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  1. I enjoyed this, don't know if as much as the previous one, but close enough
  2. You don't mess with Sevilla in the Europa League. Or with Montiel in the 4th penalty, apparently
  3. The point of the election is that, for these people, whether it's a fascist or not as president doesn't matter. We will never know for sure, but for the 1%, is all the same
  4. Specially considering they'll be facing the Europa League kings in the final
  5. Dortmund drew, but wasn't enough. Choke job if there ever was one
  6. True, but in the last years, they seemingly forgot how to win, and anytime they face Bayern they enter the pitch defeated already, and are lucky to get a tie
  7. Mainz looks much more likely to score the third than Dortmund of scoring one, let alone three. Only Köln can save them now
  8. Sadly, looks like my prediction about Dortmund choking against Mainz was right on the money
  9. Most of the episode was great, but the Walter stuff is so ridiculous it feels a jumping the shark moment
  10. An even more drastic version of this happened with the Vaulter guy
  11. We have been shown Greg firing people for a reason. My guess he'll end up being the one to fire Tom, on Mattson's orders, whether he's in his current position or another.
  12. Yeah, if I were him, I would seriously consider leaving Spain too. Hard to deal with this crap every week and still get an undeserved red out of this.
  13. Leipzig scores the third. Nope, that means they lose next week against Mainz
  14. Leipzig turns the result around against Bayern. If the latter doesn't found two goals, Dortmund only has to win both matches to win the title
  15. While I'm not as negative as most people here, I agree the show should have been tighter from the start- frankly, you could remove the Adam and Walter plotlines and not miss anything.
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