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  1. I have extended the "Who are you?" analysis to outside AFfC, which I believe it can, but does make the argument a bit more "flimsy" for others who read it by watering it down. Out of all the times "Who are you?" comes up in AFfC "asearchoficeandfire" I think I counted 17 out of 29 times it was Arya/Cat of Canals, Samwell talking to Cat of the Canals, the Prologue with Pate being killed by the Faceless man, and Jaime's dream. Which is the first time we are introduced to a faceless man that is not Jaqen Hagar. I do not think it is a coincidence that the first time we hear the lyrics from the Rains of Castamere is in Arya's chapter, then the Red Wedding, then Arya's chapter after the Red Wedding. We do not hear of any of the lyrics when Tyrion talks about it first in ASoS, we do not hear it when Jaime threatens to play it in ASoS as well. We hear it through Arya, Cat's, and then Arya's point of view. Not necessarily foreshadowing, but I do think it is strong that his direction points to him killing Jaime and Cersei. It is where his character arch is pointing: him finishing off Jaime and then Cersei after killing his father. Tywin took Tysha away from Tyrion, humuliated him through Tysha, denied Tyrion the Rights to Casterly Rock, and then sleeps with his faux-lover Shae after being sentenced to die only to find out that Tysha was not really a whore and probably really loved her and Jaime, one of the few people he trusts more than anything, was part of the plot of humiliating him and taking him away from his lover. Cersei, for her entire life, has plotted her brother's downfall and death because their mother died giving birth to him and she is paranoid that he will kill her, which he ultimately will. Tyrion killing Jaime and then Cersei reflects the direction his story arch is pointing in A Dance with Dragons, where he consistently thinks of a few things: the death of Cersei, Jaime, and his father, Tysha, and Shae. First of all, it is not a revenge plot. It is necessary because Cersei will either try to cause war with Jon and Daenerys (because of their threat to her claim of the throne) while the Great Other presses south, or she will try to take everyone down with her in King's Landing and they will need to sneak in in a manner that will not cause her to blow it up. There is a reason why it is called "the Gift of Mercy". Secondly, Pate's face was used and there was no mention or hint of him being a skinchanger. Specially what foreshadowing? Arya is the only one in the series, throughout every book, who has been referred to as a rat besides the few times Cersei calls Tyrion a rat. She is referred to as a rat/mouse on numerous occasions. One of which she was even described as a "monstrous rat", which Cersei uses specifically to describe Tyrion sneaking through the Walls of the Red Keep . Speaking of the Red Keep, the Red Keep is also talked about rats in the walls on numerous occasions, Like Tyrion I ASoS: Little birds who talked too much and spiders are an obvious reference to Varys and his little birds. The rats... well. Then Cersei dreams of Tyrion laughing at her while she was naked in the throne room filled with mice, and she wakes up paranoid that Tyrion is going to pop out under her bed and laugh at her only to find out that her father was killed, and there are tunnels throughout the Red Keep, and that is when we hear her call Tyrion a "monstrous rat". Which is a term only used with : Arya, Tyrion, and the Rat Cook (which turns out to be Arya in the show)
  2. Arya does not know about how Jaime is involved at all. Jaime is not going to die at Arya's hands, it will be likely in battle against Jon/Daenerys or at the hands of of them or even possibly Tyrion.
  3. Examples?
  4. I got you right here:
  5. Predictions of my theory (and they all have ALOT of text evidence to back this): Azor Ahai is a duality and is two heads of the Three Heads of the dragon: Jon Snow is one head (as hinted at by him becoming a King and Melisandre) Daenerys is the other (as said by Maester Aemon, who was well acquainted with Rhaegar as well the prophecy. He said that it is "interchangable like a flame. Dragons are gender neutral") Prince/Princess that was promised are there for a reason: Jon and Daenerys are going to bone. Three Heads of the Dragon are going to change how Westeros is ran, like Rhaegar hinted to Jaime about what he wanted to do before he got killed at the Ruby ford. Arya is the Valonqar Arya is going use Jaime's face There IS text evidence for it. Not going to go into detail Tyrion is going to plan with Arya Arya is called a Rat and a mouse so many times throughout the books, including a monstrous rat, there are references to rats in the tunnels of the Red Keep, Cersei is paranoid about Tyrion popping out under her bed after she has a dream of mice, is paranoid about Tyrion (calls him a monstrous rat) crawling in the walls of the Red keep after finding out about her father being killed by Tyrion after he snuck in the tunnels. After creation of this theory there is so much text evidence that points to Arya killing Cersei it is ridiculous. Arya is going to fulfill the second part of Lightbringer You have to do two read throughs of the Legend of Lightbringer prophecy for it to make sense: First read through points to the sword that is Lightbringer Joffrey's swords align the prophecy and point towards Widow's wail Lion's Tooth - Thrown into the Ruby Ford by Arya after Joffrey tried killing Arya Lightbringer broke in water first time Hearteater - Ruby in the shape of a heart in the jaws of a lion for the pommel Joffrey reveals the sword at the Battle of Blackwater Joffrey tries to kill Tyrion by commanding Ser Mandon Moore to do so. In the books Tyrion reveals that Ser Mandon Moore tried to "drive a sword through his heart" Widow's Wail - Rubies in the eyes of the Lion crossguard Nissa Nissa's a wailing wife, Ned Stark's wife in this instance. Second read through points to how Lightbringer is going to be made. Tempered in Water and broke = Ned Stark's Ice being broken into two Sword driven through the captured heart of a Lion and shattered = Arya giving Cersei the gift of Mercy Stick em with the pointy end Nissa Nissa = well... that is part of another post. The Third Head of the Dragon The third head isn't necessarily a Targaryen because he is a Targaryen bastard (yes, my name is wrong lol) Much more text evidence provided for Tyrion being a Targaryen bastard. Daenerys is going to die, Jon Snow is going to rule but is going to use his experience through the Night's Watch and (possibly, if it goes like the show, being elected King of the North) to make Westeros a constitutional monarchy. Jon Snow is going to give the Third Head dominion over the project, and the Hand will rule in place while Jon Snow lives in the North as Warden "What the king dreams, the Hand builds" Eddard I AGoT Valyria was founded on democratic/republic principles until slavery came then the Doom of Valyria It is really long, but it provides a lot of text evidence and is worth the read:
  6. I've got the complete theory plus more. Arya being the valonqar also fulfills the Lightbringer prophecy. The "driving a sword through a captured lion" means Arya is going to give Cersei the gift of mercy.
  7. It ties the Valonqar, Lightbringer, Azor Ahai, and the Three Heads of the dragon prophecy into a coherent and neat package. Azor Ahai is a duality between the prince/princess that was promised as Jon and Daenerys - for they are going to get married to have a child (Jon states "I'll never father a bastard"). But the third head isn't a Targaryen - he is a bastard. Tyrion is Aerys' bastard son and there is much more depth into why he is a bastard in not only in what TWoIaF tells us, but also because Tyrion parallels Lann the Clever: A bastard that swindled Garth Greenhand's inheritance by pretending to be his son and then later taking Casterly Rock with nothing but his wits. Lann the Clever also ties into how Cersei is going to die. Just read and enjoy!
  8. Exactly. By the way, I am actually going to revise the valonqar video and put it into one whole entire thing. I've quite literally figured out how the series is going to end. It encompasses the valonqar, lightbringer, and Azor Ahai. I know who is going to kill Ser Gregor Clegane (it's not the Hound) and I know why it is going to happen.
  9. Ah yes, the hound. I added that detail in my reddit post. Yes it is Arya. To tie into the whole "Arya is death": Arya is described as having an oval/long face, she was referred to as a boy throughout the books and she also becomes "no one", she is an outcast because she is a tomboy which is why she likes Jon Snow, she has wandered all over Westeros and then went over to Essos. And there was a famous warrior in the Age of Heros named Symeon Star-Eyes who had was a blind warrior that put star jewels in his eyes. Arya went blind and had a similar fighting style when she was the Cat of the Canals. But the direct text evidence I have recently found is in the exact same chapter when Catelyn is praying to the gods (in A Clash of Kings):
  10. Right. A simple play on words but I think it fits nicely. I am currently working on the 3rd video "Mercy".
  11. Oh damn I forgot about that part.
  12. Thank you, the fact that I get just one person to appreciate it is very rewarding to me. The thing is, I do not think there is going to be any actual strangling going on. I personally believe it is going to be poison that will "choke the life from her". In regards to the whole "your/the valonqar" my mind instantly goes to three probable reasons: 1) "the" adds more ambiguity to whether or not it is going to be Jaime/Tyrion (when it's, in a way, a combination of both) and 2) if it is going to be Arya as Jaime, then it is probably saying that it isn't actually her little brother, but the one that strikes me as the most probable reason is 3) "the valonqar" as in "little brother" quite literally means "little" as in "smaller" brother. As in saying "the valonqar" is saying "the smaller one of the two".
  13. Heh. IK, but after it's done and in the likely event that Arya kills Cersei then it will become cannon.
  14. There is nothing there to suggest that. Well, given that Tywin, Joffrey and the rest of the Lannisters with her are either dead or end up dying later in the book (although, we do not know if the other "golden haired" people are with them are alive or dead), she is also the only one of them carrying a torch and light in the series represents life. Jaime's life ended when the fire in his sword faded. But both are based off of some speculation.
  15. Arya as Jaime*. What difference would it make if Arya kills Cersei and Cersei doesn't know that it is Arya? And I think the whole "Jaime needs to kill Cersei because she's his lover" is not good reasoning at all. It fits Arya and Tyrion's story arch better for them to kill Cersei. Jaime loves Cersei too much, and she is "his only light in this world". In the show, she is pregnant with his next child and there is much more in the show to imply that it will be Arya as well. And Cersei and Jaime have "debts" that they owe Tyrion.