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  1. lessthanluke

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Competed in two different countries in the past two weeks. Czech Republic last week and Ukraine on Friday. Placed 7th at the under 105kg Strongman World Championship in the latter and briefly held the World Record in the deadlift with a new PR of 405kg.
  2. lessthanluke

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    You're always welcome Pax!
  3. lessthanluke

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    Australia aren't really in a position at the moment where they'll be threatening to win the world Cup.
  4. lessthanluke

    Work Life Balance... non traditional edition

    Life itself is just overwhelming in general.
  5. Anyone know where/when this is airing in the UK?
  6. lessthanluke

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    This is wild.
  7. lessthanluke

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    And yet he is still a top class performer.
  8. Despite that what a great game to watch from a neutral perspective.
  9. True but at least penalties give's both teams a chance. Albeit a shit one. Away goals removes that completely. Flipping a coin would be better than away goals.
  10. The issue is someone is going through without being better/beating the other team.
  11. They should. It's a stupid rule.
  12. lessthanluke

    Football: Bernaburned

    Can't wait for the Warnock rant.
  13. lessthanluke

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    Basically nothing happened for the full season so there isn't much to remember.
  14. lessthanluke

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Little 4 minute mini documentary on myself and other half talking about what Strength is to us.
  15. lessthanluke

    Athletic Debate: Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?