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  1. Missing Benjen

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    As much as I liked him and wanted him to live a little bit longer....he's dead.
  2. Missing Benjen

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

  3. Missing Benjen

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    No. No. No aaaaand No. I do feel like something is up with Daario but it is definitely not this.
  4. Missing Benjen

    Who were the Tyrells involved in the Purple Wedding?

    I think definitely Olenna and Margaery. And I am 50:50 on Garlan. Someone had to poison the wine so either him or Margaery I'd say is responsible for that one.
  5. Missing Benjen

    Poll: Is the House with the Red Door in Dorne?

    No. And even if for some reasons Dany did mix up her memories and the House is somewhere else....that will not change who she is and who her parents are.
  6. Missing Benjen

    The house with the red door and the lemon tree

    We need Winds asap. Then we might be able to finally put this discussion to rest.
  7. Just my honest opinion: with so much fuss you are making about your "great" theory...you just convinced me to actually never read it if you should release it.
  8. Missing Benjen

    R+L=J&M twins theory

    I am at work so I don't have time for a long answer, but about your "map theory" With the World of Ice and Fire published I always thought there was no way Jaime and Cersei could be secret Targs?