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  1. This is exactly how I feel. They are good and enjoyable to watch, but I haven't been grabbed yet.
  2. Well, just seeing naked bodies is titillating enough for most. It's not like I expect them to go out of their way to make it sexy with perfect lighting and angles, etc. That is not the purpose of the sex scenes. The quick and easy flash of skin - yeah, that's the intentionally titillating part and why they like to go there in this franchise.
  3. Ah, glad to see that. It was a good decision.
  4. I'm guessing doggie style is because you can see both actor's faces, so is just easier. The sex scenes are not meant to be sexy.
  5. Yeah, the tourney was violent by any standard. Like I said though, it does a lot of work through symbolism. It showcases Daemon's violence as well as showing the stupidity of it all as we watch Aemma in her own fight to the death. And yes, that was very traumatizing, and I am glad they went there. Women face death just like the men, they just don't get to wear cool armor and have cheering crowds adore them.
  6. Well, Viserys was given the choice of losing his wife or losing his wife and child, so I don't think he did anything wrong, just had a really hard choice to make. (well, he could have actually told her instead of letting her figure it out in terror, so maybe point conceded) Also, I think the violence of the tourney worked really well juxtaposed to the birthing bed. Highlighted the differences between the battles both sexes have to face as well as showing the needless violence of the tourney for entertainment.
  7. Look who doesn't live in a state with copious pig farms. (oops, sniped by karaddin, but I stand buy it.)
  8. My first thought was that by buzzing his hair, it makes the red less obvious, but it's still kind of obvious, so .... *shrug* Am I the only one who is not particularly a fan of the art style of the Origins? The substance is fine, but the art style is not my cup of tea.
  9. What the actual fuck? This is a no-brainer right? Even those bozos should realize they are idiots to vote against this.
  10. I hope this is a good sign of things to come. The leak of the upcoming repeal of RvW has enraged me. I thought I was enraged on Jan 6th, but this one hit very much different. It feels more personal. An attack on me as a woman, me as an atheist having to adhere to Christian standards. This right was just a given to me growing up and I knew nothing else and it rocked me that it could be so callously tossed aside. I know the Queer community can also feel the target shifting more directly onto them. I don't really have a lot of hope that as a nation we can get a Dem supermajority. It would be great, but I'm not hopeful. I am, however, more hopeful about local elections. Maybe this will be the thing that gets people to care about their state legislature and how they shape our lives. Iowa has felt pretty damn red for a while now, but it was just 10 years ago when we legalized gay marriage, so I still feel we could be at least purple. And I hope this is the issue that gets young Iowans to the polls to make a difference. Use the Millennial numbers game to our advantage and override the Boomer majority. Gen X will, once again, not be a factor :p
  11. Hey, I've been to North Pole and had my picture taken with Santa, but I don't think he was the mayor :p My parents used to send us letters from Santa thanking us for our wish lists to North Pole. The post office would mail the letters from there so they have the North Pole postmark. And it goes without saying that I think Santa Claus would be a much better pick than Palin. Hell, Deez Nuts would be a better pick than Palin. I really hope Santa wins.
  12. Nah. 8:00 - 3:30 was the standard I remember as well. If you don't count the lunch break (1/2 hour) then you're at 7 hours and that sounds about right.
  13. I just saw the Kim Reynold from Iowa was chosen to give the rebuttal to the State of the Union address. I'm sorry we're inflicting her on the rest of the nation.
  14. In my head I don't see Rand leading the Aiel to Tear nearly as compelling, but I'm not a writer. The idea of them randomly showing up to Tear is easily explained by the magic plot device of ta'veren. I also think they've kind of seeded the thought of the Aiel out and about searching with the Aiel in the mining town. I'm not sure how you get Mat, Egwene and Moiraine into Rhuidean with Rand if they don't go together - again, write something different, I know. I also kind of dislike the idea of seeing the glass columns before we've really spent time with the Aiel. It just seems like a lot to put into a season that already has the Horn. I can see combining Rand's book 2/3 because he doesn't do much in 3, but 2 and 4 has a lot for him. We'll know in a year I guess. If we don't get Dumain's Wells, I fear the fan base will well and truly riot. There is only so much you can cut. I do hope it's the end of the Shaido however - a very good place to excise them as a cohesive group.
  15. Yeah, I don't know how the story flows well if Rand goes to Rhuidean before Tear. There's just so much in the waste. The aftermath of Couladin and the Sahido breaking away doesn't seem as urgent if you switch the order. They let the Shaido just do their thing while they detour to Tear, fulfill a quick prophesy or two, then clean up their mess. Again, things can be written around, but why does Mat even go to Rhuidean with Rand in this scenario? Like I said, things can be written around, but there's plenty of things to happen without pulling in the Aiel in full force yet. Just my opinion.
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