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  1. Super excited for this! As hyped as I am for the end of The Expanse and for James S.A. Corey's new science fiction series, I'm even more hyped for some more solo Daniel Abraham!
  2. matt b

    Board Issues 4

    Honestly, every single one. When I'm in the Help forum it says the last post was from you, 2 hours ago, explaining tapatalk was down after some upgrades. But when I'm browsing all the forums I can see your most recent post (the one I'm replying to), and it shows up fine when I click on the thread. I cleared my cache already, so I don't think it's that.
  3. matt b

    Board Issues 4

    Currently having a problem where I can't see any posts newer than 3 hours ago when I'm in a forum, but I can see the actual latest post when I'm browsing the forums in general or when I click on a particular thread. Not the worst problem in the world but kind of bizarre.
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