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  1. I like that engineering is bigger. I would think a warp core should be huge considering how much power it requires. But I agree about the Abrams verse ships. Abrams decided he needed a full water treatment and power plant inside his ships.
  2. Son and Salah share the Golden Boot with 23 goals. Salah had more assists, while Son had no goals from penalties. I watched the Spurs game highlights, and if his teammates had been a little less selfless and if he had a better 1st half, Son could have have been the sole winner of the Golden Boot. He could have scored another 2-3 goals.
  3. I see West Ham have bottled up their chance to send United to the Conference League.
  4. Leeds score again, the relegation battle is over. And so is the title battle. ah, well
  5. Well City have turned it around. Without watching the game, it seems Guardiola was ready to screw it up with his starting lineup again, but at halftime he subbed old man Fernandinho for the more in-form Zinchenko.
  6. Every time one Liverpool player does something excellent with the ball the next one fucks it up. smh
  7. Come on, Liverpool!!! Gerrard really is winning this for you, just fucking beat Wolves!
  8. Nice error of the movie. Probably need both Damon and Crowe.
  9. And Newcastle looks to be sending Burnley down. Up 2.
  10. Surely Gerrard will be given an honorary champion's medal from Liverpool if he stumps City today.
  11. That one was weak, too, but I think I laughed more watching that than Kill Team Kill.
  12. The Expeditions game franchise is on sale on Steam right now. Having been greatly impressed by Expeditions: Rome I decided to pick up its predecessor, Expeditions: Viking.
  13. Just earlier I happened to listen to a couple of the songs from his 1492: Conquest of Paradise soundtrack. RIP legendary composer.
  14. Finished. Jibaro was incredible. Bad Travelling was probably my favorite; sinister, but with a heroic tinge. The Very Pulse of the Machine was trippy and had the best soundtrack. The weakest was Kill Team Kill.
  15. I've said before when those movies were still fresh, but Disney decided to create a business model for Star Wars were you couldn't just get a complete picture from the main movies, you required familiarity with books, comic books, and even video games. And that was incredibly irritating. @Maithanet That was my criticism of TLJ, as well, when the movie came out. I wasn't really that bothered about the Luke change and killing off Snoke. But the smallness of the universe was disppointing.
  16. Yes, you can also watch it on HBO Max, but only sometime after air, I think.
  17. Better than the rest, including its second season which is still ongoing. But it still has some of the typical CW silliness.
  18. As mentioned above, the CW is up for sale, which is why this is on hold. The CW recently cancelled shows they normally wouldn't have.
  19. According to this article https://www.space.com/james-webb-space-telescope-first-science-observations-secret the very first target is being kept secret. Dr. Becky mentioned in one of her videos that 286 proposals were accepted for JW projects.
  20. My order episodes starts with the Three Robots one, which I watched on youtube, and I watched the 2nd one, which is Bad Travelling. Both episodes are solid.
  21. I don't expect that either Burnley or Leeds can win their final match, so the table will remain as is and Leeds will, sadly, fall.
  22. @Tywin et al. see, can you imagine a team in the NFL celebrating like this because they finished three spots above last? Saving yourself from the precipice can bring just as much adrenaline and exuberance as winning the league.
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