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  1. Thank you mods for unarchiving
  2. Huge Ackman is back! Though that thread is archived, the original Wolverine returns...
  3. I needn't have invoked the law, it eventually fulfills itself
  4. There is no planet B. There maybe millions, but we have just seen a spoonful of the ocean that is the universe, so probability of finding a planet that supports life and can support our needs too is nil. But nice to speculate from what you say, Interstellar like wormholes may help. Nature is chaotic and anarchy personified yet enduring, we humans force order and bring destruction, only way to survive is go back to the cave. Not happening, so I give us homo sapiens 70-90 years left on this planet. With or without nukes.
  5. Wrong, it's Hitler, we are obliged to fulfil Godwin's Law
  6. It was natural when we were fighting over food, mates and shelter like any wild animal, but when we started with sticks and stones and fire and now nukes....whats the use of humanity's progress from the cave if evolution is nil At a great price, yet renaissance comes after a long dark period always. Dystopian food for thought
  7. It would help keep the moron population in check, if only those resposible were made to fight, there'd be no more wars
  8. Harry Styles as James effing Bond!?
  9. Oh no! Not the movie, just the last song premiering on UTub , still a week to go to catch it in IMAX, I'm sure it has foreign distributors too.
  10. Oh no, that's a real derailer! I suggest going through @Megorova's works. Hodor isn't actually a son but descendent, one of many. Pretty Meris, Brienne, Cleganes, Hodor etc
  11. The thought wouldn't even cross his simple but honest mind, none of Jaime's theatrics in the throne room, a neat end soon after he learns of the wildfire plot or if some extra brains to help him, a bloodless end too.
  12. All the FM are mutants, like Mystique/Raven
  13. Right Learning to drive a motorbike in front of girls doesnt help The fucking car was easier
  14. Longswords not his forte, only make him clumsier Above Ironically I'm starting to think otherwise lol, thanks to MS Any dolt can point and press a trigger, but heavy longswords need acclimatization
  15. Clint Eastwood and Manoel de Oliveira give me hope
  16. And he coulda grown a pair of wings and made off to Neverland. Pleeeease. He doesn't use longswords, he is a bravo. Look at his size. And this isn't GTA where you pick up fallen ppl's guns.
  17. Wooden swords can do only so much against steel and armor though.
  18. Well, I figure since we started. we'll as well go the whole distance. One more to go @Zorral
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