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  1. Your answer cured my cancer
  2. Thanks for kindly explaining how my 10 lines of thoughts make no sense, I'm so enlightened now.
  3. Right my discussion was secretly about Euron and how Balon will rule the Iron Islands forever. Now that Euron is casted yeah my discussion was meaningless I guess.
  4. No need for proof when something is so obvious that 70% of the fandom sees it. This season was very awful and daenerys's hypocrisy was cancerous to watch, one episode she burns an innocent man, the next she acts as if the violence in the arena is unbearable for her. And the funniest moment of this season is when she asks 'I'm terrible?'. I can't believe there is no Euron, Victorian, Young Griff, well there is your proof. Dumb and Dumber eliminates characters intentionally, because these characters would challenge daenerys's claim and nothing would make her stupid fans madder. You also know that's why none of these characters above made an appearance while we got stupid dorne stuff, just admit it!
  5. D&D got him killed in the stupid and dishonorable way to make the Mannis fans to shut up. Because they want their bitch to be on top and the only protagonist to rely on. You got what I'm saying now?
  6. So if his leg is cut off, won't there be any way to save him? Don't get me wrong I'm just ignorant about this matter, I just remember the scene Robb meets Talisa where they cut off the wounded soldier's leg. Buuut fuck it, I begin to think he's really dead for good, and maybe that's better. The show doesn't deserve Stannis. I really think they made him go nuts because in Dumb and Dumber's world there can only be that stupid feminist smart-ass whore with all the rights and power. I'd say I'm not gonna watch this season but I know I will so fuck me for being a hypocrite
  7. Last we see of these two together: Stannis's right leg was badly wounded, and he couldn't even move; he confesses of assassinating Renly; Brienne sentences him to death and then boom! Stannis is dead... isn't he? Why would Brienne want to keep him alive? We saw that she sentenced him to death, and as a true knight, she must kill him even if she needs him for something, yeah but no one says there a time limit or something for the execution. I mean she can kill him whenever she wants to. You might say "but she brought down the sword" yes but to cut what? Stannis's head or just to hit the tree with last hesitation... or to cut Stannis's leg. The wounded leg. It is really impossible for that leg to heal in that place and there is no time either. By leaving Stannis with one leg, she and Pod can take him as a captive very easily. So the last scene may end up with the sword cutting only Stannis's leg But why would she keep him alive? Does she need Stannis to do something? Yes she does. She needs him to prove that she is not a kingslayer. Now after Renly's death, the news spread that king renly was murdered by a woman kingsguard. Everyone knows Brienne as a kingslayer, because in people's eyes, she backstabbed the king she served as a guard, just like Jaime did. It was a very big shame for an honorable knight she is, even though she knows that it was blood magic what killed Renly. Catelyn also knew, but she is dead now. Now guess who is left to prove that Brienne is innocent... yep the assassin himself! The Mannis is alive! Conspiracy solved!
  8. In Clash of Kings Yoren's group confronts many travelers who say fools, turn back, they'll kill you, blah blah. Then they reach a village which has been burned with everyone in it, except for a crying girl who was obsessed with eating mud, and a woman in shock who only says please. In my first time read I wasn't paying much attention and confusing the book with the show (because the show makes things simpler, and the book is 1000 times more complicated). So I always thought it was the Lannisters who did it. Now I'm rereading and passed the same chapter again blaming Lannisters for it... until I reached this part in Arya's next chapter "A dozen feet down the tunnel she heard the sound, like the roar of some monstrous beast, and a cloud of hot smoke and black dust came billowing up behind her, smelling of hell. Arya held her breath and kissed the mud on the floor of the tunnel and cried. For whom, she could not say" this happens during her escape from Amory Lorch's assault. Now I'm 100% sure this has been discussed before, but is it possible that there is a lonely dragon flying around the south of the God's Eye and there is no one else alive who saw him? This might look far fetched, but Summer DID see a dragon after Winterfell was in fire. The holdfast that Yoren died, was empty when they reached it. Now you might think its people escaped south fearing the Lannisters might reach them, but why the hell would they take the boats with them to Kingsroad? And if they escaped with the boats, that means they went north by the God's Eye towards the Harrentown. Now if they were scared of the war, why would they run into the middle of it? Unless they were running to the middle of the lake - the Isle of Faces. I returned and read the part where the crying girl - Weasel was found. First they see the fire from far, the watcher even says the fire burns like the Sun. When they reach what's left of the village, everything is burned, the houses, the animals, the people. If they were questioned about Beric first, they wouldn't be burned with no chains on (weird thing is the corpses' hands were at their face probably to protect themselves from fire, but why would tbey stop and helplessly cover their eyes, was the fire spreading so fast that they couldn't escape it? And Gregor kills the people he questioned in different way), or if they were left no chance to talk by the lannisters, at least there would be a sign of fighting which I couldn't find. Now let's look at the survivors, the 2 years old girl, that Arya doubts if she can't really speak or has forgotten how to. And a woman whose one arms ends by the elbow and she only says please. Unfortunately she dies and we are made to believe that Lannisters did it. But how did they survive? We can understand why there are so shocked if a lannister massacre is the case, but wouldn't the woman be found and raped or burned too? Especially with a crying girl with her which makes 10 times harder to hide? And the scene in my head is like this: whoever destroyed the village, found the woman with Weasel in her arms, the woman covered an attack with one hand, after her arm was cut off, she just begged until the attacker showed mercy to the mother with her daughter and left them alone. Can it be a dragon who burned down this village? And how the hell we haven't heard of him? If it is really simple as Lannisters did it, can someone explain that monstrous voice?
  9. I will start discussing about the obsidian: In Bran's last chapter of GoT Maester Luwin talks about the children of the forest and their hunting weapons that the maesters call obsidian. But the wildling Osha (who has lived her life beyond the Wall and grew up with first men tales) names it the dragonglass. The smallfolk call it dragonglass, because they think it is made by dragons. Now let's keep in mind that the dragons in this dragonglass tales are not the Targaryen dragons that the Westerosi have met recently. No. The tales of the dragonglass, the children of the forest and the last hero are from more than 8000 years ago. So, is the Aegon's Conquest not the first time the Westerosi have met the dragons? Well, there are the tales of Ice Dragons (even though the dragonglass were probably made by the normal dragons). And also there is a constellation of stars called the Ice Dragon, which is probably named after the actual Ice Dragons. So what are the Ice Dragons? And if the Westerosi lived with these creatures. why not call it with a single name, like simply "Dragon"? I mean if the Ice Dragons were the native species to the Westerosi, logically they would name it "Dragon", and when they met Aegon and his sisters, they would say "Hey look they are riding Fire Dragons! A new kind of the Dragons of the old tales!". I hope I could explain to you what I mean. My point is, there were not only the Ice Dragons in Westeros, but originally there were also the normal dragons. Probably it is the children of the forest who came up with the term "Dragon". Now, my theory is, when the First Men came to Westeros, they met the children of the forest, the giants, the white walkers and the ice dragons. Why only ice dragons? Where were the normal fire breathing ones? Well, they were actually there, except, you know, they were wights. The tales say that the Ice Dragons are usually bigger than the fire dragons. Why tho? The only explaination I have for this is that when the dragons die of old age, they are bigger than the young ones. It is like asking, why are the zombies usually older than the humans? The Others can raise humans, bears, wolves, giants, and probably every creature as wights. Why not Dragons? I know my theory raises questions like "where the hell did the dragons come to westeros from?", "Why did they all die?", "Are these dragons connected to Asshai?". Well, I don't know. But it is still fun to think about. Also this theory goes parallel with "Stone Dragons = Greyscaled Dragons", but I haven't thought about it that much.
  10. I think it is possible that the Faceless Men aren't just assassin, but they also act as spy to learn or get something important and valuable. We can see that in Jaqen's actions
  11. I think Littlefinger is closer to FM than Varys, because when the small counsil suggested FM to kill Dany, Littlefinger pointed out that they can never pay the price the FM would want for her assassination. I like how he said that they can build an army with the money needed to kill just a merchant, never mind a princess. Something tells me he has tried to make a deal with the FM to assassinate Illyrio Mopatis, but failed.
  12. I know it was a play, but I meant it was something that Arya wouldn't do. And Syrio didn't come to King's Landing to kill Trant anyway. His mission was to train Arya, he could never know that pig would kill Robert and Ned would be imprisoned. But he was actually a faceless assassin, then he used the opportunity in the turning of events and followed the politics of Westeros as a high ranked Kingsguard.
  13. You mean Arya unknowingly killed Syrio? LOL That would be hilarious if it actually happened in the book.
  14. And Arya would not let a dwarf rape her. If we are talking about the faceless men, then Syrio Forel was probably his hundredth personality. You don't seem to get the point.
  15. I said apprentice in general. I'm not confusing. And I know they are not ninjas, but still they use the skills. We saw it when Jaqen killed the men to save Boltons in Harrenhal