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  1. Gertrude

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    Well, congress could fix this through legislation, but since congress is so fucking broken and useless, there's little hope on that front.
  2. Gertrude

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    hmm ... abortions, breakup of families, violent movies and video games. And our culture is significantly different from other developed nations in which of these factors? That's right, none of them. Maybe we should look at the gun part of our culture, just a thought.
  3. Gertrude

    Laurel or Yanny?

    It was Yanny all the way, then I heard Laurel in a different clip and I can't switch back. And for the record, the dress was gold and white. This shit is so stupid and trivial and I love it. I've always been interested in how people perceive the world around them and how my 'green' is not your 'green'. eta: oh shit - I just listened to the clip that FB actually linked and it was Yanny. Hmm. I should check out the actual source of the clip, but I'm lazy.
  4. Gertrude

    US Politics: The Ides of Mueller

    I get having to use the internet for your job, but that’s not the same as a personal profile that we are talking about. Hobbies are entirely optional. I have internet dependent hobbies too, so I get it, but it is optional. As for the time/money angle - it can be done, yes even for people with families and jobs. Maybe I have a different perspective as I grew up without internet. My parents still write checks and buy stamps, so it’s possible. It’s not as convenient, obviously, but it’s possible. Lots of people live off the grid because it’s important to them for whatever reason. They draw their lines differently than you and I do. All I’m saying is that if something is convenient, there’s a price to be payed and people (in general) happily gave up personal information for the convenience and entertainment value of it all and trusted that things are ok because if it was bad, there’d be laws against it, right? I guess that’s the point. There’s every reason to fight it and try to hold companies and governments accountable for best practices, but the genie has been out of the bottle for a long time now. I don’t see how it can be put back in the bottle without a lot of political will and, frankly, I have about zero hope for that. I honestly think that something a lot more catastrophic than micro-targeting and harvesting will have to happen before enough people find their voices and be loud enough to make officials/companies even think about getting serious about it instead of band-aiding the problem. And on a personal note, I don’t know that you weren’t outraged about it before the CA stuff, but your earlier quote about it happening faster than anyone imagined, or ‘what’s to be done about it, really?’ Made me think you were one of the people who might have been surprised at where this all led. And I might be wrong, but your two stances of ‘what’s do be done about it?’ And ‘if people accept this as the new normal, no one will fight for it’ don’t seem to square.
  5. Gertrude

    US Politics: The Ides of Mueller

    My father hasn’t really stepped up to the digital age. He has an email address and an iPad and no social media accounts. Yeah, even that is exposing himself to risk, but he manages to pay his bills and taxes and order plane tickets and talk to friends just fine without doing it online. We don’t have to do any of that, we just want to because it’s super super convenient. And what makes you think there isn’t full data on individuals right now? You’re kidding yourself if you think there isn’t and that it has any real protection. Who’s going to protect it? Companies who can make a buck off it? The government, run by people who don’t understand tech and couldn’t agree on a solution even if they did? Government is too slow to keep up with the pace of the evolution of technology. You said yourself any protection is illusory. My opinion is that privacy is dead for all practical intents and purposes and has been for a while. I didn’t say you shouldn’t be outraged. I said no one should be surprised, and if you’re only now getting outraged, then you are surprised. To me this news elicited an eye roll because of course bad actors acted badly and there’s almost zero hope that anything meaningful will be done about it, as much as I would like to see it. There would have to be a serious restructuring of how government regulates private data collection worldwide for anything close to meaningful to happen. And I don’t even know if There’s anything that could be done to effectively shield people. I don’t know if the government really would want to anyway. If a private company collects data more efficiently than they do at their own cost, and if the gov. can basically access it at will, then realistically, what’s their motivation to stop this kind of collection from happening in the first place? And if this kind of collection exists, it’s always going to be vulnerable. That’s how I see it.
  6. Gertrude

    US Politics: The Ides of Mueller

    No, what CA did and Facebook’s practices allowed is not right. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t foreseeable. Any private entity that has a database of customer profiles will sell it. Or the government can request it. Or it can be hacked. So no, just using Facebook doesn’t mean you deserve to be a victim. However, being on Facebook, liking/disliking everything that comes across your feed and feeding it details about your house, your car, your family, your health problems, your job, your excellent breakfast, etc wasn’t the wisest of choices people could have made. I know this sounds a bit harsh, and it’s not my intention to insult or offend anyone (knowing it probably will). I’m just a little confused at the outrage that this could be allowed to happen when it seems like it was inevitable. Not necessarily on this board, per se, but in general. I’ve seen more people react strongly about this than other security breaches like Equifax, etc. I think it’s probably because it feels like it’s more of a betrayal because it’s so personal. Companies never have our best interest in mind and it’s naive to think so. I don’t think it was a sudden thing - people have been selling phone numbers and email lists forever now. Facebook is that on steroids and always has been. And yes, I use FB too. It’s convenient to keep up to date with our large group of close friends. I post in the private board we have and that’s it. I wish we could agree on another medium, but it always migrates back to FB because of the convenience factor. So yeah, I’m part of the problem too, but I try to limit my footprint. I don’t think anyone is saying don’t use the internet, you just have to be realistic about the possible repercussions and make the decision about where you draw the line. This was always a probable outcome.
  7. Gertrude

    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Yeah, that looked like a fun bit of nonsense, but the only way I see to sign in is through Facebook and fuck that. eta: OK, looking into it further, it depends on Facebook and your friends list to work so double and triple fuck that.
  8. Gertrude

    US Politics: The Ides of Mueller

    Sessions just fired McCabe. What a spineless piece of shit toady for a petty, vindictive man. Holy shit, what a joke. edit: Story
  9. We do know that Eric Trump bragged about having access to millions of dollars from Russia to invest in their golf courses from an interview from a few years ago. To my knowledge we don’t know the details, but that’s something straight from the horse’s mouth prior to Trump’s campaign.
  10. But, but ... then how would they know who has the biggest dick?
  11. I remember in middle school one of my teachers brought a hunting rifle to school to clean at this desk while we were studying once. He mocked pointing it at me when I wouldn’t be quiet. I wasn’t alarmed, just annoyed. (Early 80s). My mom was in the high school rifle club and shot live rounds (early 60s). I was thinking those things are obviously relics of the past, but lol - nope. That asshole teacher I had would be the type who would want to be armed. He was decent overall, but he was a hard ass and liked ‘scaring’ kids. I once saw him lift a girl and her entire desk to pin her up against the wall for chatting in class. She wasn’t hurt, just really fucking startled. That was his MO. To his credit, he was a good teacher and generally had good relationships with his students, but he also had some legit anger issues. Heard years after that he was close to getting fired a few times for pushing the line between discipline and abuse (abuse is probably too strong a word, but I think you get it). I don’t know if I would have felt safe if he had been armed for my protection, you know?
  12. I don’t know that I’ve seen him sell an idea so hard in his entire presidency. It’s not a high bar - he has no real convictions other than the messages he discovered worked for him on the campaign trail. I don’t understand the world the NRA envisions where all the good guys are toting guns thus no crime and evything is sunshine and bullet casings. I genuinely don’t understand it. I watched La Pierre’s speech and I am now dumber for having done so. Such a pile of absolute shit.
  13. Gertrude

    US Politics: Loyalty Oaths for Everyone!

    I personally want his destruction to come from his own past and present deeds. Every president runs the risk of ruining his own name or future earning potential because of their deeds in office. If they haven't done anything illegal, then that's all they lose. I personally think Trump and his business associates are dirty as hell and want his downfall to come from his past and present actions that he is highlighting because of his ill-advised bid for the presidency. I'm not sure what you think I am advocating, but I want to see a little justice done. If I am wrong and Trump is squeaky clean, then I don't get to witness his ruin and I'm deeply disappointed. But that's it and it's done. If he's not, then I want to see the full power of the law come down on his head. It's not his policies that I want to punish, as much as I might disagree, but his personal behaviors. Why is that a bad thing? Why have laws if we don't enforce them?
  14. Gertrude

    US Politics: Loyalty Oaths for Everyone!

    This is what I want for the Trump legacy and I want Trump to live to see how royally he fucked things up. Normally I am not so vengeful, but Trump's hubris in thinking he can wing his way through being president and not give one single fuck about taking his job seriously and see it as a way to expand his brand and personal wealth... just fuck him and his complicit family. (Tiffany has done a good job at distancing herself, so she's aight. Barron too, obviously. Melania tied her wagon to the Donald and even though she seems by every measure not to want or support his presidency, she's still with him, so she deserves some of the blame too.)
  15. Meh - I'm not sure where this is going. I've discovered something odd - my enjoyment of this series depends a lot on what I think the potential is, not what is happening in the moment. Coming back to a war-time footing is one of my least favorite ways this might have gone. And they killed (... maybe?) Lorca, so boo. I don't know what they could have done with super evil Lorca, tbh, but they didn't have to make him mustache-twirling evil to begin with. There are lots of reasons a person might want to overthrow an emperor who doesn't draw the line at eating Kelpian flesh. Unless he just signed on for a year and done, if so, then carry on.