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  1. Exactly. There's of course the risk of your nominee being rejected if most of the Senate is not crooked, but that has never been the case in Brazil- the only year in which nominees were rejected was in 1894, when the then president decided to appoint not one, not two, but five people that didn't have a law degree, and that was too much even for them.
  2. Lots of complaints (justified ones) about Amy Barrett, but if you Americans think she's bad, you really don't know Brazil's Supreme Court long tradition of choosing the most corrupt and inept ones; just in the last 30 years alone we had: Fernando Collor nominating his first cousin, who was 44 and had the fastest ascent in the history of the country (from graduation to a sit in the appeals court of Labor Justice in two years, then appointed to the Superior Labor Court after 8 years- the fact Collor's father was one of the most powerful members in Congress, a man that literally killed another Senator in the Senate floor and got away with it and spent another 20 years in politics, was just a coincidence, surely). Fernando Henrique Cardoso nominating one of this cabinet ministers (actually, the second one he did), a guy who had no problems running a private college while still having a job roughly equivalent to the solicitor-general in the US (though here it's independent from the Justice department) and continued to do so while in the Supreme Court, and while he's there he publicly attacks other politicians and judges in the press and trials, comments openly about cases he's supposed to judge on, sits on cases involving friends and relatives, and has multiple accusations of corruptions. Lula nominating an obscure appeals judge (who only got there because of political connections in the first place) because his mother was best friends with the first lady, and the guy repaying by not only voting for his government pretty much 100% of the time, but doing things like allowing Dilma Rousseff's lawyer in a case directly related to her impeachment be allowed to testify at her impeachment trial as an expert witness and then allowing her to retain political rights despite the Constitution expressly forbidding it. Lula again nominating of his cabinet ministers, who was 41, had flunked twice the entrance exam to be a judge, had two convictions for misuse of public funds (more precisely, being hired illegally) that were conveniently overturned after he was appointed, and has refused to recuse himself in cases involving him or other members of his government (and conveniently voting in their favor nearly all the time). He has since been accused of corruption multiple times too. Dilma Rousseff choosing a candidate only after he promised his allies that he would vote for them in a pending corruption trial (which is a promise he didn't fulfill and already publicly confessed to have made). Michel Temer nominated another one of his Cabinet ministers, who didn't bother recusing himself in cases involving directly or indirectly Temer, his minister or his own political allies. But now Bolsonaro probably outdid all of them- he chose a guy who turned out to have a long history of plagiarism, as well as putting courses that last a few days as "post-graduate" or "master" degrees. And he's not even a conservative, as one would expect. He was chosen quite clearly because he promised to save him and his family for prison, and in the hearing he made quite clear he'll extend the privilege to other corrupt politicians, so naturally the senate (including politicians from the left, who have shown to be quite excited with the appointment) approved him comfortably- yes, in one day. He even has his wife working in a senator's cabinet. In Brazil, the Supreme Court is a lot more powerful than in the US and most places, judging tens of thousands of cases every year, including cases involving crimes of members of Congress that happened during their term, as well as multiple cases involving criminal convictions from lower courts (conveniently, cases involving politicians and other powerful people tend to make their way there) so essentially presidents pick the members to save them and their allies from jail and in return they don't impeach said SC members when they go against the law. Some of them turned out to be pretty decent, but that's usually a complete accident (like the guy that lied his way in). It's probably both the biggest symptom of why Brazil can't quite go the next stage of development and one of the causes- systemic corruption is so entrenched that any progress made by society- or in lower courts- tends to be broken or mitigated at the highest levels.
  3. LOL! Also, I forgot to say he sits in the Senate ethics committee- though it's unclear yet whether he ever sat there with money in his butt.
  4. So, yesterday, a senator here in Brazil was caught by the Federal police with money hidden in his butt. No, that's not a metaphor for anything. Just something that happened.
  5. SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER! https://news.avclub.com/dexters-coming-back-and-theres-nothing-we-can-do-about-1845374310
  6. I'm looking forward to witness it. Hope it's not mediocre.
  7. Even if combustion engines are banned in most places, which they won't, it would still be possible to have F1 races with them, it's not like the damage to the planet would be that big with just them.
  8. COVID might have made spending in F1 look superfluous (or even more so, depending on your POV). I wonder if it will be the last to leave.
  9. Yes, and there's real world parallels- for example, a lot of people in the US were fine with celebrities like Sidney Poitier and Sammy Davis Jr. in the 50's or 60's, and didn't like the KKK, but doesn't mean all these people wanted equal rights for black people, and even less wanted black families moving to their neighborhoods.
  10. Well, first of all, prejudice doesn't make sense really. Why prejudice against people because their skin is darker, or they are part of the wrong ethnicity? It's not logical. And in anyway mutants aren't scary just because they have powers, but because now your neighbor, that kid that goes to school with your kids, that asshole in the DMV, all of them can suddenly discover they have superpowers and can kill you easily. Heck, they can even kill you accidentally, without meaning to. Also, hard to get that promotion if your co-worker can read your boss' mind to force him to promote her or simply find out what she wants, or you can train for years to be the best athlete and all the sudden there's a guy that can run 10 times faster than Usain Bolt or be a better swimmer than Phelps or have a stronger punch than Tyson- or all three at the same time. Plus, of course, there's the big, scary ones. Think there was a lot of Islamophobia post-9/11? Imagine if Bin Laden had Magneto's powers.
  11. The ones that supposed to be older were mostly discreet (like Xavier and Wolverine). Magneto is a bigger problem, particularly with his origin tied to the Holocaust. Most of the others join the X-men as teenagers or young adults just after they got their powers. But the more recent approach of the X-men by Jonathan Hickman solves a lot of the problems, to the point it's clear Marvel will use at least some of the ideas (spoilers for the House of X/Powers of 10 series):
  12. Not really. First, because they used mostly D-listers that didn't really had much connection to the X-men (plus, I'm not sure how many of them were actual teenagers). Second, First Class was about Xavier and Magneto starting their dick measuring context, while presumably a X-men movie will focus more on the actual X-men.
  13. It will probably be a mix up; Cyclops, Storm and Beast are pretty much a given, and Logan of course will appear, but maybe with a solo movie and joining the team later. The rest will depend on their ideas (perhaps Jean Grey will be out, due to the overuse of the Phoenix). I can see Rogue and Nightcrawler appearing as villains at first, with Mystique and Destiny. Also, have the team be made of only and mostly teenagers would be a good way to not only have actors that can play the role for a long time, but also to immediately differentiate them from the Avengers- rather than a bunch of veteran all-stars getting together, it's a bunch of kids learning the ropes.
  14. An unknown would be the best choice; also, while the character could be any age, it would be best if the actor cast would be around 30 or so (like Jackman was), so he will be able to cope with the physical demands of the role for quite some time.
  15. Only Hickman could make the Apocalypse family reunion something to be eagerly antecipated.
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