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  1. While that seems a very likely outcome, I don't see how Storm's End has anything to do with it.
  2. The Sleeper

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    I didn't write that it would prove anything. I wrote that it would settle the matter. Aegon practically has "Dany's foil" written on his forehead. Dragon food is his most likely fate. That, or Euron will get his hands on him.
  3. The Sleeper

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    I think him becoming dragon food will settle the issue conclusively.
  4. The Sleeper

    Could any house BUT house Targaryan rule the 7K

    Probably not. The biggest part of what held the seven kingdoms together after the death of the dragons was the myth of the Targaryens being more than human. It would be very hard for any of the great houses to sustain a hegemony over the others, as they are peers. They would not easily accept one of them to achieve supremacy. If the Baratheons had managed to remain in power for a couple of generations a similar would start to develop for them. But it was not meant to be. Of course Dany and her dragons seem poised to revive the myth in full force. I think I would agree that either Dany rules the seven kingdoms, or they are not viable as a unified political entity, which is questionable to what degree they have been considering the amount of power the great houses have over their territories.
  5. The Sleeper

    The dragontamer and the arrow

    The tattered prince did all of the work in getting Quentyn to the dragons. He procured the masks and the password. If that was his intention he wouldn't need Quentyn at all. Besides he had already been intending to make overtures to Dany. The conspiratorial motive I can think would be, that he saw the incident as an opportunity to reignite the war immediately and prolong his employment and/or force a battle prior to the arrival of the Volantene fleet so that he would have a much greater share of the spoils. All these however have to do more with his agreement to the scheme in the first place. And if he was looking to be on the slavers side, it seems to me that it would have been in his best interest that the scheme worked at least as far as removing the dragons from the city. The arrow seems to be the very obvious answer to fire-breathing monster and understandable panic. That said that the tattered prince agreed to the scheme in the first place might be worthy of some discussion.
  6. The Sleeper

    Davos' breaking point.

    Even if it comes down to a choice between his loyalty to Stannis and the lives of the rest of his children? In Dance, Davos sympathizes with Wyman over the fate of his own son and ponders how far would he go to protect his own children. It is not an unlikely scenario. Suppose his younger two sons become hostages of Aegon? Or someone in the North takes Devan hostage and the price of his life is to betray Stannis. The other aspect is how far Stannis will go and how far Davos is willing to follow him. Stannis was on the verge of sacrificing Edric Storm and Davos was not willing to go along with that. Stannis' circumstances might he looking to become even more desperate in the immediate future. Would Davos still be firmly on Stannis's side if he, for example, chose to sacrifice Shireen?
  7. The Sleeper

    Davos' breaking point.

    Davos, in the series is an example of a loyal vassal. Stannis after all changed his circumstances radically and perhaps more importantly to Davos his sons' prospects. Davos however has already lost four sons to Stannis's cause. Still, the sons he lost died in battle and the service they died in is part of the same prospects they gained. It has come to the point that the rest of his family is in danger. Had Melisandre not kept Devan by her side he might have died already of cold and hunger and the Rainwood is crawling with the Golden Company, meaning that Davos's wife and younger two sons are in their mercy and could potentially be held hostages against him. So, do you think that Davos's loyalty will be further tested? And how far would it stretch.
  8. The Sleeper

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    I don't recall there being a reference to the Royce's financial state. I think Waymar went to the Wall because of the Royces' status as a prominent First Men house and their adherence to tradition. Apart from that, they hung out at court and participated in the tourney with ornate armor for both sons. The prologue even made a point of how expensively outfitted Waymar was. If anything most indications would be that they are rather affluent. As to the Op, Yohn Royce at the start of the war had three sons and apparently already has grandchildren of marrying age. At least at the start of the war the succession was quite secure, so sending Waymar to the Wall was not a big a deal. After that, it is my impression that Robar didn't ask before he joined Renly.
  9. Martin compared the throne room to Westminster Abbey. As for the Red Keep as a whole, the only reference that we get in regards to its size is that it is smaller than Winterfel. It gives the impression that it is more densely built. Or perhaps it is the case that more of it is currently in use.
  10. The Sleeper

    Is Maggy the most powerful witch in the series?

    I don't think it is supposed to work like a muscle. At least not in the case of blood magic which Maggy seems to practice. The way they describe it, it reads like something that is learned and practiced. Fire magic seems to involve some degree of innate talent and skinchanging appears to be an innate ability.
  11. The Sleeper

    What if Lysa Tully birthed her child with Petyr?

    Actually, it is implied that her proven fertility was a selling point. Though, after her forced abortion, Lysa's indiscretion was more or less a secret, which would not have been the case had she given birth. Arryn probably wouldn't have accepted a known non virgin.
  12. The Sleeper

    mistakes of hand of the king Eddard stark

    More or less this. He could have gone further. The Lannisters had a guard in the hundreds in the capital. He could have matced it. There were also plenty of younger sons in the North who would have jumped at the opportunity to follow him to the and make a name for themselves, whom he could appoint to various positions. Ned's mindset was completely different. He was used to being the ultimate auhtority and he maintained by keeping his distance. The court was a completely alien environment in that regard. The scene that is telling is the one where he and Selmy try to convince Robert not to take part in the melee. Selmy smoothly gets his point across to Robert. Ned was unable to. Selmy despite the various comments about his wits, has spent decades in the courts of various kings and knows how to maneuver. Ned had never had the need to manipulate anyone. He had no peers or superiors and everything he said was done.
  13. The Sleeper

    mistakes of hand of the king Eddard stark

    To be blunt, he half assed it. He took the job as a cover for a murder investigation and did not even try to establish his own power base in King's Landing, with the rationale of avoiding making waves until he had sufficient political ammunition, thus relying entirely on the position of being hand. He never trusted Littlefinger. By the end he had simply ran out of other options and he could not get into the mindset of an individual like him and understand what his personal stake might have been.
  14. The Sleeper

    Roose Bolton's self control and leeching

    I think he is the medieval equivalent of a health nut which involves more than a little superstition. Rooses's fixation is control and order and regulating his body and mind fit into that.
  15. The Sleeper

    Why is Arya so boring?

    I think that sentence reads to most readers here something like: "why is the Sahara so humid" or "why is salt black".