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  1. I have heard of liver damage before but only read up on it after a family member got it as part of his long COVID symptoms. I think there is no organ it can't damage if you are unlucky.
  2. Here they are showing it in IMAX 3D and 4DX. Most SFX heavy things are still shown in 3D here although there are usually 2D showings too.
  3. We are throwing vaccines away all the time as uptake for boosters is low and we ordered millions of doses that next to nobody seems to want especially the Valneva and Novavax vaccines. I will try to get a bivalent booster at some point but I only had my 4th shot in June. They have detected BJ.1 here which is kinda interesting as we don't do much sequencing. They have no evidence that it is spreading in a way that could replace to currently dominant BA.4/5 variants though.
  4. My neighbours heated so much during the last winter that I had to let cold air in regularly or it would hit 25-26°C. I prefer 21-22°C in the living area and blow 20°C in the bedroom. Switched the heating off when I moved in in November and that was it. We will see how it goes this year but it is a fairly new building that is well insulated.
  5. Local media reports that Erdogan said that peace in the Ukraine can only be achieved if occupied territory including Crimea is returned. If that is true that is big. Russia is running out of support I guess.
  6. Isn't there an election in fall? Makes total sense for supporters of the conservative side to lie as much as possible.
  7. There is a difference between using the term when you are fighting them for the survival of your country and people and using it here I feel. One is understandable I feel the other not so much as especially the conscripts are often victims too.
  8. I wonder how many people will have a worse outcome or even die because of the monarch fanbase.
  9. I'm not saying that there won't be new variants just that at least the mRNA companies are on the ball when they are not busy suing each other(obviously the suing is done by a different part of the company ).
  10. The app of LIDL supermarket chain has an option to see your bills. I like it.
  11. Is it defend the rapist because his mum who treated him far better than women who married into the family died time?
  12. Irrelevant unless you are fighting a defensive war imo.
  13. The EU just approved the BA.4/BA.5 and Pfizer vaccine. Are there any new relevant variants?
  14. Well people can volunteer for that. I'm not for forcing people to do it.
  15. I voted against keeping it. Sadly my side did not succeed because many people either felt that our society needs the temporary slaves for the caretaking and health care sector the people who do the alternative civil service provide or were against the idea of the next generation not being forced to waste 6-9 months of their life. I myself hated my time in the army and all the people I was forced to interact with there. I have never met more despicable far right, sexist and racist people again in my life. I learned nothing if any use and it certainly did nothing positive for my mental health. Most people who are career military in Austria should never have authority over anyone in my opinion. Everyone I know agrees with that. I only did it because it was 9 months instead of 12 months of civil service back in the day. I regret that now but I'm sure I would have hated the alternative too as I'm not made for caretaking. I would have interacted with less despicable people though I suspect.
  16. Indeed. Sympathy for people who do essential jobs has proven less than useless in the last two years.
  17. They have one working compressor afaik. Start up tends to be the most critical part of running one. Would not surprise me if it broke by "accident".
  18. A energy company owned by the city if Vienna which had a revenue of ~3000 million € last year needs at last ~6000 million €. The causes seems to be futures/shorts. They money is not lost ...yet and the amount might increase. That everything is a financial instrument nowadays is working out so well again.
  19. Well the problem is that the companies that run them use a profit for the companies costs for the society approach. They will not even upgrade the old ones in a way that makes them more reliable I suspect. Also water based cooling is still a key element of those other reactor types just no for the reactor core itself afaik.
  20. China is suffering from one is the worst heat waves ever. CNN link NZ Herald link Nothing new about the fact that hydro power is not actually reliable source of energy during heat waves which are becoming more common. As usual nuclear power plants not built with climate change in mind are shit at dealing with it. People often forget that heat based power generation needs a lot of cooling. Things suffer even it is just the water temperature that increases because it makes things less efficient and a lot of stuff is not actually built with the temperature rivers reach sometimes nowadays. Plants get less effective long before they run out of cooling water. Ocean based cooling is far more expensive sadly and obviously not an option for many areas. (Googled some english language articles after reading a local articles.)
  21. I always forget how cheap basic food is in Germany compared to Austria...
  22. Except for a few countries like Germany there are no mask mandates on planes in Europe anymore. Lufthansa does not enforce the rules properly anymore to avoid conflicts between crews and passenges which means that even there the rules only exist on paper. All airlines I flew with this year had rules against flying with COVID symptoms on paper (there are no test requirements anymore) but the number of coughing passengers has been really high for summer/spring travel I felt. At least in Europe I feel it is a safe bet to assume that there will be positive people on the plane with you I suspect.
  23. An Austrian doctors who was vocal online against anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers killed herself this week. She received death threats on a regular basis and the police did not really do anything and just suggested that she should keep her opinion to herself (the police has always supported anti-measure people as much as legally possible here and their union was very clear that they will enforce COVID rules as little as possible) and the doctors association just suggested that she should stfu and that someone else could take over her practice if the need arises anyway. They got their wishes I guess.
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