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  1. The Sleeper

    Could this be Tyrek? Or do you have another idea?

    Dying by the Stranger makes it less of a leap. Calling this guy a Westerosi noblemen is an assumption but not a stretch. The little we know about him would need to be explained away if he were otherwise. And we have a prominent case of a missing adolescent with those characteristics. Sure, it could be anyone, but nothing prevents him from being Tyrek. Regardless, I think he was placed there as more than a setting for Arya's work. That is, his face is going to be of use to Arya. Another possibility that occurs to me would be for him to be a Westerling. The elder, probably. I don't recall the younger's fate being spelled out, but either of them would have found themselves as unwitting traitors and turncloaks, a very awkward position to be in socially, which could lead to them seeking exile and eventually committing suicide. The timeline does not seem to allow this for the younger, but I think it makes sense for the elder if he survived the Red Wedding.
  2. The Sleeper

    Why didn’t Varys kill Tommen?

    There are no passages in Maegor's Holdfast where Tommen resides most of the time nor is he ever alone. He has no easy access to him unlike anyone else in the Red Keep.
  3. The Sleeper

    Predictions: Varys and Littlefinger

    In most narratives characters like LF and Varys ar e usually marked for death. The characters themselves as presented in the series would have contingencies and exit strategies, so they should have higher survival odds than most other characters. That said I think Varys will die because of Aegon. Not necessarily directly but his own looking out for his own neck will be severely compromised and in the course of trying to raise and keep Aegon to the Throne he will be taking risks that will eventually lead to his death. As for LF I expect that the mess he will eventually make in the Vale will force him to flee, probably to Braavos. I think he might a decent chance of surviving the series. If he is done in he will be by someone he won't see coming.
  4. The Sleeper

    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    It is a feudal society and they live and die by reputation. What Walder Frey did was the equivalent of setting fire to his house in order to deal with a burglar. As a result all of his sons and daughters will find no shelter, no marriages and no service. They are doomed to a life of penury outside of the main house. The main house might have survived on its power alone had there been peace. Now the Freys are pariahs and no one in their right mind will deal with any of them in good faith even if it is in their best interest. Despite all of the rationalisations the Red Wedding was a mob hit, not a strategic move and in fact counter productive to all involved with the possible exception of the Boltons. And like the Blackfish said it does stink of Tywin Lannister.
  5. The Sleeper

    (F?) Aegon's personality and future

    The nature of the stress is that he was made a fool off over a game. And he blew up. What would happen if it was something actually serious? As for his councilors he is already dismissing them. Martin put that scene there for a reason. Tyrion introduced to Aegon the concept that other people may not automatically do everything he likes and as a result he threw a temper tantrum. Martin was establishing Aegon's character at that moment.
  6. The Sleeper

    (F?) Aegon's personality and future

    Combined with his tantrum it shows that composure under stress is not his strong suit. You think his endeavour will be relaxing and stress free?
  7. The Sleeper

    Aegon VI as a ruler

    And you think the GC won't look at castles in the Reach or in the Riverlands. Besides every abandoned castle and empty already has suitors who will become Aegon's enemies when he passes them over in order to reward them to the GC. Moreover there are people with grudges amongst his ranks. Rolly Duckfield may feel like finishing the job against the lord's son who took his sword and that bastard Fossoway sargeant has a grudge against one of the most influential houses in the Reach. As long as his take over is confined in King's Landing, people will shrug and do pretty much as you describe. But when Aegon comes calling for taxes or troops or worse for lands and hostages then things will head south in a hurry.
  8. The Sleeper

    (F?) Aegon's personality and future

    I am talking about his character not his fighting skills.
  9. The Sleeper

    (F?) Aegon's personality and future

    In the few scenes he has on page are included him choking in battle and a fit of petulant rage. Martin did not include those to show us just how awesome he is.
  10. The Sleeper

    Aegon VI as a ruler

    I think he is going to suck. A lot. It is not really down to his individual abilities. His power base is fractious, divisive and have competing agendas and incompatible mindsets. For instance he is called at eighteen after having lived a life of isolation to manage Varys and Connington. Even if he were Jaehaerys he might not have been up to it and signs so far point to him being immature and oblivious. One of his major problems will be keeping the Golden Company happy. They are going to want lands and titles and in giving them he is going to create friction with those who have or want said lands and titles. And that is just the beginning. If he sides with Dorne he will probably make enemies of the Reach and so on.
  11. Not quite the point I was making. After all her obedience to the kindly man is conditional and is always testing the boundaries and challenging him. I was talking more about how she had been adrift and committing to a course of action regarding her future. ETA both those actions are centered around Needle. In the first case it is bestowed to her and furthermore trained in its use and in the second she is asked to throw it away, but simply sets aside.
  12. One other common theme of these chapters is that Arya confronted by an authority figure makes a resolution about her attitude and future course. I can't say I am sold on this whole concept. The themes of isolation and exclusion are recurring in the entirety of Arya's arc and are integral to her circumstances and evolution.
  13. The Sleeper

    Arianne's snitch

    Some good arguments all around, but I can't say I think of anything definitive. It might be that there was never meant to be a definitive answer. Other than that it is also possible that there was more than one snitch. Trying to come up with a reason to wait to arrest the entire party before hand, it seems to me that Doran was either not secure enough to arrest them all at once, feared someone would get away, or did not know who all of the conspirators were.
  14. That is certainly possible. However the shortest route to placing Dunk in the Tarth family tree along with the Targaryen connections mentioned in WoIaF is him marrying a Targaryen princess and that seems almost unthinkable outside some type of shotgun wedding scenario. It doesn't mean that this is the case. Hell, for all we know Brienne and her father go by "of Tarth" because one of their ancestors did not have an actual last name. I'm sure there are other workable scenarios.
  15. It does mean however that neither the prologue nor any other chapter of the following books will take place in either of those locales. It also means that first hand presence in either those locales will not be necessary to explain the plot or the narrative in any shape or form. Again. From the horses mouth. No divine intervention, no element of the plot or narrative requires a deity, therefore in terms arguing something or theorising about something in terms of deities is irrelevant and pointless.