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  1. Shpati


    Skagosi take down the Dreadford with Unigoats; while Stannis brings down Winterfell.
  2. Yea I know. I didn't mean to imply if the series will ever be finished or not. I was just saying that it will have to be 9 books in total.
  3. Shpati

    What should we expect from the Vale?

    There will be a civil war inside the Riverlands provoked by Petyr and the Vale. Which will lead to a partitioning of the Riverlands. Most of it will go to the Vale, with a little to the Westerlands. The Vale might even take the Twins. The Vale will NOT go to the North.
  4. The series will end up being 9 books anyway. A trilogy for each of the trilogies that were planned at first (Game of Thrones, Dance with Dragons, Winds of Winter). The first 5 books were honestly mostly political based (Game of Thrones). So we are still in the Game of Thrones stage of this series, imo. Let's hope he doesn't make 5 books for the others. We still haven't got the invasion of Dany and her army. GRRM can probably sum up that story in 2 books. But let's say 3 to be safe. Then you got the Others (Winds of Winter), which I think will being another 3. So I think he will eventually run out of titles, and he should opt to go with "Part 1/Part 2".
  5. Shpati

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    Spoilers from a recent GRRM interview with Neil Tyson
  6. Shpati

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    I think so. I see Jon being mostly absent from tWoW. And coming back in the end, but more as a prophetic/fantasy character, not your "Lord". Whereas, Rickon will be the new Lord of Winterfell. Robb Dead. Jon half dead. Arya a faceless assassin. Sansa may have a shot as Winterfell, but she can't carry the Stark name. So that leaves Rickon, imo. He may be a puppet lord for a while, but eventually he will turn into a wild wolf. So, in the show, I think Rickon's story was given to Jon to some extent
  7. That's what I never understood. I thought it was pretty ambitious to say it will just be one large book when you already have 200 pages to add from the previous book. GRRM is always going to want to expand, tell a little side story, add more details. Not the other way around.
  8. I actually wouldn't mind a Part 1/Part 2. That just shows the the book and story was always going to be large. I always expected that. I mean, this is the Winter finally. The whole series was building up to it. There was no way it was just going to be one book. I'm not even sure why GRRM and everyone were kidding themselves. However, if he does a geography split like aFfC and aDwD, then yes that is bad news, as it shows that the main characters are still going their own ways and not coming together.
  9. Of course I've read countless theories of what's to come in tWoW. There's some with such clear evidence that I think there is a 90% chance of it being true. I arrived to the ASOIAF series and this forum quite late. So I don't know how it was between the release of aSoS-aFfC and aFfC-aDwD. Anyway, between the release of aSoS-aFfC and aFfC-aDwD, what were some really popular theories? What popular theories ended up right? What popular theories ended up being wrong?
  10. That's a tough one. Roose can be contradicting. He's against kinslaying but is a rapist and oathbreaker. He gave Ramsey lordship even though he knows he is a bad guy, and lets him do all kinds of things and even uses him a personal fallguy. Tywin was going to let Tyrion die even though he knew Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey. For this reason, I must go with Tywin. He's basically the one who got Roose to do what he did against Robb Stark. Truthfully, if I were to think about it again. I'd change my mind to Roose.
  11. Are there any castles in Westros that would do ok against a dragon attack? Or is it all the same?
  12. Shpati

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    I think Roose may have a reason to write the letter. His men are getting hateful inside Winterfell. They are about to turn on him [Roose] and each other. He senses it. He knows Manderlys are not the only House planning a plot. And a good way to unite all the houses inside Winterfell would be to have them kill a bunch Wildings together. Or have the Wildings join Stannis. That way he could have all/most the Northern Houses unite by viewing Stannis as an enemy since he is allied with Wildings. Houses like Umber might put their conspiracy plans aside to beat the Wildings.
  13. I read a lot of theories about the Pink Letter. And many suggest that Mance or Dustin wrote it (maybe both together). She has the most knowledge about the details in that letter. Anyway... my question is why? Why would one write such a cryptic letter hoping Jon gets the details that these theories suggest? Why would they think that is a smart idea? What were they trying to get Jon to do? If their letter plan was a success, what would be the outcome and what would they gain? Were they just trying to get Jon to march on Winterfell with a bunch of Wildings? Would that even help? I guess if that was the plan, it makes sense to enrage Jon as much as possible so he can break his vows and leave. But I think it would make more sense to just write that Arya is still captured and suffering, and that Stannis needs more troops if he is to have a chance. That way he can statically meet with Stannis or another anti-Bolton army. It seems like the only clear intention in this letter was to get Jon killed which Ramsey would want. If Lady Dustin's hatred is higher than expected, she might want Jon Snow dead too, but I think not. And Mance might want this because Snow is still a Crow. But I don't think he would sacrifice all his freefolk at the Wall.
  14. Shpati

    Least favourite POV character per book

    aGoT: Between Jon or Dany... They weren't bad, but they were just my least favorite. I was really focused on the Starks versus Lannisters in this book and found myself focused on that even when reading Jon and Dany chapters. aCoK: Dany... Once again, not bad. Dany in Book 2 was actually my favorite then her other POVs. I really liked Qarth. Much more than Slavers Bay. aSoS: Dany... There was just so much going on in Westeros, that I didn't even care about all these Slaver Bay factions aFfC: Brienne... A huge choir, and the reward was quite predictable since it was almost a mirror of the aSoS Epilogue aDwD: Tyrion... Another huge choir, but this time with no reward
  15. If Tommen & Myrcella die, do you think it will strengthen Stannis's claim? Will it make any difference? In my opinion, I think most of the major houses know that Tommen & Myrcella are not Baratheons anyway, so they don't go by the traditional hierarchy. There's a lot of things keeping these houses in line and keeping fealty to King "Baratheon", but I don't think it's proper lineage.