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  1. I sincerely disagree with you. This happens in Canada as well, and people scream ‘we want a by-election’, but that ain’t gonna happen. You elect the person, not the party, even if you really voted on party lines. You get to vote them out if they run again. Sometimes they get re-elected, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the MP is seen as a traitor, sometimes they are seen as someone who just got fed-up by their party’s bs.
  2. We’ve been sharing our results on Facebook! Nothing like needing 6 on a word and someone comes along with 3, ha-ha-ha! Lots of fun seeing Mark Lawrence post his!
  3. Daniel Radcliffe has been cast as Weird Al Yankovic in an upcoming bio-pic!
  4. Is he still Jr. with his father dead? Or with him dead?
  5. There was 45 centimetres of it, up to 55 in some places. Ottawa, the capital, broke records. It gets dangerous. It may snow tomorrow, and there are storms out west that are headed this way and will reach us in a few days. Temperatures at night are supposed to be in the -15 C range, stuff will not be melting. I have no idea where I will put more snow, the pile is 7 feet high, 2 metres and a bit, on my front lawn and I can’t throw the snow higher.
  6. I just found out it wasn’t Trump giving speeches on Jan. 6, it was JFK in disguise.
  7. I just drove by Christie Pits (a park that once was a gravel pit). There are so many people tobogganing down the sides it’s unbelievable!
  8. Andddddd….we are having a snowmageddon here! Just shoveled for an hour and 20 minutes, going to make some lunch now and then go back out to shovel some more!
  9. Here in Canada you have to either fill out an application explaining why you need them (and it seems every pharmacy has none anyway) or wait for news of a pop-up handout clinic, line up for three hours or more and pray they don’t run out before you get to the head of the line. I think I like your method better.
  10. One day, a year ago almost to the day, my fridge died. Problem solved!
  11. CNN breaking news: all hostages safe. No news yet about the hostage taker.
  12. Damn it all, my car is dead. Just because it was -30 with the wind chill last night. I’m really cheesed off, that battery is only two years old. (I have a 2013 Toyota Avalon). Fortunately my brother’s 2008 Avalon started just fine.
  13. So there’s a hostage situation going on at a synagogue in Texas, Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville….
  14. Thank-you, everyone, reading this thread has been glorious. Especially the first few pages! eta: except for Chat’s recent posts. Fuck that loser!
  15. Alexa McDonough has died, at a long-term care facility in Nova Scotia. She was 77 and had struggled for years with Alzheimer’s. She was the first woman to head up a major political party in Canada when she ran the NDP.
  16. Please go to Gen Chat and look at the “best thing you’ve seen on the internet today” thread! Like, right now! And the Onion review of a Spider-Man movie, with Tom Holland, playing the Lolita of super heroes. Oh, that man-child’s sexuality!
  17. I noticed on my news feed that Polish scientists say they have found a gene that more than doubles the risk of the person with it getting severely ill from Covid-19, and they hope this will help identify people who need the most help.
  18. Oooh, just saw that! I wonder if the Queen had the talk with him, or someone else.
  19. Speaking of Canada, deaths have been rising. I think there were 62 in Quebec the other day, and 42 in Ontario. eta: I see the rolling average for Canada is 66, but if you Google Covid deaths in Canada you can see that’s a sharp increase. On the other hand, we’ve had less than 32,000 deaths overall, which would be as if the US had had about 270,000. And you know how I compare Canada to Poland, because of the near-identical populations, and I saw a news report that they crossed 100,000 deaths the other day.
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