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  1. You probably never got to play against the Latvian keeper though
  2. That is definitely true now, as we at a time where movie makers seem to be completely incapable of getting to grips with telling a tight story, and seem to be forced into throwing scenes in to link to other movies, making sure every character gets their time in the sun etc. I’ve always wondered if there hasn’t been some cultural change in the editing process where movie makers just film a thousand times too much footage and work it out in edit.
  3. Yeah there is plenty of stuff from the 50-70s they can go watch it seems
  4. Pretty sure the 50s-70s were quite a long time ago.. even if as a dumb male I can tell you that
  5. It’s odd because in the US thread you seem to want to discuss issues reasonably, yet here you just strawman and roll out the ‘this is the standard tactic of the nazis’ schtick, one of the reasons I usually don’t bother to engage with you.
  6. Depends if the pendulum swings back and we do get to a place of equality. I disagree that we are in the early stages, as I said I think we’ve hit a point of over correction. Equality would be where male and female characters were not seen as better or worse than each other, but we don’t get that too often, instead there’s this almost ‘revenge’ tone written into too many properties. James Bond is the easy one ( although turning James Bond into the butt of the joke up against ‘strong independent badass women’ is maybe part of it) but it’s often sewn throughout much of what we see that it’s the man who is the villain, creating all the problems. He’s the thing that needs to be changed, he’s a sexist, he’s a rapist, he’s violent, or going the other way, he’s weak, he submissive hes passive, incompetent. That’s a trope that gets trotted out time and time again. It’s clearly a reaction to.. well a lot of things. So why when it gets pointed out is that knocked back as ‘whining man babies’. If we were overloaded with negative stereotypes of women, heaven forbid an incompetent passive woman, would there not be complaints?
  7. Again, I think pointing out the trend is important, because it shows a direction of travel. If we think that the way we portray the sexes in the media is important to the social fabric ( and lots of people clearly feel that was hence the large push to create a very particular positive female presence on screen) then shouldn’t we also pay attention to the way men are portrayed? Why is ok to worry about female stereotypes but not male ones? If we want equality then what we’d want is a whole range of characters where sex and gender doesn’t totally define who they are allowed to be. A lot of energy has seemingly been poured into correcting for the past by throwing in a load of lazily written ‘strong independent women’ characters at basically all the major franchises, whilst at the same time making men nothing more than the butt of the joke. It was funny for a bit but then you wonder if it will get to a point where things will even out. Fletcher comes across as rather ridiculous because it seems like he’s connecting lack of male Doctor Who’s to crime, but on a wider point he is kinda right that there is an assumption that men just have it easy, that they can just glide through life. But the trend lines on a number of areas don’t look good for men, for instance doing worse in education. At what point do we look at that and have to start writing more ‘strong independent don’t need no woman bad ass men’
  8. I’d say strong assertive female characters have been a thing pretty much my entire lifetime, it’s not new. You get the sense feminism started to exist only 5 years ago right now. We are in agreement here. We shouldn’t be prescriptive about what kind of characters can be played by what ‘plumbing’ they have. However I do think more and more that is the case.
  9. The gender flipping thing really isn’t that important, especially as they have been proven to be mostly unsuccessful. As a trend though it is noticeable as an over correction the way many franchises have gone out of their way to build their properties around this boring ‘idealised’ female archetype. Hyper competent, assertive, don’t need no man, bad asses is what you are going to get. That’s basically your female role model these days. I do find it quite noticeable that in contrast a lot of big budget movies and shows will often show men in a more submissive, passive , ineffectual manner, often to show just how strong and powerful the woman is beside him. Or even worse just abusive violent misogynistic bullies. I do wonder if this is the story we wanna be telling young men, how is that any better? Having more female role models is a positive thing. It does feel like we are going through a period of over correction though, and when that happens you wonder will it ever flip back to the centre
  10. I think if you are looking at a trend then yeah I think it’s pretty relevant.
  11. Yeah exactly, he should have at least been aware of marvel projects like Hawkeye and Thor which replace their male counterparts with female ones.
  12. If this is true why has there been so much effort to create more female role models?
  13. You have not included everything he said which removes the context. Thought you were better than that
  14. Seems he was actually making a good point about lack of positive male role models , which is actually pretty true.
  15. I dunno about that. He was playing Zouma, Barkley and Abraham. Utd’s squad was pretty similar in quality if you take it as a whole
  16. I mean I agree with your point. Lampard was underperforming, though potentially over performing the previous season given the restrictions he was working under. My point was really that times have moved on, the level needed to do well at the top level is far higher than it was before. Lampard is on another planet to Klopp or Pep, he could never compete with that. Not sure if that makes him bad, just massively out of his depth. Probably similar to Ole
  17. No I think it was quite a common reaction, well with people I’ve talked to. It really is a poor man’s John Wick I agree. There was some promise there with Odenkirk but it followed the formula beat for beat and had an overblown ending that I couldn’t wait to finish. Pretty disappointing
  18. What do we know about the longer term effectiveness of boosters? Much of what I’ve read mentions it’s effects after 2 weeks, with little on long term data. The waning effect of vaccination is already quite depressing, so you’d hope that a booster would give you more than just a few months worth of strong protection.
  19. How would it have been Benzema’s scheme all along??? That makes zero sense. Firstly it seems Benzemas friend was only involved a little later after the tape was taken and Valbuena had already gone to the police , and only after that was Benzema involved , brought in as a middle man to get Valbuena to do what he was told. The transcripts show that Benzema is a unpleasant fella who has no problem lying and screwing people over, I certainly don’t buy his defence that he was trying to help Valbuena out. But what on Earth would he get out of being behind the whole thing. That really doesn’t add up at all.
  20. Funny most of the reviews I’ve seen say Afterlife is a dull plodding slog of a movie that suddenly turns into a vomit inducing fan service montage. The 2016 Ghostbusters movie was absolutely dreadful but at the same time I don’t know if there is enough nostalgia for ghostbusters to sustain a whole movie dedicated to creating nostalgia. Hopefully I’ll get to see it at some point but I’m surprised to see such positive reactions to Afterlife here
  21. I think Tuchel has just shown that he is an elite level manager and that is what is needed by big clubs. The days of having some bloke in charge who can just play players in their most obvious positions and shout a bit to get them to run faster are over. Club management is a lot more detail oriented and requires far more intelligence and knowledge than I think it probably ever did to compete with the best. Lampard just isn’t in that bracket, I hope he actually realises that. Maybe with the right team behind him he can do well somewhere but he’s at most only ever gonna be a middling or championship manager. Probably a pundit.
  22. That would cause a world ending gnashing of teeth and claims of apocalypse that would make the election of Trump look like a side note!
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