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  1. The Sleeper

    Aftermath of Daenerys Campaign

    The army has been set up. Tyrion's mini tour of Volantis and the introduction of Benerro and the Widow of the Waterfront plays that role. There is also the vision back from Clash of the Dosh Khaleen in Vaes Dothrak kneeling before Daenerys. I don't see the Ironborne being on Dany's side in any meaningful capacity, not with Victarion who is basically trying to forcibly abduct her, but they are small fry compared to the rest. Meanwhile, the red priests will want to spread the worship of R'hlor, the ex slaves will want to kill the slavers and the Dothraki will want to pillage. Add to that the various opportunists with their own agendas and you have a recipe for slaughter on a continental scale. I suspect Victarion is a stalking horse for Euron who is dangerous in different ways. One can't imagine Victarion seducing or influencing Dany, but Euron is perfectly capable of it.
  2. The Sleeper

    Aftermath of Daenerys Campaign

    Positive is a matter of perspective. After all we are talking a large and largely fanatical army being led by a messianic figure on a mission of conquest. That coupled with the rise of religious fanaticism in Westeros does not make for a good mix. Besides all the factions on Danny's side have different agendas and are very likely to be fighting among themselves.
  3. It is a risk. He still would have much better odds by allying himself to Renly. The way to deal with this. In for a penny, in for a pound. It's not like Stannis isn't already a kinslayer, or that he didn't seriously contemplate sacrificing his nephew on the wild hope that he might have gotten a dragon. There are less bloody ways to accommodate the situation, but Stannis wants to be king. The shortest route is the one I described above.
  4. The Sleeper

    Will Arya end up marrying Jon?

    Well, technically speaking making shit up is his job description. But, yeah it is obvious that outline has obviously been abandoned if it was ever considered seriously, apart from certain plot elements and even then the circumstances are so different that these similarities are superficial.
  5. The Sleeper

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    It's not a contest. Yeah, part of the fun is rooting for characters, but ultimately Dany is a character in a story and she plays her part. In short it is to fuck shit up. She certainly has not had it easy, but she is written in a position of power in order to generate upheaval.
  6. Considering the fact that he could have Renly assassinated at any time he could have relinquished his claim, finish the war in shot order and then get rid of Renly.
  7. I believe the first example in literature is from the Bible where David send a soldier whose wife he coveted to war so that she might be widowed. He gets rid of him and appears to honor him with his trust at the same time and if it works? Hey, dragons. And eventually Arianne would have expected him to actually do something about revenge. Besides he does need to find out how to deal with Aegon. It may be he wants to see how Arianne handles herself. Let me put it in another way. Say you are Doran. You have the smallest military in the seven kingdoms and has suffered tremendously at the rebellion, both in terms of influence and actual losses. War breaks out but there is no way to guarantee any concrete benefit, so you want to stay out of it. However outsiders court your allegiance and you have a belligerent people and a belligerent family that can and will at best ignore you and/or try to supplant you. What do you do? I think that is Doran's situation more or less.
  8. The Sleeper

    Soldier Pines and Sentinels

  9. That is not necessary something that would be immediately obvious to an outsider or to Doran for that matter. Besides he clearly also views the Yronwoods as family. Who would Quentyn chose if it came to that? I don't think anyone can be sure of that and that is why ultimately Doran would want to be rid of Quentyn. On absolute realpolitik terms any benefit lord Yronwoods might have gotten from raising Quentyn as a ward has been lost along with his own heir. Another reason he sent Quentyn away could be the marriage pact for Arianne and Viserys. Assuming Quentyn begun his mission after Viserys died and that Doran did endorse the pact to begin with, it might hand been away to get rid of a document that paints him a traitor without arousing the Red Viper, who I think held the document over Dora's head. Were those his plans? He released her after all from imprisonment when he needed something from her. What if he simply told her what he needed to hear in order for her to play along? In theory yes, he could send them anywhere he wants. But in the first chapter we meet him he goes to Sunspear and walks into a near root. His palanquin and retainers got pelted with fruit. Remember how his nieces and his daughter address him. I think the trouble he fears most is the one all of the above would cause at home. There is strong public feeling in Dorne that any of them could exploit to start a civil war and he fears that using force to suppress them could result in the same. Arianne demonstrated that. I don't think playing Switzerland is an option for him. For the reasons stated above. It also doesn't mean that because he wants to stay out of it others will accept that and not demand his allegiance. It would spare him trouble to play along to a point and try to make as less costly as possible.
  10. The Sleeper

    Soldier Pines and Sentinels

  11. Quentyn is a ward of the traditional rivals of the Martels for supremacy in Dorne. It gets him out of Dorne and had it been successful and it would have done so permanently. It also could be disavowed. Apart from Quentyn himself it might have been expedited entirely by the Yronwoods. Arrianne's could be more of a fact finding mission. It still gets her out of Dorne and there is no guarantee that the Dornish armies will move on her word or the way he expects them to. And it also gets a person that tried to remove him from power out of Dorne. Myrcela is still in his ward. He is still a nominal ally of the Iron Throne. From his point of view he has a foot in three camps, while so far he has not in any significant sense has been involved in the war. He may or may not be waiting for an opportunity. But I think this lack of commitment is quite deliberate.
  12. The Sleeper

    Soldier Pines and Sentinels

    Read "A Song for Lya". The idea for the function of the weirwoods seems to be transposed directly from that story. Well there are differences but so far they appear minor and I don't want to spoil the story. With the exception of the weirwoods, which can and do animate, I am inclined to think that the rest of tree description are similis. As for the notion that this whole affair is the design of the Children of the Forest for wiping out mankind, I think it has two problems. For one it is a bit like burning your house down to chase away a burglar and the second is that the Winter itself is tha basic issue with the Others being the icing on the cake. The Winter has the potential to be an extinction level event without the Others moving their little fingers. The caveat is that the Others may be responsible for the Winter, but it that case the wights seem a bit redundant. Unless it is not about conquest but more about cleaning house. My view is that some magical mishap in the Dawn Age threw the seasons out of whack and the Others are opportunists who exploit the extra long winters to take control of lands newly available to them. Or the mishap caused the planet to fall to a never ending winter and whatever they did at the first war for the dawn was a temporary fix (hence the irregular seasons) that was doomed to fail eventually.
  13. His other option would have been to subdue or destroy each of the other claimants individually. By taking King's Landing he would actually have a place to start.
  14. The Sleeper

    Aftermath of Daenerys Campaign

    They did have free market economy. They bought captives and sold slaves.
  15. My personal view is that we should take anything that comes out of Doran's mouth with a grain of salt. I don't believe that he ever intended to pursue vengeance, but what he says and does is aimed at keeping Dorne out of the war. For instance I don't believe he knew of, approved or endorsed the marriage pact made by Oberyn. I don't believe that they worked together or that he had the same goals as Oberyn, but was rather trying to manage his unruly but charismatic younger brother. And consequently Arrianne and the Sand Snakes who have picked up his legacy. I believe that the various errands he has sent his relatives to are aimed first and foremost at removing them from where they can influence policy and at keeping as many options open as possible.