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  1. Decades ago as a kid I felt that there was something fishy about the police in the US when even obviously pro-police TV showed they expect bribes/protection money in form of food and beverages and everyone considered that a good thing. Leeches in blue sucking communities dry without giving anything positive back in return. Giving them the benefit of doubt and showing them respect has worked well I guess.
  2. Honestly it boggles the mind that people still give police the benefit of doubt in the US. There might be a tiny fraction of decent police but that's it. The rest is just in for power abuse and discrimination and no help to anyone that they don't consider on their side of the thin blue line.
  3. I'm not disagreeing. Just saying that they have certainly less intel and experience than the US or UK military.
  4. Just like the stuff about civil servants not working during home office. The leaders and top level managers describing their own behaviour and claiming that the people on the bottom of the hierarchy are doing the same.
  5. There is probably no such source as the western intelligence services with the best intel are on the side of Ukraine. Other sources might be less biased but lack key information I suspect. Some people say that the videos about the war that the Austrian army makes are pretty good but one has to consider that our army lacks combat experience and other countries stopped sharing intel with us a while ago(our intelligence agencies are leaky as hell). Only available in German though. https://youtube.com/c/ÖsterreichsBundesheer
  6. It won't be a surprise? I mean people who believe that most us police forces are anything else than the legal gang of an area have been watching too many crime shows. Risking their lives for people that are not in their circles is not something they tend to do.
  7. One can not blame a government to plan for the worst. I mean the USA had a failed coup attempt last year. When the strongest military power on the planet that is your only neighbor keeps moving away from democracy and rational policy making you got reasons to be concerned.
  8. The drawback of positive news I guess and the fact that things tend to be far more difficult for refugees than official statements by EU leaders suggest. A lot of refugees in Austria are running out of money for example because our bureaucracy has been optimised to make things as difficult as possible for refugees in the last two decades. Empty words by our leaders did not magically change that fact. A lot of refugees that are not citizens of Ukraine face even bigger problems. I just saw a report about russian and belarusian women who fleed the country without their Ukrainian husbands not getting any support from the German gov because of sanctions.
  9. Their job is keeping minorities in their place and keeping the forced labor system running though.
  10. After Mariupol and Bucha I think retreating only when all civilians that want have been evacuated might be important to Ukraine. Any peace that leaves civilians behind russian lines might kill more people than fighting ever could.
  11. Everything Everywhere All at Once might be one of the most entertaining and thoughtful movies I have ever seen. Certainly the best movie I have seen in the last few years part from Dune.
  12. I obviously assumed that you would mask when having sex with a random person. I mean there is still a pandemic happening.
  13. As the smallpox vaccine is pretty effective I think rolling it out if the need arises might not be too difficult if it is necessary from some reason. Unless it really found a new way of spreading it is not that dangerous and the strain that has been detected in europe so far is the less dangerous one. Don't bang people without protection if you don't have a trustworthy exclusive partner I guess but that is the standard approach for most people who care about such things anyway. I guess to drugs you can take to protect against HIV infection might have reduced the popularity of condoms again.
  14. What else would people watch? There is nothing exciting in cinema apart from it right now I feel. I mainly go to cinema for special effects and 3D or 4DX nowdays though.
  15. The COVID is over narrative will harm many people that need protection. Hopefully she will recover quickly from it.
  16. I guess the FDP showed on a federal level that they are not really a party any sane young person should vote for. They pretended that they give a shit about those people during their election campaign in 2021 but they seem to have doubled down on the usual FDP topics after the government was formed.
  17. She clearly wanted the kids she had in her dreams that she also made in Wandavision. The Darkhold twisted that desire even further than in Wandavision I guess.
  18. Saw it a 2nd time in the IMAX today and enjoyed it even more. America grew on me is a character I must say.
  19. There are two movies that really blew me away with the special effects when they came out. Independence Day and Avatar. Independence Day was surpassed but the 3D of Avatar was not I feel. If it goes all in on the 3D again I will definitely watch it. I expect the plot will be worth ignoring again but I kinda expect it to look incredible and I will either watch it in IMAX 3D or 4DX(which I really dig). I enjoy myself a good special effects orgy. I mean most thing look better on my TV nowadays than in cinema which is a shame in a way. I doubt I would have watched many movies in cinema in the last two years if they kept they simultaneous releases of the first pandemic year. I mean 3D IMAX and 4DX are really the only things that top an OLED TV for me personally to be honest and they seldomly show movies in the OV in the auditoriums that are equipped with it here in Austria and I'm not into the German dubs anymore.
  20. The movie seems to suggest that as America who has no counterparts mentions that she does not dream.
  21. To me it felt like that "red means go" was a Sliders reference as that was in the pilot of that show IIRC.
  22. Strange claimed that America's powers brought her where she needed to be IIRC. Things would not have worked if people in the Illuminati universe did not care a bit about someone who looked exactly like the Strange she brought with her.
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