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  1. So many people liked it because so many people watched it!
  2. Easy question to answer. The Last Duel is now available here at home, w/o the risk of spending two hours plus (the coming, the going, etc.) among the massively covid infected local and national populace. Also w/o spending more for the movie theater ticket than the monthly fee for HBO.
  3. One of The Things about Kubrick, is that he directed the film made from novel Lolita, and thus has a whole lot to do with propagating the idea to the audiences that Lolita was a knowing seductress whose wiles made HH kidnap her, rape her repeatedly, and so on and so forth -- also older than was the novel's Dolores-Lolita. Many cannot watch this film w/o this in mind.
  4. That they will lie about the young women with whom JW was working, that they also worked for Polanski (who hasn't even been in the USA since before these women were born) and Allan, with whom not a single one has ever worked either, shows what utter massive assholes they are. Ignorant too.
  5. They Are Saying that the trajectory of omicron drop in NYC is paralleling that of South Africa's. https://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/fast-and-furious-2 Nevertheless the hospitals remain overwhelmed due to the sheer numbers -- https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/01/16/world/omicron-covid-vaccine-tests#in-reporting-a-drop-in-daily-cases-hochul-sees-reason-for-optimism Of course there are those who love showing off their massive asshole who find these numbers, including the victims who are sharing their experience, who contracted breakthrough covid, and found even their 'mild' case very nasty, and thus are so very very very grateful they were vaccinated, to be very big jokes, why yes, they do find that very very very funny, as we see, even here. Shame on those people, just -- shame. But they don't feel shame, so wtf.
  6. They're still at it too, in the responses to today WaPo article on the matter. They even have gone so far as to declare the women went on to work with Polanski and Woody Allan, so, you know, they're just whining about nothing. A lot of those guys are revealing, w/o even noticing, their incel allegience.
  7. We too were told of the unexpected, sudden death yesterday, of one near and dear to us, so running away from the here and now I too picked last night to watch the Last Duel. I was very impressed with what they did do historically right concerning the last third of the 14th century. I was so glad the Black Death and labor shortages and all the other social upheavals that caused got included, among other issues of the time. Those battle scenes! And that the war horses were not ahistorically gigantic Clydesdale sorts, who came along later -- and the armor. This was the great era of plate armor all right. So much about it I liked and which kept my mind occupied, such as the year it opens, the Black Prince was still alive, this was still the Hundred Years War, and aristo families had already spent at least two generations fighting the English, and the English were still committing scorched earth chevauchée from Normandy into the south of France. That Carrouges goes essentially mercenary, as did so many, off-and-on, French and English, due to lack of funds, and so on and so forth. It seemed to me Jodie Comer did a very good job, despite the drawbacks of not really looking like a medieval woman, but then, how could she? The actress, Harriet Walter, who plays the mom of three of the Roy kids on Succession, seemed more convincing in her appearance and manner, as Nicole de Carrouges.
  8. This sudden wokeness re JW has shown up a whole lot too among the biggest fans -- who aren't media people or critics or television-film professionals -- but who were NOT going to put from anybody any criticism of JW or even a suggestion that he was a wife cheater, much less a serial, habitual abuser in the work place. They've never said either, "Oooop, I was wrong, I apologize for yelling, threatening and calling names for suggesting that he was, despite what his wife and the other women said,"
  9. Quite a few of those who, back in the day, when JW's behaviors were first getting suspicioned and / or aired in the media are now among his harshest critics. They even declared his wife's letter was some kind of bs, revenge of jilted wife, whatever -- whereas even in that Vulture interview, which, I guess? he thought would start his reputation's rehabilitation? he even says he cheated on his wife -- with the young adult female actors that he couldn't help cheating with because otherwise he'd feel bad -- on his shows she said he did. What do you all think made these true blue until the end deniers suddenly just start writing as if they always knew he was a bad actor?
  10. Leslie Jones is in Our Flag Means Death! I've missed her.
  11. The only thing my bro hates more than mowing his yard is shoveling and blowing snow and / or melting the ice sheet that often forms on his long, steep driveway. He's the first one out there pounding in the stakes to guide the snowplow when it comes to dig out the community's driveways, and he tests his snowblower all through the summer and fall to be certain its operational (and in late winter he's testing his mower -- engineers, they are like that). He's been very unhappy the last couple of weeks.
  12. Ah, thanks. But there is this, Jeb Stuart is in charge, not Hirst. He's already in edit mode for the second season.
  13. Some of those scenes looked like ones we saw in the Paris siege episodes of Vikings. Is this the Battle of Stamford Bridge? The invasion of King Harald Hardrada, in the 11th century, where King Harold Godwinson defeated him, before having to exhaust-march back south to face the Bastard? Or does this happen during one of the invasions after Hastings? (I just re-read another history covering these 11th C invasions, which is why I can so glibly throw out these events -- however, will I still remember them in such detail a few days from now? ) So I went looking for answers to my own questions. Not sure I found answers, exactly, but there's this: https://collider.com/vikings-valhalla-creator-jeb-stuart-interview-action-storyline-season-2/ The real question that is answered in this interview is, "Die Hard is a Christmas movie," says the director. Hmm. The more bits and bobs I find about Netflix Valhalla, the more they talk about their awesome research into the history, the more they reveal Valhalla just as much as Vikings plays silly buggers with history's chronology.
  14. It's classic abuser behavior and profile, all the way down the hole he doesn't stop digging, even now, after the public implosion of his false front. For the abuser, it's always the fault of someone else and s/he's the victimized one.
  15. Someone very near and dear, only 46, has just died of a heart attack. As far as we all knew, he was very healthy, as well as fully vaxxed, didn't smoke, was definitely fit and not overweight, had no issues -- but he hadn't been able to see a doctor for over two years, as whatever health care was available in his locale got shut down -- including the single pharmacy, and the nearest hospital was a 100 + miles away, and it is both overwhelmed with unvaccinated covid patients, and is in the process of also being shut down by the 'health' conglom that owns it. If he'd been able to see a doctor regularly, if an ambulance and a hospital were decently available, maybe? he wouldn't have died? Yes, with covid and climate change, he was under enormous stress. He leaves behind a wife and 3 young children. She's not going to be able to keep their organic farm operation running now.
  16. You didn't read the article. The writer is on the front lines, treating the infected unvaccinated every day, as he's a doctor. He was speaking, as a fully vaccinated individual, working with covid all day every day, why he expects he won't get it, because he continues all the safety protocols all the time, such as masking, and this is how one doesn't get infected.
  17. Context for some of Thomas Mann's most famous words, such as, “Let me tell you the whole truth: if ever Fascism should come to America, it will come in the name of ‘freedom.’”
  18. I started to read The Madness of Crowds (2021), Louise Penny's latest Gamache Three Pines novel. Early on, it looks as though they never go to Three Pines in this one, though, I thought Gamache had retired there. It is billed as a Three Pines novel -- and Three Pines, it's locale and community, is why I have read all the novels in the series. But already, in the two previous books prior to Madness, were disappointing with little or no time spent there, instead, the one before this one was all Paris. So, I swore I'd never bother with another Gamache, yet, here the book was, in my hands, my eyes on the text. Which text, provided in Penny's narrative voice, right at the start, was different. It was lecturing me about the pandemic in what I swear was Hillary Clinton's lecture voice. It was so off-putting, so unlike the other Gamache novels, I slammed it shut. Ay-up. The solution to the mystery of what has happened to Three Pines in the latest installments a has been found. Penny's star-struck hanging out with Clinton destroyed the community. Ugh. I already knew I wouldn't read their 'collaboration' thriller, State of Terror (2021), in which lady Sec of State saves the world -- just reading the reviews inspired the same revulsion the Clintons inspire. In any case, that collaboration seems to have sunk w/o a trace.
  19. History read/being read in 2022's first month, every one of them well-written, and stuffed with useful, interesting, even fascinating information. Bauer, Susan Wise (2010) History of the Medieval World: From the Conversion of Constantine to the First Crusade. Kelly, Richard (2008) The End of Empire: Attila the Hun and the Fall of Rome. McLynn, Frank. (2015). Genghis Khan: His Conquests, His Empire, His Legacy. Mikail, Alan. (2020) Sultan Selim, His Ottoman Empire and the Making of the Modern World.
  20. Martin Luther King Day. He must be weeping, even though he's in heaven.
  21. "‘I have no intention of getting infected’: understanding Omicron’s severity Experts on whether getting Covid is inevitable and why, despite claims of ‘mildness’, the variant is highly dangerous" https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/16/no-intention-of-getting-infected-understanding-omicrons-severity
  22. I've been enjoying so much the content from Australia and New Zealand that has shown up since pandemic. I've particularly enjoyed the landscapes and sunshine and bright colors -- so different from both the US and Britain (except for Agatha Raisin, with the most vivid colors they can devise -- they're actually characters!).
  23. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/on-television/the-rival-shows-of-yellowjackets
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