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  1. I expect that my kids uni will cost me 150 grand. If they aren't going to earn more because of it, I'd rather use it for a deposit for a house if they aren't doing something vocational or necessary.
  2. The data shows retention and sickness is horrendous with graduates of the policing degree(not degrees in particular though weirdly). I'd guess because they are sold a lie and its a huge disappointment. I've not seen any evidence anecdotal or empiric that they perform any better.
  3. I did mine in a bank. Someone stuck a sawn off shotgun in my face. I don't recommend it. However it was the catalyst for me wanting to join the filth, so there is that.
  4. A policing degree begs to differ. All it does is teach you in 3 years what you previously learned in 18 weeks at training school and 10 weeks being mentored. And excludes a significant number of working class people who can't afford to get saddled with debt for the shit pay. None of the best street police (proper thief takers) went to uni. They were all working working class, poacher turned gamekeeper. We don't get them anymore. My wife also said her TV production degree would have been less benefit than 6 months as a runner learning the ropes.
  5. I might have to gi sick when the riots start. The poll tax had nothing on the current situation.
  6. I've had to watch this so many times. But it's very much a lion king rip off. I can no longer watch tangled since someone showed me tangled porn.
  7. 60 million for Cucurella? That is the most money for a nobody I've ever heard. Absolutely mental.
  8. I secretly kind of admire this a little bit though. It must be so refreshing to go through life not giving any fucks for anyone whatsoever. People say 'how do they sleep at night'? I'm sure they sleep fine because they don't worry about the shit that keeps normal decent people up in the wee small hours.
  9. Read it earlier. FFS He was in a wheelchair, just walk behind him and disarm him. 'Maybe' give his arm a little tap with the baton to get him to drop the knife.
  10. Holy motherfucking shit. 700, 700 and its only the start of August. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/police-killing-record-2022-b2137757.html
  11. Pleased I've got a 10 year mortgage. Jesus. Inflation to hit 13% by end of year. What a time to be alive.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-62405123.amp Of course you should name your stand after a serial killer.
  13. That trophy doesn't look like William could take it without some serious preparation. About a gallon of lube and a bathtub full of poppers.
  14. My favourite part of the tournament is how whenever the England players are getting interviewed and want to celebrate with their mates they just throw the microphone back and fuck off.
  15. Russo reading the note the German sub sent on over her shoulder was pretty funny. Wife just told me we could have been there. Someone she works with has a box and invited us, but she didn't think I would want to go to the women's final. WTF?
  16. We are probably losing the euro final on pens aren't we?
  17. Maybe I'm just comparing it to the 50+ million we wouldn't spend to close Diaby, who is younger and much better, and more what we need.
  18. I read the other day that definitely 2022 but nothing concrete other than that. The 2 leads are going to have aged a lot.
  19. Just remember kids, there is nothing suspicious about throwing your phone in the sea when you are in the middle of a social media trial.
  20. Just discovered a new way to interrogate duties system at work. It shows I'm owed 143 hours back. Fucking yes. Only negative is I can't take them as full days off, only half days.
  21. Jamie Vardy must be fucking fuming. 2 million quid cos his wife is a big mouth gossip.
  22. I try not to go too far down the rabbit hole. Its all too thoroughly depressing. But it's almost impossible to avoid.
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