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  1. Apparently Ben Sasse will soon resign as senator of Nebraska and will move to Florida to become the president of the University of Florida.
  2. Adar is the black gauntlet guy. I never watched Lost so don't know any references. It's true that the show didn't establish a who is Sauron mystery, but it did establish a where is Sauron and what is he up to narrative, plus it gave us the mystery of The Stranger and briefly the mystery of the orc machinations.
  3. If they decided to adapt LOTR in a TV show, what would they have needed to do to keep the viewer's interest? Make it a secret on who carries the Ring? Surely there are other ways to craft an engaging story besides placing a mystery box in the middle of it.
  4. Russia really is a modern day feudal state. Some of these higher ups should be careful if the Late Lord Kadyrov decides to invite them to a wedding.
  5. OTOH, if Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Johnson (or Hoover if you will) returned from the dead and formed a ticket, he'd have a real fight on his hands.
  6. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the 4th wall breaks in this show. The quips and quick glances at the camera are fine, but I don't care to have them like the DVD commentary is on.
  7. The episode didn't have enough Mon Mothma in it. Weren't we promised a riveting dinner with a couple of known evil characters? Did they skip over it? OTOH, all the scenes on Aldhani were great. Good tension buildup and it's nice to give us enough of these characters who are likely going to die by this arc's end.
  8. Officially, they're supposed to be Laenor's baseborn sons, but most people don't really believe that and they suspect Corlys is the father.
  9. I see the old thread has been closed. There's news about the Sisterhood show: https://deadline.com/2022/10/dune-the-sisterhood-emily-watson-amp-shirley-henderson-hbo-max-series-1235135004/ So we're getting The Butlerian Jihad, but likely they'll not say the word jihad just like they avoided in the movie.
  10. Tolkien wrote of so called proto-Hobbits who lived in, ahem, the early Third Age in the areas where we see the Harfoots in the show. There were three groups: the Stoors (Smeagol was a Stoor), the Harfoots who were the most numerous, and the Fallohides. Tolkien never wrote about the condition of the Hobbits in the Second Age. The show decided they needed Hobbits, they looked at the lore and picked the Harfoots.
  11. They're protoss, as they're busy liberating their homeland, Aiur. But they got supplies from the Terrans (NATO) in the form of siege tanks (HIMARS).
  12. Given the apparent youth of that commander, I would not be surprised if he played those games, too. Greatly popular in that part of the world, especially Starcraft.
  13. It was a planned murder of passion. Which technically is like how it was shown. Qarl was waiting for Laenor in the great hall and Laenor yells "Who let you into my father's hall?" So if the witness, the squire, reports to Corlys and Rhaenys exactly what he heard and saw, they could believe Qarl had help.
  14. Since Qarl got away, the Velaryons may suspect he had help from within, thus they may decide the poor servant was Qarl's conspirator and fled too.
  15. Dragons of flesh weaving dragons of thread. Is this a reference to the calling of banners for both sides? I've been trying to think what else it could mean.
  16. The servant that Daemon attacked in the hallway.
  17. No he's not. Aemond wasn't born in the last episode before the 10 year time jump. So Aemond is at most 11-12. Jace is almost his age.
  18. The Green's motivations have mainly been told to us through Otto and Rhaenys. The realm will not accept Rhaenyra. The realm will never accept a woman on the IT. It would have been beneficial to show us a glimpse of the realm being like this besides the Great Council. For example, there could have been a scene between Otto, his brother, the Lord Hightower, and maybe the High Septon where they discuss Rhaenyra and her bastard kids and they harken to the days of Maegor when the Faith rose against House Targaryen (for different reasons, but it wouldn't be a giant leap). Another example could be Cregan Stark. Shouldn't there be a mini-civil war going on around this time in the North, with Cregan's uncle having usurped the seat of Winterfell? Sure, that's a man-vs-man scenario, but it would serve to showcase how precarious a young person's situation is when it comes to their inheritance.
  19. I watched Moonfall on HBO Max. I knew what I was getting myself into, I knew it was going to be bad and dumb, but I didn't expect so much checking out from the crew. Even Emmerich and the writers must have been checked out. Easily the worst movie of the year. Sam Tarly was the only one who looked like he was trying. And honestly, while the premise may seem outlandish, it falls squarely in the realm of outlandish SF premises, so I had no problem with it. The execution from writing to VFX was utter shit.
  20. How many goals on average does Haaland score for Norway?
  21. Could Sauron/Halbrand suffer from amnesia like The Stranger? If Adar "splitting him open" was some sort of attack that severely weakened Sauron on a spirit level but he just had enough in him to take human shape. This would explain why he ends up on a ship in the middle of nowhere. He is driven by feelings he can't quite explain, but doesn't realize who he is. He sees Adar again, and his memory slowly starts to return, and believes that Adar should know him.
  22. Eh, I would think that Rhaenyra letting them know their son is alive would produce different reactions: Rhaenys relieved while Corlys would feel extremely insulted. Worse than even when Viserys screwed him over. Basically Rhaenyra would tell Corlys that she desperately needed Daemon because he's the badass warrior. But Laenor is also a dragon rider and veteran of the same war Daemon fought in. So her message would be that Laenor is not good enough. How should Corlys feel about that? How could he spend his hard earned resources to fight for someone who discarded his son.
  23. The mobilization is going splendidly well. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/half-mobilised-men-russian-region-sent-home-commissar-fired-governor-2022-10-03/
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