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  1. I run my own gym and coach strength athletes. I love it for the most part. It's long hours as the only staff are myself and my other half as we're only a small place and can be stressful at times but it's also very rewarding helping people achieve their goals. We originally opened it mostly for ourselves to have somewhere better to train and for the first 12 months I was still working 9-5 in a boring admin job but now 3 years in we're both full time and the gym is 3x the size of what it was when we started, we've now got 4 world record holders, multiple national champions and a horde of people who've competed at World championships.
  2. We have less restrictions than them so 2.9 for us?
  3. The GoFundMe is for every gym in the area and it's now over 50 grand.
  4. It is. Liverpool Mayor has been kicking off on social media that Gyms and Leisure sector is staying open in Lancashire but not Merseyside. All very baffling.
  5. We've now entered Tier 3 in Lancashire. With different restrictions than Liverpool...
  6. Well if he closes he'll lose his business anyway so not like he has much choice really.
  7. Zorral lost the plot a while ago. I stopped even engaging.
  8. He's raised 35k in a day on GoFundMe so there's that. I gave money to him. There are currenly 70 gyms in the Merseyside area that are staying open so not just him.
  9. We'll see what happens in Liverpool today. I'm part of a gym owners group and the consensus is that around 90% of gyms in Liverpool are opening today regardless of the new rules. I doubt it'll make the news though.
  10. So one case in Canada means the UK numbers are bullshit? Rightttt. They probably aren't completely accurate but if we aren't going off the numbers we have to make decisions what's the fucking point of collecting any data at all?!
  11. 73 confirmrd cases from 22 million gym visits since lockdown ended yet gyms in Liverpool are being told to closed. Bonkers.
  12. I won't be closing my business regardless and I feel(and personally know) like A LOT of other people are thinking the same. The rules are a joke and make zero sense.
  13. And South Wales is one of the hardest hit parts of the UK. But Ormond obviously knows better.
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