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  1. Honestly, I have always had a hard time seeing a truly happy ending for Jon or Dany in the books. I've always thought one would die ... I was thinking as a heroic sacrifice during the Long Night, but this works too I guess. I keep coming back to the fact that Jon is resurrected and I just don't really see a good end with that. Dany always seemed destined to not get the throne, so I was betting on her for the heroic death (oops).
  2. That's the problem, In the show we only know about 5 people. Given this situation, sure, why not Bran? If this is book canon, there needs to be a looooot of explanation and development to get me to this headspace. Right now I just picture an 8? year old boy with a cute crush on Meera and who's still violating Hodor regularly because he can.
  3. I just don't even really have it in me to rant. I feel dead inside regarding the show.
  4. Sansa's end was the only satisfying part of the finale.
  5. Gertrude

    Unpopular Opinion: Support Daenerys

    Monarchs do that all the time though? That's kind of the point of being King / Queen. Anyway, tangent.
  6. Gertrude

    As much as some hate how this season has played out...

    I am relieved it is going to be done. I want to get this out of my system and immerse myself back in the books. Call me a snob, but I am looking forward to having the fandom revolve around the books again.
  7. Gertrude

    Anyone seen this? (F&B article from EW)

    I couldn't agree more with Gendelsdottir. I don't even think you have to have read F&B to get the very broad themes that the article mentions. We get it. It's not that it doesn't have an explanation, it's that the show did it poorly. You can make it work when you look at all the pieces, but it didn't happen organically. The solution (Mad Queen) was given to us and the work to get there wasn't fully shown.
  8. Gertrude

    Little detail I caught re-reading the books

    There is a house in the Vale with a winged chalice sigil. House Hersy. Pennytree is in the Riverlands. He might have been inspired by having seen the Hersy sigil, but I don't have reason to think he was lying about where he was from.
  9. I didn't have an end point in mind because I was enjoying the ride so much. If I had to pick the things I was fairly certain about, it would be R+L=J, but not that he would be king. Dany or Jon dies (probably as a sacrifice against the Others}, and Jaime killing Cersei, not in anger, but as a parallel to the mad king situation or as a mercy killing. I'd prepared myself that he would always love her, but I'd hoped that he would pull himself away from that toxic relationship. So far, that's the one that's taken the biggest hit from the show. It's not that I can't see the show ending for them happening, it's just that I needed time to set that up. In the books, Jaime has just burned her letter, after all. Hard to shake so many years of that impression just because D&D say so.
  10. After episode 3, I went searching for them. I lost what little excitement for the show I had left and just wanted to know how it all ended. Oddly, it has increased my enjoyment a little. It sounds much worse when reading it in bullet point form. The production and actors can really sell some of the bullshit the writers are peddling.
  11. Gertrude

    Contemporary sources on the 5 year gap

    I only picked up the books after the third was published because I thought it was a trilogy. I had been reading Wheel of Time and was resistant to picking up an unfinished series so waited for the "last" book to be published. I can't say for sure what gave me that impression, but I do know I was aware of the books before the third was published and decided against it at the time.
  12. Gertrude

    Lady Hornwood's last meal? Me thinks not...

    For sure. After reading about Reek's experiences, I think this jumps out on a re-read as the most likely explanation. I think Reek specifically talks about gnawing on his fingers to relieve the pain.
  13. Gertrude

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    Oh absolutely. I don't know what the scenario is (trial by combat, putting him out of his misery, etc) but that's what I want for him, to ultimately find peace and put away his anger. I don't want the Hound to kill Gregor, I want it to be Sandor.
  14. Gertrude

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    Right. I'm just more wary now that we've had the example of Jaime in the show. I'm not convinced his book ending and show ending are the same, but I can now see a version (a much better written version) where Jaime does go back to Cersei after burning her letter. In the same vein, I can see a version where Sandor does find peace, but circumstances rekindle the Hound. That's all I'm saying.