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  1. Bavaria and the Czech Republic are probably the places that are the most like Austria at least when it comes to things like culture and compliance. Czech has a much less robust health care system though. https://www.czso.cz/csu/czso/obypz_cr Edit:The numbers look pretty bad though. They still have high numbers of excess deaths while we have more or less reverted to the baseline. Maybe our test as much as possible approach mixed with a lockdown light works better than I thought. Sweden did definitely fare much worse than its neighbors.
  2. Damn the last ep of Invincible was something...
  3. Well Austria had severe lockdowns on paper but a significant group of people did not give a shit and enforcement was really lacking. The rules on paper are pretty much worthless in countries with no significant enforcement. The Swedes I know seem to have followed the recommendations they had far more than most Austrians I know followed the rules and the Swedes had far higher excess death numbers during the first wave while we had our only real lockdown during the first wave with high compliance(as proven by mobile phone tracking). However we had differnt rules for different parts of the country in the last few months and is was clearly noticeable that actually enforceable stuff like closing schools works pretty well for lowering the numbers.
  4. Looking at excess death numbers in Europe it is really extreme how well the natural social distancing of the Finns and the Norwegians seems to work. Things did not work that well in Sweden although they had most deaths in the first wave unlike Austria. https://www.euromomo.eu/ My uncle who has long covid got his first and only shot. He got out of the hospital 6 months ago and the symptoms have not improved by much. At least on the side of my extended family the takes things serious all people except me and my mothers partner had the first shot now and he has a date already. I have not interacted with the others much and actually dunno if they changed their minds.
  5. https://www.latlmes.com/opinion/fridays-for-future-killed-my-puppy-1
  6. I know what you are trying to say but if I look at the" Nebenwirkungen"(Side effects in German ) of the date sheet I downloaded yesterday by scanning the code on my partners vaccinaton card the things you don't want to call side effects are listed. You are not helping the pro-vax cause with your approach because you are wrong.
  7. Well here in Austria they extended the date between mRNA vaccinations to 42 days now despite the fact that not even all high risk and risk patients are fully vaccinated yet. Well you got to vaccinate people asap because the current approach is that people are considered adequately protected 22 days after the first shot(by the local experts not the manufacturer). Nothing can stop the gastronomy, tourism and anti-home office train in Austria I guess. Well I guess all politicians already got their shots and now it is really time for the weak to perish. Edit: The cards you get after your first shot still recommend 3 weeks and it is really confusing people.
  8. Maybe because they expected to be trapped on the peninsula otherwise?
  9. Ah interesting. I noticed both sleeping on one day when I walked home from work after a late shift. It is not the quietest spot they picked.
  10. I have been watching a swan nest on my way to work. It is on a small tributary of the Danube that is next to the bike path I take. Not real bird watching I guess but you can see the little ones now.
  11. I think the idea that anti-vaxxers are a tiny minority is not true at least in the context of Covid-19. But there is already a market for fake vaccination certificates(99-250€ is the price range I have read about). People who post pics with batch numbers and doctors signatures are indirectly helping the forgers because it makes finding real batch numbers and real doctors really easy. I only know one pre Covid-19 anti-vaxxer myself but I know a lot of people who are anti-vax in the context of Covid-19. Most migrant communities are pretty well organized in my experience. You have the reach the people who are in charge at their mosque or churches. Which might no be that difficult in the context of mosques but some of the biggest clusters here in Austria were caused by free churches that are only frequented by migrants from eastern Europe and those churches tend to be extremely against covid-19 measures and contact tracing was really difficult(people who ger a lot of info from facebook and telegram contacts from Eastern Europe are actually the most extreme anti-vaxxers I know).
  12. Well that is something that is not happening in my country. Strict enforcement I mean. Most of them will go bankrupt anyway after government support runs out. I know quite a few who do not want to open at this point because they know that a lot of people will stay away after the first rush especially once numbers start rising again. 2/3 did not open in the one Austrian state where stuff can be opened and it is the state where numbers a rising unlike the rest of Austria.
  13. Because nothing should be opened before not all people who want it have a vaccine.
  14. In tourist areas of Austria waiters and waitresses are getting vaccination dates now while quite a few people with risk factors are still waiting. Yay for capitalism!
  15. According to surveys 75 % are unwilling to take the AZ vaccine here. The general willingness to get vaccinated is slowly rising again. There are a lot of no shows because people are not told in advance which vaccine they will get. The unwillingness to get the J&J vaccine is rising too though. People who are getting the first shot now are mostly getting the mRNA vaccines though because of the supply problems on the AZ side as they need to keep most of the AZ vaccine they have for the people who got their first shot 2-3 months ago. My mum should get her 2nd shot this week.
  16. There have been cases with some long covid symptoms in kids who had no symptoms during the infection. I think trusting the real docs and experts might be the best approach. It seems likely the side effects of a real infection will be worse percent wise than that of the vaccine and we are talking about a virus that will most likely still infect close a 100% of the unvaccinated people because the anti-vaxxers will make herd immunity impossible even if it would be doable otherwise. Infection is not an if but a when question here imho which is different from most other vaccines.
  17. Back in the day you were pro pointless wars because you believed the lies of you goverment though. Most are pro extrajudicial killings too as long as only brown people are killed. I remember the celebrations when Osama was killed instead of captured.
  18. Protecting innocent lives? US police? Lol... If that was the case the bullshit car chase culture would not be a thing. I would not consider them western countries myself.
  19. Folks from the US are not an unbiased source because they tend to value human lives far less on average. You live in the most warlike western country in the world and killing is often seen as a lesser evil.
  20. Us left leaning folks were saddened by the fact that the French had the choice of Macron or Le Pen in the 2nd round in 2017. It was well known among interested people here in Austria that he is the worst kind of neoliberal that will kill people by focusing on taking stuff from the poor.
  21. I know a lot of places where 2m+ masks or mask and gloves worked really well and even positive people did not infect people they touched(in retirement homes and homes for handicapped people). I think only the first lockdown would have been necessary if western societies did not have a large percentage of stupid fuckwads(amplified by facebook/whatsapp/telegram) and next to no enforcement of many laws and rules when they are violated by privileged groups(because all police orgs in western countries are to some degree far right). The people who hate the lockdowns the most are the ones that are to blame for the situation that made them necessary.
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