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  1. When Jon Snow and company are leaving Drgaonstone, Jon says to her, "If I don't return, at least you won't have to worry about the King in the North anymore". What she says after that, I cannot make out. I have watched it many times and I just cannot figure it out. But Jon responds, "I wish you good fortune in the wars to come, Your Grace". What did Daenarys say to Jon?
  2. Trystane never made it back to Dorne. He was killed on the boat on the way back to Dorne after Jaime and the deceased Myrcella was dropped off in Kings Landing.
  3. I like how you think. Like I said in another thread, I firmly believe that it is GRRM's agenda, through his story writing, for further erode todays perceptional belief in 'bastardization'. Every child is born innocent and full of potential for greatness.
  4. The connection and bond that twins have is only understood by themselves. All others can only contemplate. It is not insanity that drives her. Vengeance, not Insatiny, is the Only thing that dives her now. Vengeance is for now she believes took Geoffrey and Myrcella. She believes that Tommen was already stolen by the High Sparrow, especially when 'Trial by Combat' was outlawed and that vengeance was fulfilled when she burned The Sept with wildfire. Her only purpose now is to destroy Dorne, Tyrion and Sansa Stark.
  5. In the realm of 'Game of Thrones', I don't understand the rules of bastardization. As I understood it, it means being born out of wedlock. If that is the case in Westeros, then he is still a bastard either way. In the case of accepted polygamy, I would think that Rhaegar would have HAD to bring Lyanna and his son into his 'HOUSE' for Jon not to be a bastard. Though I do think that GRRM's purposeful storyline is to further destroy any lasting reminants of todays societal perception that being born out of wedlock makes a child a bastard. A child is born innocent. That is a major theme that should be taken from the "Game of Thrones' when it is all done
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IA complete misdirect. I agree 100%. Sansa wants vengeance for what befell her and her family. She never wanted the Iron Throne. With the mindest of a little girl wanting to be a Princess, and that being destroyed, she wants Justice, not the Iron Throne.
  7. I honestly don't think that Sansa will betray Jon. I have difficulty comprehending how that there even has any ground. She started out just wanting to be a Princess/Queen. That notion was not hers to even begin with. She knew she would be betrothed to Geoffery before it was even her choice. She will never see her side with Littlefinger. What befell her by Ramsey was the result of Littlefingers scheming. I see her playing Littlefinger beter than he ever played anyone. She won't betray Jon. She needs him to defend the North from the Army of the Dead and The Whitewalkers so that she can become the Queen of Winterfell. She, like most of us realizes that Jon will die again. Without our her, Jon would have already died twice. To add to that, she does not fear Jon. She has already learned to fear how Littlefinger would do to fulfill his plan. I think that she might use that and wrap him around he finger and then eliminate him. We saw what she did to Ramsey, with a smile. What do you think she would do the the man that 'knowingly' put her in that situation.
  8. I have read books and book series that have later came out with movie or tv series. Every time, I was sadly disappointed with the later. I have made the resolution to never watch something that I have already read. My imagination is far more powerful than what can be visually produced. Therefore, if I watch something and enjoyed it, and I find myself intrigued with how much deeper the original author could take me, then I would consider reading the book(s). But if I ever find time for fiction again, I would start again where I left off with the Sword of Truth series many years ago.
  9. Why are you asking this question? Your OP is only 46 characters and 7 spaces. If you want more a better conversation, may I suggest that you invest more in the OP. The idea of your OP questions, suggests to me, that you have not even watched Season 6.
  10. I did not read the books, so I had no idea what a crannongman was. After a little research, here is what came to mind. Their style of fighting, described on Wikipedia, viewed as dishonorable by many, their part of the fighting under Robb Stark was kept secret, but played a huge part in Robb's victories, which baffled Tywin Lannister. That was just my first thought.
  11. That part I agree with most. House Clegane is such a minor house in cannot even have a Lord, only a Knight. The most Sandor could ever become is a Knight or Guardian, similiar to that of Brienne of Tarth. My prediction is that, if Jon does not marry Daenerys out of duty, he may marry Sansa out of love, if he discovers he is not Eddard Starks bastard son.
  12. I am new to The Game of Thrones. I have watched all Seasons 1-5. I will watch season 6 just as soon as it is released. George RR Martin authored a book series that became very popular. Then he sold the TV Rights and a TV series was made from it. Like that has never happened before. HBO, D&D have created, what many are saying, is the most successful series in TV history. I have not read any fantasy or horror/suspense fiction books for almost 2 decades. Back when I did, I was disappointed with the tv or movie version, every time. I feel very fortunate to have watched the Game of Thrones before reading the books. They will be the first fiction books I pick up in a very long time. I am getting to my question. Now that HBO and producers have gone beyond the storyline of the books, they have to collaborate with GRRM to carry the story line to the end of Season 8. Now GRRM gets to write books for the finals seasons after they have aired. He can write books that go well beyond the storyline of Season 8. I have a feeling, that the books in the series that he writes from now on, will become, by far, the most popular fantasy fiction books of all time. Has that ever happened before, where a show or movie series goes farther beyond the storyline of the books where the author is still alive to write the books? Of is this new territory, in which George RR Marting is King. So, I am asking if this has ever happened before. IF it has, I know it has never happened at this level.
  13. Not all seasons are 5 years long. They came to the end of longest summer in recent memory. Jon Snow was asked how many winters he has seen. He said 7,8 or 9. I don't remember exactly. But if they were always 5 years long, Jon would have been over 70 years old when he joined The Nights Watch.
  14. I imagined a double star system with 'Planetos' having an irregular/unstable elliptical orbit with another planets proximity with each orbit. That simulation is beyond what I imagined. Thank you for sharing that.
  15. If someone is able to convince Damascus, whether it be Varys, a priestess of the Lord of Light, or someone else, that is all that is needed. Jon Snow does not want the Iron Throne. King of the North is more than he wanted and he has that and if Danaerys believes it, she may vary well let him rule the North.