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  1. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    I agree. I think it's a tremendous year. Especially with the number of great debuts. Huge year for debuts.
  2. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    As far as I know, God's War is a 2011 release... January of this year, no? So is Quantum Thief, at least in the U.S. Leviathan Wakes is quite fun, but it's more of a romp than thinking man's SF - albeit very good at what is does. My top 2011 SF novel so far is Germline from T.C. McCarthy. I thought it was awesome - dark as shit, but awesome. Fuzzy Nation was quite good too, but since it's basically a rewrite of another novel it's hard to really call it a great one. I also just finished Seed from Rob Ziegler, another Night Shade 2011 debut. It's sort of like "what's going on in America" response to Wind-Up Girl and I'd put Seed on par with it. For my top 5 SF novels this year I'd probably go: Germline God's War/Infidel (is this really SF though? It's just as close to second world fantasy... hard to call... not that it matters) Ready Player One Quantum Thief Seed
  3. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

    It's just a blast of a novel. Fun to read, emotionally engaging, nostalgic... pretty much has it all. This is two novels in a row I agree with you on Stego. Go read something we can fight about.