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  1. Can you imagine the fucking mentality of someone that does that. Why isn't that a 20 year sentence? What a bunch of pathetic cunts.
  2. My shit car finally died. When did used cars become so expensive? And which Tory PM can I blame?
  3. This change is great for me. Psychologically its so much better your kids waking you at 0600 instead of 0500.
  4. WSL is having a proper title race. Top 4 is about as tight as its possible to get.
  5. They could make a crossover where the Flash and Kang have at it.
  6. Yeah, but we already know they are all grasping, corrupt fucks, this is not news. Unless they are getting found being criminal I don't see how this moves the needle at all.
  7. I think its absurd and dangerous that MP's can have second jobs, but he led by donkeys sting is really nothing. Much as I like slagging of Kwarteng and Hancock, i don't see how they have done anything remotely a problem under current rules.
  8. FFS, why do i have to leave work at 1430 when 85,000 people are trying to get to Wembley.
  9. There are some things i won't compromise on but it also comes down to how much i can save. If i save £2 on generic tomato Sauce instead of Heinz, but a bottle lasts a couple of months, then i haven't saved much. If i can save 50p on generic beans and we use about 4 tins a week, then its worth doing. My father in law is a complete wine snob, even he admits the stuff you get at Aldi is really good quality and so much cheaper than the big supermarkets.
  10. I can't believe that gobshite has generated about 40 posts in 4 hours.
  11. He was excellent in his Parks and Rec cameos also.
  12. i doubt anyone would be getting riled up by this ordinarlly, if Fox wasn't almost certainly the biggest man baby arse goblin i've ever heard of.
  13. As usual the answer falls somewhere between heartofice on one side and varysblackfyre on the other.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-65064708 Pretty clear cut and damning. Boris is full of shit, the people of Newcastle under Lyme have spoken.
  15. Someone bought their dog into the office. And it shit everywhere. And it stinks. And none of the windows open. And that's why the police keep making mistakes.
  16. According to the metro, the silly cock with the 'Diego in a box' flag had his ticket cancelled before he got to the match.
  17. My brother in law is from Burnley. Its backward as fuck. They have women wrestling in gravy at his local. And blacked up Morris dancers called 'the coconutters'.
  18. Just been given night shifts for the coronation. What a big eared, sosig fingered wanker. 6000 officers on duty, we should threaten to spoil it and all go sick unless we get a pay rise.
  19. £6 for a deodorant, you have got to be kidding me. No chance, i'd rather stink.
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