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  1. Beyond The Wall would be Scotland. Not The North.
  2. - Arya Stark (she's had the most interesting journey thus far.) - Tormund Giantsbane (his humour and general badassery) - Theon Greyjoy/Reek (his chapters and the psychological struggle are fascinating to read) - Davos Seaworth (His likability and journey have been fun to read) - Tywin Lannister - (Dudes a mastermind, a sociopath and a badass, what's not to love?)
  3. House Lannister of Casterly Rock are the Great House of the Westerlands. However, House Lannister of Lannisport are a separate cadet branch. They just happen to have kept the same name unlike say the Karstarks who have differed from their Stark cousins. I have no issue with names already being suggested, but what about House Lannister of Darry (at least by the end of ADWD)? Would they be considered a powerful house of the Riverlands? They're new, the members of that house are young, but do they not have forces and wealth sheerly because they're Lannisters?
  4. None of the Targaryen's be they secret or not are the rightful or legal heir to the Iron Throne. They were usurped and rights of conquest has taken their dynasty out of contention. Robert's heir, whoever that may be is the rightful heir. It's Stannis I guess. The only way a Targ can be considered the rightful heir is if they take the throne back by conquest.
  5. I'd take the Valyrian Steel axe that House Celtigar reputedly own. I find axes cooler than swords.
  6. Bran and Rickon. Not sure what age Rickon will be when he shows up again (not that much older I'd imagine although we never know) but I'd like to know if he's grown enough to realise why Bran had to have Osha take him to safety. Or if he's still a little kid, him running to his brother again warms my heart.
  7. Their name itself seems somewhat lazy in a meta sense, but going by your theory ... maybe it's on purpose? If they are some remnant of envoys from the Great Empire of The Dawn then at some point someone must have said "you look Valyrian" in fact a lot people must have said it and they just took it as their name, seemingly somewhat phonetically. Maybe the original Velaryon's in Westeros (if they were descendants of the Great Empire) had no surname in the first place and decided to adopt one when they came into power.
  8. It's got to be tradition at this point, no? It's not exactly practical, but they have clearly made it work so ... why not? It's a state of power and says a lot about being the Lords Paramount of Mountain and Vale.
  9. I'm not sure if it's widely agreed with or not as I'm new around these parts, but I find the young age of most of the core characters to be quite distracting. Whenever it's mentioned that some of these characters are the age they are, I find it fully incomprehensible. Dany is 16 right? Yet she's travelling all over the world conquering it and in the back of my mind I'm just relating to 16 year olds that I know IRL and then it forces me to picture the TV characters appearances. Same goes with Jon and his adventures on The Wall. I'm not calling it a bad thing at all, but again, it's distracting to me.