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  1. I can foresee a Day One solution to be a Battle.net integration much like what Steam did with Origin for Dragon Age 2 and 3.
  2. Does this mean we might finally get all the Diablo games on Steam? That'd be nice.
  3. It's like foot met mouth and the two of them went to a drug-fuelled rave together and spawned this interview.
  4. Am really enjoying both Assassin's Creed: Origins and God of War (both on PC) at the moment. A few interesting observations from the time I've spent playing both of them after hours: 1. AC:O is the first AC game I've actively not disliked. Every single previous entry in the series managed to find some way to frustrate me - whether it's through the insanely flashy menu screen that seemed like it wanted to blind me with its whiz-bang flashiness, or annoying QT scenes, frustrating systems that punished player deviation, or boring protagonists. AC:O instead, seems to borrow several elements from the Tomb Raider Survivor trilogy, including the arrow reticle, looting sound effects, swimming mechanics, and camera system. And pressing the escape key leads directly to the menu! No whizzing cameras or distracting effects! Just a nice, easy-to-view menu. Finally, Sarah Schachner's music is absolutely gorgeous. I maintain that Anthem is still probably her best work to date, but the music she's composed here is constantly gorgeous, interesting, and memorable. 2. God of War. Narrative through environment. Remarkable. The story moves along at a brisk pace, doesn't overload players with lore, and instead does its world-building through its designs, environments, and character interactions. It's never too much, and provides the right amount of exploration without leaving me wondering what I should do next. The levels/areas are absolutely gorgeous, the saturation in Sanctuary is exceptional, and Bear McCreary's music slaps. And hey - they got Chris Judge (Teal'c!) in as the voice actor for Kratos! Wicked! I do wish the field of view was a bit wider, so that the camera wasn't based around Kratos' right shoulder, but hopefully a FOV patch will at some point address that issue. At the moment, that particular feature reminds me a bit of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which had the same issue (which was addressed in Re-Reckoning).
  5. The whole thing just...is so brazenly weird. Who acts like this?
  6. Certainly feels that way. After having read it, I'm not sure what the author wanted to convey. Regret? Acceptance? Dispute? A bit more polish and restructuring could have been done on this piece to improve the flow, which to me felt herky-jerky.
  7. As I read this article, all I hear in my head is this sentiment from Jerry Seinfeld that he had on Israeli TV a few years ago: "These behaviours to me don't even make sense".
  8. Yup. Here you go: https://www.vulture.com/article/joss-whedon-allegations.html
  9. Oh my. That's a...that's quite the long article. I'm going to need some coffee. I'll be back.
  10. It's such a fun game. And with almost no padding. It's terrific.
  11. I don't understand this game's save system. Why even bother with having one if it doesn't take one back to the instance but rather to the nearest checkpoint?
  12. Picked up God of War and Pascal's Wager: Ultimate Edition on Steam today. Here's hoping neither suck.
  13. Thanks @Darryk. Will give it a go then!
  14. @Werthead news of the next patch for FF7R(I) have arrived: https://www.dsogaming.com/patches/first-final-fantasy-7-remake-pc-update-released-patch-notes-revealed/
  15. KOTOR is a 40 hour game at best. If they can replicate that length of gametime, I'll be a happy boy.
  16. There is no justice in this cold, empty world.
  17. This part of what makes every single Assassin's Creed game so tedious as well. Excess activities for activity's sake. Figure out the story you want to tell and then get on with telling it. Stop introducing distracting side activities that add nothing of any consequence. I sadly subjected myself to the numerous side-quests in DA: Inquisition because I'm a sucker, even though they made no sense whatsoever. Shard collecting? To open a door in the oasis? Where did they even come from? They make no sense from a lore - let alone gameplay - perspective. The two most recent AAA games that felt like they knew what they were doing was Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Both games took me about 75 hours to complete (including DLCs) and felt just the right length and told complete, interesting stories. And any and all side activities were complete optional and usually also fairly interesting, if not outright educational. It's interesting to hear that The Outer Worlds was criticised for being too short? It was about a 23 hours long game for me, and that felt just right. Haven't tried any of the DLCs yet, but the size, scope, scale, duration, it all felt just about...right. It was a game that didn't overstay its welcome and left me actually wanting a bit more - which is rare.
  18. One last preview for a movie that doesn't need to exist: Scream 5.
  19. Completely lost interest in Horizon: Zero Dawn at the moment. It's that slow opening that @Werthead mentioned. I don't have the patience for it at the moment, but I'll more than likely return to it in the future. Have pivoted in the meantime to a replay of Planescape: Torment, which is hitting many happier buttons.
  20. This is one particular feature that I also noticed and it drives me nuts.
  21. Does it the game's tendency to suddenly switch to a cut-scene mid-movement persist throughout the rest of the game? Or is that aggravating mechanic only present in the opening section of the game?
  22. Initial thoughts, after 46 minutes: 1. Holy crap that opening took forever, while I sit there and wonder "can I play now?" 2. The elements-based names (Aloy, Rost) are cute. And no doubt thematically linked. 3. Nice nod to Jurassic Park with the dinos. 4. Oh look, an underground horror scene. My initial speculation leads me to wonder if the robosaurs wandering the planet each contain the conciousness of the people Aloy finds in the underground cave system. 5. Forcing me to walk slowly with the holo projector on is a cute touch, forcing me to explore at a slower pace.
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