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  1. Well chip shortages have been on my mind I got a PS5 and a RTX 3080 because I did expect prices to not come down(they have actually risen significantly) and sold my 1080 Ti for an frankly insane sum for such an old piece of hardware. A true first world problems focus in my part I must say... But the only problem I could solve at least for myself by acting early and ignoring the optimists. The pandemic has shown that next to nobody is willing to accept as long term reduction in quality of life which makes me think that the ship on climate change has sailed and maybe supply chain issues too. Edit:Also the job market has never been better around here. People in my circle have been able to get significant pay raises without changing jobs in the last few months. There is an employer crisis because they are now forced to pay more not a job crisis. Not treating people who do the actual necessary work in our society has started to backfire (many employers tend to treat only the profit maximizing/cost reducing management part of the workforce that makes life for rest of us worse well). Good employers with good managers with people skills are not having big problems.
  2. Is Spahn trying to set the new government up for failure? Ending all Covid-19 measures to ensure high numbers once the new government assumes office? Smart if evil movie I guess.
  3. Should I watch it a 4th time in cinema? I think I have one friend left who has no to seen it. I think I have to do it for the greater good! Don't judge me! Edit: None of the people I saw it with are big SF fans and only my mum is a reader and read Dune in the 80s(but remembered only the plot of the 2 half lol. We suspect they split the book into two in German and that she never read the first one). All of them enjoyed it a lot. I think it is far more accessible than people like us who know the plot suspect and the visuals and the sounds are magnificent in cinema. Edit2: Lady Jessica does feel like the pivotal character. I really dig the performance of Rebecca Ferguson.
  4. Well if it is truly other viruses blocking Covid-19 I suspect that things won't be fun in low vax countries like ours once the cold wave has passed...
  5. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying if Nazis and anti-LGBT+ groups are the lesser evil for you in the current situation in really doubt that you were ever left leaning in the modern way. Just loving individuality ain't left. I mean the Greens attract a lot of not completely sane people. The Germans Greens had members with ties to pedophile advocacy groups back in the day.
  6. Well as left wing as you can get while marching next to people with imperial war flags who are busy burning LGBTQ+ flags(although that might have been an Austria only thing).
  7. Sorry to hear that your parents got a less effective vaccine. IIRc the main concern with Sputnik was that some of the later shipments did not match the tested vaccine not that the vaccine itself was bad.
  8. Enforcing laws because they hurt left wing scum is a reward by itself. Otherwise there might be resources available to focus on right wing violence! Can you imagine?
  9. That would be good news I guess. Better a cold than covid.
  10. Things should be interesting... Kurz will remain party leader and will also take leadership of the ÖVP in our parliament. He gets immunity from prosecution but the ÖVP claims that he will request for waiver of immunity himself. The new chancellor is nominally an independent(but was nominated by the ÖVP for his current post of foreign minister) which might sound good but it mainly means that there is not faction in the ÖVP he can depend on and he is completely at the mercy of Kurz. Looks like a bit of a Putin/Medvedev move at this point. But once Kurz ist not longer in charge of the goverment his internal enemies might come out of the woodwork and support the new chancellor. It is a shitty outcome but the maybe the best possible at this point. Although the Greens should have tried to get rid of the finance minister too as they are also prosecuting him for the same thing and it is the ministry where most of the evidence is found. But I think that they were surprised that Kurz caved in(I think there was pressure from his own party and the president) and demanding more for continuing the goverment might have been too much. Nobody on the Green side wants to work with the FPÖ. I think it is a win for the Greens(and the President I guess who is still green at heart) but also the best possible outcome at this point for Kurz. The SPÖ and NEOs lost the gamble I feel because talking with the FPÖ pissed a lot of people off. Edit: There are already two stories from ÖVP sources. One that is all the idea of Kurz because the Greens gave him no choice and that he did it for the GREATER GOOD or that the regional leaders of the ÖVP got together and more or less forced Kurz to resign to avoid a collapse of the government and a 4 way coalition without the ÖVP.
  11. Austrian politics refuse to stay out of the German politics anyway... This union might violate several treaties though.
  12. It looked like the other parties were willing to form an uneasy alliance but the greens were reluctant. The greens would have lost all that they worked for if the government collapsed now and absolutely nobody on the green side wants to rule with the FPÖ especially after it shed the last remains of sanity during the pandemic. The greens made it clear that they would continue if Kurz stepped down and it looks like at least some parts of the ÖVP decided to accept that offer. I'm not convinced that Kurz changed his mind without heavy internal pressure. Kickl the current leader of the FPÖ hates Kurz. There was no possible coalition there I believe. Edit: I started a new thread because this one but 21 pages.
  13. I did not really expect that. I guess he was sure that he would lose the vote of no confidence or other players in his own party gave him no choice. He is still pulling the strings in the party at least officially. I really hope someone from his own side stabs him in the back. Might be the best possible outcome because a 4 party coalition with the FPÖ seemed kinda impossible because of their take on the pandemic.
  14. Very few people give a real shit about the environment. Health is even less relevant beyond the health fad of the month.
  15. I had my first test(negative) that was not a self test yesterday. I went to the GP because of a cold(I had tested myself negative multiple times already) and it was part of the diagnosis. My GP said that he has never seen more colds even in the middle of winter. He just said that we should be glad that covid-19 is not spreading like the bug that is the cause of the current cold wave.
  16. Looks like you are winning. Another chance for Friedrich, member of the middle class, to show his quality?
  17. Do you want him? Pretty please! Edit: I forgot. Do you still live in Austria?
  18. I know someone who was most likely infected by his 85 year old asymptomatic father who was double vaccinated when he tested positive. Only person he interacted with maskless.
  19. A TB vaccine was actually the first one I ever got as an infant. It is not recommended anymore though because of the low risk to get it nowadays. It was more common back in the day.
  20. They uncle of a friend nearly died because of TB after getting covid-19. He had some kind of dormant version which emerged in hospital after his immune system was busy with covid. He might have avoided the ICU without it but his unknown risk factor caused a month long stay.
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