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  1. Heartbreaking. Funnily enough for the first 65 minutes probably our best performance of the year.
  2. Plenty of metal out there with ethereal female vocalists!
  3. We have one member who plays some realllly chilled our instrumental stuff when he's in so it's always a bit jarring walking in when he's training hah.
  4. Perks of being the gym owner. Metal is always playing.
  5. Saw Bane on their "farewell" tour a few years ago. Was excellent.
  6. Cleans are great for explosiveness and a good idea for anyone who plays sports but for general health and fitness? Not really needed so that's probably why.
  7. Hah! I'm the opposite. I drink plenty but try to avoid caffeine as much as possible.
  8. Meh on targeting Cocaine. I know plenty of people use that fairly regularly who function in every day life perfectly well.
  9. I've tried most things a few times. Just socially normal to do growing up in the Welsh Valleys tbh where there's not much else to do... Weed not a fan, mostly just makes me feel sick. Cocaine is fun but expensive. MDMA is great on a night out. Acid/LSD was crazy, little bit terrifying. Lots of other stuff I can't recall right now. On the whole I don't think you've missed out that much, I haven't taken any recreational drugs in quite a while and don't feel like I'm missing out or anything.
  10. NxT is far better just imo. I watch AEW in the background but it just seems so amateur 90% of the time. It has some good spots but very few actual great matches.
  11. Yeah when you're waking up multiple times I think it becomes more of an issue. My sleep is historically terrible also. I fucking hate the cpap too.
  12. Waking up needing to go to the toilet every night is one of the signs of sleep apnea just FYI folks. Found that out when I got diagnosed.
  13. Meh as long as the rich sports stars can continue to play their games no one really seems to give a fuck.
  14. Other industries have had it worse but yeah the leisure and fitness industry has been fucked hard. Nightclubs etc have been closed throughout. Half of the ones in my city are rumoured to be closed for good. I shall. The dogs are also enjoying the extra exercise.
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