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  1. Love the PR Beauty Queen reference. Not only did Ingrid Rivera serve as Miss World Puerto Rico but she also represented PR in the Miss Universe Pageant. Alas, she didn't place, a rare thing for a Puerto Rican beauty. Orgullo!
  2. Thank you Ormond. I knew the dates didn't jive but was curious about the list and how it came about.
  3. Hi Ormond! Thank you for your column. I was wondering why the US government decided to start keeping a list of baby names in 1880. What was the rationale behind it or benefit to the government? It's very interesting.
  4. Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it when you respond to my queries. I think you are awesome. In your Daniel column you posted: "Daniel, like most Old Testament names, receded in popularity in the late 19th century, but it never became rare." Is there a theory on why these names receded?
  5. Ahaha! Kylo. I'm partial to Michael and James as I have one of each. On a different note, I am watching American Gods on tv. One of its characters' names is Bilquis. My father's first girlfriend's name was Belkis, same name. I just found out that Bilkis was the Queen of Sheba. Do you have any details about this name and its origin?
  6. He was shocked that it was 19%, his third highest percentage after Scotland/England and France/Germany. BTW, I've always thought your avatar was beautiful.
  7. Husband's DNA showed that he is Scandinavian. He had no clue about this, but his looks make sense now. He's Scotch-Irish and German, plus now Scandinavian. Also, he has a little bit of Gengis Khan in him. My favorite trace for me was Polynesian. One thing I wish I knew was what specific type of Native American I am.
  8. I really liked this one. I had no idea that Tracy came from Theresa. It makes complete sense. We almost always call Teresas Tere as, at least in PR , we like to use nicknames, diminutives, and shortening of names as a show of affection. Also, when combined, María Teresa is pronounced with a soft accent on the Ma rather than a stronger one on the ía. It flows nicely that way.
  9. North of Gainesville, Florida, (where I used to live,) is the small city of Waldo. According to the National Motorists Association's 2012 report, Waldo was ranked third in its list of "Worst Speed Trap Cities" in North America. We all ew about Waldo! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/florida-town-infamous-for-speed-traps-disbanding-police-force/
  10. Thank you for the information. I'm going to check the World Herald site. I wasn't aware of it.
  11. I'm pretty sure they're not, unless they're visiting.
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