, that or die which settles the matter by default. I don't think that means that the father is in any way shape or form obliged to accept the winner as a groom.
  10. The Sleeper

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    Another potential complication is the revelation of Jeyne Poole being an impostor. This would cast doubt on the veracity of any reports of the Starks potentially remerging, particularly Bran and Rickon who are largely believed to be dead.
  11. The Sleeper

    R+L=J v.165

    Just to put things into perspective taking a minor without her family's permission, even with said minor's consent or even complicity, still counts as a kidnapping in any context.
  12. I disagree with certain of your premises. For one, it is an assumption that the Children who are melding into the weirwood are in fact greenseers. What are they doing then? Jojen told Bran that the weirwoods act as a database for the Children. So this would be them uploading themselves, experiences and knowledge into the trees. Presumably they are old and dying and are getting to their final resting place. For another there is nothing to say that Bran was not capable of influencing dreams during his time in the crypts. So far as it seems Bloodraven is not giving him abilities but helping him to develop those he already has. Other than that the idea of another player on the "psychic plane" cannot be excluded, though Bran's ability to sense the "shade" for lack of a better word seems to speak against it. I don't see any particular evidence in that direction. The dreams or rather visions are symbolic by nature because they are representations of something that is meant to be intangible.
  13. The Sleeper

    Predictions for Rickon?

    I would argue that the North is more likely to follow the Manderlys who have in their custody a true-born Stark, rather than a bastard backed by savages. At least some of them will think that way. I think that Jon would more likely draw to his cause those who do not care to see any particular house in the North gaining prominence and maybe seen as the man with the plan when they become plagued by wights. Robb's will was written under the mistaken belief that both Bran and Rickon were dead. Rickon's mere presence undermines it.
  14. The Sleeper

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    The issue of suitability is not directly relevant to the question. I don't know why Rickon's suitability would be considered. After all he is barely more than a toddler. The Manderlys, apart from being a prominent house in the North and therefore having the ambition to rule, Bolton rule would be unhealthy to them and so wish to rule through Rickon. Similarly LF told Sansa about the possibility of gaining Winterfell. Though I am convinced that LF does not give a crap about the North and the whole thing was a sales pitch to get Sansa aboard with his plans to pimp her to Harry, it still might come up, though even if only Darwin award candidates would consider landing an army in the North in winter. This is in addition to two already present factions that are vying for control of the North, Stannis as part of his bid for the Iron Throne and the Boltons as representatives of the current occupants. Considering that Aegon has already landed and we are expecting Dany eventually and that they will be looking for allies and that others will declare for them in hope of aid or out of ambition, it seems a safe bet that there will be more factions interested in controlling the North and not necessarily North men. Furthermore, the Manderlys ostensibly are looking for Rickon in order to declare for Stannis, while apart from a general intent to declare Sansa as the lady of Winterfell, nothing further has been stated. Such a declaration would mean of course a breach between the Vale and the Iron Throne. We already have different factions, with different ideas, ambitions and allegiances shaping up to claim the North and the legacy of House Stark, which is consistent of course with the state of affairs in all Westeros. A certain amount of conflict is inevitable as well as the involvement of some if not all of the remaining Starks. I personally consider it a given that the BwB and Lady Stoneheart are looking For Arya in order to crown her. She provides them legitimacy and an end game. It could provide the impetus for some of the River lords to join them and turn them from an outlaw band into a continuation of Robb's shortlived kingdom with a chance to reclaim the Riverlands from the Iron Throne. This wouldn't work in the climate as it were but with other claimants to the throne showing up and the throne itself on the verge of collapsing they could become a legitimate contestant for the Riverlands. As for Arya herself she is pragmatic, calculating, determined and charismatic. Her deepest desire is for a pack and the strength to protect it. Her characterization is entirely consistent with a leadership role. Though I doubt she would accept the role the BwB will want her to play without protest.
  15. The Sleeper

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    The BwB questioned Merret Frey before hanging him about the Hound and a ten year old child he had with him before hanging him. That was after Stoneheart's had been resurrected. Next time we see the BwB they have been gathering orphans for quite some time with Gendry, the person they have beside Cat who can more easily identify Arya should he come across her. Then we have Stoneheart's playing with Robb's crown. I don't think it is a great leap in logic.