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  1. Michael Sullivan's The Riyria Revelations series

    Fair point. I often find the difference between reviews is more about 'this bothered them more than me' than an actual difference of opinion.
  2. Michael Sullivan's The Riyria Revelations series

    Is that so bad though? It seems like sometimes genre reader self-flagellate to make us feel better about what we read. Screw it. It's a fun book.
  3. Michael Sullivan's The Riyria Revelations series

    It finishes well Ben, but I think it has more to do with it being in the middle of a 630 page omnibus.
  4. Michael Sullivan's The Riyria Revelations series

    I quite agree with the omnibus notion. Takes forever for the second book to get going at a time you should be really getting into the plot of a 630 page novel. The depth does come in a bit more as the novels go along. Each one becomes progressively more in-depth I found.
  5. Michael Sullivan's The Riyria Revelations series

    I just finished it over the weekend. The first book is great, the second slows down a bit, but finishes super strong. Will probably pick up the second omnibus soon.
  6. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    I agree. I think it's a tremendous year. Especially with the number of great debuts. Huge year for debuts.
  7. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    As far as I know, God's War is a 2011 release... January of this year, no? So is Quantum Thief, at least in the U.S. Leviathan Wakes is quite fun, but it's more of a romp than thinking man's SF - albeit very good at what is does. My top 2011 SF novel so far is Germline from T.C. McCarthy. I thought it was awesome - dark as shit, but awesome. Fuzzy Nation was quite good too, but since it's basically a rewrite of another novel it's hard to really call it a great one. I also just finished Seed from Rob Ziegler, another Night Shade 2011 debut. It's sort of like "what's going on in America" response to Wind-Up Girl and I'd put Seed on par with it. For my top 5 SF novels this year I'd probably go: Germline God's War/Infidel (is this really SF though? It's just as close to second world fantasy... hard to call... not that it matters) Ready Player One Quantum Thief Seed
  8. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    It's just a blast of a novel. Fun to read, emotionally engaging, nostalgic... pretty much has it all. This is two novels in a row I agree with you on Stego. Go read something we can fight about.
  9. The Unremembered

    It's why I'm a big fan of what Pyr is doing lately with authors like Sprunk and Hoffman. Releasing short novels under 300 pages to give a taste of author and the world they're going to write.
  10. The Unremembered

    For those who have read this... if you'd never read WOT would this still be terrible? Or would it just be on par with something like Sword of Shannara?
  11. The Unremembered

    Tor does have a rep for putting together a beautiful book (see Way of Kings).
  12. The Unremembered

    What really surprises me is that in the film industry when something like this happens the studios pump tons of money into advertising, but don't let anyone see the film. In this case, Tor sent out a bunch of review copies as well (at least to my knowledge). So someone over there thought it was good or they would have kept better control of it.
  13. The Unremembered

    I've seen a lot of bad reviews that have steered me away from giving it a go myself.