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  1. StormbornBee added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Renly and Loras   

    After I watched this latest episode I was like "WHAT! NO WAY! THEY ARE NOT GAY!" I've only read the series once, so naturally I haven't been able to pick up on the little nuances and things that go unnoticed on a first read. After watching the episode, I googled "renly and loras gay?" and came up with a great little factoid sheet with quotes from the books that shows they were meant to be gay. Here's the website:
  2. StormbornBee added a post in a topic Ponder this theory on Jon Snow's parentage...   

    Interesting theories, but in GoT Ned and Robert have a conversation about Jon's mother and Ned tells us what her name is. I don't remember off the top of my head what it was (and a friend is borrowing my books... anyone remember it?) because it's only mentioned once that I know of, when everyone is headed to Kings Landing from Winterfell.

    Whoever Jon's mother is, Ned took the full story to the grave and unless the mysterious woman is introduced elsewhere in the series, we may never know more than a name. I have a nagging suspicion that she's more important than Ned ever let on, or why would her identity need to be kept so secret?