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  1. Shh. Can't name everytime. Sarcasm or otherwise, both ways true
  2. Jon Voight would love this name, like a fancy Cockney twist. Whose I wonder
  3. Big V day is overrated here, being a stoopid commonwealth, ironic considering what happened to St Valentine. Gross
  4. I thought Cregan might be popular , he sure seemed like a badass... Maybe just having one Cregan adds to his badassery. Aemon the Dragon knight didn't say for nothing who his best sword opponent was. Arya has already met him then. Edric Dayne, next wielder of Dawn.
  5. Oh boy, that's too bad, but if it happened to a committed-in-a-relationship friend, single me would taunt him/her to my hearts satisfaction
  6. The silence tells me everybody is planning something big for Valentine's Day...
  7. And after reading your post, we all conclude that you are. Et tu...? We're the fire brigade Just wondering where the usual team (main playing 11) was and the vice-vice captain shows up
  8. Ya. The first time watching Cleopatra, beside being struck by the stage mode delivery of their lines by several of the actors, which, as several of them were indeed stage actors before acting in the movies was How We Do It -- I was struck by how much more natural/easy actors of my present day appeared to be in the short military tunics showing so much leg, and in sandals than these classic fellow of the theater. I think Cleopatra was the first dvd I ever bought. It was on sale at Tower Video Rental, I think. I think apart from the three leads, the one playing Octavian just lived the role, apathy and menace
  9. You know how that sounds to me !? Easy to do if you're the same person (I understand if it's MPD/DID). And funny that you echo our complaints of JonSnow-North hatred blah blah in your choice of words. And here I'am unable to explain redundancy without a proper example I mean we use poor Janos, poor Frey, Poor Roose poor bowen etcetera et al sarcastically. This tops it all And now for the stock trademark signature comment Yet another Stark hate post, nothing new/original/more ridikulus sadly
  10. Finally watched Cleopatra, Jo Mank's Liz Taylor one. 4 hr 3 min version. Phew, what a marathon, splendid sets and acting, nice screenplay but yet it had the staged play like moments despite the infamous budget...
  11. "Seasons last for decades, adulthood age skewed, lucky few live up to 100, entirely probable that Lyanna carried around Jon for 24 moons." An excerpt from If I was an irrational hater , available at Kindle for 2.99$
  12. Would you have us remain silent? Last I checked it didn't include irrational hate-posts other alias accounts you mean, finish the sentence. Well you chaps are good necromancers when it comes to bull like these
  13. I can sympathize, but there's only so much we can do
  14. Totally agreed, badass femme fetale who can also handle the chemistry...
  15. India actually as a concept of a nation wasn't created until the European colonials arrived. Mughals were content to enjoy the luxuries. But then the idea of an exotic, fantastically rich-beyond-your-dreams story (not false though, still) was spread by the returning nabobs Starting from Alexander/Sikander (Megasthenes and Herodotus) Indica/Sindh/Indhya/Indye/blah blah from the damn river most of which now flows in Pakistan, Indus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_for_India Then Hind (Kaiser-i-Hind bullshit), Hindusthan (the religion is an entirely different issue) Vedas; Bharata, Bharat, Bharatvarsha , some ancient emperor's name. Also in the constitution The Aryan invasion which did or did not happen Gave Aryavrata Sanskrit; Jambudveep , literally Berry (jamuns)- Island (meant peninsula) Then fareast orientals called it Tianzhu/Shendu/Wǔtiānzhú after Buddhism spread via monks from Bihar/Nepal Wu Yin, Yindu Hebrew; Hodu Lots of other names from other regional interpretations, like Sapt Sindhu (7 rivers) or Akhand Bharat The Constituition says Republic (with sovereign secular democratic blah blah) of India IND acronym .in web I'm ok with India, can't understand these renaming pleas. Patel whacked together hundreds of princely states and provinces after the British left, now these diverse cultures give no dearth to conflicts. Fight club, can just sit back and watch.
  16. The Gods (read with an 'M' here) must be crazy! Fun film franchise too, of the same name... So since your older hate-post has been archived (me clutching my heart) you couldn't bump it up. So you guys decided it's high time since the last Stark hate post rolled out. Kudos! But please, the bullshit keeps getting stale, I miss the good ol' days were each post was more ridiculous than the last. The pros amongst you got banned or what? Don't worry, use one of your numerous alts, but this time at least remember to change the name and avatar. Almost got caught last time Never C'mon, you've been here long enough to know the answer, just enjoy the fun, they being earnest about it is the ultimate irony.
  17. Cool, though I'm disappointed with the Netflix series for casting Anya Chalotra, nothing against her acting, just like how Tom Cruise ain't close to Jack Reacher, Anya seems to me to be token representation of racial inclusion. Sure, I loved Dev Patel as Gawain in TGK, hypocrite me, but 9 times out of 10 I prefer loyalty to original appearances from the text/game or whatever they adapt from.
  18. Yeah, can't handle the sandwiches (in bread, sorry lame pun couldn't resist) BTW, fantastic avatar, is it from Witcher?
  19. Finally, Hitchcock's Birds Not his best, yet, signature touches with a flourish
  20. Seperate thread for Pod people! Payne shuffles feet, looks, no, stares down at the floor or roof, stammers like hell, has a sty in the eye so probably itching, catgottung whatnot Ask the Imp
  21. Air India, India's nationalized (in 1953) debt ridden airline returns to the founders, Tata, after 8 decades (since founding). The Congresss govt of the 60s and 70s nationalized every damn thing without considering the losses it would incur from mismanagement. Now the right wing-ers are selling everything to their corporate campaign-funders, the Ambanis and Adanis, Birlas and Tatas...noything much will be left with the State by the time Mo and Sha are finished ETA 2.4 b $ deal finalized 90 days ago, but the final takeover was yesterday.
  22. So you take them (most) back ? Or should it have been 'to' instead of 'and"? I returned after 2 months I should've been more clearer, the first time I took a long break from our forum was planned for 3 months, came back in one. 2nd time, planned 6, returned in 2. Now planned two, but i bet it'll be longer before I return coz of some factors
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