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  1. I keep going back and forth trying to decide if the turn-out for the 17th or inauguration or whatever MAGA decides on is going to be an actual thing or not. On one hand, I don't want to underestimate them and I know there are a lot of them. On the other hand - DC is going to be so locked down and they will not messing around with security (hopefully) - are they really stupid enough to think they can achieve their goals before getting a bullet in the head? I don't have a good sense of what preparations either side has and how far they are actually willing to go.
  2. Question for you DC insider types. My House rep (Ashley Hinson - R) has made a fuss about receiving a copy of China Daily. From what I can gather, it's a paper that is delivered to congress (just the house?) automatically. Apparently this has been happening for years and other congress members have raised concerns about it. It has been labeled communist propaganda by the State Dept. So what is this all about? Why would they be receiving this? It seems like a strange thing to get, but I assume there is a reason (I don't automatically assume it's a good reason, however).
  3. It's also fun to watch them argue the principles of net neutrality without realizing that's what they are doing.
  4. But surely this is a clear First Amendment violation and SOMEONE will want to take up their righteous cause and win this for THE PEOPLE! *crickets*
  5. I saw a comment on that clip from a guy from that area (because others were wondering the same thing). He said called out her accent very specifically and said it was pure Wayne Co. memaw sarcasm. His source is having a sarcastic Wayne Co. memaw. So take that with a grain of salt, but I was amused.
  6. I think she means the contrast of the Right's reaction to this shooting and George Floyd (to pick from too many examples) If Floyd hadn't resisted, then this never would have happened. All he had to do was comply. Babbit was unarmed! Why did they shoot her? She didn't deserve that!
  7. I might agree with you if there were enough credible eye-witnesses to testify to that. Second hand "sources say" stuff isn't enough. I'm hoping some of those staffers can be persuaded to tell their story publicly.
  8. So I'm seeing reports that Trump was 'delighted' at the chaos at the capitol, that he refused to act while it was going down and that his lawyer was warning aides to distance themselves from Trump out of caution that they could be caught up in the legal backlash. Is it possible that these aides could be convinced to testify to Trump's state of mind? I have no idea what kind of leverage investigators might be able to bring or how loyal everyone in the room was. I'd like to think someone would speak up, but I am not hopeful.
  9. I am reserving judgement on the officers on the scene. If their orders were to de-escalate and allow entry to avoid further conflict, that's fine. I dislike the "I disagree, but respect you" comment, but don't find that mind-blowingly bad. I'm reserving my ire towards the top officials who let this happen in the first place. There was no way they couldn't have planned to prevent this. In that video, am I misinterpreting it or does a woman(?) in a red hat pull a gun out of her pocket as she nears the top of the steps?
  10. Damn, I know it was a long shot, but I was getting hopeful with the reports that Pence was pissed.
  11. Acting heads have full authority, don't they? Surely there is a chain of command and the next in line would have full powers? Yeah, I'm spitballing cause I don't know how it works, but I can't imagine there would be a vacuum in a transition. Someone has to make decisions.
  12. @Zorral I noticed mine was just deposited, but haven't got the letter yet.
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