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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    The episode wasn't bad per se but the writing felt weird, off. People complain on this site about the show all the time but I've honestly have found most of the complaints to be trivial and nit-picky for the most of it. But for the first time. The plot seems really contrived and dumb. It feels like the writers had all these plot points they want to get to and don't know how to get there and have also run out of time and money. Particularly time because the show needs to end. The wight hunt doesn't make a lick of sense no matter how you look at it. Oh well.. All good things come to end. Bad sex is worse than no sex though and I don't know if I prefer to get a crappy end to the story or no end at all. I finally understand why George takes so long to write these books as the geography of Westeros makes things very difficult. Furthermore, there is no way the showrunners can't see what they're doing so they've clearly made the decision to go this way because there is no other way to tell the story perhaps?
  2. In the first season of Game of Thrones when Ned is trying to carry out Robert's will in naming his rightful heir. Littlefinger double-crosses him in open court in front of dozens of witnesses and characters by putting a knife to his neck. Why doesn't Sansa question Littlefinger's role in this? Its hard to believe that she didn't know that he was involved in the betrayal of her father.

    Benioff & Weiss Create CONFEDERATE

    Yeah that is interesting for them. I thought they would have gone on to do something a bit smaller in scope. But congrats to both of them, They've done a mostly fine job on Thrones. Very interesting subject matter though, a bit too heavy for my blood.

    How would you rate episode 701?

    9/10. Superb opener. Everything I could hope for. Everything with the Hound was gold. The cold open gave me chills. The dialogue is as sharp as it has ever been. The only part of the episode I didn't like was the Euron seems a bit.. cartoonish but we'll see how he plays over the rest of the season.

    How would you rate episode 701?

    'A Time for Wolves' my friend.. Also that would make no narrative sense at this point.

    what is your favorite season and least favorite

    Favourite season: Season 3. Season 3 had the best pacing of any Game of Thrones season in my opinion. It was the best of both worlds with D&D still sticking fairly close to the book but making excellent changes and actually improving on Martin's work in many instances. Also still had the single most devastating event in the entire series which was executed to perfection. Game of Thrones at its peak with very few missteps as a whole plot-wise. Worst Season: No real bad season but season 5 is my least favourite. But it still had some good moments from episode 7 onwards.
  7. I liked the way Ned Stark and his demise were portrayed in the show better. In the books, because its more nuanced you can see it coming from a while off. In the show its much more shocking (which is good shock in this case). This is helped by Ned being much more of a central character in the season 1 of the show than Ned is a POV in the books.

    Favorite POV Character

    First readthrough. Thoroughly enjoying it. Its got to be 1. Jon. 2. Eddard. 3. Sansa

    What's the basis for Cersei's claim to the Iron Throne?

    She's ascending the throne as Queen regent. She can do so as being the mother to the king or the husband to Robert Baratheon. Besides, there is literally no one else that could possibly have a stronger claim anyway. Either way, it doesn't matter. And for people that say it might not happen in the books, while you may be right don't be so sure. In George's original outline, Jaime ascends the throne before Dany's conquest simply by killing every other person in line ahead of him. Not quite the same as Cersei but she did kill Robert I guess. We know that George split original Jaime into Jaime and Cersei so that checks out. And yes I know the original draft has changed quite a lot but quite a few beats of the original outline stayed the same. The prophecy from Maggy the frog also confirms this although I don't think that bit is in the show so can't really confirm that.

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    Yep I saw that too... I swear I've been looking for other people that noticed but it seems most people didn't notice the way Tyrion was fixated on her the whole time.

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    I think the answer here is clearly Jon Snow. Yes, he's a bastard. But the North is the largest of the seven kingdoms and what better ally than the King in the North. Sure, Jamie Lannister is a good option, but there is the little problem of the Lannisters murdering almost her whole family and them not being exactly best of friends. Tyrion Lannister would be a very good option but he's her Hand. And that would be awkward. Plus Dany might not be into that dwarf action. Another good option would have been Trystane Martell, but he's dead. If the other Tyrell brothers were cast in the show, that would have been a good option too.

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    Yes, I agree. Pacing is a real issue. Episodes 2-5 were actually alright. 6 and 7 have been a slog in comparison. Then we'll get more action in 8 and 9 with an overstuffed finale. I don't understand why the run times for episodes vary so wildly either. The last two episodes have barely hit 48 minutes if your remove the intro.

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 606?

    Gave it an 8. Solid across the board. Thought Dany's scene at the end was a bit unnecessary. Really surprised at how much I enjoyed Gilly and Sam's scenes. Also loved the flashback to the Mad King. He had one line and he really knocked it out of the park.

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    It was a great episode but the ending was very far-fetched, and it felt like they needed to force the fact that Phil and Elizabeth are violent and ruthless murderers on Paige rather than let it dawn on her slowly and gradually. Oddly weak writing for a show of this caliber. Was it really necessary for Elizabeth to stab that homeless guy in the neck to ensure he's murdered ? Was it even necessary to stab the dude at all ? She could have knocked him out cold ?

    [Spoilers] EP605

    Yeah I agree, but I can't really blame the writers in this case though. Its an inherent adaptation issue that has existed since at least the third season. You have significant characters in a notable places over huge distances and trying to move them around all within only 10 episodes a season is simply not possible. The proper passage of time wouldn't work either because realistically it would take Littlefinger about 3 to 4 weeks to get to the Wall or Moat Cailin from The Vale. But why would Sansa and Jon be at Castle Black for that long if Jon claims to be leaving? George intended his work to be unadaptable and because of this some things simply can't be done.