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  1. Its not bullshit its a fact that vaccinated people can still spread it. Don't talk even more nonsense. We are getting tested regularly, we have very little contact with other people in our day to day lives, we live on a mountain, we train alone in our own private unit, we wear masks, we work from home, I do all the shopping (because I'm vaccinated and therefore obviously immune to spreading it according to you) but yeah we're definitely more of a danger than a vaccinated person going to work in the general public every day. Talk about living in a dream world. With regards to your last sentence that's just you projecting. I have plenty of sympathy for people in shitty situations, you're the one wishing death on people in every other post.
  2. "Small risk" Yeahhhh. Continue to pat each other on the back while wishing illness and death on others like the lovely people you are. P.S I hope Zorral gets Covid (they've wished this on about 100 people so this is totally cool right?! Lols jokes)
  3. 99.99 percent of humans do. Its fairly normal to not want to be bankrupt and homeless.
  4. Why not? Medical reasons aren't the only reasons. Its your opinion that other peoples reasons aren't good enough and I disagree with you. Not sure what part of this you're struggling to grasp here. You can call me wrong I don't mind, say our reasons aren't valid whatever but tell me to not give my opinion? Go fuck yourself.
  5. This whole thread is just a circle jerk dedicated to insulting people. Get off your high horse. And no I did not start off this discussion with that line. That was after quite a bit of back and forth.
  6. And yet I was ill for weeks. Very easy to tell someone statistics but doesn't really help when they've witnessed different. Partner has her reasons as stated on the last page of the thread, you may think they're not good enough and that's fine I however obviously disagree and thus sympathise with other people a bit more.
  7. Yup we are doing what we can. While not ruining our own lives
  8. By that logic everyone in this thread has killed people seeing as you can still spread it while vaccinated. Unless you've not left your house at all. Especially with the Delta variant.
  9. You think they're idiots, I don't. Therefore I think you're being shitty calling them that. And yup I understand we only have one life which is why I understand some people making the decision to look after their own life first and not make decisions that could ruin them in order to please others.
  10. So you can be shitty but I can't? Righttt.
  11. Not replying to anything else as I can't be fucked but I'll respond to this one. My partner is unvaccinated. She's a Pro athlete in a niche sport (meaning money is low) we rely on her comp performances to help pay our bills. She saw me unable to train for a month after getting vaccinated and decided the risk to her season wasn't worth it (if she has 4 weeks off her season is done), she's not anti vax, she'll probably get it after the year is done. Would she probably be fine and not get ill? Sure. Is it worth the risk to us? She has decided its not.
  12. Fact is none of you know shit about their reasons or what they do in their personal life. You just want to act superior.
  13. Its a massive difference whether you want to recognise it or not. Also I thought Herd immunity wasn't going to be achievable with Covid? Again what is it? Goalposts constantly getting moved.
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