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  1. Baitac

    Eurovision 2019

    You should check Shady Shae’s reaction to Conan. I laughed out loud.
  2. Baitac

    Eurovision 2019

    Zala and Gasper sure look like they love and connect with each other but they don’t connect with me. The song has an interesting mood but yes, it’s bland. I don’t see it advancing either Bucky.
  3. Baitac

    Eurovision 2019

    It’s always nice to have a fan favorite win. I felt bad for Wictoria, though. She didn’t place as high as I anticipated.
  4. Baitac

    Eurovision 2019

    Hi Ran!! I love Bilal and his story. It's a beautiful song. I just think his voice is quiet and there are so many better entries. Hatari is a bold choice for Iceland. Go big or go home. It is mesmerizing. They're quite the show. Holy cow. For outré stuff, I prefer Conan, though. Yes! I hope Wictoria wins!
  5. Baitac

    Eurovision 2019

    The Eurovision Song Contest will begin on Tuesday, May 14 and will conclude with its final show on Saturday, May 18. As Israel's Netta Barzilai won last year with Toy, this year's contest will take place in Tel Aviv. Here are the rules of Eurovision: https://eurovision.tv/about/rules. I live in the US but I enjoy the contest and find its history and socio-political maneuverings fascinating. Please share what you think. Do you think this is a silly event? Do you like your country's entry? Who do you like this year? So far, my favorites are (in no particular order): Italy "Soldi" by Mahmood Portugal "Telemoveis" by Conan Osiris https://eurovision.tv/video/conan-osiris-telemoveis-portugal-official-video-eurovision-2019 The Netherlands "Arcade" by Duncan Lawrence https://eurovision.tv/video/premiere-duncan-laurence-song-release-the-netherlands-eurovision-2019 Spain "La Venda" by Miki Switzerland Luca Hanni "She Got Me" https://eurovision.tv/video/premiere-switzerland-song-release-eurovision-song-contest-2019 Australia Kate Miller-Heidke "Zero Gravity" https://eurovision.tv/video/kate-miller-heidke-zero-gravity-australia-national-final-performance-eurovision-2019-1
  6. Baitac

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    I had to join this. I was Portugal last time. I cannot believe that it’s been 4 years. How are you Buckwheat? Zar Lannister left FB. Is he still in TTTNE???
  7. Baitac

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    The Library of Alexandria, the Valley of the Kings , the Nile, Arab Spring. Wait. Remember our mighty past. We are as mighty as it was (because our present is kinda shitty at best.) We shall win or maybe lose. We shall start treating women equally, probably not, but we shall play and if we win our players shall be treated like Amun-Ra. So let it be written.
  8. Love the PR Beauty Queen reference. Not only did Ingrid Rivera serve as Miss World Puerto Rico but she also represented PR in the Miss Universe Pageant. Alas, she didn't place, a rare thing for a Puerto Rican beauty. Orgullo!
  9. Thank you Ormond. I knew the dates didn't jive but was curious about the list and how it came about.
  10. Hi Ormond! Thank you for your column. I was wondering why the US government decided to start keeping a list of baby names in 1880. What was the rationale behind it or benefit to the government? It's very interesting.
  11. Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it when you respond to my queries. I think you are awesome. In your Daniel column you posted: "Daniel, like most Old Testament names, receded in popularity in the late 19th century, but it never became rare." Is there a theory on why these names receded?
  12. Ahaha! Kylo. I'm partial to Michael and James as I have one of each. On a different note, I am watching American Gods on tv. One of its characters' names is Bilquis. My father's first girlfriend's name was Belkis, same name. I just found out that Bilkis was the Queen of Sheba. Do you have any details about this name and its origin?
  13. Oh Bonesy, you were my one and only Board crush. I'm so so upset. Love you.