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  1. Went to see Top Gun 2 in IMAX for the third time yesterday. I had two friends with me who didn't see it yet and two people who had seen it once before (one of those saw it in IMAX, the other in regular). Every one loved it. First time, second time or even third time. It's just movie magic to be honest. One of the greatest theatrical experiences that I have ever had. There is also a ton of good stuff about the film on YouTube. Some stuff I saw recently that might be of interest here: I also think Stuckmann's review was pretty articulate: Casual movie fans love it, youtube reviewers love it, people who actually fly jets/teach at Top Gun for a living love it... Talk about a home run. I wonder how much money this will earn at the end of its theatrical run. The movie has been out for over a month right now and my IMAX screening yesterday was still jampacked. it really is incredible.
  2. I watched Top Gun 2 for the third time in IMAX today. This film remains awesome. Really impressive how great the action, story and acting is. Also started watching Better Call Saul's penultimate season. First episode was already great, curious to see more.
  3. I think I have been markedly more positive on this show than the average poster here during the first five episodes. There was a lot of lazy writing and questionable choices, but Ewan McGregor (and the fact that I could binge them) really did a lot for my enjoyment. I was really hoping that they would stick the landing, but having seen the final episode, I have to say I was wrong about this show. Overall it is garbage. All the questions this raises about the OT, as well as the poor decision making throughout has not been worth it. I don't think this show added anything essential in exchange for what it destroyed throughout its hairbrained tenure. This perfectly sums up my feelings about the show. I just don't understand how IP with such an iconic status is not respected. The OT had two great films and one good film in it, but since then nothing I have seen of live-action SW has risen above mediocrity. Worse, I kind of feel like the conveyor belt Disney SW is completely devoid of any passion. The prequels are terrible movies, but I do not doubt the commitment of the people working on it. With Disney Star Wars it just doesn't seem like anyone cares.
  4. I watched Michael's Bay The Rock yesterday for what I believe to be the first time ever. I saw bits of it over the years when it was constantly being shown on the tele over here, but I don't think I ever had a proper sit down for the entire thing. At least not one I can remember. I determined quite some time ago that I was going to wait for the right moment with this film. I have an incredibly large back catalogue of films that I still need to see, but most of those are older, more artistic type of films. Sometimes I just want to see a film but lack the bandwidth at the end of the day to watch anything too serious. Trouble is that lighter fair of high quality is exceedingly difficult to find (especially now that the mid-budget film has been all but killed off), regardless of whether it's a comedy or an action movie or something romantic. As everyone keeps on saying that The Rock is the best film Michael Bay has ever made I thought it was a good option for some relatively recent lighter fair. Now that I watched it in full, I think it is fair to say that it is indeed a strong contender to be Bay's best film. That being said, it is not exactly high praise given the rest of his filmography. The most amusing thing about the film is the theory that Sean Connery is playing an older version of James Bond, all the rest is pretty standard middle-of-the-road stuff. The action is okay, the plot stupid and the villains undercooked. I also didn't care all that much for Nicolas Cage's character, who was just a tad too farcical for my liking. He works best when the weirdness shines through occasionally (Like in the put the bunny down scene in Con Air), but there were too many mannerisms and quirks to the character.
  5. The third season of Harley Quinn is apparently confirmed for a release late this summer. No exact date yet, but it is good to have some news on it. Pretty much the only property of DC I'm looking forward to: https://collider.com/harley-quinn-season-3-release-window-hbo-max/
  6. I saw Lightyear during the weekend and liked it. Definitely not the greatest film in the Pixar catalogue, but good fun regardless. I was surprised to learn that it only has like a 4.7/10 with general audiences on IMDB. It's not essential viewing, but that score is more than a bit too harsh I'd say. Also started rewatching Friday Night Lights on a whim after seeing the mentions here. I'm about four episodes into the first season and I got to say, it might have been a tad too soon with the rewatch. I know it eventually weaves together and becomes great, but there is a lot of set up in the first couple of episodes (+ I don't really care for the Jason Street storyline which is front and center). Not sure whether I'll keep going. The latest episode of The Boys was pretty cool, although I already regret the decision of not waiting for it to be ready so that I can binge. Series like this just work better that way. Usually I do have trouble, but it depends on the trip. On the way back I think they roofied me, because I slept like a baby. I'd advise you not to try it again. Best to preserve the positive memory if you have one. What gets me with the Mandalorian is that after two seasons it still only amounts to "Sidequest: the series." I also dislike a lot of the guest stars in the series, so that doesn't help either. Kenobi has a lot of incredibly stupid moments, but Ewan McGregor is front and center. That and the pace being so high (and it really helped that I could binge most of this) really does it a lot of favors. Your point is more than fair. I was watching it with contemporary eyes and as someone who is used to VFX extravaganza's I feel the film falls flat. I did not however take into account that the film was literally groundbreaking. I still wouldn't recommend it from an entertainment POV, but I'm glad I saw it for film historic reasons then EDIT: Should really review my text before posting.
  7. Watched a couple of movies on the plane, most of which were terrible. I watched the original Tron and I don't get why this is a cult classic, it was painfully dull, even at 02.00 a.m. on a Transatlantic flight. I didn't think the visuals were all that great, nor the performances. I can't really say anything positive about it, but it has been a couple of weeks since I last saw it. Next up is Days of Thunder, the race extravaganza that proved that Tom Cruise, Tony Scott and Bruckheimer/Simpsons do not have a magic touch. I'm not sure what went wrong here since these people were involved and there was a great supporting cast to work with. I guess cars and rednecks are just inherently less exciting than jets and naval aviators or perhaps the universe needed to balance itself by creating this pile of dogshit to offset Top Gun's awesomeness (a little bit like we had to suffer a global pandemic in order to deserve Top Gun 2). Safe to say, if you have never seen it, I envy you as the film fails on pretty much every level. The characters are all obnoxious, the plot makes no sense and the action is just not memorable in the slightest. The final film I watched on the way back was The Eagle. I had seen it before, but I just wanted to have a fun swords & sandal movie to relax with. It's not a film you have to go out of your way to watch, but all in all I was very happy to revisit it. I'm a bit biased towards films like this and there are strong Last of the Mohicans and 13th Warrior vibes in this one for me, but I think they do a pretty good job all in all. The action scenes are exciting, Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum work well together and they sort of succeed in allowing you to sympathize with individual characters while emphasizing just how horrible the cultures they are coming from really are. When I got back I also watched some series. The first four episodes of The Boys were a lot of fun. The story is insane but they keep things moving forward at a brisk pace, which makes for some good brainless TV. Especially fronted by these excellent actors. The guy playing Homelander really is the Starr of this show for me. Also slowly caught up with Kenobi. I'm looking forward to the finale for that one. I'm a little bit hazy/worried on how this fits in the timeline and there are a lot glaring plot holes in it where the writers have to resort to dumbing down the Empire considerably for the characters to have a fighting chance, but I can't help but like it. Ewan McGregor is a likeable presence and the show has some good visuals so far. I'm curious to see whether they can stick the landing, but so far I'd say it is my favorite SW property in years. Totally agree. I went through it during the first months of the pandemic for the first time and seeing it discussed here kind of makes me want to revisit season one. The latter seasons are a step down, but with the exception of that particular plot point it never gets itself lost in the weeds I would say.
  8. Just got back from holidays and caught up with the first couple of episodes. This show is batshit crazy and a lot of it barely makes sense, but they do a very good job at keeping things moving fast enough that you don't really ponder the insanity of it all. That's great craftmanship in my book.
  9. I know it is crazy to be so happy about a multi-millionaire actor with weird cult ties succeeding, but I’m pleased to finally see a great film break the bank and bring so much joy to people :D What a legend! In the end, there really is nothing out there that can beat the movie theatre experience. Especially for this type of big action film. Between this and the latest Spider Man film I think I saw two great examples of the added advantage of the collective experience of going to the movies. I have said it once, and I’ll say it again. What a legend. For too long Hollywood has been whoring itself out to Chinese censors, thereby undermining American soft power. I hope more film makers grow a spine like that.
  10. Now that is why I avoid watching trailers. Apart from the technical stuff and a teaser I steered clear off on the F-35 v. F-18
  11. It sure is. When I return from foreign climes and they still play it in IMAX I’ll probably go a third time. Both Fury Road and Top Gun: Maverick are Legacy sequels that came out without any expectations and blew the original predecessor out of the water with mind-blowing action. For me they are absolutely in the same category. Although I guess Top Gun 2 will never be as popular since it is a fundamentally optimistic film about the role of the US and it’s military in the world
  12. The Shariff would not allow anyone to rock the Kasbah
  13. Honestly, I think the film for me was not that predictable because of the death dynamic.
  14. I changed continents and I guess where I am now counts as the danger zone XD I did see the film again in IMAX right before I left on Thursday and it was another home run for me. Despite the fact that I knew what was coming I was still at the edge of my seat. That’s a sign of class I can tell you right now. I hope that 248 million USD opening weekend will be the start of a trend where the film breaks the bank.
  15. I love the fact that so far everyone who has seen it seems to adore the film it also made a cool 248 million USD on its opening weekend, so Cruise proves that he still has pulling power and that a good film sells itself. I hope he’ll use his rejuvenated fortunes for the better and get some cool stuff made. it is a nice review but quite spoilery I feel. I don’t like it when reviewers do that. Apparently this holds the record for the longest waiting period for a sequel ever.
  16. I am also looking forward to Top Gun 2 again... Seeing how I booked another IMAX seat for today right before I have to catch my plane Aside from that I just want to say @RumHam Brilliant comment, you won the last thread for me with this one.
  17. Negative on both questions. And of course the mandatory "you are missing out"
  18. I went to see it yesterday and it was amazing. Especially in IMAX. I posted a long review on the Watched thread instead of here mainly because I feel quite evangelical about it. It's as great as advertised so I want as many people as possible to see it. Should I convert this to a spoiler thread? In the meanwhile, one mild spoiler about the atmosphere of the film for @Deadlines? What Deadlines? They work rather well together. Fun video
  19. I saw Top Gun 2 in IMAX yesterday. The theatre was jampacked and the audience was superdiverse. A lot of demographics that I do not think often show up for the movies anymore from fans of a certain age who must have seen the original when it came out to groups of giggling teenage girls and everything in between. I can tell you unequivocally that they got their money's worth. It has been years since I last saw a film in IMAX that I thought was really worth the money, but this film is just incredible. Not only was it shot on IMAX Digital camera's that were custom build for this film, making it an amazing technical achievement and providing a visual action experience that tops the first movies' jet action, it is also just a magnificent film from start to finish. Top Gun 2 has everything you want from a blockbuster. The action is jaw-droppingly good and I was pretty much at the edge of my seat throughout the film. It is amazingly tense, and it manages to do this without losing any of its dexterity. It is easy to digest without veering into the superficial. Major props for that go to the comedic interludes. They all land and the humor is a perfect complement to the heart-thumping flying on display. In that way it is even better than the original, were a lot of the humor came from the immense camp factor and was somewhat unintentional. The character's emotional arcs also all work. Tom Cruise's thousand watt smile has not lost any of its appeal, but also the younger characters manage to draw you in. Even if you don't have a single jingoistic bone in your body, I bet you will be rooting for the characters during the final fights. I expect great things from all of these young actors, in particular of Glenn Powell who plays Hangman. That guy is a good actor, but he also has that hard-to-define movie star appeal, so I'm very curious to see what he does with the rest of his career. I also loved how this film dealt with the fact that it is a legacy sequel. I don't think anyone was really waiting for a Top Gun sequel after 36 years, but like Mad Max Fury Road before it (which is a film I would compare it too quality-wise), it managed to pay homage to its roots without forgetting that it needed to be good in its own right (Disney please take note for any future project in the MCU and SW). There were often times where the old Twain quote "History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes" came to mind. When the film decided to go back to its roots, it did so for a reason that made sense within its own story rather than for the sake of cheap fan service. On that front, it sets the bar high for sequels and I hope that Hollywood will take note. On the negative side of the ledger, it is hard to come up with any real issues. The new music will not become as iconic as that of the original, but the film has wisely chosen not to put as much focus on the musical numbers as in the first Top Gun. There is also a love story that feels somewhat perfunctory but it is also not foregrounded really. The relationships that matter are those between Maverick and the new generation of fighters and that is what the film focuses on. The film also remains true to its roots as propaganda for the US Navy. I'm pretty sure that this will inspire a great many people to become (fighter) pilots so on that front that initial relationship keeps paying dividends for everyone involved with the movie. Now I know that I am an admirer of the original, so that makes me a biased source of information. Top Gun 2 however seems to be that rare film that manages to captivate critics and general audiences alike given the reactions I saw in the theatre and the rave reviews that are popping up everywhere. It is the kind of film that strengthens my faith in the continued existence of multiplexes, because you cannot properly replicate this experience on a smaller screen. if I was not about to leave on a long journey, I would probably go and see it again in IMAX next week. So therefore, I will close this review by saying that you should do yourself a favor and treat yourself to an IMAX screening of this film. Not only will you enjoy it tremendously, we must also give the studios a message that people will show up for big films like this even when there is no link with the MCU/DC/SW/F&F.
  20. Apparently the CEO of IMAX tried to stop the studio from moving the film because he was so impressed with the film: https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2573551/tom-cruise-moved-top-gun-maverick-2022-imax-head-honcho-tried-stop-them-paramount I usually skip IMAX because it is a scam, but as Top Gun 2 was actually shot to be seen in this format I'm making an exception.
  21. I nominate Kenny Loggins' Playing With The Boys as the ultimate Top Gun song This is one of the biggest questions I have for the new film. Tonight will see them answered Must be nice for you to finally find a character like that to relate to Love that song.
  22. That makes a lot of sense. I would be quite tribal in that kind of setting as well, so I can see how you'd get to such long applauses.
  23. I still cannot believe that this is what landed Scott the directing gig for Top Gun:
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