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  1. Gertrude

    US Politics - Primary Numbers

    I swear, every time I think "this, THIS is the breaking point. Rs can't deny THIS, right?" I go on a right wing site and see how it's being spun and the fan boys cheering it and I get depressed all over again.
  2. Gertrude

    US Politics - Primary Numbers

    My vote is on shitty candidate. Trump's smear might have swayed a few, but not enough to make him perform this poorly. When you run on "things won't change" and "vote for someone else", the problem might just be Joe.
  3. Sounds painful, but accurate considering the content.
  4. I hope Trump goes after his political enemies. I mean, I don't really, but what will it take for the Rs to say "wow, that's fucked up." So I was planning on caucusing last night, but due to some stupid time-management on my part I was running late and wouldn't have made the cut-off. Chalk up another reason to dislike the caucus system. They were planning on having a virtual caucus, but scrapped that due to concerns about something, so it could have been even worse than it actually was!
  5. This is exactly where I have settled after thinking about how primaries should look. I'd also add in a rotating schedule so that no single region goes first or last every time. Also cut down the fucking campaign season. There is no reason it needs to be two years long.
  6. Bolton just dropped a new nugget. Trump asked Bolton to set up a meeting between Rudy and Zelensky in May. Mulvaney and Trump's lawyer Cipillone were also present. NYT link edit: not that it matters because Lamar set the standard there - he did it, it's just not that bad.
  7. Oh my fucking god, I can't even with Joni Ernst. I woke today to find her newsletter in my inbox. For those of you that remember, she ran on a campaign of "Make 'em Squeal" which is cutting pork and making Washington squeal (in reference to castrating pigs). She ran on cutting waste (failure), repealing Obamacare (failure) and balancing the budget (failure). Anyway, her most recent pet project is eliminating the Presidential Campaign Fund - the money you can donate on your tax form to public campaign funding. It's just sitting there, you know, gathering dust. No one applied for it ... I immediately saw red. Just fucking red in the face and I tore off an email to vent my spleen. I then erased it and took out the curse words and tried to be adult about it - I may have failed a little. I think it was the exclamation point conveying concerned pearl-clutching that may have put me a little over the top. This gets sent on the day the fucking president is going to be acquitted for an illegal campaign favor. The same president that paid off Stormy Daniels in violation of campaign finance laws. The same fucking president who could fill the FEC, but why the fuck would he because they might just slap his wrist and hurt his feelings.
  8. Yeah, the letters I get, but that still doesn't explain the memes. My dad's generation isn't making them, but he sure loves to laugh at them and pass them on. It's not like it's news - it's just making fun of the opposition because they're so obviously stoooopid. I mean, I don't see that kind of thing going the opposite way. Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places?
  9. Don't think I didn't see that. That's why Grassley is a notch higher than her in my estimation. She was doing her best to sit on the fence until the trial got going, now she's just all in.
  10. I am more depressed about the fight for witnesses that I thought I would be. I always expected Trump to be acquitted, but I wasn't expecting the absolute head-in-the-sand brick wall that we're seeing. I underestimated the amount of shame the Rs would be willing to shoulder on this. It's not like the stories aren't going to come out, but is it truly just the short term-gain of primaries? I'd vowed to Joni Ernst to change my registration and actively campaign against her in the primary if she votes to deny witnesses. Not that she cares because she's got her Trump base cheering her on too. But by god, I'm gonna make it my personal mission. I think Grassley has more integrity than her and I never thought I'd say that after he tag-teamed with Palin on lying about "death-panels". A tangent - why does the right like memes so much? Not just the trolly younger generation, my dad sends them to me although I ask him not to. Not just the memes of 'ha-ha, Bernie's a communist!' but the chain-letters with stories of brave patriots who weep for our country and scary immigrants doing bad things, etc.
  11. You know, I've often thought about one of the main differences between the conservative and liberal mindset is that belief in the myth. IMO the conservatives cling to that and believe America is truly exceptional. It's the individual frontier attitude that we haven't outgrown. Liberals love their country just as much as the most jingoistic tea-partier, they are just more aware of our faults and are more open to looking for solutions from outside the American box. It doesn't cover all the differences, but I think it covers a lot.
  12. This is where I'm at. I've called and sent emails to my senators, but that's the extent of it. It's not that I don't care, I just don't think anything will sway the outcome. I just wanted to have stood up to Trump's abuses and have the Rs on record as not giving a shit. It was inevitable that more evidence would leak out and make Trump look even more guilty after he was acquitted, I just didn't expect Parnas and Bolton's words to come out during the trial, so in that way it's turning out better than expected. Sad, but true.
  13. While this is true, Iowa has a pretty good track record of picking the eventual Dem nominee - not as much the R one. I have a hard time believing that we have that much influence just by going first, but I also find it more difficult to believe we have our finger on the pulse of the country.
  14. Gertrude

    US Politics: Show Trials & Tribulations

    And no one is saying don't be critical and not to push back on the things you disagree on. Of course everyone is going to have a different line of what's acceptable and what's a deal-breaker. That's kind of the point. When you're choosing a new friend, you have many options and don't have to surround yourself with people that you deem unacceptable. Siding with Nazis because you like their stance on public transportation might be the best choice if the other choice is the Schmatzis who hate Jews and ALSO hate public transportation. Assuming you don't just nope right out and then all you have is people on the sidelines not voting and just yelling about things they don't like (and punching the occasional Schmatzi), and everyone else who are all voting for the gas ovens.
  15. Gertrude

    US Politics: Show Trials & Tribulations

    Jace, that was a reasoned response, are you ok? Blink twice if you need help.