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  1. Gertrude

    Star Trek Discovery #3

    Don't bother. It was an extra shitty and convoluted explanation so it essentially boils down to 'a wizard did it'. I've just decided to accept it and move on.
  2. Gertrude

    Star Trek Discovery #3

    I like Culber in that I like Stamets and didn't want him to leave or (more likely) stick around and grieve. Culber himself is meh because we haven't really spent time with him, but I didn't like what his absence was doing to Stamets. I have to agree that in the moment, realizing he couldn't follow was good and made sense. It feels like cheating to have both that moment and also figure out a way to get him back. That and this show is kind of off the rails and their course correction is pretty rough. I just want it to get to a point where the storytelling is coherent and not splashed all over the place so whatever it takes to get there, fine, just do it soon. I also feel like they are seeding the spin offs too hard to the show's detriment - Sect 31 and Enterprise/Pike, cause that's what the Number One cameo felt like to me.
  3. Yep. I bought it when Booker was helping shovel people out of a snowstorm when he was mayor, but not anymore. And Gillibrand - that's what I was thinking about when I mentioned her. She was determined to be the leading voice on that issue and jumped too far ahead of it IMO. That and an interview I saw her give where she gave an 'impassioned' speech about ... some belief she has or something. It came off as trying too hard and very phony. Had a hard time concentrating on what she was saying because of how she was saying it. Look, I know politicians are calculated, but don't make it this easy to spot. OK?
  4. Hells fucking yeah. I've been saying this for years. I get that the US is very large and the candidates do need time to campaign. (but not two fucking years!) Divide the US into regions, primaries on the same day (or within a few days), then on to the next. Rotate the order and there you go. I would fucking love that.
  5. (Jussie Smollet attack for reference) This is the main reason I don't like Booker. He is an opportunist and grand-stander and I don't really trust he has core beliefs other than self-promotion. Gillibrand too, to a lesser degree. I mean, politicians in general are self-promoters and lime-light hogs, but he seems to do it especially clumsily. We're not supposed to see through the act so easily.
  6. Gertrude

    Star Trek Discovery #3

    Again, theoretically it was interesting but I wasn't really invested. Glad Culber is back, so tech-babble hand wave away, I don't care. Also the huge hate boner some people have for this show is ridiculous. As the show starts we see Burnham running down the corridor - two separate podcasts mentioned how ridiculous she looks running (they also call her Mikey because, I guess it's demeaning and all the cool kids are doing it?. I saw her running and thought she had good form (cause she did - you pump those arms girl). I swear I don't seek them out, but youtube throws them at me and I watch everything else so think, well, sure - I'll see what they have to say. Then I remember why they suck. It's ok to hate this show, I'd just really rather it be for actual reasons and not because of it being not true Trek enough or too SJW. If you're describing with venom the way a character runs, perhaps you've crossed a line too far.
  7. Gertrude

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    He ded. These recent polls have made me think about how popular these 'crackpot' theories really are. Not many get a lot of support, but the ones answering them are just a small slice of the fandom that are still sticking around. I still don't know what that says about the popularity of tinfoil, but I really didn't expect some of these to be so one-sided.
  8. Gertrude

    Star Trek Discovery #3

    I want to like this show more than I actually like it, sadly. It still feels like set-up and not very interesting in the present, but there's potential for interesting things, so I'm just waiting it out.
  9. I'm not disputing either of those things. I'm still a bit bothered seeing pundits fall over themselves to interview the 'Big Names' and hope and pray Beto runs because he's cool.
  10. I think I've said this before, but I think Trump won the one one one debates with Hillary. She didn't play to her strength (competency) and he did play to his. She basically just keep repeating 'can you believe this guy?' when IMO she should have been demonstrating that she knew some shit about policy and Trump abso-fucking-lutely did not. So yeah, Harris would be stellar in a one on one with Trump and I would pay to see that smack-down. That's not an endorsement, it's way too early for me to get caught up in this shit except for general impressions. Why the fuck don't we limit campaign season in this country? We're going to have people campaigning for two years instead of doing their actual jobs. Also I'm actually really bothered by the lack of attention Gabbard is getting from the media. There is more talk and speculation about Bernie, Biden and Beto than a candidate who has actually declared. Gillibrand has dropped off the map too as far as coverage and talk as far as I can tell. I know there's no obligation to give equal coverage, but I'm uncomfortable with the Kingmaker status they have. It's not new, I know, but it seems more pronounced this time, maybe because I'm paying more attention or maybe because there are so many candidates or who knows.
  11. Yeah, I can't imagine Biden even getting close to the nom. Just my personal impression.
  12. Thank you both - filing away all this info
  13. Cracow is probably too far east for us to make it easily. Is the countryside near the German/Czech border with Poland nice? I'd happily spend time in a small town or shop in a local grocery store. Pretty much we're going to be happy just to be there, but any little hidden gems are a bonus.
  14. Hmm, not sure about a boat trip, but Bad Shandau is a name I recognize from maps and looking at possibilities. Good to know it's scenic around there. What about the border near the Bavarian Forest? Saw a city that looked like a possibility - Passau. Swerve into Germany above the forest or through it and head to Passau then cross over to Austria. We're probably going to head a little north from Praha, then west and then south around to Brno and head north again. Roughly.