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  1. Blast from the past

    Jon Snow resembles Daeron II
  2. Would the Black Dragons have been that bad?

    I think he imprisoned his sisters with the same goal he actually reached: to cut them off the court and above all - to ensure that they wouldn't have children. Because his agreement with the Prince of Dorne implied that Martell ex-heiress would be the wife of his own heir (or why was Mariah disinherited in favor of her brother right after the betrothal? To be a queen consort, of course), and because he probably wanted Daeron eventually to bring Dorne into the Realm.
  3. Targaryen (Valyrian) madness: magical or genetic?

    Yeah.( It was the biggest Targ family ever and I'd like to get a full image of it. There already was some tension between Baelor and Maekar before Ashford, it's obvoius, but without knowing their father's role it's difficult to understand their relations with each other properly. We have practically no info about their childhood and upbringing, and that's... a real pity. I think if Dunk had been represented to the King after meeting Baelor and Maekar, he would have been a bit... surprised.) Though it seems that Baelor actually resembled his father in character and even facial expression.
  4. That's Biology. That's one of two biological strategies of breeding: to produce 1-2 children, but strong, well-cared and protected OR to leave as many offsprings as possible and let them struggle for life in agressive environment. And though human strategy is naturally the first one, till 19th century - due to permanent wars, high rate of deliquency, ineffective medicine and insanitariness - wifes had to bear 6-8 children so to 1-2 of them could reach majority.
  5. Targaryen (Valyrian) madness: magical or genetic?

    No-no-no. Rhaegel was certainly mad and weak-minded. Aerys was described as a clever man, but... All this his extreme obsession with reading books (he even forgot to sleep and change his clothes!), absenteeism and disposition to avoid other people, very few close companions (did he have any friends except Brynden at all?) resembles autism, honestly. It may be not it, of course, but such behavior is not normal. His father, unkle and aunt, septon Barth, Rodrik Harlaw and Tyrion were/are also very learned and bookish people, but all lived active life, did their duties and had other interests. He did not.
  6. The Targaryens There are too many of them: Daeron himself, Baelor, Valarr, Aerys, Rhaegel, Maekar, Daeron, Aerion, probably Matarys... Somebody always survives Dorne And so he spoke, and so he spoke That proud Blackfyre king; But now the sands scrub out his bones With not a soul to hear. Oh, what a surprise... But it is the most likely result. If not, Daenerys will be very happy to see her children murdered by her own brother, and become his second wife after that. The Blackfyres First of all, honorble knights will be very honored to bow to the King Kin- and Kidslayer. His Grace is not an ugly freak of nature who kills his enemies with damned longbow - so, all okay! Secondly, Daemon's seven sons will be very proud of their heroic father, and will love each other in his memory. Especially Aemon will love his twin bro: "What?! I was actually born THE FIRST? No, no, how dare you, it's totally impossible..." The North - Guys, it seems that Aegon's bunch of steel was taken by people who don't ride dragons and are not my childhood friends... - KING IN THE NORTH!!! Westeros *being ripped apart with new civil war on two fronts* And finally the Only Rightful Queen comes out from the treasury and takes the Iron Throne back from the descendants of Viserys the Usurper *trollface*
  7. Where in the Seven Kingdoms would you live?

    In the North, of course. I am from Tyumen, currently studying in Moscow and can't stop missing normal winter...
  8. Targaryen (Valyrian) madness: magical or genetic?

    Part magic/part genetic, I think. They had always carried these "mad" genes. But while dragons were alive, they "slept", and after dragons became extinct, madness started go out. I like @Lord Varys's idea that Targs so desperately missed their creatures and desired to bond with them again that went mad. But it depends on a person too. Such sane and stable, with strong nerves people as Daeron II, Baelor, Maekar and Aemon didn't go mad though they had to deal without dragons. We don't know, why. But I suspect that if Daeron II had had prophetic dreams like his namesake, he wouldn't have turned into a useless drunkard despite being heavily inbred and frail physically.
  9. We don't know when Naerys conceived Daeron. In was neither indicated (I intentively don't spell "written") by GRRM anywhere. We don't know when she married Aegon, except for that it was in the same year she gave birth to her firstborn. We know that Aegon was afraid of his brother. He probably got into the same trap that Aerys II did with Jaime: Aemon was around him constantly and Aegon feared that if he went with Naerys or Daeron too far, Aemon could lose his head and use Dark Sister on him. Was Aemon himself ready for kinslaying is another question, but for Aegon it might have been obvious. Otherwise he wouldn't yield to a KG's demand to chuck his mistress out of his royal court. The coward like Aegon the Unworthy couldn't simply arrest and execute Aemon, Naerys and Daeron. At first he apprehended his shrewd and commanding father. After Viserys perished, Aemon took his father's place. And only after Aemon's death Aegon finally started acting. He fucked Naerys to death, because it was more interesting and satisfacting for him than simply cutting off her head. At last, Daeron stayed alone, but 1) Kings of Westeros don't have the right to change the line of succession up to their will; such attempts always lead to civil wars 2) killing Daeron or sending him to the Citadel/NW was pointless, because in such case Aegon had to kill/send all his four sons too 3) Daeron had mighty allies 4) if Aegon had declared his only son and heir a bastard of his own guard, he would have been totally disgraced as a man and king and left derided by everyone. Aegon certainly could take another wife. Serenei of Lys, to begin with. And he had 6 years to live yet: its pretty enough to sire four legitimate sons;)
  10. They could have become pious and religious AFTER conceiving Daeron. On 01.04.153 they were just young and silly teenagers, who, though, reasonably considered themselves not important for the succession at all. So why couldn't they fall in love with each other and have sex? And only when they found out that his father had other plans for them, Naerys started begging him to let her become a septa, because 1) she prefer celibacy rather than sleeping with Aegon, and probably 2) she realized all the shame of the sin she commited and wanted to pray for its forgiveness; just like Aemon. And you are very smart comparing him with Ned: they both had their little secrets, and their... boys are very like each other P. S.: It's not quite wise, I think, to trust all that is written in TWOIAF. It is some kind of a school History textbook, full of inaccuracies, mistakes and gross lies convenient for reigning regime or just solidly established through centuries. Just remember that Cercei is Robert's "beloved queen", and that "Elia killed her children herself". By the way, there are quite a number of such "WTF??" concerning Aegon III-Aegon IV period. Aegon killed his father because he wanted the IT from his childhood: seriously?! With King Uncle in his 30s, who had two sons and three daughters? XD Aegon disliked sleeping with Naerys: seriously? So disliked that fucked her to death (it is very interesting, in fact, when he succeded impregnating his wife: when Aemon was in Dorne, when he became king, and when Aemon was eventually killed: just a coincidence?) and didn't take another wife even after her death even being at odds with his heir? ...
  11. Bloodraven's relations with Daeron II

    I got an impression that GRRM highlighted Aegor's deportation as something special among the Great Bastards, so I don't think Brynden spend most of his childhood at Raventry Hall. Though, if his mother died before Aegon, Brynden could be sent to the Blackwoods after that. But I agree that he had nothing to do with Daemon in his childhood. He wasn't especially fond of swordplay, hated Aegor (who was closer to Daemon in age) and could hardly be interesting for "a big boy" of 12 who yielded BLACKFYRE!!1, let alone the same boy of 14, with wife, two children, his own patch of land and political ambitions (when Brynden was still only 9). (By the way, has he ever been at Dragonstone? An ancient castle of black stone, hidden from the sun with volcanic smoke and dust all the year round: mmmm... )
  12. Bloodraven's relations with Daeron II

    Sorry, didn't mean to insult you. Not at people, of course, but at such point of view)
  13. Bloodraven's relations with Daeron II

    He couldn't love Daemon simply because a man who made a proposal to his sister for half a hundred times and whose hatred to his rival resulted into a bloody war couldn't just go and shoot his beloved brother and his children for the good of the realm or something else. Bloodraven was a great statesman, yes, but he was a human too. And GRRM describes him as a human who loves, hates and couples. So I can only laugh at the thought that he killed his sweet Daemon with tears in his eyes. As to the rest of Aegon's sons, we don't have any serious informarion about them. The only possibility for Daeron not being the beloved brother is that it was a member of the NW.
  14. Bloodraven's relations with Daeron II

    I heard a crazy theory that he is actually the son of his: thus Daeron revenged Aegon for spreading disgraceful rumors about his mother. That's why Brynden doesn't call Shiera his sister in TDWD:)) If to speak seriously, we can speculate with more or less cernainty only about Daeron's attitude to Brynden. The fact that he gave him the only remaining ancestral sword of the Targaryens and the sword of his late beloved uncle (!) can tell much. He apparently was strongly attached to him, valued him highly for his special talents and gave him wide powers, especially after BfR. He could also be a sourse of moral support for the albino boy: in contrast to the the rest of their brothers, they both were not that imposing and had problems winning love and respect from other people. But Brynden himself could serve him only because of the prophecy or some other mystical stuff concerning PtwP. However, I still hope Brynden meant him speaking about the brother that he loved in TDWD.
  15. GRRM told at least twice that Targaryens indeed suffered from the consequences of incest (if links are needed I can provide them). But really serious troubles apparently started after the death of dragons. Apart from the fact that dragons seems to have positive impact on their riders' health, their extinction made the Targaryens more dependent on Vesterosy nobility and urged them to marry out of their own house for political purposes. And that was it. If both you and your brother have perfect genes, you can couple without any serious risk for your children, and so do they, and so do only-your grandchildren. But if one of your descendants decides to marry a girl from another family, you cannot say if his bride has perfect genes too. If not, their children will be already recommended to avoid inbreeding. We know about at least five such causes in Targaryen family: 1) Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys, children of Valaena Velaryon: very weak and sickly Aenys and sadistic Maegor. 2) Viserys and Aemma Arryn (his first cousin with Arryn blood): multiple miscarriages, one cradle death, a single survived child. 3) Aegon II and Helaena, children of Alicent Hightower: weak and mentally challenged Jaehaera and six-fingered Jaehaerys. 4) Aegon IV (Aemon) and Naerys, children of Larra Rogare: only two of six children survived, the son lacked height and strengh. 5) Jaehaerys and Shaera: two children, one of them mad and probably having problems with fertility. So, the remaining Targaryens have either to carry perfect genes of Valyrian dragonlords or to give up their old tradition. And to be honest, I don't favour the last option, because too many dragonriders from all the Vesteros are fucking much more dangerous than too few.