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  1. Conte is coming over all Mourinho in his post-match interview. He said before the season he wanted to avoid a "Mourinho season" but it already looks like that hasn't worked. He was moaning about having had players sent off in their last three games and sarcastically suggested they start practicing with ten men in preparation. Perhaps he would be better off teaching his players better discipline?
  2. Come on Burnley! We want five! Liverpool look like they are competing with Arsenal for the title "team with the biggest gap in quality between defence and attack".
  3. I loved just about everything about this episode. Having three Starks back together was great; their interactions were believable considering all they had been through since they last met. I actually thought the dialogue was pretty strong throughout the episode. The battle. So much about the battle was awesome. The Dothraki charge, the Lannister tactics and the way they got blown out of the water by the arrival of Drogon. Bronn using the scorpion to wound the dragon and prove it isn't infallible. Theon and Jon's scene was nice, to see Theon get a tiny bit of forgiveness. Now if he could just save his sister and get some more redemption ...
  4. I'm happy with the new Doctor. Jodie Whittaker is a great actress and having her along with a new show runner should freshen things up. As much as I liked Capaldi Doctor things have been going a bit stale for a while now. A complete reboot and (hopefully) toning down the overly complicated stories seems like the way to go.
  5. i love watching tail enders. Broad gets 2 sixes then Anderson gets one of his own. Great fun out there.
  6. I have no faith in Ballance. He sometimes looks solid but you always know that he has that failure in him at all times. Root and Ali were fantastic. Hopefully they can push on today and take the score nearer 500 to really put the pressure on SA.
  7. Only Fools and Horses Blackadder Father Ted Red Dwarf Spaced It's tough after the first three because there are so many others I could name but OFAH, Blackadder and Father Ted are, IMO, head and shoulders above the rest.
  8. In fairness, a certainty of ineptitude is still certainty of a sort.
  9. How do Arsenal expect to win anything when they lose their best players? I have just found out they have released Yaya Sanogo! They don't stand a chance now. Hopefully Sanchez can step up to fill the void.
  10. Ruth Davidson for PM! Just about the only Conservative to come out of this with her reputation enhanced.
  11. Goldsmith has won with a huge majority of 45. It's weird to think that there was only 1 hung parliament between 1945-2010, and now we have had two in three elections. Good work, Mrs May. You turned a relatively strong position into a virtually untenable one.
  12. It does seem at the moment that I will have to vote Tory because they represent the least bad choice. It would be so nice to have a political party I could genuinely have faith in ... Though the constituency where I live has such a huge Tory majority it probably doesn't matter which way I vote anyway lol
  13. Whatever happens, this has been (another) fantastic series of Line of Duty and I can't wait for the resolution next week!
  14. The castong makes the difference in so many ways. I much prefer Show Tywin because of Charles Dance for example. The same for Iain Glen as Jorah. Also, Show Alliser is a far more interesting character. In terms of storyline, cutting most of Tyrion's ADWD storyline and removing Aegon altogether were for me excellent moves, as was changing wherw Brienne went after leaving KL. Those bits of the books were some of the worst for me. In fact, taking out most of the aimless wandering helped make the story more streamlined.
  15. Stannis. He is just such a unique character and I love reading about him. I always look forward to Davos chapters because of him. It is a pity the TV show got him conpletely wrong IMO. It's my only major complaint with the show. Honorary mentions go to Littlefinger and Sansa.