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  1. Green Day in Cardiff Castle grounds in 2002. Some weird support acts including Iggy Pop (who the crowd were decidedly not into) and Hundred Reasons (who were an excellent and criminally underrated UK band)
  2. I think he stays. England played well, it just wasn't their day.
  3. Not really. He only gave it after VAR because he kind of had to.
  4. Seeing Suarez crying on the bench is the highlight of the World Cup so far.
  5. Well deserved for Iran. What a shite clearance.
  6. Why he needed Var for that I do not know.
  7. Football is so behind the times when it comes to head injuries. Allowing that keeper to continue is a farce and so dangerous.
  8. Yeah same here. Was completely fine after my post, other than the trampoline at the airbnb flying over the fence into next doors pool hah.
  9. Our power was going off all night too. We were on Daytona Beach but we had to evac so we're about 35 minutes inland now!
  10. Yeah where as a full family on 84k in the valleys could live SUPER comfortably.
  11. Don't watch a lot of it but looking forward to My Hero Academia. Dragon Prince was also brilliant didnt realise a new season is coming out soon.
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