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  1. My question involves the Scylvendi, in the forests of Kuniuri the Akka trio is discovered by one of the Few. It was not clear if he was simply a latent sorcerer or if he was in fact a sorcerer. Considering the two millennia alliance between the Consult and the Scylvendi and the new alliance with Cnaiur. It would make sense for the Few to be trained in the Gnostic arts by the Nonmen or the Mangaecca. My question is are there any Scylvendi sorcerers?
  2. Scott if you are looking for a prequel story you should consider the decade prior to the start of the story proper. The politics and feint that led to the first holy war, focusing on the Scarlet Spires of High Ainon and the Cishaurim of the Cabin empire. Since the metaphysics of the Psukhe or the anagogis do not seem central to the larger story they can be explored without spoiling the greater story. And since the Cishaurim do not understand their art the metaphysics will not be spoiled. The discovery of the skin spies and the reaction to it, the internal politics of Cishaurim would be fascinating. moenghus and his struggle to master circumstances, what he was like in private, Maithanet and his defective siblings. The birth of the thousandfold thought and his struggle to bring it into existence, conditioning Martha for his role and trying to reach Ishual. If you wished their could be flash backs of Moenghus in Ishual without spoiling the Dunyain. The inner court of the Scarlet Spires, a young Eleazaurus and a not as old Iyokus, the infamous attack that started there secret war. How they viewed themselves before the war. And there view of the Mandate. The battle of Zirkirta, the Scylvendi before Conphas and Cnaiur before he fell into madness. This would cover the factions skipped over in PON without spoiling the main narrative.
  3. Solo, Beren and Lithium are none other than Achamian and Mimara, I believe one of Beren names is Mechanism. While Mimara is the child of the great king although this time it is his stepdaughter. Achamian is the waif come from the wilds and together they go on a most perilous journey.
  4. Bakker stated that in a interview with Pat, he was answering questions and dropped that little nugget about the Tusk.
  5. I think that the Chorae neutralizes the magic of the collar, rendering it inert and allowing for her to use sorcery.
  6. I think that the Tsonoi are royalty for all of the Nonmen mansions, that is why Nil Cilijiras is able to take control of the mansion after the exit of Nil Giccas. Remember in Cil Aujas Cleric calls the shade of Gin Yursis cousin, so all of the royal families were apart of one bloodline . And because he was the last surviving person of that bloodline Nil Cilijiras was made king of the mansion.
  7. Wert I was under the impression that their was a 6thousand year difference between arkfall and the breaking of the gates, giving the entire story a 10 thousand year range
  8. I think we are getting a little to personal when we openly worry about people's wives. The book is the book and the man is the man, because one comes from the other doesn't say anything about him except his imagination.