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    thanks so much
    thanks to the mods, and to everyone who has contributed to the westeros mod of mtw ii

    ever since shogun: total war i have been addicted to the TW series. i have played all the tw games up to empire tw. mtw ii was easily my fav, and i loved all the mods, especially stainless steel

    i have been reading grrm for several years now. when i found out that there was a mtw ii mod for asoiaf, i was pretty excited. i dl'd it and played it two days ago, v. 0.53 iirc

    wow, just wow. its great to put the cities into that kind of context. now i understand the strategic significance of so many towns/castles. the open spaces of the north. the centralised wealth of the center. (i havent got to the south yet). the dread of dreadful generals in the books, and the chivalry of the honourable knights. a smile creeps onto my face every time i click on a general and recognise the name, and immediately have some emotional attachment, whether positive or negative.

    ive played games avidly for nearly 20 years, and this is one of my top gaming experiences. thanks so much
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