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  1. Pepi added a post in a topic [Spoilers]The fate of Stannis   

    Perhaps it's actually the shot's blood on the picture. Because it was the only one that was cut in that scene.
  2. Pepi added a post in a topic Do your duty.... Or don't? (BOOK & TV SPOILERS)   

    This reminds me of the scene where Syrio dies. We were all speculating he actually isn't dead, back then, because we didn't actually see him die ... Some still do.
  3. Pepi added a post in a topic If they do a Shireen burning, will you have the heart to watch it?   

    Apart from a sub par buildup (2 episodes of snow, Ramsay's night raid ... it's just not enough for one to grasp the direness of the situation ... it was too fast), I think everything's there. The show established that Stannis loves his daughter. It also established that Stannis will do anything to get what he wants (or rather, to do his duty). Apparently he decided that his duty to the realm outweights his duty to his lineage. That said, I don't think his decision puts his heartfelt conversation with Shireen (from a few episodes ago) out of place. If anything, it just increases the magnitude of his sacrifice and the difficulty of his decision (thanks to Stephen Dillane's layered performance, the difficuty itself is apparent).
  4. Pepi added a post in a topic What is Ramsay going to do to Stannis?   

    Judging by the E9 teaser, he's going to lit his camp ablaze.
  5. Pepi added a post in a topic Where do we go from Here? Gifts for everyone! (spoilers galore)   

    At the end of the day, I can't picture Shireen being burned. I can't imagine the screams, I can't imagine her being tied to a stake. So for this reason (which, admiteddly, isn't much of a reason) I doubt she'll be sacrificed.

    I've read the alleged synopsis for E9, tho, and it says something along the lines of: "Stannis faces a difficult decision." So I believe that will be the make it or break it for her (and her father). I suppose we'll find out in two weeks.
  6. Pepi added a post in a topic H. P. Lovecraft, your favorite stories   

    Apart from the obvious must-reads (Shadow Over Innsmouth, Call of Cthulhu, Dunwich Horror ...) I really like The Mound, The Last Test, Winged Death, Pickman's Model and The Man of Stone.
  7. Pepi added a post in a topic Yet another balanced review of Stannis [Book Spoilers]   

    Tbh, I don't really imagine Stannis saying anything after being turned down. Less so pleading for gold. Stan is imo not the person to ask for stuff. Sure, he'll go out of his way to make a point that something belongs to him (Storm's End (to Robert)/7 Kingdoms (to the rest of Westeros)), but this is not really the case here. And besides ... there were theories Stan had Asperger's. Him freezing when he has to ask people (he doesn't know and are not in any way inferior or in debt to him) for their help is something I can easily see happening.
  8. Pepi added a post in a topic Best Lines of 404   

    Funny, how the the title of this topic implies that the best lines "weren't found" in this episode.
  9. Pepi added a post in a topic About the Houses mentioned by Davos in this episode   

    I believe the third one is Haigh. Although they're from the Riverlands.
  10. Pepi added a post in a topic Best Lines of 402   

    I thought the emphasis was on her being a child (and the murdering of children being distasteful in Dorne).