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  1. Gertrude

    US politics: Georgia on my mind

    Just voted early. Really wish one of my senators was on the ballot, but it felt good to vote against my current House Rep. Baby steps ...
  2. Gertrude

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    A week is being generous. He's already cheering on Gianforte for body slamming that reporter. I just can't even with this guy.
  3. Gertrude

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    Agreed. If I were in that study I'd probably have to answer 'yes' if asked if I had a problem with Political Correctness. I don't like how some people use it as a bludgeon to hammer their point home (positive or negative) even though I agree that we should be polite and respect people when they tell us they have a problem with whatever. That's pretty much my definition of PC, but it's not everyone's. p.s. Graham's a piece of garbage
  4. I don't see it as rebellion trumping the guest-right thing. In our world, we have the Geneva Convention to outline which lines are not to be crossed during war. Doesn't matter if the war is a just war or not, you simply don't cross these lines without repercussion (theoretically). In my mind, guest-right is like this - a line that is not to be crossed no matter the justifications. The Rat Cook story tells us this is not something the gods can forgive. Whether or not you believe in the gods, it's deeply ingrained in the culture. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  5. Gertrude

    Interlocking Sansa and Tyrion.

    I don't think that's fair. When she was in King's Landing, she was in a state of constant trauma. Joff was nice to her at one point too, but turned out to be a monster. She does acknowledge that Tyrion was kind to her, but he is also a hated Lannister. The Lannisters killed her father after promising to spare him. The Lannisters were involved with the Red Wedding, causing a masacre under cover of the guest-right. Not only have the Lannisters proven that they are not her friends, they have lied and betrayed at every step. Why isn't she right to be wary of Tyrion? In the best of times she might have seen him for who he is, but these were far from the best of times.
  6. Gertrude

    Viserys’ plan makes no sense.

    Yep, as others have said, Viserys had some ideas about himself that weren't grounded in reality. He was the rightful ruler, so he has the strength of his claim that others should respect. The Dothraki hadn't crossed the sea before, but he made a deal with them. In his mind, the Dothraki are his and he will tell them to go. He's been told by flatterers and snake oil salesmen that the people of Westeros yearn for a Targaryen restoration. As the poster above me said, he's a very stable genius.
  7. The Becket murder is not a bad analogy, actually. The actual murderers were never legally charged or punished, but did atone through the church. Henry made a public atonement as well (not entirely unlike a Walk of Shame). I don't think the church in Westeros holds as much importance as it did in medieval Europe, so a purely religious punishment seems too light. Basically, it was a crime that enraged the people because it broke a sacred trust. It wasn't that he was murdered, per se, but because of the circumstances surrounding it. The king had to eventually bow to that pressure and admit some level of wrongdoing or remorse. I don't think there is any ground to stand on saying that the Red Wedding was just a pragmatic solution to a rebellious lord - there is so much more to it than that and the people have to be assured that there are consequences for a breach of trust this large. What that punishment is can be argued, but the fact that it is punishable cannot IMO.
  8. That's a good question, actually. I think it's an atrocity, but does not rise to the level of the Red Wedding. Innocents die all the time in war, that's a fact. Losers and their families pay the price - it's an expected atrocity. Not pleasant to contemplate, but a practical matter that people can understand if not entirely approve. I mean, Gregor took it too far and he should have had consequences, but again, it's an expected type of atrocity that people can mutter about, but really no one is completely shocked. Another aspect of the murder of Elia and her children is that is was done in 'the heat of the battle'. A poor excuse, but (again), it's an expected excuse and rationale. A lie that people accept to paper over the rougher parts of reality. The Red Wedding was meticulously planned in cold-blood and a scandalous breach of a custom that society respects.
  9. Gertrude

    Interlocking Sansa and Tyrion.

    I see that point of view, and I think that's been mainly true up to this point. I admit, I'm kind of projecting Tyrion's future development into this scenario. the Tysha reveal is a complete bombshell for him. She did love him after all, he is lovable. With Shae, he was working on the premise that no one could love him like that. After climbing out the other side of the bottle and self-loathing, I think he's going to have a different approach to romantic relationships. If Sansa gets to grow and change, then Tyrion should also.
  10. Yeah - the Red Wedding was a war crime. Kind of akin to bombing churches or hospitals - there are some lines that aren't crossed and there need to be consequences. And I really take exception to the assertion that Jaime is the only guilty Lannister. Um, no? The entire situation is a consequence of the incest. If the Lannister twins aren't committing treason on the regular and popping out treason babies, then we have no story.
  11. Gertrude

    Interlocking Sansa and Tyrion.

    I don't hate the idea of Sansa and Tyrion together. I would hate it if she were just manipulating him. They do compliment each other nicely and could have made a good match of it in better circumstances. At the time of their marriage, however, that was not possible. Sansa was in survival mode and Tyrion was a hated Lannister - end of story. As the OP mentioned, the bit about Sansa that always sticks with me is how she learns from those around her, but the lessons she learns has a Sansa spin to it. She learns a lot from Cersei, but she decides that she does not want the people to fear her, but to love her. And I think she truly means that. If she were to have no regard for Tyrion, she's smart enough to realize that he'd see through it and would resent and come to hate her for it. Her better option here is to have an honest and civil relationship with him and see how it develops. That's not to say she can't use mild (non-malicious) manipulations on him, but not thick manipulation or outright lies. As an aside, I disagree that Tyrion doesn't deserve a happily ever after in love. Yes, he's done horrible things, but horrible things have been done to him as well. Tywin was intimately involved with the fate of Tysha and Shae and how Tyrion responded to those situations. Tyrion may not think he deserves a happily ever after, but that's his issue to resolve. Everyone deserves love if they can find it.
  12. Yeah, I don't think even the Lannisters have enough gold to pay for all the damages done to the land and people. Not sure how Tyrion is heir to the kingdom, but let's roll with it. (are you thinking Tyrion Targaryen?) I think his marriage to Sansa is enough of a blood tie to the Straks. Let the Stark heir marry who they wish. Bolton's are eradicated and lands given away, obviously. That house needs to go. Probably not to Jeyne, however. She needs to be taken care of, but lands as large as the Boltons need to have a strong leader to survive the upcoming winter. While she may grow into it, I don't see her being that soon and she is alone enough that she doesn't have anyone to trust and give good guidance. Assure her comfort and safety in another way. I assume ridding the North of unwelcome Ironborn/Bolton men is a given. The North should decide what to do about the wildlings and the crown should back them. Perhaps give the Starks a permanent seat on the small council as they are the largest and most remote of the kingdoms and them breaking off is not really an option in this scenario. It can be filled with whomever they choose to represent them. Good luck getting Blackfish to marry anyone. He didn't do it for his brother, he's not going to do it for a niece he doesn't know or a Lannister king. Let him do his own thing and Edmure takes over. Freys are tricky. Personally I think that the perpetrators should be tried and executed and their lands and titles should be stripped from the remaining family. You get into the question of 'should children be judged by fathers' actions'. In the case of the Red Wedding, I say yes. That is a grievous wrong, basically a war crime. But then you'd have to blame Tyrion for Tywin's part, yada yada. Then again, there is a good case to be made that by murdering Tywin, Tyrion has revoked any and all ties to his father. Edmure should get to decide Roslin's fate. He may forgive her as the mother of his child, or he may have her executed as a conspirator (which she was, however reluctantly) I don't see Jaime or Cersei surviving the war, but Kevan's hands are not entirely clean, even if he's not entirely guilty either. Yes, gold reparations are a start. Not enough to cripple them as they have their own people to take care of, but enough that it slows them down. Forgiving the royal debt is a good start, as well as relief for the North and Riverlands. Minimize their power, shut them out of King's Landing. Forgiving the debt accomplishes this as well. I don't think any marriages into this family is advised. You don't want them to become too bitter and nurse a grudge, but it was Cersei and Jaime who ultimately caused the War of the Five Kings and House Lannister should not be rewarded for that. Perhaps a combined Lannister/Stark/Tully fleet that all contribute to but answers to none (maybe the crown or a joint council) to patrol the coasts and keep the Ironborn from raiding. It's not a marriage pact, but it is mutual cooperation and protection. If any additional marriage pacts are made, I think that marrying Edmure's son (son, right?) to any of Tyrion/Sansa's future daughters would be the best move. The Starks are pretty removed from this, but Sansa would be on the throne and Rickon/Bran/Arya's nephew would become king. that's not an insignificant perk. Help for the North in surviving the winter would be helpful. And reinstating some sort of provision for manning the Wall, if it's still relevant, would also go over pretty well, I think. Not sure why the Darry women can't produce Darry heirs - they don't have to take their husband's name. And in my scenario, the Darry/Frey women wouldn't have a home at the Twins anymore, so the Darry castle is a natural fit. That only covers what we know as of right now. Dany and Aegon are gonna shake things up so much more and we don't know who is gonna side with whom and who else needs to be taken down a peg or who needs to be rewarded, etc. Or who is going to be alive. Interesting think to think about though.
  13. Gertrude

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/24/business/brett-kavanaugh-yearbook-renate.html Dude, while I don't think there is any place where Kavanaugh outright lied in a way that you can say 'aha, gotcha', I also have some serious misgivings about his overall truthfulness. He's technically or plausibly truthful rather than actually truthful. Look at that 'poem' above and tell me whether it's more believable that they were boasting sexually about Renate (kisses or otherwise) or if it was a mutual admiration society as Kavanaugh claims. I've thought he was not telling the whole truth before Ford's accusation came out. It's not plausible that he didn't know about the stolen emails from Leahy. Sure, maybe he believed it at the time and was ok with receiving information via spying, but to deny that he never suspected they were stolen even after that whole scandal surfaced at the time is highly implausible to me. If he's not lying, he's too dense to sit on the bench at any level. The other thing that really stuck out to me during the last hearing is that he would not commit to an FBI investigation. He talked all around it and didn't say yes, do it. This has the appearance of hiding something. There is enough doubt in my mind of his commitment to the truth that I don't want him on the SC. I also absolutely understand why he wants to put his best foot forward with an edited version of himself in highschool/college. If he gives Ford's claim any credibility, there's still a chance he could be charged. I completely get it and to an extent, don't blame him. I just don't want that guy who is more concerned about covering his own ass than telling the truth and believing that will be enough to exonerate him to be elevated.
  14. Gertrude

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    Trump calling on a reporter at his press-conference and mishearing her - https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/10/01/youre-not-thinking-you-never-do-trump-tells-female-reporter/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.864156090f74 You know, every time I think I'm used to Trump and his shit, something blind-sides me. I know this is far, faaaaar from the worst thing he's said or done, but even in the small details he's just such a dick. He can't help it. Seriously, this caught me off guard and I was more knee-jerk angry about this than about some other things that should elicit stronger emotions. Give me back the real timeline, this one sucks.
  15. Gertrude

    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    These judiciary committees are fundamentally unsuited to handle this shit.