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  1. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel, Part 9   

    Indeed we do, Ser Camaris.

    In fact, I've just finished up a draft of a story tonight. I'm starting to get a bit of a pile of those finished drafts -- I need to go back and start editing some of them to make them fit for others to read and get them on the road for submission.

    I've got one check in the rejection column so far, and one in the sales. It hasn't been published yet though, so I'll believe it when it happens.
  2. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel, Part 9   

    23 books? Damn, man -- good luck!

    I've been slow this past week. I decided to hold off on editing the story I finished last week, and wrote another flash story. I've joined a writer's group around here and so I also have four submissions to read and critique for next Saturday. I can't wait for my story to get mauled!

  3. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

    Thanks, all!

    HP, I'll take a look if you want.
  4. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

    It's just a flash fiction story so very, very short. But you've got to start somewhere.

  5. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

    There are too many people making good progress since my last check-in to congratulate them individually . So congrats, all! For my own progress, I got an email from the publication I submitted one of my recent stories to, and it wasn't a rejection. It was the exact opposite, in fact, and I'm riding pretty high today. It has always been a goal to be published, and it looks like that's going to happen. Now I just need to keep improving and writing more and more to continue the trend.

    I think I'll heed the board's advice about letting a draft sit. I was going to start edits on my story tonight, but I think I'll write something else. I've got a fun little idea that I can get a flash fiction story out of, so I can write that first.

    As for editing and critiques, I've just joined a writer's group in the area and there's a meeting coming up which I'll be submitting for. I look forward to getting mauled.
  6. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

    Awesome, Eloisa!

    I've just finished my first draft of my current story, "All the Best Parts." Once I hit the end bit, things went much faster. I expected that, since I had an ending in mind and the hard parts were connecting the dots. The story sits at about 6,500 words right now, though I expect that total will go up in my next draft since I changed things in the middle and need to connect even more dots. After that, I hope to get it down to the 4-5k range via editing.

    I hit over 2k words today though, most of which came in the last hour or so.

    Also, Dracarya, I literally started a writing blog yesterday. It doesn't have anything on it yet, and I expect it will just end up like Starkess' -- with me bitching. I'll link it in my sig line, though, if there's any interest in reading it.
  7. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

    That's great, Starkess. I find I have the best writing sessions when I have nothing to distract me, like the internet. I plan on writing right now, as a matter of fact. But I'm here.

    I've had a good week as far as it goes for me. I've got about 5k words in 3 sessions of writing. I probably wrote more than that, but threw out quite a bit. I'm almost done with the story I've been working on, maybe 2k words to go -- but man, this draft is a mess. I started the story with a beginning and end in mind, but let the middle take care of itself. My second run through will probably add some stuff to connect the dots, and then I'll start cutting during the third draft. This is my longest story so far.

    I also started a blog which I will now fail to update, and joined a local critique group. I'm pretty excited about that stuff.
  8. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

    I'll just post here, that way everyone can get a sense of what we're doing, I guess. This is my second critique ever, so I'll just be kind of general with it.

    First, before I get to specifics, I'll say that I really liked it overall. to me, it read as kind of a folktale, like your grandfather was sitting down to tell you a story. I liked the approach, but at the same time it felt jarring at points. As a reader (and writer), I prefer third person limited perspective, so that might have something to do with that. This snipped definitely left me wanting to read more, though.

    Now, to specific critiques (which, admittedly, are few):

  9. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

    I've heard different things, Frank. 1,000 wds/day, a story / week (if you're doing short stories). I think it's what you're comfortable with. So long as you're writing, I think that's what matters.

    Me, I'm slow. Sometimes it'll take me a week to write a 1,000 word story, but I've also written a 4,000 word story in an afternoon. It depends how inspired I am and whether the story is talking to me or if I have to force it. For instance, the one I'm working on now is giving me fits. I like the idea, and I like the ending, but every time I try to write it the story tells me "no, that's not right!" so I have to tweak it. I put it aside, wrote another flash story that is currently out for submission, sent my first flash story to JW here for a very useful critique, and got the inspiration to write something a little more ambitious than I have been.

    So now I've got four or five stories competing for my attention. I'm not sure which to do first, but I think I'll stick to my guns and go back to the troublesome one. I had a bit of inspiration on the way home tonight, so I've got something else to try. Regardless, I think I'll post the first scene of that story here for critique as Francis did. I like that idea.

    Now, a question of my own: what's the usual process some of you all follow with writing/editing. I've been writing a first draft, and then sending it off to my first readers to review, taking their comments, editing as appropriate. But when I hand the story out to them, I don't ask specific questions. It's more of just "read it and tell me what you think." Do you all have a more streamlined process for this sort of thing?

    Now, as promised, I'll critique Francis' story. Should we PM the critiques or just post them openly? What would be most helpful to people?
  10. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

    Thanks for those links, Francis. I've read a couple of the second set, and they've been great so far. I'll critique your snippet later, maybe tomorrow when I have more time. I liked it on my first read of it, though.
  11. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

  12. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Boarders Writing a Novel: Take 8   

    Hey all. I've lurked for a long time, on this thread especially. Finally decided to start posting.

    Like all of you, I have writerly aspirations. I haven't gotten anywhere with the novel that's been kicking around in my head for the better part of 15 years or so. I'll write in stops and starts, rewrite, tinker. You know, the usual drill.

    So I decided to go a different route, and started writing short stories. Started with flash fiction, and plan to up the word count a bit. It's working well, and I'm enjoying the process. I'll stick with this to learn more about the craft before I jump into something longer. I will say that those of you who talk about word count in the hundreds of thousands are an inspiration. I've submitted two pieces so far, one has been rejected. I'm excited about that, which is probably a good sign.

    Jaime, I'd be happy to give your stuff a critique. In fact, I'll trade you if you'd be willing. It'll be nice to get a reaction from non-friends/family members.
  13. OctopusArms added a post in a topic Tips: Creating Rounded Characters   


    I took the Gary Stu test for Ammon last night and got a 2.
  14. OctopusArms added a post in a topic BoD Casting Call   

    Had this conversation the other day. For Ammon, I nominate James Purefoy. Seen here, after any fight Ammon has ever been in: http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/BeatrixKiddoe/motivator7614172.jpg

    The jury's still out on Coran.
  15. OctopusArms added a post in a topic INFO: OOC Meetings?   

    Touching on character advancement, I'd like to propose a discussion on adding flaws with XP much like we can add assets now. I think flaws are just as viable for a character's advancement as an asset is, and would like to see this in play. Right now, all of my flaw slots are full ( or there are +jobs out there to make them full ), and they are all important to Ammon's character. I think it would be beneficial to be able to add more.

    Or at least discuss the ability to add more.