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  1. I don't buy it. For one, it's circumstantial, and for two your arguement is inconsistent and for three, you attribute things to the FM when they have more logical and more simple answers. If it benefitted the FM to sow chaos and weaken the realm, why get rid of Joffrey? He is one of the perfect candidates for a divided Westeros even more so than Cersei. Imagine if he started beating Margaery or something, assuming Loras finds out (Kingslayer stew) we instantly have the two biggest powers in Westeros at each others throats. Likewise he was vain, cruel and stupid and by all rights would probably just become more so. Same for the NW, it makes little sense to get rid of one capable commander (Mormont) and replace him with one as good or better (Eddard) simply for the sake of getting more Kingsblood/powerful blood to the wall. Aside from that, there's things that are just playing wrong. For instance the Night's Watch library. It's been years since there was anyone who cared for the books like Sam, they would have got old and rotted away. The Others last fought thousands and thousands of years ago, something like eight thousand, and even in our own time we struggle with keeping knowledge that is just a few hundred or thousand years old. Really as far back as most things go is, what, two to three thousand years? Even then most stuff is vestiges and remants. As for the Unsullied, they are good soldiers that doesn't make them good fighters or warriors. Their role is to line up on the battlefield and kill, they have no talent at finding hidden enemies or fighting a shadow war. As for the Faceless Men themselves...don't they specifically NOT just kill people? They see that as God's domain and that death is a gift that can be offered and accepted, but not as something they unilaterally bestow. I don't like it does for the story either. It cheapens the whole thing.
  2. Easy come, easy go.

  3. Relative army strengths of the Great Houses

    In terms of raw strength of single houses, I think Hightower is close to the top of the list.