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  1. Because it was a terrible song. Main reason I'm guessing.
  2. Nice! I was in the shed, right in front of where Dow got injured unfortunately. Heard her screams loud and clear.
  3. Went to watch Wales vs England women at Kingsholm. 15k crowd and brilliant atmosphere.
  4. Streets are full with the bodies of the dead.
  5. I have seen lots of people state Point B personally and if you say anything to the contrary you're a transphobe. Basically Week in this thread. In the end I think the drama and outrage is overplayed. The number of trans athletes who will also have elite level sporting genetics will be so small to be insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I'd like the rules themselves regarding test levels etc to make more sense and be far more clear cut but in the end as above I don't think its going to have a massive affect on women's sports. Maybe I'm wrong of course and trans athletes will start to dominate but I doubt it.
  6. Why are you assuming people didn't care about stuff beforehands? I personally am very involved in womens sports, can't speak for everyone of course.
  7. It is a very difficult topic. There really isn't enough data available right now to definitively say either way which is a big issue. It's also an emotional topic with the word transphobe being thrown out where it really doesn't apply which really limits any discussions that can be had about it. We should be talking more about whether current legislation does enough to create a fair playing field (trans women are currently allowed higher test levels than cis women which just makes zero sense) Hopefully as the years go by more data comes out and we can find a way to be inclusive and fair to everyone.
  8. It's easier to call someone a bigot than it is to admit that its not a clear cut subject.
  9. I have very little clue what Zorral is trying to say about a quarter of the time. Mostly makes sense then some random out of nowhere rant that makes no sense and has no relevance to the current conversation.
  10. This is exactly what I'd like to see happen in the future.
  11. Feel like I watched a different game to you to be honest. Ireland were BAD and barely made it over the line against 14 men. Their handling and decision making was awful. Keenan was probably their best player so your criticism of him seems a bit mis timed. The ref was terrible all round, completely ignored an unconscious Kyle Sinckler and allowed a quick tap from the wrong spot for Irelands second try.
  12. 3rd round with Covid! Luckily I've got zero plans this week and the other half is away so I can't infect anyone else.
  13. If I was X I'd be furious if my kids were living in an abusive household and I wasn't told about it.
  14. Yeah a friend of mines gym has been crazily flooded. He's going to assess the damage today.
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