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  1. He did (and probably does) control large parts of the economy and can (and probably did) reduce the crowns income unnoticed. And he owns enough money to buy him houses of the Vale.
  2. In the older version. The wiki is based on this version, so if you want to laugh or anger about bad translation: read some articles of this wiki.
  3. I have to disagree on that. To me English names in German language are connected to modern technology, internet and youth language. It is utterly misplaced to mix English and German in a medieval world. The current translation I have is a reviewed and corrected version, because the former translation (I don't know if that was the first) had too many errors/bad translations. Overall I am ok with that German translation. I never understood, why some people think "Jon Snow" sounds any different than "Jon Schnee" or why "Greyjoy" should sound better than "Graufreud". "Altsass" sounds more medieval to me than "oldtown" and I was disappointed when I read oldtown in the original version. "Grauenstein"(dreadstone; Dreadfort) sounds more like a mixture of "Grauen" and "Frankenstein" and not like a bad translation for "fort". The first two of the following mistakes were corrected in the current translation. - Varys titles "spymaster", "master of whisperer's" and "the king's spider" were translated with "Oberspion" (superspy - sounds like the name, a 5-year-old would give), "Meister der Ohrenbläser" (master of earblowers) and "Die Königsspinne" (the spiderking). - House Dustin was translated with "Staublin" (Dust-lin). While reading the English version I never connected Dustin with dust. - "Stark" is not translated, but "stark" is already a german word and means "strong". To avoid a name conflict with Robert Strong, he is translated to "Robert Kraft"(Robert Force).
  4. Apparently nothing. Littlefinger wants power for him (and probably Sansa) and has no use for a Martell on the Iron Throne. With the Martells he would be in the same position he had under Robert and Joffrey, except that (according to the video of The Order of the Green Hand) the Martells don't need Littlefinger's gold, which is his main source of power, that bought him many alliances in the Vale and got him his position in the council (besides Lysa's influence on Jon Arryn) and gets him information as his other source of power. There is no hint Littlefinger's and Doran's intentions match. Littlefinger never supported any Targaryens. He never supported Dorne. And Doran with all his caution should know better, than to trust Littlefinger. As said in the video: both are willing to sacrifice everyone. That is not a long-term ally for a cautious man, who has few family left. The evidence in the video is not convincing either. Doran must not know, that Joffrey will die. Oberyn could also get his trial by combat against Gregor Clegane by poisoning Tywin. He did according to some believers: And even if Doran got his information about Joffrey's death from Littlefinger, Littlefinger has no Problems to work together and against people at the same time. As example: He worked together with Olenna to kill Joffrey (at least according to himself), while he revealed the Lannisters Olenna's plans to marry Sansa and Willas. Maybe the following video, that was promised at the end of this video, will enlighten me about the plans, they have together, but till now Littlefinger seems a less likely ally then as example Varys, who could would be a more reliable ally, if Arianne and Aegon VI marry.