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  1. That’s………………………an appalling thought. And Canadians can’t vote. They don’t become Americans when they go there. Besides, health insurance has become so expensive a lot of people have the US up. Also, a really big portion of them are from Quebec. These seniors voted for separatists.
  2. “I think, therefore I am” = “what I think is done”.
  3. Try to concentrate on the phrase “tourist visa”. The EU has cancelled tourist visas, not refugee applications. eta: and I really have to add this. Don’t even fucking dream about comparing Canada and the US during the Vietnam war with Russia and the EU today. Canada and the US had a border that was a sieve. You could just pack up and move across the border with relative ease. There were no visas required to visit and there are still no visas required. American parents drove their sons across the border and set them up at school or in apartments. Others hopped on the Greyhound bus and came across the border without a problem. Americans weren’t Cold War enemies. WW II vets railed against draft dodgers but most people were sympathetic, although there was also a pretty strong feeling that you were supposed to support your country when your country asked you to serve. And in the US people were marching, protesting and rioting, and thousands were getting arrested and thrown into jail. Russians need to get off their asses and pressure their government just like Americans did. And in any event, if the US reinstituted the draft and invaded some country, Americans could not do the same as they did in the 60s. The world has changed in 60 years. There is no open, sieve-like border anymore.
  4. I found 1 used copy on Amazon.ca and am sending it to Ty.
  5. Hahaha, you know what I find hilarious? The fact that the EU has finally, finally, cancelled tourist visas! I said that should happen what, in the first week? And that the Russian tourists should be shipped back to Russia? And I got a ducking (thank you spell check) shit storm for that, and a certain asshat on this board made sneering superior comments about my humanity. Someone without a scrap of humanity in their body. And I got piled on. Because, duh, Moscow was being bombed and innocents were dying, amirite? Too dangerous for tourists to go home, huh? My lord, if the US ever invaded Canada you’d all just shake your heads and talk about the poor innocent American tourists spending money in your countries, right? And how they should be allowed to stay in comfort while my country got trampled on, right? Oh, and y’all thought the shooting would be over in 6 weeks or 8, tops, with Ukrainians victorious. Lol!
  6. One left, should I have it shipped directly to you? Pm your address. like, NOW eta: it ships free to me, I’ll send it to you. Used, in very good condition.
  7. You know that link goes to Amazon.ca and quotes $12.49.
  8. I have a great used bookstore that I go to, do you want me to check there? Which titles?
  9. Oh please, you’re on a Game of Thrones website, how the hell do you miss that!?! Eta: haha I see you got hit with GoT already!
  10. I don’t know where they lived (friends of friends) but I can ask. I sort of think it was somewhere in Silicon Valley, because I think they are high tech types.
  11. I’ve been meaning to comment about this, but I’ve been spending time thinking about consequences instead. I had dinner last Sunday with friends, and one of their kids had met up with old friends the week before. The couple are Americans who worked in Canada for a few years and then moved to California to take a promotion. A couple of months ago they quit their jobs and moved to upstate New York. They were telling my friends that while there have been underlying tensions between Democratic types and Republican types for a long time, tensions have worsened considerably in the past few years, to a point where they said the air practically crackles with it. They started getting very uncomfortable about living in CA, and decided to move back to the east coast. They got Canadian work permits before and are confident they could get work permits again, and are prepared to move back here if things worsen. They chose NY state to live in in case they had to make a run for the border (among other reasons). I don’t think they meant run as in pack-the-essentials and hightail it to the nearest crossing in the dead of night, more like get things in order over a period of a few months and then move. But proximity to the border is comforting, so maybe in the back of their minds they are thinking about a midnight run. This is not the first story I’ve heard from friends and acquaintances about Americans they know reporting they feel a real tension between people where they live. Many of my friends here are guessing ten years before all hell breaks out, some are predicting less than five years because of the next federal election. But, what the hell do we know, right? What really surprised me, though, was that they were feeling these tensions in California, to the point where they decided they had to leave. I have an American friend in my Pokémon Go global raid group who lives in Western Kentucky who really really wants to move to Canada, but he’s divorced and won’t leave his five year old son behind. Again, the kind of story a lot of us hear from American friends. And more and more Canadians moving back to Canada after living in the US for years, because they just can’t take it anymore.
  12. Wow. I’ve been seeing the line-ups. I’ve always regretted not driving to Ottawa to stand in line for Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s lying in state. He repatriated our Constitution. Love him or hate him, that fact alone earned my respect. It would have been a weird day, but hell, how many great Canadians are worth that respect. Ain’t no hockey player I’d line up for.
  13. I saw a great cartoon on tv yesterday from some newspaper in the US. There was a Corgi on a leash, but the leash had been dropped on the floor, and the Corgi was looking over it’s shoulder wondering what happened. Sentimental, yes, but as a person who owned dogs for over 45 years it touched me.
  14. My thoughts as well. Mind you, the US imprisons people for the crime of being black and poor for violations white people would be forgiven for, but there are a lot of people in jail with mental health issues because the US health system sucks. Eta: Canada of course has similar issues, I want to point out. For us it’s indigenous people overpopulating the jails.
  15. If I were you I’d double-check that spa appointment.
  16. Apparently the guy had anger issues. Sounds like suicide by cop. And that poor cop who was killed was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, he walked into the diner to get lunch while on a training exercise with Mississauga and Peel police. Had a wife and two kids. Look at the two guys in Saskatchewan who also had bad childhoods and lots of anger issues. Put more money in childcare and support and these things can be eliminated, or nearly eliminated, with time. Also, a national holiday has been declared for the day of the Queen’s funeral.
  17. Okay, just announced: national holiday for the Queen’s funeral here in Canada.
  18. Wow, that’s fascinating! Thanks for the post!
  19. What’s next? Royal Master of the Horses tells the herd she’s gone? Master of the Hounds…yeah, probably. You Brits take animals of all kinds very seriously.
  20. All kinds of interesting things have been reported in the last day, two of which have been the fact most people alive today will likely never hear God Save the Queen sung again, with Charles and William there, and the fact I previously mentioned, Elizabeth was Queen for almost half of Canada’s existence as a nation. The third thing I heard today was about currency. All you guys in the Commonwealth, take a look at one of your coins with Elizabeth’s head on it. Apparently it’s tradition that no succeeding monarch faces in the same direction as the previous monarch. Elizabeth looks to the right on our coins, Charles will be looking to the left. I assume this is the same tradition in other Commonwealth nations. *I see the coin flipping was mentioned in an overnight post (for me) in the UK thread.
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