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  1. People have underestimated Viserys. He survived the mean streets of the Free Cities while taking care of a precious little girl. He should have been a better brother. He's a flawed character but he was also a very good teacher in many ways. In a world where few are literate, he made sure his little sister could read and write very well. Not only in the Common Tongue but in the language of the Gods (High Valyrian) as well. Willem and Viserys raised a very intelligent young woman. Their good qualities show up in Dany.
  2. Aegon has the Sandsnakes in his corner. The SS are a great asset to have because they don't play by expected Andal rules. Oberyn almost beat the Lannister champion. The SS will do what he started to bring death to the Lannisters. Aegon's reign will be very short. He is one of the false dragons whom Daenerys will have to expose. Varys just wants someone who will keep the peace and let the Small Council run the affairs of the kingdom. Unfortunately the eunuch is blind to the existential threat coming from the North. Westeros will be depopulated. The few survivors will beg Daenerys to come and help them. My prediction for the ending. The people who make up the slave population in Slaver's Bay will populate Westeros.
  3. He's just paying back the Tullys and the Starks for what they did to him. If I recall, Hoster admitted to forcing an abortion on Lysa. The child was Petyr's. He will dispose of Sansa like she's a used Kleenex and then his revenge will be complete.
  4. Sure, I would love to see Jon Snow attempt to hatch a dragon egg and burn himself down to ashes. He's supposed to be one of the fake dragons in the prophecy who will be punished. I see Daenerys and the Targaryens as god like heroes who were the first race. The return of the dragons and her symbolic birth as Azor Ahai signals the return of old ancient powers. Winter is the equivalent of a civilization reboot. The deathly cold will destroy most of life. A dawn empire will rise as soon as the ice recedes again. Daenerys was able to bring the dragons back from death because she is special. Any other woman or man attempting to manually hatch eggs will fail and get themselves killed.
  5. Top: Daenerys, Samwell, Barristan Bottom: Arya, Sansa, Tyrion
  6. Rhaegar died because he was unworthy. Emotions is the enemy of sound decisions in this epic. People who lose their tempers or those who let the heart decide at the wrong moment lose in the game. Rhaegar, Robb, Viserys, Cately, and Jon Snow all lost the game because they can't think clearly. Rhaegar and Viserys had to die to open the way for their little sister who is more worthy.
  7. Bowen did it because Jon had become a traitor to the watch and to Westeros. Jon was stirring up trouble for everybody.
  8. Dragon eggs naturally hatch on their own. However, the species died out. Eggs must be kept hot at all times. Otherwise they will turn to stone. The Targaryens have waited many generations for the Prince That Was Promised to resurrect the dragons. This special Targaryen must come from the union of two Targaryens. The answer to your question is "No." The north cannot hatch dragon eggs. Only the Mother of Dragons has that magic power.
  9. They got where they are mostly on merit. Birth rights and what not lubricated the process. Superhuman abilities and their bonds with their dragon and direwolf couldn't hurt. Who is better depends on the level of leadership. Jon would have the edge in a small company of men. Jon was born to be a head ranger. Dany was born to rule a kingdom. Jon would know the advantages of a lance versus a sword. Therefore, he should lead troops in battle. Dany understands complexities of culture and power politics. She is better fit to govern.
  10. Because they don't have freedom to do it as much as they want. I am surprised they made three. Between sneaking around and making sure to avoid getting caught, so yeah, it's a higher number. Cersei had a full-time job entertaining two men, robert and jaime.
  11. The Magister would know whether the king can get a girl pregnant or not. Viserys was unable to produce. He is unfortunately already crowned and by all the laws, the king of Westeros. The Dothraki will win the kingdom for him and an heir will be suitably presented to succeed. Daenerys meanwhile becomes khaleesi and births the Stallion Who Will Mount The World. The one being who will unite all of the khalasars into one mighty people to rule the near East. The plan went awry when Viserys, Drogo, and Rhaego were killed. They got something better in return though. Daenerys and her three dragons were reborn.
  12. Almost all of his work before this one was science fiction. The thousand-worlds stories in particular. Why should this one be any different. Were his thousand-worlds stories commercially successful?
  13. I don't know where to begin. Those are a lot of very good conclusions. I want at least a few chapters in Asshai. I know GRRM already announced there won't be any. But he also said he has the right to change his mind and I hope he has. Ghost Grass is like an invasive weed that kills competing vegetation. We don't have a real world equivalent that glows but running bamboo is said to be able to out-compete other plants. GRRM used the real world examples of blind cave fishes and bioluminescent animals . Asshai have both glowing plants and fish that have no eyes. They either came from the ocean depths or from a land where the sun doesn't shine. The builders of the city would not choose this place. Asshai was a promising location during its construction. Something very bad happened here. Something brought that grass to destroy the ecosystem. Shadow is the Long Night. Dany will have to wait until the end of the Long Night before she can return to Westeros. I don't know if these fishes are deformed. They looked different from ordinary fish because they evolved in darkness. Shadowbinders are not immune to poison, though Mel survived Cressen's drug. The fish may look weird and their flesh may taste bad but probably not poisonous. The GG, according to the Dothraki, kill other grasses. So no cattle farming option. Even goats need grass. The slayer of lies. She is Azor Ahai. Stannis is not.
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