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  1. The Warg scene was only in the special editions or am I misremembering?
  2. Pointing at actual examples of cancel culture and saying it’s actually a thing in a thread about cancel culture that someone else created isn’t really alarmist is it. Compare and contrast to this thread where people are considering living in the wilderness, or numerous Covid threads where members routinely take turns trying the scare the crap out of each other, or politics threads where every world leader is a mole working for Putin. If you want to see alarmism there is plenty to go around.
  3. Exactly , your definition of cancel culture is one where it basically doesn’t affect ‘real’ people , and therefore doesn’t really exist or is something anyone should care about. Anyway, totally different topic.
  4. You can choose what topics you wish to talk about or respond to on a forum and that doesn’t really have any bearing on what your opinions are ok other topics. One person only talks about Star Wars all the time, so what you think Star Trek is shit yeah?!!? ( actually yes) I don’t recall any actual climate change deniers on this board, but if there were, I’m sure I’d disagree with them. There are certainly quite a few Cancel Culture deniers though and I disagree with them.. because they are vocal about it. That’s just how it works. You can also think that climate change is real, and a problem and something we should do something about, but not really ever talk about it, whilst also thinking that people talking about how they should consider retreating to the wilds and taking up a pastoral lifestyle might be taking it all a little to heart and could do with a bit of perspective. As a general trend we are bombarded with cataclysmic news every day, and are being told that things are much worse than they ever were, when in many ways that is absolutely not true. There are quite a few people here who really react strongly to being told that, i guess because there is something addictive in feeding off these apocalyptic thoughts and sense of outrage and terror.
  5. If there is one thing that winds up certain members of this forum it’s a positive view of the world.
  6. Not saying he isn’t on board, more that these decisions are almost never purely managerial but part of a wider strategy. Sterling’s name and fake will have played a part in him being signed. He also happens to be a good player.
  7. I assumed Sterling was a signature move by a new reigime wanting to sign a ‘name’. I don’t think it’s quite clear what Chelsea’s recruitment system looks like right now.
  8. Slightly surprised by Salah extension. Mainly because back end of last season Klopp was playing him wider and wider so that he could get more creativity in the middle with Trent. But Salah clearly is less of a threat the more he’s running out wide rather than into the box. Im assuming next year there will be a tactical shift to utilise Salahs finishing more, not sure how Nunez fits into that, but generally I was thinking Liverpool were evolving away from Salah and towards a slightly different way of playing
  9. Then you are getting the wrong impression. I think there are other comic book tv shows that are able to tell a coherent and consistent story, and all I want is for MCU tv shows to be able to do the same. As I said, Boys and Umbrella Academy , stuff like Invincible etc I’d say were better written and put together tv shows than any of the marvel offerings. Because for me, I’m less bothered about seeing flashy superhero stuff, I want to be told a good story, and it’s the one quality Marvel are falling down on.
  10. I think whatever happens you are not approaching the apocalypse, treating the world like you are is very bad for your mental health.
  11. I would suggest first step is stop reading so much stuff on the internet, go outside, take a walk and gather some perspective.
  12. Not sure I really understand this comment, it raises the question of what is a 'superhero' story. If that is simply about people with super powers punching each other and stopping others destroying the world, then yeah I'm not interested. I agree with this, and it's really what I'm saying, the limiting factor here is the format of 6 episodes, and possibly the things going on in production that we don't know about. In terms of setting the bar too high, I think it's the MCU that is setting that high bar. Wandavision for instance is conceptually the bravest, most interesting thing that has ever appeared in the MCU, and mostly the execution is very good. But it fell flat and my overall impression of the show was much worse than it should be, because I think it really struggled to fill 6 episodes of story or land the ending. Thats my critique, because I see the same pattern happening over and over again. Moon Knight also a conceptually very good show, Oscar Issac is brilliant in it. Had some good moments, but the format and production meant that on the whole it ending up being a bit of a disappointment. When the MCU / Disney promise all these really interesting, creative concepts, with talent behind them, but fall at the last hurdle because they railroaded into making the shows in one way, then it becomes incredibly frustrating. More frustrating than if these were just bog standard run off the mill superhero ideas.
  13. I mean when you put it like that.. it's almost like the writing on the show is completely moronic.
  14. I'm not sure how that is a negative. Some of the best Daredevil comic book stories have been this. I could say the same thing about Punisher. The Dark Knight, often regarded as the best comic book movie ever is pretty much a crimefighting story that just happens to have a guy in a giant bat costume in it. There is room for both types of story. Also, just because Marvel shows have the ability to make things more fantastical, doesn't mean they get to forget the basics of plotting out a series or telling a story.
  15. I think that’s a generally lazy argument that dismisses the genre, like because it’s comic book we can ignore deficiencies like writing an interesting story. By contrast I’m also watching 2 other comic book shows, The Boys and Umbrella Academy. Both are great, certainly better than just ‘solid fun’ , and they are not the only examples of comic book properties done well.
  16. Hahah, I saw that! Its one of the most baffling choices they’ve ever made. How long before they made a hot fix to sort that out
  17. My problem is, none of them really ever rise above ‘solid’ and that is very much an MCU / Disney issue that I don’t think is going away. I still maintain all of those shows have pacing problems. They quite often try to cram too much in, with many plot threads being under developed, whilst really dragging in the middle because they need something to happen before we get the big event in episode 6. Netflix Marvel shows had similar issues, mostly they couldn’t keep up the pace in the second half and would just bolt on a secondary storyline to keep things going. But they had longer seasons and 13 episodes is too long to tell one story. I think the 6 episode commitment is a problem, too short to really tell a long form story, and too long to really keep it snappy and maintain momentum.
  18. The Monogod locations are interesting.. .. not much else to report really.
  19. I mean for my own record I can go through them one by one: Wandavision - A great idea and premise, started off strongly stylistically, although slowly narratively.. and reached about the midway point without really pushing the story forward. I wasn't sure I was going to continue, despite the respect I had for the idea, but stuck with it and it improved towards the end. However it ended in a big MCU style shootout that was a big disappointment. It also raised a bunch of hopes about what it was doing with things like Quicksilver that it rowed back on and was never as good as it promised to be. Loki - This is still my favourite of the MCU shows and the most successful narratively. Even then it features a real sag 2/3rds of the way in and struggles to fill out its run time. Enjoyed the ending, but really an entire episode of one person speaking maybe wasn't all that great. Moonknight - Great first episode, liked bits of the second episode.. then there is a severe drop in quality and the show doesn't really recover, despite it picking up a bit when he 'dies'. The ending again was a big fight that was mostly kind of meh. A real waste of a show actually, would be better as a movie. Hawkeye - I thought this was pretty bad all the way from the start. Ms Marvel - Still reserving judgement on this. Really liked the first episode, quite liked the second episode.. really struggling to get through the third episode. I suspect it has the same issues I mentioned above Falcon and the Winter Soldier - The one show I was really looking forward to when the tv slate was announced and the biggest disappointment so far. Real pacing issues and a lacklustre second half of the season. Could have been a better movie. I'd say my criticism could also be applied to many of the new Star Wars series as well. None of Mando S2, Boba Fett or Obi Wan justified their run time or really were very memorable.
  20. Meh I think my comments apply pretty accurately to all of those. Almost all of them were poorly paced and didn’t have the legs for even 6 episodes
  21. Doom is the real star of the show of that Secret Wars run, and even as a kid it was fascinating to see how he was thinking bigger than all the other super villains. The guy literally didn't want to stop at being a god.. until he got there and realised it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. There is no reason why the current MCU couldn't do Doom as a flat out Darth Vader looking Eastern European baddie, so much of the MCU has silly looking overwrought characters already, and they also have made-up fictional countries in their wheelhouse. Him getting his own vehicle suggests he won't just be a foil for the F4, which is how hes been used so far.
  22. If its a tv show then I'm not interested. I'm done with the Marvel TV bullshit, where promising and interesting movies get bloated out to 6 episodes and lose any of the things that make them interesting, ending in a big flashy last episode that doesn't tend to make up for the grind of episodes 2-5 Having said that, the movies aren't always much better. Either way, Doctor Doom was always one of my favourite characters, going back to the 80s Secret Wars, the first comic I regularly bought. Would love to see a movie that wasn't incredibly ashamed of the character to the point of trying to 'modernise' him or do a twist on him.
  23. Ugh. I mean I don't actually care what those two get up to, I do care about the bizarre levels of nepotism going on around that relationship and levels of power and decision making available to the Prime Ministers wife
  24. You clearly haven’t been reading this thread properly. nobody has said trans women should be denied services. The ask was for additional sessions for single sex participants. I’m not going to explain it again.
  25. Sure I’ll stop using the term, though I will say it was used specifically in this context because it was the element that was at the heart of what was traumatising factor for the women involved. If there is a better term I am open to hearing it.
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