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  1. Maladon Moore was alleged to have been involved in the death of Ceryse Hightower, it was not proven. But he was found guilty in the death of Tyanna of the Tower and was executed for it. So I don't know why someone keeps adding that back in on the Kingsguard page.
  2. As I already said the immediate predecessor and successor (if they're known) is always in the body of the text. And as The Wondering Wolf points out above the templates at the bottom of the page make it easy to navigate through the titles and offices. So in my opinion it's redundant to have it a third time in the infobox.
  3. Do the predecessor and successor really need to be listed in the non-royal character infoboxes, when it's usually mentioned in the body of the text and always found at the bottom of the page anyway? For example, Otto Hightower has five different characters listed as predecessor and successor as Hand of the King. Which I personally think over clogs the infobox.
  4. Should the statement that Barristan Selmy was the first Kingsguard ever to be dismissed in its history be adjusted for the new info on Robin Massey and Robert Darklyn or does that still stand? (On the Kingsguard page under Joffrey I Baratheon)
  5. Should the knights Robin Massey and Robert Darklyn who King Aegon III named to his white cloaks but the appointments were later set aside by Lord Unwin Peake be added to the Kingsguard page?
  6. Welcome to the forum. One and all!
  7. The Kingsguard does not flee.

  8. Hello, don't post here much but I go by Foxyboy23 on the wiki.
  9. Yeah, the same thing was happening to me early today, making you scroll to the up of the page but stop after a few refreshes. Can't say what ad it was tho, sorry.
  10. Greeting to one and all. Welcome to the forum newbies!
  11. Hello to one and all, been here for awhile but haven't posted before. So here I am.
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