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  1. Ned stark

  2. Ned stark

    In the books did ned stark see arya when he was beheaded ?
  3. Bran

    The first part of a dance with dragons
  4. Bran

    I'm reading dreams and dust and in the last Bran chapter it says 'Brandon Stark could taste the blood ' What does this mean?Is is symbolic ? Has it been revealed in the next book?
  5. prequel novellas

    Thank you for your help
  6. Pate

    Do not read ahead if you havent finished the book this might contain potential spoilers wasnt pate supposed to be dead ? how is he still alive ?
  7. Fave moment in AFFC?

    Vengeance. Fire and blood without a doubt
  8. What do you think of Petyr Baelish?

    if you think about it carefully LF is the one who is responsible for the whole war in the first place . It was because of him that Jon Arryn died due to which Robert Baratheon came to Winterfell which led to Ned Stark becoming hand and so on and so forth . You get the idea.
  9. prequel novellas

    has anyone read the prequels ? if so could you suggest the order in which they should be read?
  10. Ned Stark was a greenseer?

    I don't think it is because none of Varamyr Six skin's parents could skinchange . So probably not
  11. Ned Stark was a greenseer?

    Thats an interesting thought
  12. Cersei's fortune

  13. A dragon has three heads

    Has the meaning of this prophecy come to light recently ? ( in the series or in the books )
  14. Why would Tywin Lannister have sex with shae?

    It isn't actually mentioned that he was having sex with her .
  15. Cersei's fortune

    Hey I'm having trouble remembering what Maggy the frog said to Cersei could someone please help me remember ?