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  1. I don't think he will even try. 99% of fans don't care.
  2. My favourite PFH books. I'd love that. Would need a wild budget, I just watched both Seasons in a week or two while sick. Agree with the general consensus here that Season 1 the Empire Storyline was by far the more compelling, I didn't dislike the Terminus stuff as much as others but maybe it's because I watched it all in the space of a few days? I'm excited for Season 3. Now to watch For All Mankind with my free Apple TV Subscription before I have to pay!
  3. That doesn't sound like much fun. You do you and let others do them. Here for a good time not a long time.
  4. Anyway. Spicy match so far, fully expect a red card at some point.
  5. Who said you could? I said twice its obviously a red.
  6. Yup. Showed the replay about 5 times at half time. I agree it's still a red but it really wasn't much contact at all.
  7. It was a light forearm to the face. Calm down. (I agree its a red but lets not be silly saying he elbowed him in the face)
  8. Yeah totally agree. I love Eben but Ardie 100% deserves it.
  9. ljkeane explained far better than I could! All to do with "mitigation"
  10. This is just a bad take on the red card. He had him in his line of site for a few seconds then clotheslined his head. It was a blatant red card.
  11. 4 episodes into the new season and I am loving this cast. Sam Campbell in particular.
  12. Utter nonsense. Elite sport is about fine fine margins, it wasn't their day. Nobody "choked"
  13. Gutted but Wales were just not good enough. Argentina weren't particularly good Wales were just bad, line out not working, terrible kicking game, bad decisions. Saves us a semi final spanking I guess.
  14. Can we please stop calling things anti semitic just because Israel is involved.
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