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  1. The self-dealing was evident and inevitable. I hardly count this as news at this point. And also, Clintons did it too, doncha know! I've already heard that come up (irregularities about white house gifts/personal gifts) (heavy sarcasm in comparing this to the Clintons, to clarify)
  2. Honestly, I think the thing that has the best chance to bring Trump's support down is if his tax returns show extensive fraud. Not just things that are 'smart business', but a history of out and out, incontrovertible fraud. It's not a high hope, but in talking with my dad (love him) he gets really riled up about the 47% who don't pay federal taxes. I can't logic with him on that, even when I pointed out that as a retiree, he doesn't pay federal taxes. Doesn't matter - it's not fair. Fair is a big trigger with him (again, I can't logic with him about fair/unfair.) He feels this is unfair. If Trump is proven to be a huge cheat and crook and not just a liar, I think there might be enough traction to get his numbers to drop. Maybe I'm just a hopeless optimistic.
  3. I'm glad to see Klobuchar getting some love. I've always liked her a lot. Again, depressed at how the sausage is made where charisma is more important than competence because people are distracted by shiny things.
  4. Gertrude

    US Politics: A Feast for Crows

    I want this investigation to be thorough. I want it to be done right. The drips we're getting aren't enough to draw any firm conclusions (tantalizing as they are). I really hope there is some meat on these bones, but I understand that this all takes patience and I am willing to wait. It's getting really hard, though. I want to see some sweet, sweet melt-down tweets.
  5. Gertrude

    US Politics: A Feast for Crows

    I don't really care that AOC is not perfectly polished and point-perfect, she has a point of view that people liked enough to vote her in. She's their representative, not anyone else's. Just as Steve King is representing a very different viewpoint, but he does speak for the people who voted him in. As someone ahead of me said, we need more people to represent us instead of packing the house with lawyers and professionals and their worldviews. Iowa also has a 29 year old woman we just elected. I know some older people who are upset to be represented by 'a child', but screw that because I hate being represented by a geezer. The House is exactly where we need a wide variety of people - gender, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc. I trust there is enough collective experience to guide the younger members and the younger ones will challenge the system in ways the older generation will have gotten used to as 'just how things work'. We need a good blend to balance everything out.
  6. Gertrude

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Not that I want to wade into proving why I believe what I believe, but I do think he saw a dragon. I know it's probably not really a dragon, and it would be pretty illogical, but I can't dismiss it. My secret heart of heart just believes.
  7. I agree, there are a lot of parallels between the two - like distorted mirror images. I think your theory of King / Queenslaying is slightly off. I think the more apt parallel will be Jaime killing Cersei and Jon killing Dany ... (maybe?). I mean, we're all speculating til we see how the arcs play out, but I think they will both have to sacrifice someone they love for a greater good. Yeah, Jaime is breaking from Cersei, but that doesn't mean he turns off his feelings like a switch. He seems more hurt and regretful than bitter towards her and she was/is a big part of his existence. Jon sacrificing Dany is a huge leap in speculation for a relationship that doesn't exist yet, but if he is Azor Ahai, there needs to be a Nissa Nissa.
  8. Gertrude

    US Politics: A Feast for Crows

    Yeah, you know this is the pussy tape and Trump admitted he said it before he denied it. I know you'll say locker room talk, not admissible in court, not specific enough, etc, but it was an admission that he's predatory scum who doesn't know what consent is. So, no, He didn't admit to grabbing X''s pussy on Y occasion. There, you happy? I am looking forward to the discovery in the Summer Zervos case. I think this is the only active case?
  9. You haaaaad to bring this up :p I won't lie, the pink stretch came to my mind as I was reading this thread too.
  10. Gertrude

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    You know, the Pence thing about women pisses me off more than it should. He has a lot of views that I loathe and should get me more riled up, but this one just gets under my skin in a way that the (sadly) commonplace homophobia, pro-life bullshit doesn't. Aside from the whole temptress trope that's gross, it's denying an avenue of access to him that men get. That's the problematic part. It bothers me to no end that it's the butt of endless jokes and rarely is it called out as being the highly discriminatory act that it is.
  11. Gertrude

    Watership Down

    One of my favorite books. I wrote a college entrance essay on it. I couldn't pick a favorite character, but the scene that always sticks with me is Bigwig fighting Woundwort in the warren and revealing that he is not the leader. It was a huge hell yes moment and I'm still getting all the feels just writing about it here. I also really like the scene where the rabbits are crossing a stream and Blackberry comes up with the plan to make a raft. I really love how you get into the rabbits' heads and understand why Blackberry is so damn clever. As far as the others are concerned, Blackberry is a wizard talking nonsense. I remember being blown away by the epic journey these rabbits undertake and then looking at the map and realizing it would take me a half a day of easy walking. And the mythology woven into the regular story - it's so good. I've always had a sort spot for trickster gods, so this hit all the right buttons for me. I may be due for a re-read.
  12. Gertrude

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    Let me add to this. The Democratic platform is theoretically about leveling the playing field for all Americans. In this situation, Hillary was leveraging her name, power and money to get ahead in the primary - that's what pissed me off. If you can't keep it level in your own party, then fuck off when you promise to do that for regular Americans.
  13. Gertrude

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    I wouldn't count Iowa out quite yet. The Dem gov candidate was particularly uncharismatic and no one I know was really excited about him, but he wasn't Reynolds. Get a good Dem presidential challenger and against Trump. I think we're gettable. Or maybe I am just too hopeful.
  14. Gertrude

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    I had always thought the word Gypsy came from the (false) belief that the Roma originated in Egypt. I think the French called them Bohemien for the same reason (thought they came from Bohemia).
  15. Gertrude

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    In my opinion, the protesters were wrong to do what they did at Tucker's house. No one should feel threatened in their own home or have their family feel threatened. I do hope he stops to think about why he specifically was targeted. He won't, but his name wasn't randomly drawn out of a hat.