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  1. I think that's nigh on impossible with the way people have rallied to the current Lady Lyanna, maybe Lyanna the first but definitely not Lyanna Mormont. Maybe Rhaenys? Or is 8 too old for Rhaegar's firstborn?
  2. In the show, Catelyn and Cersei were aged up and so were their kids.
  3. Pretty pretty please let us see some singing and harp playing from Rhaegar. The song could even double duty as exposition or prophecy,
  4. I think not having the long flowing hair had something to do with show Daario version1.0. He had long flowing fair hair and Ed Skrein might look like Wilf Scolding in some angles.
  5. You are absolutely right but I still can't help but be disappointed. Which, I think was somewhat the show's goal because we built this character up from hearsay only.
  6. He's 6'4 so definitly taller than Harry Lloyd.
  7. I agree and I know that from the books Rhaegar was said to look very much like Viserys. I think it might even be intentional in the show that he was built up to be this ethereal broody Prince charming and the real deal proves to be anticlimactic like what we expect when we meet celebrities in real life. However I very much expected him to have better hair, longer and prettier like Dany's but in a more masculine style. I just wish they presented him in a way that acknowledges yes he look like Viserys, that gene pool was very small, but more attractive. After having seen Wilf Scolding yes he's taller and I think bigger than Harry Lloyd. I just wish they made him sing. Though the actor probably doesn't. Oh well...
  8. Rhaegar was just a Viserys look-alike? I'm a bit disappointed. I need to be convinced why Lyanna chose him in the first place. He really has to be a charming intense emo singer songwriter for me to be satisfied that Lyanna risked everything to be with him. In short, impress us next season- sing us the "Song of Ice and Fire" Rhaegar! And give us a whole load of prophecy while you're at it. Song-exposition instead of sexposition.
  9. Will we ever see Rhaegar onscreen? I would dearly love even just a glimpse or a shred of a song.
  10. I hope they cast someone who can sing. I'd like to hear Rhaegar sing an important song, one that is epic and full of revelations. Prophetic. One that would make anyone with a heart weep.
  11. Does he act? What's his accent? Does he sing? Can he play any instruments? Coz I really want real prospects on Rhaegar. I want to see him so bad... Maybe he's a surprise this season? Hopefully we'll see and hear him sing before this show ends.
  12. They've made their own conventions like for the North they do Yorkshire? accents, for Upper class Southrons they do generic RP accents. Do they do cockney for Southron peasants? I forget. The Dornish have the distinctive Spanish accent. For Essos it's all over the place actually they have inconsistencies that you only realize if you think about it. But generally Essos has a vibe that hints everyone comes from somewhere else originally it looks and sounds more cosmopolitan melting pot than Westeros.
  13. We could all dream... And this thread is the right place for that. Though it is also very compelling to see fancast suggestions that are more in the realm of realistic. We should not forget that this forum is where they heard of Gwendoline Christie for Brienne and Jason Momoa for Drogo. So our dream cast could come true. It is also great to see up and coming actors and out of the box fancasts. Hope GOT casting people are still trawling these threads.
  14. Well they did switch out Tommen, Daario and Gregor Clegane (twice even) on us. So I can see that continuity in that aspect of character isn't that big of a deal to them. As long as the actor is good as well as the overall production that gaffe might be overlooked. But they should be cautious because it might not work for other characters that are a solid presence throughout the seasons. Still I think it does not matter that Robert was tall. As long as he was strong and physically imposing. That was what he was known for in the books as well as the tv show. Handsome... well... not bad looking I suppose and has black hair. There are a lot of conventions regarding hair color, eye color and build in the books that the show has let go. They have their reasons... It is not always done for convenience but to better serve the story overall. And that makes the conventions (physical traits) that they do follow telling. They mean something and would probably used for the story going forward.
  15. That is so true! I heard that Samuel L. Jackson is censuring the casting of British Black actors for American civil rights icons like Martin Luther King (David Oyowelo?) and Mrs. Loving (Ruth Negga, who's Irish) and a lot more juicy American roles for Black actors. But it is actually across the board more than ever British and European actors have been taking a lot of great role from American actors in Hollywood. There was a time when Batman, Superman & Spiderman were all British. Good thing they drew the line at Capt. America. It just goes to show that American Hollywood actors have to step up their game to compete with other actors from across the pond who make the effort, study and get theater trained because they have something to prove. I am an absolute fangirl for Keanu, but I cringed the whole time I watched that movie. And his turn as Don John too in All's Well that Ends Well. Keanu, the bard is not for you that also goes for Denzel who was out of place in that movie as well. Very few American actors have been told they were able to do an accent that could fool a native speaker, much less do a good enough accent. Meryl Streep? DiCaprio? Brad Pitt for Snatch? Matt Damon in Invictus?