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  1. matt b

    What Artists Do You Truly Regret Never Getting To See?

    Another one that springs to mind is the Talking Heads. I love the end of Stop Making Sense, during Crosseyed & Painless when they finally show the crowd and everyone is losing their minds, just going nuts. The energy in that room had to be off the charts. I would've loved to have been a part of one of those crowds. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of seeing David Byrne, way back in 2001, and it was one of the top concert experiences of my life. I'll be seeing him later this summer, too!
  2. matt b

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    The entire series can be pretty hard to track down in individual volumes, but the 4th book especially so. I believe that one was only ever published in hardcover while the first 3 got the hardcover and paperback treatment. Fortunately, the 2 volume omnibus editions (book 1&2 in one volume and 3&4 in another) are, in my experience, pretty easy to find. Way easier than the individual volumes, at least.
  3. matt b

    What Artists Do You Truly Regret Never Getting To See?

    I was pretty much raised on classic rock radio, so basically all the greats would be on my list, but especially Hendrix and Zeppelin (in their prime). But more than any other would be the Grateful Dead. I was 12 when Jerry died and didn't become a deadhead until I was in high school. I've seen some of the more recent incarnations of the band, as well as the remaining members projects, with varying degrees of success (basically if Phil is there it's usually worth it, otherwise not so much). And obviously since almost all of the Dead's shows were recorded I've listened to many of them and have my own favorites and favorite eras. But to be able to see in person what the band was like in 1973, for example, would be something special.
  4. matt b

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Just an FYI, both Banner Saga & Banner Saga 2 are available for free* with Twitch Prime this month. Just link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account and you should be good to go (although I don't think Twitch Prime is available everywhere Amazon Prime is). Even if you don't use Twitch it's probably worth checking out just for all the free games and in-game loot they throw at you. *and by free, I mean for the price of an Amazon Prime account
  5. matt b

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Yeah, it's only the 1st half of the season. For whatever reason Netflix is doing that with AD and Kimmy Schmidt this year.
  6. At least this one has nothing to do with space opera for a change. It's evolving.
  7. I know which evil empire just bought my loyalty for the foreseeable future.
  8. Dammit, you're right! That's a rookie mistake on my part.
  9. I never knew I needed a Belter version of Space Truckin' in my life, but that was awesome.
  10. In my experience, Ty and Dan and the producers and actors involved in the show have been very gracious and pleasant in the overwhelming majority of fan interactions I've seen. I honestly can't blame someone for getting a little salty answering the same question again and again. Was it? My understanding is that the adaptation rights had already been well sold by them once Alcon was making the various deals with Syfy, Netflix, Amazon, etc. I'm baffled as to why anyone would think they'd have a voice in the negotiations at that point in the process. If the adaptation rights were being sold directly to a network sure, but certainly not in this case. Blame Alcon. Blame Syfy. Don't blame Ty and Dan, unless you want your anger to be misplaced.
  11. There's more to it than just distribution. There's also a monetary shortfall that needs to be addressed. The money networks and streaming services pay is literally what makes up the budget for the show. It's not only Syfy's distribution they don't have now, it's also their money. Moving forward with the show now would simply be financially impossible. If you followed Ty on twitter it would make sense. For some reason, everyone who has an issue with being unable to watch the show takes it up with him on twitter, even though it's entirely outside of his control. It's like yelling at the cashier at a fast food place when they raise the prices. Dealing with idiots all day is exhausting (my wife works in a call center, so I can relate, usually takes her awhile to decompress after work).
  12. Space in Canada is definitely a special case. I believe Syfy and Space have a content sharing agreement, which probably precludes anything else. I can't speak to NZ at all, but maybe that is similarly "grandfathered-in" so to speak? I don't know, and these agreements are very complex. But someone asked Ty about it on twitter awhile back and he said that was the case, so I'm going to trust him. It's certainly possible I misunderstood what was being said, though.
  13. Again, my understanding could be off, but it's not Netflix's choice. Syfy literally paid more to have an exclusive broadcast period. Netflix can't air it in the UK or elsewhere in the world until that exclusivity period has ended. Stupid, yes, but without that premium the show would not have been made.
  14. This focus group STILL sucks.
  15. I never said Syfy had the right to air it anywhere but the U.S., only that they've denied anyone else the right to air it outside the U.S. until a certain time period has elapsed. At least that's my understanding, which could certainly be flawed. These sorts of deals are enormously complicated after all. Nitpicky detail, but Ty and Dan sold it to Alcon, Alcon sold it to Syfy (and Netflix and Amazon). I'd be very surprised if they had a voice in the room when it came down to network/streaming service negotiation.