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  1. I always thought of him as a coward. He just gives into peer pressure because standing up for what is right is too hard, like beating Sansa.
  2. No where in the books does it spell out rules for the "job" Ned supposedly held. He held Theon captive abd didn't abuse him. He could have killed Theon and no one other than the Iron Born would care.
  3. When one of Craster's wives gave birth he compared her to the sows while complaining about her cries. maybe Craster represents some sort of equalizer or stabilizing force beyond the wall. He did awful but potentially necessary deeds for some reason. Like he is the nadir and someone else up there is the zenith.
  4. Gives new meaning to the phrase "eat crow"
  5. I read your theory. It brings to mind, first the philosophy of Rene Girard know as mimetics. Secondly, the widespread use of human body parts for Westeros place names. The fingers, the neck, the reach, the broken arm...add in a person named The Mountain. The Weetetosi ecosystem is like one being. All parts interdependent, yet unwell. It is consuming itself.
  6. I'm most curious as to how this arrangement began.
  7. So if he gives his sons to the WW they become WW not wights. Then he can eat wights and know they aren't his sons? No wonder the wildlings hate him. i remember Sam referring to his keep as a midden heap. Life for his daughters must have been rather unpleasant.
  8. Oh I never noticed before that the Raven here sits atop the door just as in the poem by Poe. I have held a perhaps crackpot interpretation of the poem that narrator is dead and entombed but does not know it. I believe the Starks & others are connected through the crypts.
  9. Anyone on slaver's bay except Dany the dothraki
  10. Edric Storm? This makes sense. Gendry & Edric will play a role yet. Maybe the antler men will form an alliance with someone important.
  11. The three sisters, being so remote, seem likely candidates. Perhaps house Borrell or Sunderland.
  12. I could see her throwing Baelish out the moon door but with the Eyrie closed for the winter how will it happen? i think she will use all that she had learned to help Bran or Jon to fight the last battle. She he will never have a happy marriage to a handsome prince. Maybe she and Tyrion will reunite & need to have a child for the good of the realm and she will die in childbirth.
  13. I doubt Ned nor Maester Luwin understood all the finer details of Iron Born culture. Theron's natural temperament may have never gained him the Iron Born's respect. If Theon had been sent home, Balon would have sent him on yet another failed rebellion and gotten him killed like his brothers. Whatever shortcomings the education at Winterfell provided, at least he was alive.
  14. That is certainly what the UN wants us to believe
  15. Perhaps the ww can by pass the wall in a similar fashion to bypassing the magic at bloodraven's cave after touching Bran.