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  1. Wish to congratulate how well the actor playing Larys Strong channels John Malkovich playing clubfooted Talleyrand in Napoleon (2002)-- "a turd inside a silk stocking," Napoleon called him in many a favorite history -- throwing him out -- after which the emperor recalls him later, and after that too, Talleyrand emerges as a Real Player at the Congress of Vienna.
  2. This was quite the dragony episode. Honestly, really, at a royal court, is there any frakin' way a queen consort could order the heir to the throne to have her newborn baby brought to her? No. Just. No. Also, no. Rhaenyra's children cannot be bastards by at least some vaguely European medieval blablabla because she is married and her husband is perfectly happy to claim them as his children. And is bastardy an actual problem in this world -- just one of the many 'medievalisms' that are only vaguely referred to, w/o any real consideration. Beyond that, the actor doing Larys is channeling John Malkovich channeling Talleyrand in Napoleon (2002), which includes one of the favorite lines in history of the Napoleonic eras: Napoleon calling out Talleyrand, who is of noble blood -- and also has clubfoot: "You are nothing but a turd in a silk stocking," and sends him packing. (He goes to England, returns, and is still a player at the end of the wars, at Vienna's conference in which the victors divide the spoils.) The actor's got Malkovich's physical and language delivery down pat. Why must we be treated with a scene of Alicent’s first born jacking off over King’s Landing just like what’s his name doing it in HBO's Succession? Puleeeze. Not to mention what a shyte thing to do to this young actor, just for an HBO joke. Why must Harwin be stripped of his position, for protecting the child of the Princess, Heir to the Realm, when Criston who murdered a friend of the groom at the Heir to the Realm's wedding festivities still be hangin' round, hmmm? Gotta say Rhaenrya shows some smarts as a ruler in this episode. Alicent has become a poisonous person all together, filled with victimhood, quite like, um, other siblings I have known. When, how, why did Laena claim this dragon, who is enormous? So must be ancient hundreds of years older than she is, yet seems to be bonded with her? That is a story I'd loved to have seen. And I loved Laena, and wish we had some of her, instead of some of the others. Well, Daemon's again wifeless, though this round one may think soon Rhaenyra will also be husbandless. Sigh. This cannot end well. I also loved Laena's brother, who seems to be a very nice husband. So surely he's not much longer for this world either, since we must get on with the slaughter. Also King V is awfully perky for someone who has been at death's door for about 20 years!
  3. Breaking Down New York’s Long-Awaited Fraud Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Letitia James, the New York attorney general, claims that the Trump Organization illegally obtained hundreds of millions of dollars by systematically exaggerating the value of its properties. https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/breaking-down-new-yorks-long-awaited-fraud-lawsuit-against-donald-trump The key word here is illegality. Lying to the IRS is a crime. Fraud though perhaps more difficult to prove, tends to slip into criminal acts. The article also lays out why it's quite possible that it stays 'just fraud' and 'doesn't really matter.'
  4. You are right! If we can't do overt cruelty to women to entertain us, we swap in horsies! As for the trees, including Norse mysthology's Ygddrasil and the serpent, there are trees throughout Tolkien of significance, particularly magical significance. Not to mention ents, so there I entirely disagree with you. That the series's writers and production ran with the tree imagery and metaphors is creative, imaginative and in keeping. Do not see this as fan fic at all. But then I've never read any fan fic of any kind for anything. I can't think of anything more useless and boring. This thread is about looking at this as what we're getting on the screen in this series, which is why this is the non-book spoiler thread. Evidently this means I enjoy and admire it a whole lot more than lore masters/fanners, who are determined to kill the series and drive away anyone who see this differently. (This applies as much to Got, etc. and ROP.) I honestly don't understand this. But we're seeing even here there are many reasons these days to refer to fan fash, which includes the neofascist party in Italy. Um ... that's what there in the Appendices, isn't it? And we don't want to talk about the Appendices here either, because that's book stuff, and this is the NON BOOK thread. We are talking about what we get on screen. You say the writing is incoherent. It is then, for you., and that's OK, and you can stop watching such inferior stuff -- I do constantly, stop watching stuff that displeases me, due to lousy writing etc., yet many adore that junk. But it's not lousy writing, particularly over all for others -- like I keep pointing out I admire how well they employ visually the tools of creating long (and poetic) narratives, including parallelisms and so on. We come, we take out time, we watch, we are unexpectedly pleased. Others weep.
  5. Ever more Bizarro World: The defense for the fraudster in his NY Fraud Case is everybody knew/knows he was/is a fraudster so therefore it wasn't fraud. https://www.rawstory.com/trump-new-york-ag-2658333546/
  6. So your problem with him speaking generally of currencies is in this situation is ... ? and your problem further with this being quoted in the UK political forum is ... ?
  7. Again -- this is a long article in the New York Times by Krugman. He isn't talking about the pound at all. You too think Twitter and an article are one and the same and Did Not Read past your own assumption. Nowhere in the article's content, and certainly not in the part quoted here that speaks specifically to the false concept of trickle down and tory tax cuts for rich are either 'pound' or 'sterling' to be found.
  8. By the way, the quoted material are the concluding paragraphs of the piece, as one can tell by the position of an ellipsis prior to the first quoted paragraph, while there is no ellipsis at the end of the final paragraph. That's hardly what is considered selective, other than having selected not to quote the entire piece, about which, of course, if it were done, would be criticized too. Krugman's 20 paragraph piece, of which the first 14, plus statistical graphs and charts, show how false the zombie tax cut grows the economy proved to be for the US, particularly in the Reagan years, while the economy actually grew after Clinton repealed them. The last 6 then are Truss, the Tories and Thatcher, and how it is the same damned zombie foolishness proven not to to grow the economy. Which is why I quoted the last 6 paragraphs because those specifically were about the UK and the tax cuts, and the exact same arguments that have been proven not to be true more than once before, and why they don't. Satisfied now, ye olde tory lord?
  9. Is it out somewhere else? Coz here AMC isn't putting up the first ep until Oct. 2. I'll be watching it for Eric Bogosian!
  10. There is so much going on, as there is in the LotR books, it takes a lot of time to process it all, which is why the richness of the experience continues for so many re-readings. As for instance, as mentioned the Big Stranger's arm wound inflicted by creatures of the Dark, paralleled by the Andar scene with an orc's arm wound from the Light - sun. That's just another bit of the thoughtful compositional richness that we are seeing increasingly in this series. I really wish we were going to have 10 episodes instead of the 8. But maybe a lot of people find the visual - event parallelism, metaphors -- the poetry, which is integral to the sense of wonder and enchantment in LotR -- cartoonish? Whereas this brings me joy and delight, particularly since this sort of structural composition is so rarely if ever on tv screens.
  11. Tories always think nobody notices their foolishnesses, thus repeat them over and over and over world without end amen.
  12. Let's not forget what immediately happened to Cuba when romper came in and Bolton got his way, thereby increasing the power and influence of the Miami reichlican fascist/nazi/criminal/authoritarian/warmongers on Cuba -- they not only rolled back the Obama policy, but put in far more draconian vengeance on Cuba than was there originally. Biden's KEPT that, has no intention of anything else. This is a major failure that is all on him.
  13. After episode 5, "Partings" it's official. I love this show. Like all the others except the second one with the endless swimming, this episode moved very fast, while heightening the stakes' tension. I don't know what all is going on, I don't know who everyone is, which is part of why we keep reading LotR too, or watching a program. “Not all who wander are lost,” Poppy's road song – if it is the actor’s voice, that voice is beautiful. The Big Stranger is acquiring language and social education, saves his little group from death by warg/whatever with a Big Power Mover, but is wounded by the saliva/fangs turning his limb black. Goes to a spring, intones words in a language for which closed caption gives no translation, and the water runs up the limb, turning to … ice? But it heals him from whatever it is. The power of it blasts Poppy when she gets caught in it. She runs away. Still don’t think Big Stranger is Sauron, due to the following scene with those closed shaved heads standing around Big Stranger’s landing site. They don’t look … nice. Are they … female ... androgynous? Again loving Durin and Elrond’s relationship. Elrond didn't exactly break his oath, since he discussed with Durin Gil-Galad's insistence the dwarves share the discovery of mithril, that Gil-Falad already knew of the substance and was on watch for its appearance, and why -- and that the Dark was returned. So much depends on friendship and truth, even survival of peoples. The Tree, from First Age, with roots delving multi-branching and deep into the Misty Mountains which magically create mithril, the only substance that magically can preserve the Light for all time. Tolkien’s Nordic reimagining of the mythic World Tree. This kind of building of significance of mithril beyond ‘magic&elves’ into the narrative of the Second Age is lovely, while providing that sense of enchantment that we took from LotR. All the other Trees, as images and metaphorical statements are appropriate to Tolkien thematic use too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is it possible Halbrand is Theo’s father? The dark deeds he committed ... were they as evil as what that villager does to be taken in by Andar? One likes too this mystery of both Halbrand and Andar's characters' seemingly deeply wounded, while each having conflict about their natures, which manifest in different ways -- one fleeing Dark, and then attempting redemption, the other, perhaps, having fled the Light, attempting to find community with the Dark's monsters -- which too, in this show are shown as more complex than Tolkien portrayed them in LotR. We see Galadriel being a little more diplomatic than before. Perhaps she and Halbrand are teaching each other good lessons? Really liked this episode -- it's interesting too that the comic relief, appropriately Tolkienesque mild, comes from Elrond and Durin's relationship. I wonder if I’ll live to see all 50 episodes. Will the world survive to make and broadcast all 50 episodes? In the meantime, I'm looking forward even more to having this to watch back-to-back during dreadful January.
  14. Why don't you check your radars, Windy.com and your airline's flight info online? They will know at least as much as anybody if not more.
  15. It is a false impression, because the policies of one foot, then subsidized everything, has continually made Florida The Place for Cubans to go, and more so all the time because there are ever more families with family members there, who already are wired into that community, and increasingly now, since infancy, or early childhood, and born into it. They are indoctrinated from the gitgo. Ourselves, helping members of a family with whom we've been deeply connected for decades, have put another child into that system, as the group we were able to get there, from TX and New Mexico, as they came via the Mexico route, had family already in Miami. There too, the new Cubans are instantly part of a community who 'gets' who they are, where they can converse, and help them find work -- plus all the government benefits. As many, if not most of these coming in don't believe in government anyway, certainly not since Fidel let go the reins, they don't care either, so are perfectly happy and / or indifferent to our situation with the magas, etc. And again, for decades, Florida is The Place to go for canceled politicians and criminals, whether drugs, gunrunning, coups, failed elections from everywhere in Latin America -- not to mention where the wealthy go to shop, have second homes and so on. There are no liberals among these for sure. And many a 'white native' retiree have never given a damn about government either (such as family members' exes, and so ), beyond being racist and always vaguely rethuglican. Just don't mess with their social security and medicare. But they hardly notice this happening either.
  16. Wonking Out: The Tax-Cut Zombie Attacks Britain Paul Krugman https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/23/opinion/uk-truss-tax-cut-economy.html
  17. 60 MINUTES OVERTIME Riggleman: White House switchboard called a Capitol rioter on January 6 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/denver-riggleman-white-house-switchboard-capitol-rioter-january-6-60-minutes-2022-09-23/
  18. Ya, I know what you mean. High Holy Days will restart the spiking, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. We've only been gifted with less than a month of falling numbers. In the meantime, fall arriving exactly on the first day of autumn with cool, blustery weather -- Partner feeling very sick. This weather does make him sick, historically speaking. But -- tested today. Negative. Whew! Whew because we've been far more public and social. I even went with Partner and two friends Wednesday night to Radio City Music Hall-- the first time I've done anything at all like this since pandemic. Like Partner, the friends have been doing a lot more social - professional in large companies all along than I do. None of us have gotten it. So far. Friends, their son and we wore masks all through the spectacle and transportation. Nobody else did.
  19. You have all my hopes that it won't be Too Awful but Jeezuz -- it is scary, says someone who has lived through and evacuated from hurricanes a lot. And probably has another one coming next week, though it's too soon to say -- and I don't live on the Gulf or in the Caribbean or the lower Atlantic Coast. This is what it is like in These Times. So you betcha -- may you all come through, please1
  20. That explains everything then about moi. I spend most of most days re-drafting, editing, re-writing, redrafting, editing, re-writing, and fact checking. I just edited this.
  21. which is now declassified just by the mind of the POTUS.
  22. Bad, bad, BAD News for Drunkening! Beer -- less of it, and more expensive. https://www.npr.org/2022/09/22/1124491808/beer-carbon-dioxide-shortage
  23. Lucky lucky you. So, you wanna go to the Watch thread and tell us about it? Please?
  24. I got to do this a few times due to Vienna's plethora of arts events, when travel was cheaper, easier and a lot more fun, and paid for by the sponsoring venue.
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