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  1. You can't pick other countries unless your country sucks (it does suck, but not at winter sports) Everyone knows that rule.
  2. They have been between 1900 and 2300 for about 2 weeks. I think you are looking at the wrong stat. They are falling very very slightly but it's more of a plateau. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/healthcare If you look at the data for the last month, in no way can that be said to be 'steadily falling'.
  3. The best England teams always have 'Bobby's' and lots of people from the North East. Without either of those this time round, I don't hold out much hope.
  4. @Tywin et al. as a proud Brit I will be sad to do so, but my sister lives in Norway, used to live just down the hill from the spiritual home of biathlon//Cross country skiing/nordic combined (Hollmenkollen) so that is who I wil be supporting when we are arguing about medals this time round. TEAM NORWAY, TEAM NORWAY, TEAM NORWAY.
  5. 438 deaths today so let's not all get to excited about the falling case numbers. Admissions are pretty steady from everything I can find, and deaths are still ticking up.
  6. I watched that earlier on, she absolutely fucking nailed him. I almost felt sorry for him because of how utterly out of his depth he was.
  7. Apparently fat Frank is in the running for Everton. Hahahahaha
  8. Raducanu match is weird. She won first set 6-0, lost second 6-2, now is steamrolling Stephens again in the 3rd 4-0.
  9. Admissions, its down 2% on previous week, but latest data is showing 11th Jan.
  10. Where you getting that? Gov.uk shows they have plateaued, but no updates since 11th Jan. Deaths have also plateaued but that data is up to date.
  11. I would have said the complete opposite. If someone invited me to be a plus 1 at a wedding I'd assume there was going to be shagging involved. But then I think everything has a sexual undercurrent.
  12. Murray wins, good for him. He is a bit cantankerous but he seems like a decent human being. And without his injuries he was clear world number one in his last proper season (when he pretty much won the Davis cup).
  13. Can anyone explain the logic of the team with the joint best record in the league being in the wildcard game? I get there are reasons, I just don't see the sense in those reasons.
  14. Currently I assume he would also be barred from the US open in NY, if Kylie can't play basketball, or are outdoor sports different?
  15. Don't let the door hit you on your way out. You paranoid prick.
  16. It's an age old truth that having people want to watch you being punched in the face is very marketable. Almost more marketable than being actually good at punching people in the face.
  17. While I loved it. Not sure I want it back without the same supporting cast. Though its possible for a few cameos.
  18. How the fuck has spiderman made that much money in a pandemic?
  19. Telegraph seems to be scraping the barrel (I know right, I was surprised too). Claiming the Starmer having a drink in his office, with the staff he works with in, that office is somehow the same.
  20. Djokovic has had his visa revoked, good, fuck him the tin hat wearing prick. I hope all his sponsors drop him. And Nadal ends up the all time GS leader because he wins this AO. And something bad happens to his pig ignorant parents and all his stupid fans.
  21. This one time only we will all agree that 47 is mid, not late 40's.
  22. 32 mins is magnificently bad timekeeping. Pissed referees should definitely become a thing.
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